The 10 Best Adjustable Wrenches For Any Task!

Are you in need of a quality adjustable wrench but you don’t know which one will work for you or probably not happy about the current one you are using? Worry not, because your searching has come to an end. In this review, we have featured top quality brands and what makes them unique and stand out from their peers. While shopping a quality wrench may seem challenging we have simplified it on our shopping guide. Stay close to identify the best adjustable wrench for your next project. But before we take you through, here is a quick comparison of the products.

Best Pick

Channellock 8WCB Adjustable Wrench Our best pick goes to Channellock 8WCB WideAzz Adjustable Wrench. The tool is crafted using Chrome-vanadium Steel alloy for increased strength and durability. Its thinner jaws allow easy access to tight areas while its longer jaws give better grip for smooth operation. With the help of well-marked measurement scale, you can quickly match different workpiece sizes. Its code blue grips provide comfort even when working on demanding projects reducing your fatigue levels.

Budget Pick

Stanley 90-947 Adjustable Wrench Stanley 90-947 Adjustable Wrench is an affordable, robust, versatile and reliable tool which is designed to offer smooth performance. Featuring a jaw capacity of 13/14” and 11/15” head width, this wrench provides better grips for different tasks enabling you to complete your tasks faster. It's SAE and mm measuring scale help in size matching which minimizes the guesswork which makes it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Adjustable Wrenches

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1. Channellock 8WCB Adjustable Wrench 

Channellock 8WCB Adjustable Wrench

Highlighted Features

  • Provides better grip
  • Versatile
  • Has measurement scale in inches and mm for natural size matching
  • Has blue code grip for user comfort and increased durability
  • 8” long
  • 1-1/2” opening
  • Made from Vanadium Chrome steel
  • Four thread knurl
  • Longer and thinner jaws for greater accessibility on tight areas
  • Strong and reliable
Channellock 8WCB is an adjustable wrench with great features for use on most demanding projects. The device is designed with Chrome Vanadium Steel for increased strength. It has thinner and longer jaws for easy access on those tight areas and better grip which prevents nut round off or slippage. Its broad area facilitates firm and better grip of your nuts and bolts. With the help of the measurement scale, you will not waste time while trying to guess the right nut or bolt to use. The wrench has a well-marked measurement scale in mm and inches for easy matching of your bolts, pipes, nuts, and tube diameters. Its blue code grips are specially designed to increase user comfort and durability while its non-protruding jaws and four thread knurl offer greater capacity which improves your productivity. Overall, Channellock 8WCB is probably the best adjustable wrench in the market today. The tool adjusts to minimal width to allow easy navigation of the tightest areas. Its jaw capacity matches a 12” wrench and is one of the strongest, versatile and reliable tools you can invest in.

2. Stanley 90-947 Adjustable Wrench

Stanley 90-947 Adjustable Wrench

Highlighted Features

  • Slip-resistant handle
  • 13/14”/ 26.3mm jaw capacity
  • 11/25”/11.2mm head width
  • Laser etched measuring scale (mm & SAE)
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
If the best adjustable wrench for the money is what you may be looking for then this Stanley 90-947 series could be an excellent choice for you. The tool features a durable construction from high quality forged Chrome Vanadium steel. Featuring a maximum jaw capacity of 13/14”/ 26.3mm and a head width of 11/25”/11.2mm, this wrench will provide a better grip while preventing screw slippage or runoff. Its bi-material handle is ergonomically designed with slip resistance to suit different jobs including plumbing, automotive, repair, and maintenance among others. Through its inbuilt tension spring, you can quickly stabilize the moving jaw. Its measurement scale is marked using laser etching technology for precise and easy size adjustments in mm and SAE metrics. Stanley adjustable wrench is not only to help you complete different tasks but also complies with the ANSI specifications which is a good indication of quality.

