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The 12 Best Boomerangs in 2019

A boomerang is an object with thousands of years of history. It is a flat stick bent at an angle in the middle, that when thrown, returns to the thrower. It is very popular for sports, especially with children. Getting a boomerang is a great way to make sure children play outside in the sun. You can also take the opportunity to introduce your children to the traditions and history behind the simple boomerang.

Whether you want a boomerang that is appropriate for children, or if you are fascinated by boomerangs yourself, we have a guide for the best boomerangs you could buy. There is a precise method of making boomerangs, and a low-quality boomerang will not function as well. It may not return back to you or may have very low range. Our list will surely help you in buying your very own boomerang.

Our Best Pick

Hummingbird Jarrah Finish Australian Wood Boomerang

The Hummingbird Jarrah Finish Australian Wood Boomerang is definitely the best one on the list. Hand-crafted and made completely with wood to preserve authenticity, this boomerang has a long range and flies smoothly, making it an excellent choice.

Our Budget Pick

Glacier Wooden Boomerang

A wooden boomerang with an excellent flight, the Glacier Wooden boomerang is our budget pick. It returns to the thrower the smooth flight makes it easy to catch. An excellent boomerang to have, this is definitely one to check out.

Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Boomerangs

1. ​Hummingbird Jarrah Finish Australian Wood Boomerang

From the renowned and reliable brand of LaCrosse ​

This wooden boomerang has a very traditional design. The wood is sourced from the Australian hardwood Jarrah. It has an airfoil wing constructed perfectly to make sure it flies in a curved path when thrown. With this boomerang, you can rest assured that it will return to you. When thrown, the boomerang will fly almost 40 yards, and the substantial weight ensures that it is not carried away by light wind.

This boomerang is meant to be thrown with the right hand. It is also recommended that only children above the age of 10 use it. A user manual is also included with the boomerang so that you can easily learn how to use it if you are a beginner


  • Easy to learn for a beginner
  • High-quality construction
  • Long flight range
  • Authentic design


  • The paint may get scratched easily

2. ​Glacier Wooden Boomerang

This well-crafted boomerang is made from birch wood. Constructed by experienced professionals, you can rest assured that this boomerang will perform and fly well. A great starter boomerang, this boomerang is recommended for teaching 8 to 18 year-old children how to throw a boomerang. Although it takes a little practice to throw the boomerang properly, the user manual that comes with the boomerang will make the task easier.

This durable boomerang is meant for right-handed throwing.


  • Good for Children
  • Made of wood


  • Cannot be thrown properly in windy conditions

3. Eagle Wooden Boomerang

This colorful boomerang will make an attractive addition to your collection. This is meant for children above the age of 8 and adults. The paint on the boomerang can be customized to your preference.

The boomerang has two airfoils and has perfectly balanced weight. This ensures that it does not get thrown out of its path by wind but is not too heavy to fly. The range is very high, with a round flight length of over 40 yards. This boomerang is meant to be thrown with the right hand and can even be thrown when there is light to medium wind.


  • The flight range is over 40 yards
  • Custom Painting
  • Can be thrown in medium wind


  • Needs lots of empty space to throw

4. Polypropylene Black Mamba Boomerang

This boomerang is made of propylene, instead of wood. The two airfoils have lifted corners to ensure that the boomerang rotates during flight and returns to the thrower. Designed by a professional, the Black Mamba Boomerang works very well in windy conditions, as it is designed to fly against wind-resistance. It has a range of 30 meters.

The durability of this boomerang makes it one of the best boomerangs you can buy. It is also a great choice for children to play with.


  • High wind-resistance
  • Long range
  • Durable


  • Not very authentic looking, as it is made of plastic

5. Glow in The Dark Lightning Boomerangs

The lights on this boomerang and its smooth flight make it a worthy boomerang to own. It has three airfoils that give it a very precise flight. The tight circle in which is flies means it can be used in relatively smaller open areas. The lights allow this boomerang to be thrown at night.

Intended for every boomerang thrower older than 8, everyone is sure to love it when this boomerang glows during flight. The booklet that comes with the boomerang teaches you everything you need to know about throwing this boomerang.


