Best Bottle Cutter Reviews in 2019

Glass bottle cutting is one of the perfect ways of recycling your used bottles. A quality bottle cutter can help you craft your bottles to unique treasures without wounding yourself or cracking them while adding fun at the same time. The efficiency these tools come with has made the exercise a hobby to some.

While this sounds good to be true, investing in a poor quality bottle cutter can ruin the experience. We understand well the risks involved, and we have carefully reviewed the top quality bottle cutting tools to help you select the best bottle cutter that meets your needs. Just take a look!

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-Deep Black

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter-Deep Black is long-lasting and comes with separate ties which fit all bottle sizes making it Our Best Pick.

LANMU Glass Cutting Tool

LANMU Glass Cutting Tool is affordable and has a hard and sharp metallic acrylic blade which can withstand up to 50,000 cuts making it Our Best Budget Pick.

1. Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

This bottle cutter from Kinkajou boasts of quality wolfram carbide cutting steel wheel which can last over 200 cuts. The cutter was designed to be handheld and can be adjusted to fit bottles with perimeter between 43 to 102 mm.

What I love most about this cutter is its ability to hold your bottle firmly and allowing it to turn at the same time. This allows you to carry out your scoring process without any challenges. Once your bottle has been rotated, your cutter will produce a click to notify you.

The cutter comes with three silicon carbide sandpaper 80 grit, one finished glass tool, two separation silicon ties which fit all bottle sizes. The sandpaper allows you to polish any sharp edges giving your cuts that gorgeous look.

I would recommend this cutter to anyone who is looking for a high-quality bottle cutter which is handy and durable.


  • Durable
  • Holds bottles firmly 
  • Notifies you when scoring process is over
  • Comes with sandpaper for smoothening your sharp edges
  • Comes with separate silicon ties which can fit all bottle sizes


  • Can only cut round bottles

2. Creator's Bottle Cutter Machine

Are you looking for a handy bottle cutter which can cut almost every bottle with a flat bottom with precision scores? Then this creator’s cutter can be a good choice for you.

Creator’s cutter features a hard wearing untainted steel slide bars and confined ball bearing rollers that are rubber coated to exclude glass slivers. With this cutter, the choice is limitless. You can turn your wine bottles, oval bottles, triangular bottles, round bottles, and beer bottles to unique treasures easily.

What I love most about this cutter is its user-friendly metric scale which allows you to do precision scoring every time. When you purchase this cutter, you will get one abrasive stone, one palm protector, two separate rings and your creator’s bottle cutter.


  • Easy to use
  • Cuts almost every bottle with a flat bottom with precision score
  • User-friendly metric scale
  • Lasting stainless steel slide bars
  • Excludes glass slivers with its confined rubber coated ball bearing rollers
  • Reliable cutter


  • We did not find any during our research

3. Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter

This Diamond bottle cutter boasts of 6 turreted heads which guarantee extended cuts. The tool is made using recycled aluminum and allows users to score using three simple steps efficiently.

What I love most about this cutter is its weight. The g2 cutter is lightweight allowing you to easily turn your old bottles to votive holders, vases, glass sculptures, lamps among others.

The tool is also ideal for scoring used bottles and jars with wide mouth jars with precision. When you purchase this tool, you will get your Diamond g2 cutter, score tapper, two emery papers, and one user manual.


  • Lightweight
  • Features six turreted heads which offer extended cuts
  • Scores used bottles and wide mouth jars perfectly


  • Requires users to practice well to master how the tool works

If you are looking for a bottle cutter that can perfect cut small and normal sized bottles, then this cutter from AGPtek can be a good choice for you. The cutter is lasting and scores your bottles perfectly.

The cutter boasts of three sharp, hard metallic cutting steel blades in a disc. The blades can withstand up to 50,000 cuts giving users the freedom to cut your bottles without any challenges. That’s not all; you can also cut thick bottles with this tool without breaking them.

AGPtek cutter is ideal for wine bottles, beer bottles and drinking glass round bottle. The tool cuts with precision giving you clean breaks almost each time.


  • Provides smooth cutting
  • Easy to handle
  • Handy and sturdier compare to plastic models
  • Lasting sharp metallic steel blades which can withstand up to 50000 cuts
  • Gives clean breaks almost every time


  • You will need to do practice before getting used with the tool for the first time

This AceList bottle cutter allows you to recycle and re-use your wine and beer bottles while creating functional art simultaneously.  The tool is exceptionally durable and sturdier compared to plastic models.

With this cutter, you can quickly get precision scores allowing you to turn your beer and wine bottles to candle holders, stained glasses, bottle planters, tumblers, and bottle lamps. That’s not all; you can also create ornaments, sun catchers, and glass sculptures.

AceList cutter is a perfect tool for turning your old bottles into vases, jars and mosaic votive candle. The cutter gives clean breaks almost each time including thick champagne bottles.


  • Durable compared to plastic models
  • Scores your bottles with precision
  • Can cut even thick champagne bottles
  • Gives clean breaks
  • Allows you to create functional art from your old bottles


  • Requires practice for one to make precise cuts

This LANMU bottle cutter features durable, hard and sharp metallic acrylic blade which can withstand up to 50,000 cuts. The cutting works perfectly well by giving you precision scores when constant moderate pressure is applied.

With this tool, you can quickly score bottles of 0.79'' to 9'' in diameter with a cutting length of between 1" to 12". This gives you the freedom to craft your bottles to your preferences.


