Electronic Tracker Showdown 2021

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Features At A Glance


Apple AirTag

Tile Mate Tracker








0.39 ounces

1.4 ounces


iOS only

Both iOS and Android

Works with


Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Xfinity


Dust and Water-resistant




AirTags are incredibly tiny and compact. They are relatively smaller than both Tile Mate and Tile Pro. This makes it an ideal choice for people who prefer their trackers to be petite and not something that gets in the way. With a quality loop fastened to the AirTag, you won’t have to worry about losing the diminutive device either. To that end, regarding the size and the weight, our vote definitely goes to Apple AirTag. With damage and lost-resistant cover, you can seize the day with this tiny device.

Winner: Apple AirTag




Both Apple and Tile can support Bluetooth connectivity. However, Apple hasn’t revealed what the precise Bluetooth range of the AirTag is. On the other hand, Tile has the Bluetooth range of Mate to be 200 ft / 61m, and Pro’s to be 400 ft / 122m, which gives them a pretty outstanding range. 

In addition to this, Tile also happens to have four different kinds of location trackers with built-in speakers. Though, the prime connectivity distinction between these two trackers is that AirTag, needless to say, only supports iOS, while Tile supports both iOS and Android devices, much to the glee of non-iOS users. Moreover, Tile works with an array of artificial voice intelligence, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance, and Siri, while Apple only works with Siri, the virtual assistance uniquely designed by Apple Inc. 

With these into account, the clear winner of the whole connection ambit is glaringly clear. In this regard, the battle is won by Tile for its all-encompassing connectivity. 

Winner: Tile



Both Apple AirTag and Tile come with a built-in speaker, the process of triggering the two being quite similar to one another. Although, if we’re speaking numbers in terms of the sound quality of the two, then Tile has a clear edge over Apple. 

The Tile Mate registers 70db on a standard decibel meter; meanwhile, AirTag registers 64db. While AirTag on its own renders loud sound, when pitted against Tile, it loses by an inch. 

Winner: Tile


In terms of privacy, few can compete against Apple due to their strict privacy rules, which safeguard your personal interests, way better than how Tile does. The AirTag can be activated only by the owner and not someone else, and this is only one of the many privacy features it has to offer. 

Winner: Apple AirTag

Showdown Winner


Both Apple AirTag and Tile devices have something unique to offer that the other doesn’t, be it in terms of features or specifications. Apple has once again proven just why it is a technological giant through its sleek invention of AirTag, which takes care of privacy concerns while also rendering precision in terms of direction and navigation. However, it’s also worth noting that the device is only compatible with iOS, while its rival Tile supports numerous kinds of devices. It is a point that simply cannot be overlooked, and Tile devices can be relied upon in the broader scheme of things.

That said, we might be tempted to lean a little more towards Apple AirTag, although it ultimately boils down to your personal choices, and of course, primarily what device you already own, an iPhone or an Android phone.


Accessories help you get the most out of the expensive electronic products you splurge money on. One of the prime concerns we have while handling a costly electronic device is its safety because we don’t want our products to sustain scratches, cracks, and damages as soon as we buy them. Moreover, due to the petite size of the trackers, they are highly susceptible to getting lost. 

Thankfully, both AirTag and Tile trackers have their fair share of accessories to guarantee their safety and maintenance.

Apple AirTag Loop: One of the best ways you can guarantee that your AirTag never gets lost is if you fasten it to your bag through an Apple AirTag loop. Made from polyurethane, this useful accessory is both durable and lightweight and can be easily secured to any sort of bag. 

Tile Case: The tile case is made of high-quality impact-resistant thin silicone rubber, that can provide complete protection to your Tile Tracker. The tracker fits comfortably into the fold of the cover, which has been designed to absorb shock and impact to keep the tracker safe from any sort of damage. 

Portable Case for AirTags: The 2-in-1 portable case for AirTag Trackers can both protect the device from damage and prevent it from getting lost. The leather outer layer gives it an excellent look while keeping it safe from dust, scratches, and physical damage. 

With both the products providing the utility of the highest order, it becomes tough to ascertain which one is better. This is why we pit AirTag and Tile against each other in a head-to-head battle and compare the two based on some common parameters.