Top 10 Best Car Buffers, Reviewed!

With time, your car paint may develop swirl marks, fine scratches and other imperfections making it lose its elegance. Polishing your car with your hands can leave you with sores and consume much of your valuable time. Thanks to the technological innovations which have seen the introduction of car buffers. You can now save your hands and give your car that professional new look you have ever wanted. However, the technology has seen the manufacture of different car polishing machines which has made the selection of quality devices challenging. We understand how critical time is and how a poor quality machine can ruin your car. After doing thorough research, we have carefully selected and reviewed some of the quality buffers to help you select the best car buffer that matched buffing needs.

Our Best Pick

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher
PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher has a two position removable side handle for extra solace and greater control with a powerful 4.5amp motor for random orbit and high overload protection making it Our Best Pick.
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Our Budget Pick

DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch-9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher
DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start is affordable and allows you to use a variety of hook and loop accessories from other brands making it Our Budget Pick.
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Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Car Buffers

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1. ​DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher

DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch-9-Inch Variable Speed PolisherCheck Latest Price on Amazon The DEWALT polisher features a strong 12Amp motor and all-bearing heat treated steel cutting gears which make it durable and deliver best results for the most demanding applications. The 6.7 pounds polisher offers numerous gripping options through its three-position bale handle and its traditional handle. Its rear handle is sculpted with rubber over-mold to offer you extra solace during your projects. The Dewalt polisher ensures you get a smooth finish each time. To achieve this, the device has a non-marring gear case which helps reduce scuff marks and scratches. One thing we love about this polisher is its ability to work with variety of hook and loopaccessories from other brands. That’s not all; the device allows you to complete your projects at various angles giving you the freedom to change your position anytime you wish. For optimal results the device allows you to set your working speed depending on the applicationand material. Through the electronic module, your selected speed is properly maintained throughout the session to ensure you get smooth polish each time. The machine wool ingestion shields help reduce the servicing costs and improve the machine lifespan.


  • Has a strong, durable motor
  • Provides numerous gripping options
  • Ergonomic rear handle for added solace
  • Reduces scuff marks and scratches
  • Compatible with hook and loop accessories from other brands
  • Allows you to customize working speeds
  • Maintains constant speeds for optimal results
  • Has wool ingestion shield for reducing service costs and increasing the tool durability


  • Heavy
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2. PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher

PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed PolisherCheck Latest Price on Amazon Are you looking for a quality polisher for polishing and sanding marine and automotive projects? Then this polisher from PORTER-CABLE may just be the right one for you. The device is compact and comes with a six-inch polishing pad. When using the machine, you will enjoy a swirl-free polishing for sanding action with electronic speed variation between 2,500 to 6,800 OPM. The 7424xp model boasts of a powerful 4.5amp motor for random orbit and high overload protection. Another welcoming feature of this polisher is its ability to accept spindle thread accessories of between 5/16 to 24. During industrial workloads, the device provides a roller bearing construction and full ball for durability. The 5.75-pound polisher offers extra comfort and control through its two-position detachable sidehandle allowing you to handle your project with ease.


  • Has a variable speed dial which can function on different speed variations
  • Accepts spindle thread accessories within the 5/16 to 24 range
  • Can be used for marine and automotive polishing and sanding projects
  • Has detachable two position handle which offers great control and comfort


  • Head only vibrates when a lot of pressure is increased
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3. Black & Decker WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer /Polisher

Black & Decker WP900 6-Inch Random Orbit Waxer-PolisherCheck Latest Price on Amazon Black & Decker polisher works on a 4,400 OPM randomorbit to give you a professional polish. The polisher delivers smooth and swirl-free finish making the device ideal for detailing simple projects to automotive and marine projects. WP900 polisher has a two handle design which ensures that you have a secure and extra grip during your projects. In case you wish to handle larger jobs, this polisher will help you achieve this much faster. The device comes with a 10ft cord which is specifically designed to help you complete big jobs without much hassle. The 2.05pound polisher also comes with two polishing bonnets and one foam applicator bonnet. Despite its price, the polisher is not one of the knock-offs. Black & Decker is one of the certified brands which offer quality products to its customers.


