7 Best Dethatchers Reviews in 2019

Controlling thatch is one of the most critical and overlooked lawn care practices. Almost every lawn will require dethatching once in a while to keep it in good physical shape. Investing on quality dethatchers will help you achieve this much faster and prevent pests or pathogens taking a toll on your lawn. With various brands in the market today, choosing the best dethatcher that meets your dethatching needs can be challenging. For this roundup, we have carefully selected the best dethatching tools in the market today.GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14- Corded Dethatcher Our Overall Best Pick ended up being the GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14" Corded Dethatcher. GreenWorks corded dethatcher is ergonomically designed, ideal for all types of projects making it our best pick. Check Latest Price on AmazonSun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Bag Our Budget Pick would have to be the Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Bag. Sun Joe MJ401E is affordable and has sturdy all-terrain wheels making it our best budget pick. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Dethatchers

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1. ​GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14" Corded Dethatcher 

GreenWorks 27022 10 Amp 14" Corded DethatcherCheck Latest Price on Amazon GreenWorks corded dethatcher is one of the quality dethatching tools in the market today. The device features a sturdy 10Amp motor that delivers equal power to gas-powered dethatcher effortlessly. For extra solace when dethatching, the machine has an ergonomic padded grip and bale switch giving you the freedom to carry out your job efficiently. With its 14” dethatching path, you can get your work done faster. For extended lawn health, the tool has a three position tine depth which offers you greater control by getting rid of matted layers. These tines are made of stainless steel and stay sharp longer giving you better performance and reliability. One thing I love about this machine is that it does not emit carbon gasses to the environment providing a friendly environment to the users. If you are looking for quality, handy dethatcher which suits all your projects then this GreenWorks corded dethatcher can be a perfect choice for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly (does not emit carbon)
  • Full set of replacement tines
  • Saves time by getting the job done faster
  • Suitable for all types of projects
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize user fatigue


  • You may require multiple passes when using the tool on St Augustine grass which should be spaced over a few weeks
  • Not suitable for artificial lawn
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2. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Bag

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass BagCheck Latest Price on Amazon This fantastic dethatcher from Sun Joe is a lean, mean mowing machine which allows you to complete your lawn job without polluting the environment. The device features a safety switch which prevents any accidental starting. With just a simple push of a button, you can easily start your machine effortlessly. It's tough all-terrain wheels allow you to maneuver easily in tight areas. The machine also features a sturdy 12Amp motor and a lasting cutting blade which can cut 14-inch path. Its 10.6-gallon grass catcher handily collects grass trimmings and detaches quickly for faster disposal making the machine stand out from other dethatching machines. I would recommend this machine to anyone who may be looking for a quality handy dethatcher for small lawns.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Starts instantly with no oil, gas, or turn-ups
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable cutting blade
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Prevents accidental starting through its safety switch


  • The grass bag is small
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3. Agri-Fab 45-0472 Electric Plug-in Dethatcher

Agri-Fab 45-0472 Electric Plug-in DethatcherCheck Latest Price on Amazon Agri-Fab dethatcher is an ideal machine for yards which are 1000 sq. Feet or less. Its cushioned handle gives you extra solace when executing your job. The machine is a no tool height adjustment allowing you to remove your thatch easily. With just a turn of a switch, you can effortlessly start your device without the use of gas or oil. Note that you will be required to use a 12 gauge cord extension which is not included in the package.


  • Eliminates the use of oil or gas
  • Cushioned handle for comfort when in use
  • Easy to start


  • Extension cord not included in the package
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4. Agri-Fab 45-0295 48-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher

Agri-Fab 45-0295 48-Inch Tine Tow DethatcherCheck Latest Price on Amazon Agri-Fab has designed yet another amazing machine which helps users to keep their lawns in good shape. The device features a 48 inch weight tray which can accommodate up to 70lb for better thatch removal. With the easy to use cantilever transport handle, you can comfortably lower and raise your handle with ease. The Agri-Fab dethatcher has 24 spring heat treated tines which are durable. For smooth transport, the machine has a 7” by 1.5” semi-pneumatic transport tires giving users better experience when using the machine. One thing I love about this machine is that it is fast. I would recommend it to individuals who have big lawns.


  • Easy to use cantilever transport handle
  • 24 long-lasting spring heat treated tines
  • Fast making it ideal for large gardens
  • Durable


  • Does not penetrate deep
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5. Brinly DT-40BH Tow-Behind Dethatcher

Brinly DT-40BH Tow Behind DethatcherCheck Latest Price on Amazon Brinly DT dethatching machine features two rows of ten independently bending tines for total thatch removal. This dethatcher has three operation modes which can be accessed from the tractor seat making it stand out from other machines. That’s not all; with its easy to engage transport wheels, you can cross paths and driveways without any challenges. To reduce user assembly time the machine comes with pre-assembled tines from the factory.


