The 8 Best Electric Baseboard Heaters, Reviewed!

If you are looking forward to heating your home during cold season, then look no further than an electric baseboard heater. These devices are designed not only to help heat your home but also reduce your energy bills.  To enjoy all the benefits that come along with this move, you will have to invest in a quality baseboard heater. On this article, we will focus on different brands of baseboard heaters, their features and what makes them stand out. Besides, we will also take you through a detailed shopping guide to help you compare and contrast the best electronic baseboard heaters in the market today.

Best Pick

Fahrenheat PLF1004 Hydronic Baseboard Heater Fahrenheat PLF1004 Hydronic Baseboard Heater is convenient, stylish, and equipped with safety features making it our best pick.

​Budget Pick

King Electric 4K1210BW 1000-Watt 120-Volt 4-Foot Baseboard Heater King 4K1210BW 1000-Watt 120-Volt 4-Foot Baseboard Heater is affordable, crushproof and convenient making it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Electric Baseboard Heaters

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1. Fahrenheat PLF1004 Hydronic Baseboard Heater

Fahrenheat PLF1004 Hydronic Baseboard Heater

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 16.3 pounds
  • UL listed
  • Convenient
  • Energy efficient
  • Features a contemporary design with off white finish
  • Thermal cut out which shuts off when temperatures go to extreme
  • Easy to install
Fahrenheat baseboard heater touts of a specially designed heating element which is fully immersed in a formulated heat transfer liquid. The hydronic heater is recommended to be installed in living rooms, bedrooms, den and bathrooms. It’s bright, crispy, and contemporary design adds elegance making it an excellent pick for your home. Installation of the heater is easy since it can be easily mounted on any tile floor or carpet. The thermal cut-out is highly sensitive and will automatically shut off in case of unexpected air blockage. When temperatures stabilize, the cutout reactivates minimizing any chances of damaging your heater. Being one of the UL listed products, Fahrenheat baseboard heater delivers exceptional performance while saving on your energy bills.

2. King Electric 4K1210BW 1000-Watt 120-Volt 4-Foot Baseboard Heater

King Electric 4K1210BW 1000-Watt 120-Volt 4-Foot Baseboard Heater

Highlighted Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Can heat up to 175sq ft. evenly
  • Easy to install
  • Has a safety cutout
  • Compact in size
  • Contemporary design
  • Inbuilt wire clamps
  • Crushproof element
  • Energy efficient
King 4K1210BW baseboard heater is designed to heat small rooms. The 1000Watts heater can heat up to 175sq.ft evenly keeping your room comfortable. Its ability to warm without making noise makes it ideal for office, living room, bedroom and any other room or place that needs quiet heating. Installing the heater is a breeze. The radiator can be quickly mounted on the wall and has all the wiring on its back, reliable knockouts and inbuilt cable clamps for hooking the heater and managing cables. Its compact size is also a plus feature which enables you to install your heater without overwhelming the available space. Note that, you will require a thermostat (sold separately) to operate your radiator. Its contemporary design brings that elegant look to your room. Besides its excellent performance and design, King baseboard heater has a safety cutout which immediately stops functioning when extreme temperatures are detected. Its low initial cost and low maintenance make the heater an excellent choice for residential heating.

3. Comfort Zone Low Profile Baseboard Silent Operation Heater CZ600

Comfort Zone Low Profile Baseboard Silent Operation Heater CZ600

Highlighted Features

  • Even heating
  • Quiet performance
  • Adjustable heating element
  • Double wattage (750/1500watts)
  • Easy to install
  • Safety overheat system protection
  • Heavy gauge heating element
  • Weighs 8.4 pounds
As the name suggests, this baseboard greater will heat your room and bring comfort. The device boasts of a heavy-gauge heating element which effectively warms your room evenly without making noise. The 8.4 pounds heater features dual wattage (150 and 1500 watts) for optimal performance. Its heating element is adjustable and allows you to select your heating temperatures without any challenges making the device stand out. With this heater, you do not have to worry about any installation. The heater does not require any assembly. Comfort zone baseboard heater has a safety overheat protection system for improved efficiency.