  • Ideal for small detailing projects and bigger job
  • Provides professional finish
  • Comes with a 10ft cord for automotive and marine polishing
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • You may experience problem when adjusting the speed
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4. Milwaukee 5460-6 7-Inch/9-Inch Polisher with Electronic Speed Control

Milwaukee 5460-6 7-Inch-9-Inch PolisherCheck Latest Price on Amazon This Milwaukee polisher features a flexible side handle which can be moved to the right or left side depending on your preferences. With a variable speed range of 0 to 1750rpm, you can quickly adjust your polisher speeds to suit your project or material. The 5460-6 polisher is a lightweight and easy to operate polisher which gives you a professional polish making it ideal for beginners. The tool features a powerful 11amps motor which can withstand deep polishes without compromising quality. In case you plan to use the tool for an extended period, you do not have to worry. The device has a glass reinforced nylon handle which provides a secure and comfortable grip. One thing we love about this polisher is its removable quick-lok cord which allows you to swap cord from other Milwaukee Quick-Lok tools in case you happen to damage or cut the cord.


  • Allows you to have full control of your speeds
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Has a powerful 11amps motor which can withstand the tough projects while giving professional polish
  • Offers secure and comfortable grip
  • Has detachable cord which allows you to swap it with any other cord from the same brand


  • We did not find any
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5. WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher

WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer-Polisher in CaseCheck Latest Price on Amazon This WEN polisher boasts of a random orbital technology which delivers a streak-free shine to your car, leaving behind a clean reflective surface. The 3.08-pound tool has a high impact insulated housing which gives it the ability to withstand the test of time. The 10-inch polisher and waxer have dual handle grips which provide great control, precision, and secure grip. The tool features a 120V and a permanent 0.75amp magnet motor which delivers power for any blemish or stain. WEN polisher runs on 3200 OPM and is not only ideal for cars but also great for bathrooms, countertops, and banisters making it the best orbital buffer in the list. The package includes one wool blend washing mitt, two polishing bonnets, two applicators bonnets, two wool blend polishing bonnets, and blow molded carrying case.


  • Ideal for different application
  • Provides a professional finish
  • Dual handle grips improve your precision and control
  • Powerful motor which delivers sufficient power for any stain or blemish


  • Slight vibration
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6. Carrand 94001AS AutoSpa 10" Orbital Professional 120 Volt Automotive Polisher

Carrand 94001AS AutoSpa 10- Orbital Professional 120 Volt Automotive PolisherCheck Latest Price on Amazon Carrand polisher has a three-layer wheel for buffing with a visible moisture barrier. The device has a sturdy 120v motor which delivers 3500rpm with minimal vibrations. In case you plan to use the polisher for an extended period, you do not have to worry much about it. The polisher has an integrated grip which helps reduce fatigue levels by helping you reach out the hard to reach areas. Carrand polisher is highly powered which ensures a constant supply of power for your polishing needs. When using this tool, you do not have to worry about contamination. The polisher has an inbuilt stand which helps prevents any pad contamination. One thing we love most about this polisher is its venting ports which help faster motor cooling. That’s not all; the device also delivers coherent, and even pressure requires for your projects. Carrand polisher package includes microfiber buffing pad, foam wax, and a polish applicator pad.


  • Easy to use
  • Prevents pad contamination
  • Reduces fatigue through its integrated handle
  • Allows faster cooling of the motor


  • Short cord
  • Slight vibrations
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7. Griot's Garage 10813STDCRD 6" Random Orbital Polisher with

Griot's Garage 10813STDCRD 6- Dual Action Random Orbital PolisherCheck Latest Price on Amazon Are you a beginner who is in need of a quality polisher that delivers professional waxing and polishing results? Then this device from Griots may be a perfect choice for you. Griots polisher is easy to use making it one of the best car polishers for beginners and professionals. The tool features a rubberized six position adjustable handle which provides a secure grip. Whether you are removing fine scratches, imperfections or even swirl marks on your car, this polisher can help you achieve that much faster without compromising on the quality. The polisher hook and loop backing plate allows you to mount a wide variety of pads. When carrying out your projects with Griots polisher, you do not have to worry about removing excess material or burning the paint. The device comes with a speed control switch which allows you to regulate it to suit the material. For durability, the device features a sturdy 7amps, 850watt motor. What we love most about this machine is its ability to allow users to polish or wax at any speed making it the best car polisher for less experienced users.