  • Have three operations modes giving you the freedom to select your preferred mode
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to engage transport wheels
  • Twenty independent flexing tines for maximum thatch removal
  • Minimizes assembly time


  • Requires users to add weight for deeper penetrations
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6. Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator/Dethatcher Combo Attachment for Gardening

Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator-Dethatcher Combo Attachment for GardeningCheck Latest Price on Amazon Are you looking for a lawn machine that can aerate and dethatch your lawn? Then this dethatching machine from Mantis can be a perfect choice for you. The device features four sets of heat-treated steel blades which allow you to make faster trimmings. What makes this machine to stand out from other dethatcher is that its aerator is ideal to be used in compact clay soil giving users the freedom to maintain your lawn efficiently. The aerator cuts into the ground under the yard while the dethatcher removes thatch quickly saving you time. The dethatcher has a 60 spring -steel which covers a 15-inch path with only a single pass allowing you to complete your project faster and cover a large area within a short period. One benefit users get when they invest in this machine is the freedom to use any Mantis 9” wide tiller with the dethatcher.


  • Can be used as an aerator and a dethatcher
  • Four sets of heat treated steel blades for faster trimming
  • Aerator works well on compact clay soil
  • Saves time
  • Compatible with any Mantis 9” wide tiller​​​​​


  • You may encounter challenges during installation
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7. Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Scarifier Plus Lawn Dethatcher with Collection Bag

Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Scarifier Plus Lawn Dethatcher with Collection BagCheck Latest Price on Amazon This dethatching machine from Sun Joe features a robust 12 Amp motor which rakes a 13-inch path allowing you to get your job done much faster. If you are looking for a dethatcher that can revitalize your small or mid-lawn, then this machine may be a good selection. With its scarifier, you can maintain a healthy lawn by cutting your grassroots to promote thicker growth. The AirBoost technology used in the machine boosts its raking power maximizing thatch pick up. The tines are made of steel and stay sharp for extended period giving you reliable performances making the device stand out from other machines. The machine is easy to start and does not emit carbon gasses to the environment. With Sun Joe dethatcher, you do not require fuel, gas or startups. I would recommend this detacher to anyone who may be looking for a quality handy machine which can aerate and dethatch a lawn.


  • Can be used as a scarifier and a dethatcher
  • Lasting steel tines which stay sharp for longer
  • Does not require fuel, gas or start-ups
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Small grass catch bag which needs to be often emptied
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Benefits of using a dethatcher

  • Helps you keep your lawn healthy
  • A dethatcher makes your job easier and saves your time
  • Minimizes the growth of pathogens
  •  A dethatcher like any other tool helps improve your productivity

Importance of dethatching

Effective moisture absorption

While moisture is essential for the growth of your lawn, excessive thatch buildup can block moisture from penetrating deep into the grassroots. Dethatching is one of the useful methods which promotes faster water drainage.

Healthy Lawn

Thatch inhibits robust root growth. Dethatching helps keep your garden well aerated promoting new root growth. The exercise also helps keep pest and pathogens at bay.

Effective nutrient absorption

Excessive thatch inhibits proper nutrient supply. For increased absorption and better fertilizer soil blending, it is highly advocated to keep your lawn well maintained. Timing is critical when it comes to dethatching your lawn. The process is highly advocated on mid to spring when the grass can recover quickly and active.  

Things to Consider Before Buying a dethatcher

Assembly time

While some manufacturers have some of their machines parts pre-assembled, others do not. Investing on a hard to assemble dethatcher may lead to mistakes and bad experience.


A poor quality machine will call for replacements within a short period and may not help maintain your lawn up to your standards. High-quality devices do not only serve you for extended periods but also help you to maneuver quickly on harsh terrain without any challenges.

Environmental friendliness

Some dethatching machines do not have the carbon footprint. A good device should be environmentally friendly.

Lawn size

Dethatchers are not the same. While these machines are designed to help you keep your lawns healthy, not all of them will work best for all your projects. Understand what lawn size your machine is designed for to avoid any embarrassments.

Type of grass

Choose your machines according to the kind of grass you want to trim for optimal results.


Dethatching machines differ regarding speed. If you are looking forward to dethatching a large area, investing on a fast device will help save much of your time.


While dethatchers are designed to ease the workload, a poorly designed machine will leave you feeling worn out. Take your time and have a look at how the manufacturer has developed the machine. Always consider investing on machines that have added features to add extra solace.

Maintenance and storage

A good dethatcher should not be hard to maintain or store. Never invest on a machine that you cannot commit to keeping it in good shape.


A good dethatcher should allow you to use it along with other tools. Always check how compatible your machine is with other tools.


Simplicity is another critical factor to look at when buying a dethatcher. Invest in machines that are easy to use to avoid any bad experience.

What makes a good dethatcher?

  • Compatibility with other tools
  • Easy to assemble, use and maintain
  • Comfortable
  • Fast
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High quality that passes the test of time

How to use your dethatcher

  • Prepare your dethatcher for use by gathering it according to your manufacturer’s instructions
  • Mow your grass for easy dethatching process
  • Run your machine on your lawn keeping the same direction
  • In case your dethatcher does not get into more in-depth lengths, you can consider performing another pass or add some weight to allow it to penetrate deeper.
  • Rake all the loose thatch once you are through. If your machine has a grass catcher, you will be required to empty it time to time when full.
  • After dethatching it’s a good idea to water your lawn. This is also a good opportunity to spread fertilizer or add grass seed to your garden.

Final Verdict

Dethatching is one of best lawn maintenance practices which keep your grass well aerated and healthy. Investing on a quality dethatcher will help you achieve this much faster. A good dethatcher should be easy to use, environmentally friendly, durable and faster.  Do not let pests and pathogens take a toll on your lawn. Choose the best dethatcher today and get your lawn in good physical shape.