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Top 9 Best Caulking Guns in 2020

It's beyond any reasonable doubt that tools can increase the efficiency of your work and improve the results. Unlike other tools which require you to have skills, a caulking gun is different. You can do not require skills to fill any gaps, holes, cracks, and any other spaces in your home.

Due to their versatility, these tools have been relied upon by many property owners in remodeling and also finishing. However, as much as caulking guns are tools of necessity in today’s life, only the quality one will help you complete your projects faster. In case you are looking for a quality caulking tool, we have selected and reviewed some of the quality brands to help you choose the best caulking gun that meets your needs.

Our Best Pick

Makita XGC01Z 18V LXT 10-Ounce Caulk and Adhesive Gun

Makita XGC01Z 18V LXT 10-Ounce Caulk and Adhesive Gun is a lightweight, powerful and versatile tool ideal for large projects which allows you to dispense high viscous adhesives and sealants faster making it Our Best Pick.

Our Budget Pick

DEWALT DC545K 18-Volt 310-ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun

DEWALT DC545K 18-Volt 310-ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun is an affordable cordless gun which dispenses a consistent quantity of material making it Our Budget Pick.

1. ​DEWALT DC545K 18-Volt 310-ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun

Whether professional tile installer, a plumber or DIYers, you can easily complete your heavy duty caulking project and sealing jobs faster by taking advantage of this tool. DEWALT DC545K is battery powered and provides a pushing force of 650lbs which is enough to allow you to complete your projects with ease.

One feature we love about this cordless gun is its adjustable variable speed control which allows you to set your preferred speed. This feature is suitable for professionals who are not much experienced. The gun dispenses a consistent quantity of material depending on the preset speed and rate.

With this tool, you can easily apply the stickiest and thickest stubborn sealant and caulk without having to worry about any trickles. The cordless gun through its auto-reverse feature helps minimize waste and prevents messy drips by automatically drawing the caulk back into the nozzle when you immediately release the trigger.

DC545K is fitted with a 360 degrees rotatable chamber which is compatible with 1/10 gal, ten oz., and cartridges between the 300 to 310 ml range. That not all; its dispenser comes with a one-hour charger and 18 volts battery for powering your tool.


  • Can be used in different application
  • Delivers enough force for your caulking projects
  • Prevents trickles and mess
  • Dispenses caulk or sealant inconsistent speed


  • We did not find any

2. Makita XGC01Z 18V LXT 10-Ounce Caulk and Adhesive Gun

This Makita gun boasts of a five-speed dial and a variable speed control gun trigger which allows you to adjust your speeds to suit your application. Makita XGC01Z is a lightweight, powerful and versatile tool which is ideal for large projects.

One thing we love about this gun is its performance. Makita caulking gun delivers a dispensing force of 1100lbs which allows you to dispense high viscous adhesives and sealants faster. To minimize waste and un-intentional dispensing the tool has drip reduction feature which automatically reduces pressure on the material once you release the trigger.

The caulking gun has a 360 degrees rotatable cartridge holder which accommodates 300ml and 10 oz. Cartridges. We would recommend this tool to any professional who is looking for a quality caulking gun for large projects.


  • Powerful, lightweight and versatile tool
  • Minimizes un-intentional material dispensing
  • Can accommodate the 300ml and 10 oz. cartridges
  • Dispenses high viscous adhesive and sealant effortlessly


  • Battery sold separately

3. Newborn 930-GTD Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun

Newborn caulking gun features a padded handle and trigger for added comfort, a feature which is not popular with most tools. Unlike other caulking tools, the cartridge gun has a smooth pressure rod which requires you to apply less force even when caulking low viscous materials.

With a thrust ratio of 10:1, the caulking gun can easily dispense sealants, caulk, and other adhesives materials quietly. Build into the side of the Newborn gun is a spout cutter and a seal puncture tool which helps you open the cartridges easily.

The 1 pound cartridge gun has a half barrel steel frame which accommodates 1/10 gal. At the back of the gun is a welded plate which keeps the cartridge in place. To prevent trickles and wastage the gun rod retracts after every trigger, withdrawing pressure from the tube.


  • Prevents trips and wastage
  • Has a padded handle and trigger for extra solace
  • Dispenses low viscosity adhesives and sealants without calling for high-pressure application
  • Lightweight


  • May slip back occasionally but works great

4. Air Powered Caulk Gun (Campbell Hausfeld PL155800AV)

This air-powered caulking gun features a lightweight design which allows you to carry around with ease. This is also a great feature which helps reduce fatigue levels, especially when handling large projects. 