  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for both professionals and beginners
  • Ergonomic handle for secure grip and added solace
  • Powerful motor which delivers adequate power for your application


  • Using higher speeds can cause a lot of vibrations on your hands
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8. Makita 9227C 7-Inch Hook and Loop Electronic Polisher/Sander

Makita 9227C 7-Inch Hook and Loop Electronic Polisher-SanderCheck Latest Price on Amazon The Makita 9227C polisher has a powerful 10Amp motor which delivers speed ranges of 600 to 3000 RPM. The tool features a soft start feature which allows for smooth startups. Its electronic speed control maintains coherent speeds allowing you to carry out your projects comfortably. Makita 9227C is not only designed for automotive use but also ideal for marine and stone polishing. For improved efficiency when using the tool, the polisher has comfort features which helps you complete short and time calling jobs without much hassle. One outstanding feature which makes this machine to stand out is its ability to prevent static electricityaccumulation through its three prong plug. The fact that the tool can also be converted to a sander makes it ideal for use in marine and automotive sanding projects.


  • Delivers constant speed for smooth finishes
  • Prevents static electricity accumulation
  • Has ergonomic handle for secure grip and extra solace
  • Can be used as sander or polisher


  • Slightly noisy
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9. TORQ TORQX Random Orbital Polisher Kit

Torq TORQX Random Orbital Polisher KitCheck Latest Price on Amazon TORQ polisher is designed to last. The machine features a sturdy 680watt motor which delivers torque and power required for your application. For fast results, the machine applies glaze, wax, and sealant in minutes without compromising the quality. Whether you are waxing, polishing or carrying any cleaning job on any vehicle, the device will ensure you get a detailed professional finish each time. TORQ polisher is designed to be used by anyone. The device is easy to operate and has a robust electronic control system which is designed to minimize tear and wear as well as boosting power on startup. The machine boasts of a safety support ridge located on the top side which helps increase the tool stability when not in use.  Its lightweight and vibration reduction technology makes the tool efficient for calling projects. With a power band range of 1200 to 4200 OPM, you can easily enjoy efficiency for your polishing and waxing projects. We would recommend this machine to anyone in need of a quality, reliable and easy to operate polisher which can deliver detailed finish without much hassle.


  • Easy to use
  • has safety support ridge for increased stability when not in use
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motor which increases its lifespan
  • Delivers fast results


  • We did not find any
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10. Bosch GP712VS 120-Volt Large Angle Polisher

Bosch GP712VS 120-Volt Large Angle PolisherCheck Latest Price on Amazon Are you looking for a quality polisher for oxidation, removing deep scratches and other imperfections? Then this Bosch polisher can be a good choice for you. The polisher features a 12Amp motor which delivers 20 percent more power compared to other tools. With this machine, you get to enjoy comfort and speed variability through the control system. Located beneath the tool handle is a lock on-and-off trigger switch which allows you to lock on the tool for longer projects. Bosch GP712VS is battery operated and has a seven-inch pad with a range of 750 to 3000 RPM. The 7-inch hook and loop pad helps save time by allowing you to change your accessories within minutes. With this polisher, you can easily maneuver, increase comfort and efficiency giving you the freedom to achieve your desired results much faster. Due to its ease of use, the machine is recommended for both do it yourselfers and professionals.


  • Powerful motor which delivers 20 percent more power
  • comfy and easy to use
  • Allows you to exchange accessories much faster
  • Battery is included in the package
  • Delivers professional polish
  • Has speed control features


  • Slightly noisy
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Benefits of using a Car Buffer

As much as you can polish your vehicle by hand, you will experience challenges. Car buffers are known for their efficiency and reliability when it comes to delivering a detailed professional look making them ideal for polishing projects. Here are the benefits you will enjoy for using a quality buffer.