3. TEKTON 23001 4-Inch Adjustable Wrench

TEKTON 23001 4-Inch Adjustable Wrench

Highlighted Features

  • 4” long
  • ½-inch jaw capacity
  • 1/16” laser etched marking with 1mm increment
  • Drop forged tempered Carbon steel design
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Surpasses ANSI standards
Still hunting for the best adjustable wrench for bikes? Why not give this TEKTON 23001 a try. The tool is made using a premium carbon steel with a rust resistance Chrome finish for increased durability. For less strain and smooth performance, the tool is designed such that the worm gear and slide jaw meets at three spots. Its measuring scale is stamped with permanent laser-etched marking in mm and inches for fast nut and screw size matching. Featuring a precision machined design, this wrench enables you to fit your bolts in place tightly. Aside from bicycles, this tool can be utilized to perform other tasks like furniture assembly and securing back bolt or nut while tightening or loosening with a combination wrench or socket. With a 1mm size increment, you can easily adjust your wrench to suit the task at hand. Overall, TEKTON 23001 is a quality, versatile and reliable wrench for those who may be looking for a loosening and fastening different sized fasteners.

4. Stanley 90-948 Adjustable Wrench

Stanley 90-948 Adjustable Wrench

Highlighted Features

  • Forged steel alloy construction
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Versatile
  • Extra jaw capacity with tapered jaw design
  • 8” long
  • Exceeds ANSI standards
  • Laser marked Metric and SAE jaw scale
In case you may need the best adjustable wrench for plumbing, this Stanley 90-948 series could be an excellent selection for you. Made from a forged steel alloy this wrench is durable and can handle different tasks with ease. Its jaw is extra wide and opens wider as compared to other standard adjustable models. With the help of the metric and SAE laser etched scale, you can quickly match your fastener size. Its bi-material handle is ergonomically designed to offer you a secure and comfy grip to complete various tasks including repairs, automotive, plumbing, and general assembly. The wrench not only meets the industry standards but also surpasses them for unmatched user experience. Even when working on tight areas, this tool will facilitate smooth operation with its slip resistance handle and tapered jawline. Owning one will not only make your tasks easy but also offer you versatility.

5. Channellock 8SWCB Adjustable Wrench

Channellock 8SWCB Adjustable Wrench

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Comfy
  • 3/16” slim jaws
  • Versatile
  • Reliable even when accessing those tight areas
  • Longer jaws for better grip
  • Chrome Vanadium steel material for greater strength
  • Blue code grips for increased comfort
  • 1-1/2” jaw opening
  • 8-inches long
Featuring Vanadium Chrome steel design with code blue grips, this Channellock 8SWCB will offer you smooth operation even on tight areas. Its non-protruding jaws and four thread knurl provide greater grip and minimal head width for greater accessibility on tight areas. Sizing your tube diameters, nuts, bolts, and tubes have just got better and secure, thanks to its marked measuring scale in mm and in. Not forgetting its extra slim 3/16”jaws which makes it possible to access areas not easy to reach. Compared to other slim jaws, Channellock 8SWCB has 40% narrower jaws for greater versatility and easy access to the tightest spots. Investing in this model will offer you more excellent performance, and greater versatility even for those demanding tasks.

6. Craftsman 3 Piece Adjustable Wrench Set

Craftsman 3 Piece Adjustable Wrench Set

Highlighted Features

  • Built to last
  • Comes as a three-piece set( 6", 8" and 10")
  • Standard and Metric jaw scale
  • Rust resistance steel construction
  • Versatile
  • Easy to turn knurls
Craftsman’s wrench set features three pieces of 6”, 8” and 10” which are designed with high-quality steel for increased durability. For increased strength, each wrench is designed with high craftsmanship and comes with a lifetime guarantee for a stress-free operation and smooth operation.  The wrenches boast of its easy to turn knurls for quick adjustment of the jaws for better grip of different sized fasteners. Each wrench has a well-marked jaw scale in both Metric and standard sizes preventing any guesswork. Overall, the Craftsman adjustable wrench set is one of the must-have tools for every toolbox. Whether you are planning to do repair jobs, automotive, or any general assembly task, this is the go-to wrench.