The caulking tool uses standard cartridges to dispose of sealant and adhesive materials. With it's easy to operate shut-off valve you can enjoy precise control flow. The shut-off valve also helps economize your adhesive and sealants by withdrawing pressure once you release your trigger hence preventing any un-intentional dispensing.

The caulking gun is easy to operate making it ideal for DIYers and any professional who is looking forward to completing their large caulking projects faster.


  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents drips
  • Dispenses materials effectively


  • Design requires some improvements

5. Tarvol 3 in 1 Caulking Gun

Are you looking for a caulking gun for any caulking type of project? Then this tool from Tarvol may be an ideal choice for you. The half barrel caulk gun is built in seal punch and a sharpened blade cutter with a spinlock design which helps you to unlock the grooved shaft for a drip-free setup.

The caulk boasts of a heavy-duty design with chrome plated press steel to withstand the test of time. The 1.15-pound caulk accommodates the standard sized cartridges and is easy to operate making it an ideal tool for both DIYers and industrial use.


  • Can be used for any caulking project
  • Lightweight
  • Can accommodate standard sized cartridges
  • Drip-free setup to minimize and un-intended to dispense


  • Ratcheting notches are small

6. Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun

This Newborn caulk features a corrosion resistant zinc alloy and trigger which allows you to dispense your caulking materials without using much pressure. With a thrust ratio of 18:1, the cartridge gun delivers caulking materials with precision control.

The high-thrust professional-grade gun has a revolving steel frame which accommodates 1/10 cartridges. When working on hard to reach areas like the corners, this tool will help you achieve this much faster.

The tool achieves this by allowing the cartridge to rotate, maintaining bead orientation through its revolving frame. Another welcoming feature is its weight which allows users to complete their projects effortlessly.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Allows you to dispense caulking materials on the corners easily
  • Does not require much pressure to dispense even the low viscous adhesives and sealants
  • Lightweight


  • Does not have an auto-shutoff feature

7. COX 41004-2T Ascot Manual Caulk Gun

This COX 41004-2T is one of the quality caulk guns which can help you complete your caulking projects faster. COX is a well re-known global leader in the manufacture of quality caulk guns and epoxy applicators.

The cartridge gun features a thumb-activated pressure release which helps prevent trickles and wastage. One thing we love about this gun is its thrust ratio of 26:1 which is great for dispensing high and low viscous adhesives and sealants perfectly well.

41004-2T caulk has an inbuilt ladder hook and works perfectly well with standard 10 oz. cartridges.


  • High thrust ratio for dispensing caulking materials faster
  • Has a thumb-activated pressure release for preventing trickles and mess
  • Lightweight


  • Suck back mechanism is not great

8. Albion Engineering B12 Manual Cartridge Caulking Gun

The Albion caulk gun operates with a pressure of up to 120lbs per square inch which helps dispense your low viscous caulking materials faster. The tool is designed to offer you comfort through its full-sized handle which allows you to dispense your materials more quickly hence minimizing fatigue levels.

Albion gun has a metal half barrel carriage which keeps in place the standard sealant cartridges. The caulk allows you to use any 300 ml pack or 1/10 gallon cartridges. One thing we love about this tool is its ability to dispense consistent caulking material without wastage.


  • Dispenses low viscous caulking materials faster
  • Dispenses consistent caulking material
  • Delivers great pressure for dispensing your caulking materials without mess and trickles
  • Holds cartridges in place
  • Lightweight


  • We did not find any

9. ProTouch 0574 Caulk Kit A Better Caulking System

ProTouch caulk is an affordable gun which possesses features that you may need for your caulking needs. The 1 pound caulking system comes with a caulk removal tool which allows you to open and lock the system easily.

The system is easy to use without mess which allows you to complete your caulking projects faster.


  • Has everything you may need in a caulking tool
  • drip-free
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with a caulk removal tool


  • Trigger may be hard to push especially as the tube empties
  • tubes are small

Benefits of using a caulking gun

  • Caulking gun is easy to use and can save homeowners money that would have been used for repairs
  • Caulking gun helps reduce home infestations by sealing spaces and crevices
  • Caulking guns can help reducing carbon footprint and reducing energy bills

Things to consider when buying a caulking gun

Often at times, we are prone to making decisions that end up costing us like choosing the wrong working tools and still expect to get high-quality results. For you to deliver superior results in your caulking projects, you will require a quality caulk.