  • Can be used at night
  • Flies in a small, tight circle
  • Easy for children to use


  • Does not look traditional, which may not suit collectors’ tastes
  • short flight range may not appeal to professionals

6. Polypropylene Pro Sports Boomerang

Made of propylene, this boomerang is very durable. It is a great choice whether you use it for recreation or professional sports. It is guaranteed to return to your hand after throwing. The boomerang performs best in light wind, and the bright color increases visibility. The light weight of the boomerang means it hovers for a greater time than heavier boomerangs.


  • Can be used in windy conditions
  • Spends a long time aloft in the air
  • Range: 30
  • High wind resistance


  • Plastic made boomerang sometimes bends from the force of the throw

7. Rhode Island Novelty Wooden Boomerang

This wooden boomerang is another boomerang fashioned in a traditional designed. It can be used by supervised children above the age of 10. The two airfoils of this boomerang are constructed to ensure that it flies well. The thin boomerang is made to return back to your hand. This boomerang would be a good choice for teaching beginners how to throw a boomerang.


  • Traditional aesthetic
  • Made of wood


  • Not very durable

8. Aussie Fever Wooden Boomerang

Made by hand in Australia, this boomerang is one of the best on this list. The crafting of this boomerang draws on aboriginal traditions. The smooth flight not only has a long range but also has a slow descent that makes it easy to catch upon returning.

The paint and construction of the boomerang make it invaluable is your collection, as well the perfect gift. It is meant to be thrown with the right hand and is recommended for teenagers and adults.


  • Wooden construction
  • Hovering descent makes it easy to catch
  • Long range for almost 40 yards
  • Includes How to Throw Boomerangs booklet
  • Easy to throw


  • Not meant for children
  • needs large, open space
  • right handed

9. Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang 2399086

Perfect for children, this boomerang comes in several bright, attractive colors. The triangular shape is easy to grip and the edges are soft. This prevents any injuries and makes the boomerang easier to throw and catch. The boomerang flies in 90 feet long path and is sure to make any children’s outdoor event better!
The less traditional design also means that you can customize the way you throw the boomerang and it will still return to you. This is a great starter boomerang for those new to throwing or teaching children older than 10 how to throw.


  • Bright colors improve visibility
  • soft edges and grip make throwing and catching easier
  • Long flight range
  • Good for children


  • Not authentic
  • may not be preferred by professionals

10. BumbleBee Precision Boomerang

With 4 airfoils and a black and yellow pattern, this is one memorable boomerang. Recommended for children aged 7 to 15, this boomerang can be used to easily teach them the basics of throwing. It has a long flight range and a long hover. The long hover means that it is easier to catch when returning back to you. The four airfoils increase the lift on the boomerang making it fly smoothly. This boomerang also comes with a booklet containing instructions.


  • Good for beginners
  • long flight range
  • Smooth flight due to 4 airfoils


  • Hard plastic makes it difficult to catch

11. Homee Handmade Boomerang Australian Style

This brightly painted boomerang is great for both adults and children. The wood material is durable and makes for a boomerang that flies smoothly and returns to your hand. It has a range of 40 meters and so should be used is wide, open areas. Like all boomerangs, the technique for throwing must be practiced but the accompanying instructions make it an easier process.


  • Long flight range of 40m
  • can fly in low wind conditions
  • Handmade wooden boomerang
  • Nontoxic water paint used


  • Needs large open space

12. Toysmith Big Bad Boomerang

Meant for young children, this is the perfect toy boomerang. It performs as well as a real boomerang, flying in a circular path and returning to the thrower. The Styrofoam material makes it safe for children to throw. This is a very large boomerang which makes it appropriate for playing. It will be easy to throw and catch. This is sure to be very popular at outdoor events with young children above the age of 3.


  • Best for children
  • Made of aerodynamic foam
  • Large and easy to catch


  • Not for those looking for a real boomerang

Things to keep in mind

  • Make sure you keep in mind who the boomerang is for. Some boomerangs are only meant as toys as not real sporting equipment.
  • Whether the boomerang is meant for right-handed or left-handed individuals is also something to keep in mind before buying it.
  • Wooden boomerangs are generally preferred for their traditional roots, but modern boomerangs come in a wide range of materials, and so you should choose the most durable material.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is how much space you will have to fly the boomerang. If space is limited, choose a boomerang with a smaller flight range.

Final Verdict

The boomerang is an Australian icon and has fascinated people across the world even in modern times with its unique flight path. With so many badly constructed boomerangs on the market that do not fly properly, we hope this list has helped you narrow down your choices and find the best boomerang for you.

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