Saves time 

Polishing your car by hand can consume most of your time compared to buffers. These tools deliver sufficient power required to complete your project and allow you to use variable speed hence reducing the time needed to complete the project.

Less hassle

Modern buffing machines do not require you to apply a lot of force. All you need is to keep the machine in motion, and the rest will be taken care of by the buffer.


When you use hands to polish your car, chances are you may end up applying too much of it. Car buffers help you polish your car professionally by ensuring even coating giving your car a new look.

Long lasting finish

The best way to give your car paint a long lasting elegance is through buffing. These tools are designed to deliver quality smooth finish giving your car exterior a long lasting appearance.

Improves the value of your car

Scratches can deteriorate the value of your car making it look too old, losing its elegance. Regular buffing can help enhance the value and appearance of your car, giving it that new look.

Easy to operate

Modern car buffers are easy to use giving professional and beginners the freedom to complete their projects comfortably.

Safe on your car

Car buffers have safety features which protect you and your car. These devices can repair deep scratches and other imperfections without burning your car paint. Safety features are also integrated into these tools to ensure you complete large projects without much strain.

Compatibility with other accessories

Another outstanding benefit which makes car buffers ideal for polishing is their versatility. These tools are designed to work with different pads to deliver better polishing power. Each pad has its degree of softness and density which allows you to exchange them depending on the application.

Better results

Applying polish by hands does not only consume much time but also impact the quality of your finish. Taking advantage of car buffers can help achieve superior quality polish within minutes.

Suitable for various projects

Car buffers are not only used for automotive purposes but also in marine.

Things to consider when buying a car buffer

Using car buffers is known to offer significant benefits to your vehicle. However, a poor quality machine will ruin the experience and give you poor quality results. Here are essential features to consider when shopping for a car buffer.

Buffer type

Car buffers are either rotary or orbital. Orbital buffers have a swing motor which makes it challenging getting rid of paint. Due to this challenge, orbital buffers are recommended for polishing fine scratches and small dents. On the other hand, rotary buffers have a rotating motor which delivers more power to complete the most demanding projects. However, these devices require expertise to get superior results. These tools are mainly used by mechanics and professionals which have advanced skills.


The rotating speed of your buffer determines the coverage area, friction, and heat generated by your machine. While high speeds help you complete large projects, you require the right skills to prevent swirls or burning your paint. Choosing a buffer with variable speed control system can help you regulate your speed to suit your application.


When applying your polish, you may experience challenges reaching out to some areas. An easy to maneuver buffer will allow you to polish these areas much faster without any challenges.


Your preferred car buffing machine should be ergonomically designed to help you complete your tasks without much hassle. As much as most tools tend to favor right-handed individuals, there are ambidextrous options for the left-handed. For extended use, consider selecting machines with secure and comfy handles.


When using your buffing machine, you may lose control especially when it’s heavy. Operating heavy buffing machine requires skills and vigilance to prevent creating dents. Best car buffers for beginners and less experienced users should be lightweight. Lightweight buffers help you have better control of your tool and achieve desired results faster.

Area of application

If you are looking forward to using your buffing machine for automotive purposes, then this may not be an important feature to consider. However, for those who may be looking for a buffing machine for a different application, it is highly advocated to know where your buffer can be used.


Car buffers are a great investment. However, these tools differ in term of quality. To determine the quality of your machine, check how the manufacturer has designed it. The materials used and the sturdiness of the motor. Customer reviews are a great way to determine the quality of your buffing machine.

Compatibility with other accessories

Buffing machines are used along with pads. Each pad has a degree of softness and density to help complete different tasks.  Devices which allow you to install your pads easily can save you time. Choosing a machine which can work perfectly well with other hook and loop accessories from other brands can help you choose your preferred accessories.


Electric current used to run your motor is likely to cause your machine to vibrate. Excessive vibration can cause uneven application which may, in turn, impact your results. Before choosing your preferred tool, it's a good idea to consider the level of vibration.