  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable
  • Durable and lasing blades which can last up to 50, 000 cuts
  • Scores bottles perfectly with moderate pressure


  • Did not find any during our research

Are you a beginner or an experienced crafter and looking for a quality bottle cutter? Then this Ephrem’s original cutter can be an ideal choice for you. The cutting tool is sturdy and boasts of double rollers which help you to rotate your glass bottles when scoring smoothly.

The bottle cutter comes with a grip which holds your bottle firmly in position preventing it from slipping. That’s not all; the cutting kit comes with a back stop which aligns your cutter height allowing you to create scoring lines according to your preferred bottle lengths.

One thing I love about this cutter is its cutting wheel which gives you a perfect score line every single time. Not forgetting its 18-page instructional guide which has over 22 bottle cutting projects ideas which inspires you and gives you creativity to get the best out of your used bottles.

With this cutter, you can easily turn your soda bottles, champagne bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles and glass jars into cups, planters, glasses, candle holders and lanterns. The quick start guide comprises of four pages to help you cut your bottle with precision without breaking them.

When you purchase this tool, you will get your Ephrem’s bottle cutter, silicon carbide grit, scoring bottle fixture, a sanding cloth 100 grit sizes, candle and instruction on how to use the tool.


  • Easy to adjust rear rollers and backstop
  • Comes with 18 pages booklet with bottle cutting project ideas
  • Has a grip for holding your bottles firmly without sliding
  • Sturdy
  • Smoothly rotates your bottle during scoring


  • Not ideal for cutting bottleneck part

Looking for a bottle cutter that can cut your square or round bottles and jars with precision? Then this Armour cutter can be a perfect match for your needs. The tool boasts of two sharp blades which help create perfect scores with accuracy.

One thing I love about this cutter is that it allows you to adjust your bottle length enabling you to cut your bottles into desired lengths. When you purchase this tool, you will get your Armour bottle cutter, cutting wheels, adjustment wedge, five glass sanding sheets, glass tapper, and a 24-page full-color reference guide.


  • Adjustable
  • Comes with five glass sanding papers for polishing sharp edges
  • Can cut square or round bottle and jars with precision score
  • Comes with 24-page full-color reference guide


  • Requires you to practice well to achieve better results

Why you should use a bottle cutter

  • Bottle cutters scores bottles with precision
  • Bottle cutters prevent any chances of wounding when cutting your bottles
  • Bottle cutters are fast and quick way of turning used bottles to useful items
  • Cuts bottles perfectly without cracking them

How to use your bottle cutter correctly

Glass cutters are not the same and understanding well how to use these tools will help you make precision scores easily. This step by step guide will help you craft your used bottles like a pro. Just take a look!

  • Ensure your bottle is clean to avoid grit and dirt from messing up with your cutter
  • Measure your bottle cutting length and place a masking tape strip on the bottle you wish to cut and ensure that there is a great straight line where your masking tape ends meet
  • Using your cutter, make a score line around the bottle following your masking tape line. Only score your bottle once
  • If your cutter comes with adjustable rollers, follow the instructions of your cutter guide to line up the rollers
  • Ensure that cutting blade rests well on the area to be cut
  • Rotate your bottle in a contra-clockwise direction until you hear a  crunchy sound
  • Wear gloves on your hands and protect your eyes
  • Take your bottle to a cold running water tap and rotate it.
  • Pour small amount of hot water around the scoreline
  • Continue rotating your bottle on the cold running water while tickling hot water around the score line until you hear a popping or cracking sound.
  • After a few minutes, your bottle will separate. If your bottle does not separate, try to tug the top part
  • Use a sandpaper to polish any sharp edges

Things to Consider to Find the Best Bottle Cutter


High-quality bottle cutters will not only serve you for an extended period but also give you quality scores. Cutters which are sturdier will serve you for an extended time and are highly preferred.

Cutting blades

The precision of your cutting tool will determine how long it will take before you do a replacement. Blades made from steel are durable and remain sharp for longer without calling for replacements. Consider investing in cutting tools that come with more than one cutting blade.

Type of bottles the cutter can cut

While bottle cutters are designed to help you make precision scores when crafting your bottles, not every tool will cut all bottle shapes. Your cutter choice should be fueled by the shape of your bottles.

Cutter size

Different cutters vary regarding size. Investing on large cutter will help you score your bottles easily without any limitations

Cutting diameter

Your cutters cutting diameter is very vital when choosing your bottle cutting tools. Always check the diameter size your preferred cutter can allow you to score your bottles to avoid any disappointments

What you get when you buy your cutter

While some manufacturers sell their cutting tools with other bottle cutting requirements, others do not. Purchasing a cutter which comes with these requirements is economical and highly recommended.

What makes a good bottle cutter?

  • A good cutter should be sturdy
  • Have sharp blades
  • Able to score different bottles with precision
  • Makes clean breaks almost every time
  • Handy

Final Verdict

Some bottles are too lovely to chuck in the trash. Bottle cutters can help you turn these ordinary bottles into useful items. While every cutter is different, having a grasp of how these tools work can help you craft your bottles effortlessly.

One fundamental factor to look at when selecting the best bottle cutter is how efficient it is at giving perfect scores while giving you clean breaks at the same time. Invest in quality bottle cutters today and turn those beautiful bottles into unique treasures while adding fun to your crafting exercise.

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