4. Lasko 5622 Low Profile Silent Room Heater

Lasko 5622 Low Profile Silent Room Heater

Highlighted Features

  • Overload protection
  • Design blend with any décor
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Safety system protection
  • Portable
  • Quiet operation
  • Digital display with timer and thermostat
  • Auto-off timer
  • ETL listed
  • Comforting warmth of up to 1500watts
This 9 pounds room heater features an adjustable thermostat which allows you to set your temperature between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Though it may take longer for this heater to warm the room, it quietly circulates the room with warm air. Its low profile and neutral color blend well with any décor bringing that refined look in your room.  The heater has inbuilt safety features like the automatic overheat system protection and auto-off timer of 1 to 8 hours. Besides its unmatched performance, Lasko 5622 room heater is one of the best portable baseboard heaters. Thanks to its handle and lightweight design which helps you move your heater anywhere anytime.

5. Fahrenheat FBE15002 Dual Wattage Electric 5120 BTU Baseboard Heater

Fahrenheat FBE15002 Dual Wattage Electric 5120 BTU Baseboard Heater

Highlighted Features

  • 100% energy efficient
  • Portable
  • Dual wattage 1500/1000watts
  • Inbuilt thermostat
  • Weighs 9.65 pounds
Fahrenheat has designed yet another amazing baseboard heater. The device touts of an inbuilt thermostat with a beautiful fin chimney power light element design for improved efficiency. The 12volts heater is 100% energy efficient which makes it ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms and any other area which requires warming. Its Lexan end panels have high impact and inbuilt handles for improved portability of your heater.

6. King Electric KP1215-ECO Dual-wattage Portable Baseboard Heater

King Electric KP1215-ECO Dual-wattage Portable Baseboard Heater

Highlighted Features

  • Quiet operation
  • CUL listed
  • Super- fast heating speed
  • Convenient handle
  • Energy efficient
  • Safety overheat system protection
  • Corded electric
  • Weighs 12 pounds
The king electric baseboard heater is designed to heat your room with low power consumptions evenly. The heater has a super-fast heating speed, and when preferred temperature is hit, the heater automatically shuts off. The device is CUL listed and operates quietly even when high temperatures are required to heat the room. Carrying your device around is easy and simple with its handle.

7. ​Marley HBB1254 Qmark Electric/Hydronic Baseboard Heater 

Marley HBB1254 Qmark Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater

Highlighted Features

  • Safety cut out
  • Weighs 19 pounds
  • Electric corded
  • Allows for customization
  • Heat retention features
This 19 pounds Electric baseboard heater from Marley is designed to use a convention flow to release all available heat to the room allowing for fast heating. When extreme temperatures are reached, the heater will automatically shut off. However, the heating element has heat retention features which allow warm air to continue radiating even when the device goes off. One thing that adds a plus to this heater is that it comes with a full range of accessories for customizing the heater to suit your applications.

8. Heat-Wave EB98937 Convection Baseboard Heater

Heat-Wave EB98937 Convection Baseboard Heater

Highlighted Features

  • Portable
  • Safety system protection feature
  • Two heat settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Delivers unmatched heating power
  • Heats up to 400sq. ft evenly
Are you in need of a baseboard heater with supplemental heating power? Then this heater from Heat-wave may help you warm and make your room comfier. The device features an adjustable thermostat for optimal performance and control. Whether you are looking for low or high temperatures, this heater will give you the freedom to customize your heating temperatures easily. With two heat settings 500watts (low) and 1000watts (high), you can easily warm your room evenly up to 400 sq. ft. Unlike other brands which only have a safety cut out, this heater has an additional safety feature where it automatically goes off when the device overheats, preventing any damage.

Why You Should Invest in an Electric Baseboard Heater

Lower energy bills

Modern electric baseboard heaters are designed with the latest technology to help you cut down your energy bills. The devices are designed to consume less power with safety cut out when high temperatures are detected. This means your heater won’t run once the preferred temperatures are reached which is a great feature for preventing the heater from consuming power.