7. Stanley 87-369 Adjustable Wrench 

Stanley 87-369 Adjustable Wrench

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile
  • Forged Chrome vanadium construction
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy to store
  • 8” long
  • Affordable
This 8” Stanley spanner is designed using a quality Chrome Vanadium steel for better strength and extended lifespan. Featuring a rust resistance Chrome finish, this tool will offer great performance without deteriorating on its appearance. On the handle is a hole which facilitates easy hanging, tethering, and storage when not in use. The fact that the wrench surpasses the set ANSI standards is a good indicator of quality tool.

8. Olympia Tool 01-015 Adjustable Wrench

Olympia Tool 01-015 Adjustable Wrench

Highlighted Features

  • 45mm/ 1.75” jaw opening
  • Made from a drop forged steel alloy for greater strength and durability
  • Rust resistant
  • Precision machined jaws
  • Knurled adjustment worm
  • 15” long
Crafted from a hardened and heat treated drop forged steel alloy, this tool provides great grip with its precision machined jaws. It's 45 mm/ 1-3/4" jaw opening facilitates great bolt and nut loosening or tightening for varied tasks. The jaw knurled adjustments enable you to customize your wrench to suit your fastener size easily.  It Chrome plated finish prevents it from rust so you can enjoy smooth operations generation after generation. Its length gives you better control of the tool minimizing any slippage.

9. Stanley 87-473 Adjustable Wrench

Stanley 87-473 Adjustable Wrench

Highlighted Features

  • Meets and surpasses ANSI standards
  • Handle hole for hanging, tethering or storage
  • 12 –inches long
  • Forged Chrome Vanadium steel constructions
  • Rust resistant
Stanley is a 12-inch adjustable spanner which is designed with Chrome Vanadium steel for unmatched strength. A Chrome finishing protects the tool from rust enhancing its durability. At 12-inches long, this wrench delivers smooth operation and versatility enabling you to manage your tasks with ease. Its handle hole comes in handy when tethering, storing or hanging giving you convenience.

10. Knipex 8605180 Wrench

Knipex 8605180 Wrench

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable
  • Built to last
  • Versatile
  • 7-inches long
  • Ideal for use on soft and plated workpieces
  • Hardened teeth with 61HRC
  • Strong gripping power
  • Comfy color component handles
  • Infinite variable width adjustments in inches, and mm
  • 1-3/8” jaw capacity
  • 7.25”long
This Knipex 8605180 series is not just like any ordinary wrench. Unlike those open end models which may cause surface damage with their uneven compression, this wrench only offers a zero backlash when under pressure. Its self-ratcheting provides easy and fast operation of the tool without calling for other tools. With a 10:1 lever ratio, the wrench cam design facilitates a strong and secure grip without wrist or hand strains making handling the most demanding jobs easy. The wrench is equipped with a time-saving push button which allows you to perform fine and infinite adjustments to suit different tasks. Its slim design allows you to access those tight spots while delivering a smooth operation. Not forgetting its parallel soft jaws which facilitate secure and safe gripping of soft and plated workpieces without damaging them. Its dual component color handles provide a secure and better grip preventing any slippage enabling you to manage time demanding tasks faster. Overall, this Knipex 8605180 wrench is a quality, reliable, and versatile tool which will enable you to handle different tasks which require vigilance and more detail with ease. Its design and performance are unmatched to none making it the best adjustable wrench ever made.

Benefits of Using Adjustable Wrenches

Unlike fixed or non-adjustable spanners, adjustable wrenches offer massive benefits, and they have managed to stand out from their counterparts. Among these benefits include:  


Just as the name suggests, adjustable wrenches can be used to accomplish different tasks. Whether you are planning to do pipe sizing, plumbing, general assembly, repairs or automotive jobs, adjustable wrenches come in handy.

Easy to use

With an adjustable wrench, you can easily customize it to suit the workpiece. For beginners who may have challenges using a fixed wrench, taking advantage of an adjustable wrench will simplify your job. With an adjustable spanner, you can say goodbye to the hassles and time you spend trying to figure out the right fastener size. The tools have a measurement scale which helps you to match the right fastener size in your preferred units.


The fact that you can use one tool and customize it to suit different task means you won’t spend much on different fixed wrenches when you need to handle some demanding jobs.