As much as technology brings along great benefits, it can be faced with some challenge. While choosing a warranty backed tool is highly advocated, it’s good to consider the duration.  

Tips for getting superior results from your buffing machine

Knowing the secrets to achieving a better polish can help you save lots of cash and time you spent polishing your car. Here is a rundown of the secrets to attaining a high-quality shine.

Wash your car

Dirt can make your polish not to stick perfectly well. Before buffing it, ensure the surface is clean and dry. Water can also damage your paint.

Prepare your working area

Ensure you have with you all the necessary tools and accessories required to complete the job. The working area should also be spacious to allow you to move freely. Keep all electrical tools in a dry place away from stagnant water. You are likely to encounter vibration when using your machine. Working on wet ground can cause accidents. Ensure your working area has no trip hazards. Remember to wear fitting clothes. Not too tight or too baggy.

Examine the area to be polished

Examining the surface to be buffered helps you choose the right products.  Evaluating the surface also helps you determine whether the buffing to be done is for small scratches, oxidation, deep scratches or other imperfections.

Select your preferred wax

As much as skills are required to buffer your car, the type of wax plays a significant role in the results you will get by the end of the day. Contact your manufacturer for advice on the preferred wax to use along with your tool.

Work on a shade

One big mistake most people do is to work in direct sunlight. Heat will dry your wax faster making it hard to remove. For best results when buffing your car, ensure your wax is pliable and soft. Do not leave the car for an extended period after waxing to prevent it from drying. Mask your ears and protect your eyes each time you are using your buffing tool.

Work in small sections

Using your buffer, apply your wax in small sections to make it more manageable. Applying too much paint will not do magic but instead, give your poor results. Use the recommended quantity by the manufacturer.

Check your working speeds

Start with low speeds while monitoring your machine movements before increasing the speed. Unless you are working on deep scratches, never use very high speeds. To avoid burning your paint, always keep the machine in motion.  Never switch your buffer before applying your paint.

Avoid using excessive force, let the machine weight do its work.

Apply another layer to deepen the shine. Note that taking your machine off the car while it’s on can damage the paint. Always put it off.  After applying your wax, change the pads and use a clean, soft cover to buff off the wax.

Apply wax sealer or paint sealer

Wax sealer protects your paint making it last longer as well as giving your car a shiny look.

How to reduce swirl marks when buffing your car

Sometimes you may get swirl marks when polishing your car. Knowing what causes them helps attain a detailed professional finish. Here are surefire tips for minimizing swirl marks.
  • Pad contamination is one of the causes of swirl marks. Separate your compound pads from polishing and finishing heads
  • Soak your foam pads in warm water and dry them. Never use a dryer
  • Use clean buffing pads
  • When you use a compound clean the area with water and soap to get rid of the excess compound grit
  • Avoid running your buffer at full speed. High speed causes swirl marks and may end up burning your paint
  • Ensure your backing plate is not too hard since it can make your buffing pad so aggressive leaving behind swirl marks
  • Always clay before polishing. Though claying is an abrasive process, it helps remove surface flaws and contaminants.
  • Avoid using excessive pressure. High pressure will make the buffing process aggressive
  • Avoid polishing a dirty vehicle
  • Avoid using granulated cleaners and detergents since they never liquefy even when dissolved in water. The particles can cause abrasion on the paint surface or the pad leaving swirl marks behind.

What makes a good car buffing machine?

  • A good car buffer should be compatible with other accessories
  • A great car buffer should allow you to control your speed to suit your application
  • A good car buffer should be easy to operate and maintain
  • An excellent car buffer should deliver superior results without much hassle
  • A good car buffer should allow you to maneuver easily on the hard to reach areas

Final Verdict

No matter how vigilant you are, with time your car will develop some fine scratches making it lose its brand new look. While polishing your car with hands is better than not polishing at all, you will not achieve superior results. Car buffers can ease the physically hectic and time-consuming jobs. However, these machines are different regarding design, quality, performance, cost, size, weight and application areas. Despite all these differences, you can always get a quality machine which meets your buffing needs. Choose your best car buffer today and say goodbye to sore hands and time-consuming buffing projects.