Easy to install

Installing a baseboard heater is like a breeze. Most of the devices come when fully assembled and do not require much work to get them up and running.


Electric baseboards have safety features to make sure they not only warm your home but also reduce any fire outbreak or any mishaps. Some of these safety features include safety overheat system protection and overload protection which help detect when temperatures go high.

Environmentally friendly

Electric baseboard heaters are not only safe to humans but also to the environment. When warming the room, the devices do not emit any harmful chemicals or substances to the atmosphere which makes them secure.

Quiet operation

Unlike a traditional furnace, electric baseboard heaters are quiet which makes them ideal for use in living rooms, office, bedroom and any place that require warming.

Add elegance to your home

Modern baseboard heaters feature contemporary designs which not only blend well with your room décor but also bring that elegant look.

Easy to maintain

An electric baseboard heater does not require a lot of maintenance to keep them in excellent condition. What you need is to clean them every month or before the fall of winter.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Electric Baseboard Heaters

Buying an electric baseboard heater is not a walk in the park with lots of brands and features to compare. We have simplified the process through our detailed guide. There is much to focus on and we can’t wait to give you the lowdown.

Heater type

Electric baseboard heaters come in two different types that are the hydronic and convention types. Though they may have similar features, each has its advantages. In regards to reliability, cost and heating speed, convention type is the best. However, as much as convention heaters are cheap, reliable and with fast heating speed, they do not retain heat for long. Immediately when the safety cut out goes off the steel, and internal heating elements cool down faster. On the other hand, hydronic baseboards do not lose heat easily like the convention type. However, hydronic baseboards are a little bit expensive and take longer to warm the room at a slower rate.

Heater warming capabilities

Heat capabilities of baseboard heaters are determined by the maximum length or room size the device can warm at its optimal performance. Most brands provide the heating capability of their products to help you make the right choices. To get the best from your heater it is highly recommended to measure the size of your room. If you cannot get a specific heater with the power to heat up your room size, then you should consider buying several heaters.

Heater size

Baseboard heaters come in varied sizes. Buying a heater without factoring in its size can be a pain in the ass especially if you realize that the radiator cannot fit in the available space. To avoid any installation frustrations, always check out the size of your preferred heater.

Installation requirements

Before spending on any heater, get to know what you require to get it up and running. Some heaters come fully assembled while others do not come with a thermostat. This means you have to purchase it separately.

Smart features

Modern baseboard heaters are designed using the latest technology. Some popular smart features include adjustable thermostat, automatic safety system protection and thermal overload protection. While some heaters may have more than one smart feature, not all of them may be available. Do not assume. Know what you need in a baseboard heater and how you would like it to operate and compare how the available features will help you achieve your desired results.

Noise level

Electric baseboard heaters are designed to operate quietly without making noise. However, some may produce pretty low sound which may not be loud to cause a distraction. In case you need a heater for your bedroom, then you should invest in one that is quiet.


Baseboard heaters are versatile. Aside from warming your home, you can also use your heater any place that requires heating. Portability of your heater may not be of much importance if you are looking for a heater for home use. However, if you are planning to move with your heater, then you should look at its ease of portability. Does the heater have handles? If yes, how bulky is it? Is it something you can move around with?


Though most electric baseboards feature the latest designs, not all of these designs will blend well with your décor. Who wants to invest in an appliance which will look odd in their home? We can bet no one. To bring that decency and elegance, you should compare different heater designs and determine which one suits your room.


While electric baseboard heaters are energy efficient, the energy consumption will vary from one brand to another. This can be determined by having a look at the heater wattage. Higher wattage means the appliance will require more power to operate. If you are looking to bringing your energy bills, then a heater with lower wattage will help you achieve this much faster. However, investing in a baseboard heater with dual wattage can help you customize your energy consumption with ease.

How Electric Baseboard Heaters Operate

As mentioned before, electric baseboard heaters are either convention or hydronic. While all these types can be used to warm your room, each type operates differently. To understand better how these appliances work, here is a quick rundown of each heater type.