Save space

Unlike fixed wrenches which will require you to have different sizes, adjustable models do not. This means you will be able to save on storage space if you opt for a flexible model.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Wrench

Shopping for an adjustable wrench is not easy as many think. Before makinng conclusions on the right model to buy, you should consider the following.

Wrench size

As much as adjustable wrenches allow you to customize its jaw size, there are limits which you can make your settings. For smooth operation, you should identify the right size depending on the tasks and fasteners. Take your time and don’t rush or else you may get disappointed.


The wrench material used to construct the tool will determine its strength and durability. The most robust and quality models are made from Chrome Vanadium Steel which is drop forged for increased strength. Due to its quality, you may be required to pay more for a Chrome vanadium steel model, but it’s worth every penny. However, heat tempered steel or drop forged carbon steel or steel alloy are also a great pick, but you should ensure they are coated to resist rust. Remember that working on fasteners can put your tool under pressure, and if not strong enough, it will break easily calling for a replacement. Before pulling out your card, you should ensure the model you settle for is quality enough to withstand regular use without bending or breaking.

Handle design

Working on fasteners can be strenuous, and you will be required to use your hands to fasten or loosen them. Worse still; the spanner may accidentally slip causing injury.  This requires you to be vigilant when choosing the right handle to use. Always consider models which are ergonomically designed to offer comfort with slip resistance handles for a smooth operation.


A good wrench should facilitate smooth operation with a better grip for the recommended fastener size. Though at times it may be a bit challenging to determine the reliability of each model, reading customer reviews can help get an idea of how reliable the tool can be.  Note that using your device on any project other than what is not listed by the manufacturer will risk damaging it.


Adjustable wrenches can be used for various jobs, but not every model out there will offer the versatility you may be looking for.  For easy selection of your tools, most manufacturers usually list the number of tasks you can accomplish with the wrench. To enjoy greater versatility, ensure you choose one that will allow you to handle different tasks and more so the ones that you carry out regularly.


You always get what you pay for. You cannot invest in a cheap wrench and expect it to be durable as a high-end one. While it is good to stick to your budget, you should ensure the tool you invest in is of good quality.


Adjustable wrenches just like any other tool may develop issues or may arrive with some faults. To ensure you are covered, you should consider buying a model which covers you for an extended period. A lifetime cover is a good indication of quality and should be taken advantage of.

How to use adjustable wrenches properly

When working with your tools, you ought to know how to use them properly to achieve great results faster while increasing your productivity, and wrenches are not an exception. And here are some of the tips you may find useful.

Choose the right wrench for the job

For you to increase your productivity and get the best out of your spanner, you need the right wrench size for the job. The market will offer you different wrench sizes. It is upon you to choose the right one depending on the task you are planning to accomplish. A wrong choice of your wrench size can increase the chances of injuring yourself or damaging the fastener.

Avoid hitting your wrench with hard objects

Sometimes when most people encounter a stubborn fastener, they tend to use objects to hit the wrench to get better leverage. Hitting your wrench may damage it and should be avoided.

Never use a broken or damaged wrench

Using your wrench for the wrong job will increase the chances of breaking it. When broken, the tool cannot hold firmly the recommended fastener which means you may not achieve the desired results. Always go for high-quality models which can withstand regular use without breaking.

Position yourself properly

Before you start working, you need to position yourself in a comfy position such that you will not push but rather pull. This strategy allows you to minimize any chances of injuring yourself in an event where the wrench slips.

Avoid applying more leverage on pipes

When working on pipes, you should be extra vigilant on the force you use. More leverage will either jack the wrench head or bend the handle rendering it useless. Though handling stubborn fasteners can be challenging, applying oil can make it easy to loosen it.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a professional or not, owning an adjustable wrench will help you enjoy great versatility by allowing you to complete different tasks with ease. However, the wrong choice will always ruin the fun and make the work hard to complete. To avoid all these disappointments, you will need to select the best adjustable wrench according to size, type of job you intend to do, handle design, durability, number of uses and any other feature which you would like the tool to have. With the help of our guide choosing one shouldn’t be a hard task.