Do not let your tools impact your work anymore. Check out these important features when shopping for your caulking gun.


A heavy cartridge gun will increase your fatigue levels, especially when handling large projects. Besides, a bulky caulk does not only reduce your productivity but also unhealthy to your hands. If possible, select a gun that is not too heavy to minimize the strain.

Material to be dispensed

While some caulking guns can dispense both low and high viscous adhesive and sealants, others will not. Low viscous adhesives and sealants require a lower thrust ratio gun compared to high viscous materials. A caulk gun with varied speed is highly recommended, especially when using materials with different viscosity.

Dripless feature

When the gun trigger is released, drip-free caulk guns automatically draws back the plunger preventing un-intentional dispensing. Other cartridge guns allow you to use the gun with or without the feature. However, the feature is critical since it facilitates an easy and smooth transition which translates to less mess clean up.


A consistent supply of silicone is required to successfully lay a joint of the same diameter in the same line. A caulking gun should be able to dispense your caulking materials consistently to help you complete your projects without much hassle.


Caulk guns though not all of them have added features for extra comfort. This feature allows you to have better control of your caulking tool hence boosting your productivity levels.

Extra features

There are important basic features which a caulk gun should have to help you complete your projects faster and reduce frustrations. These features include the seal puncture tool and spout cutter. The spout cutter safely removes the tip of the caulk tube while the seal puncture tool breaks the tube inner seal.

Other extra features to consider include padded triggers, ladder hooks, adjustable thrust ratios, and finger guards.


Caulking guns are not created equal. This is evident with the thrust ratio. A higher caulk with high thrust ratio will cost higher compared to the counterparts. However, a great caulk should deliver optimal results and helps you complete your projects faster.


You get what you pay for, and quality comes at a cost. If you are looking for a high-quality caulking gun, then be ready to pay extra.

How to get the best results when using a caulking gun

  • Never apply caulk over an old one. Get rid of any old caulk and clean the area with a wire brush, home cleaner, rubbing alcohol and wipe it with a clean cloth until it’s dry. Then apply your caulk.
  • Inspect for any weathered or damaged areas and apply touch-up paint
  • Use painters tape around the area for cleaner caulk lines
  • Ensure your gun is in place
  • Be careful where you cut your tubes. For larger beard size, cut farther from the tip of the nozzle and near the nozzle tip for smaller bead sizes.
  • To puncture the inner seal, push a hand tool or a nail
  • After using your caulking gun, ensure it is covered before storing it to prevent it from drying. Read manufacturers storage manual.
  • Always check your caulk if it’s in good condition to avoid poor results. This can be achieved by applying a thin layer on a cupboard, then wait for about 15 minutes. If the product does not form a skin, then it is not fit for use.

Caulking gun safety tips

  • When using a caulking gun, keep a distance from others
  • Always use protective gloves to prevent caulk from coming into contact with your clothes or skin
  • Keep your hands off from any moving parts to avoid pinching your skin
  • Always use protective goggles to keep caulk from getting inside your eyes

Care and maintenance of a caulking gun

Tools require proper care and maintenance to help maintain them in good physical shape, and caulking guns are not an exception. In case you do not have any idea how you can achieve this, here are quick run-down care tips for your caulking system.

  • Lubricate the trigger and chamber to keep it fluid
  • Store your cartridge gun in a cool, dry place to prevent the metal from rusting
  • Close all tube gaps to prevent caulk from drying out
  • Inspect your tool regularly for any visible cracks or damage. A faulty tool can deliver poor results and put your hand on lots of pressure.
  • Get rid of any excess caulk on completion of your job to prevent it from drying out hence affecting the performance of the tool on the next project

What makes a good caulking gun?

  • A good caulking gun prevents un-intended trickles and reduces mess
  • A good cartridge gun should dispense caulking materials faster without much pressure
  • A great caulking gun should be comfy and easy to use
  • A good caulk should help you complete your caulking projects much faster

Final Verdict

There is no better way to complete your caulking projects faster than using a quality cartridge gun. These tools are versatile and have been relied upon by homeowners to seal-up leaks, windows and complete other remodeling projects hence cutting down on energy bills.

However, caulk guns are not the same. When choosing the best caulking gun, do not focus on simplest factor but rather your needs. For less experienced users who have no expertise in the remodeling field, choosing a simple caulk gun can help you complete your projects faster.

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