Electric conventional heaters

Convention heaters have a coil which heats up quietly. They have a thermostat which is either inbuilt or separate with wires for installation on the wall. Most heaters with inbuilt heaters are a good choice if you plan to warm different rooms using the same heater. In regards to maintenance cost, convention heaters are easy to maintain.

Hydronic heaters

Commonly called oil filled radiators. To warm a room the heater heating element heats up oil or water which heats the air enhancing temperatures. Unlike convention heaters, hydronic type retains heat even after the cut-out. Though they are costly, they are more energy efficient compared to convention types.

How to Save Money With Electric Baseboard Heaters

As much as electric baseboard heaters are claimed to be energy efficient, they will need the power to operate them. Knowing how to reduce the energy consumption of your heater can save you money. Here are some of the proven ways to achieve this.

Proper calibration

One way to ensure that your heater does not consume much power is to ensure the readings are correctly set. You can achieve this by using a thermometer. Track your readings and record the thermometer reading when your appliance has reached your preferred temperatures.

Keep other rooms doors and windows closed

Opening door and windows will allow heat from escaping which means you heater will require more time to warm your room. Keeping any outlet closed helps reduce the warming time. When your heater takes a short time to heat your room, it also reduces the energy consumed.

 Use other appliances at night

In case you have dishwashers or dryer, avoid using them during the day. This is because these appliances generate much heat which means your heater won't be of much help.

Reduce your heater temperatures

Once your heater has run and hit the required temperatures, do not shut it off but instead reduce it to lower temperatures. Powering your appliance on require much energy and will consume much power compared to when it’s turned down.

Set the preferred temperatures

Increasing your temperatures does not reduce the heating cycle or warm your room faster. At this point, your heater consumes much power for nothing. For optimal performance, always ensure your appliance is running at the recommended temperature.

Place your heater in a strategic place

Installing your heaters near obstructions can reduce the efficiency and the warming cycle if your heater. Some of these obstructions may include furniture’s, rugs and carpets. What they do is hinder proper circulation of warm air within the room which means longer heater run time. Before installing your heater, ensure the furniture’s are not near the radiator. Rugs and carpets should be placed at least 2cm below the heater to allow the cold air to flow below the heating element.

Keep your heater well maintained

If your heater is too dusty, chances are the circulation of air will be hindered. This will force your heater to use more power to circulate warm air which will take longer than the expected warming cycle.  In case you notice longer heating cycles, this is a good indicator that your heater may be clogged and needs vacuuming.

Are electric baseboard heaters safe?

Most homeowners rely on heaters to warm up their home especially during those cold winter seasons. While these appliances are designed using latest technology and user in mind, it is always good to take precautions. Most safety features integrated on electric baseboard heaters are overload protection, overheat detection, tip over safety switch and safety system protection.  However, this does not mean that these appliances are unsafe to use. Electric baseboard heaters are safe appliances for home warming and have been relied upon by many homeowners.

Electric Baseboard Heater Safety Tips

Though electric heaters have safety features, putting these tips into practice will help you increase your heater efficiency and enhance your safety.

Choose your preferred installation correctly

While electric baseboard heaters are easy to install, for safety purposes you should always take caution on where to place it. Installing your heater near a power source or allowing window drapes to rest on the appliance can cause fire and should be avoided.

Hire a professional

Though no much installation process is involved in keeping your heater up and running, it is recommended to hire a professional to get the job done. For your appliance to run normally, it must be supplied with the recommended power, proper wiring and calibration has to be done. If not correctly installed, it may pose a fire hazard or even damage your heater.

Avoid placing flammable objects near the heater

Electric heaters produce heat and putting flammable objects near the appliance can trigger fire. Ensure kids do not play near the heater or leave objects near the device which may get extremely too hot causing burns or accidents. Power cords should also not be placed near the heater or leave them hanging to avoid them falling into the appliance.

Adjust your temperature settings properly

Most people have the perception that setting their heater at high temperatures will heat their home faster. This can be risky especially if there are objects placed near the heater. Besides, setting your heater temperature too high can make your appliance to overheat making it less efficient or damaging the internal parts.

Handle your appliance with caution

Like any other heating appliance, baseboard heaters produce a lot of heat and should be handled with precaution. Never allow children come near the heater or operate it. This may cause mishaps.

Control your thermostat

If you rely on more than one heater, it is always a good idea to dedicate one thermostat to control other appliances. This will ensure that the appliances are functioning at the same speed and heat from other heaters does not impact the warming cycle of other devices.

Keep your heater well maintained

A poorly maintained heater will not function correctly. Typically, an electric heater requires regular cleaning and dusting to ensure dust does not accumulate hindering the appliance from working properly. To increase its efficiency, ensure your heater has been vacuumed every three to six months.

Common Electric Baseboard Heater Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

When using baseboard heaters to warm your room, you may encounter some issues. Check out some of the common issues you may encounter and how to resolve them

Baseboard heater does not turn on

Electric baseboard heaters require enough power to operate. Loss of power or low voltage can cause your heater to behave this way. Check if there is power. If yes, then the problem could be inside the circuit. Normally when you turn your thermostat heater on, the heater circuit automatically closes and its element perks up. When a fault is detected during the process, the element goes off. To get the issue resolved, consider talking to a technician to fix the faulty circuit.

The heater does not heat the room adequately

Obstructions or furniture placed near your heater can hinder the circulation of warm air. If there are no objects near the appliance, check if there are loose drapes which may be in contact or near your heater and position them properly. If there are no visible obstruction or any object in contact with the heater, it could be the size of your room. Electric baseboard heaters have heating capabilities and a low wattage heater may not have enough power to meet your required heating temperatures. If you use portable heaters, you should consider measuring your room and determine if more heaters are needed. Check the recommended room size by the manufacturer and determine if your appliance has the capability. If this does not combat the problem, then chances are your baseboard valves are corroded. Baseboard heaters have valves which require regular lubrication to allow heat to flow freely without any hindrance. Lubricate your valves and see if the heater will function properly.

Inconsistent heater temperatures

This problem is most likely to be experienced by people who use heaters with inbuilt thermostats. Installing an external thermostat can help you regulate temperatures efficiently. However, if you are using an external thermostat and still experiencing this, then your heater could be blocked. If you have not done maintenance recently, consider vacuuming to remove any debris which may be clogged inside. Another reason for this problem is low voltage or a small wiring error. Consider hiring a professional technician to get the problem fixed. In case your heater warranty has not expired, consider talking to the manufacturer. Note that if the technician tries to fix the problem and it happens that it needs your manufacturer attention, the manufacturer may dishonor your warranty if it had not expired.

Your heater produces a smoky smell

It is normal for a new heater to smell smoky. This is due to the lubricant left on the heating element during the manufacturing process. However, this can be solved by running your heater for about 30 minutes in a well-ventilated room. This should clear the smell. If it doesn’t work things out then you can consider talking to your manufacturer for assistance.

The baseboard heater trip

There are two reasons why your heater behaves this way. It could either be a loose wire or the circuit may have a shortage. If the circuit breaker starts properly, and then overheats before tripping, this could probably be a loose wire connection. If the breaker trips after powering it on even before turning the thermostat on, there is probably an electrical short between the breaker and thermostat. In case you are not a professional, do not try opening the heater by yourself. Consider hiring a professional to get the job done.

What makes an excellent electric baseboard heater?

  • An excellent electric baseboard heater should be reliable
  • An excellent electric baseboard heater should be convenient
  • An excellent electric baseboard heater should operate with minimal or no noise
  • A great electric baseboard heater should be easy to use and maintain
  • An excellent electric baseboard heater should be environmentally friendly
  • An excellent electric baseboard heater should be energy efficient

Final Verdict

Electric baseboard heaters offer a convenient solution for homes which do not require entire warming. The market offers a wide variety of these appliances which come in varied designs, weight, size, and features. Before choosing the best electronic baseboard heaters for your heating purposes, you should remember that not every brand will suit your needs. All the above brands are an excellent choice when used in the right conditions.