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Top 10 Best Clock Radios, Reviewed!

Imagine waking up to the music of your favorite artist or to the sound of your favorite radio station. In the past, it might have sounded like a dream but nowadays the market offers a wide variety of alarm clocks that have radio receivers integrated into them. These come in very nice designs that can add to the interior of your rooms, as well as saving space on your bedside tables, which are usually small.

Apart from telling you the time, ringing alarms and receiving radio signals, they can have other useful features so it is important for you to know what are the functions that you look for when it comes to a device like this and know about the different kinds of clock radios out there so that you can choose the best clock radio that fulfils your requirements.

​In this article, we will give you an overview of ten clock radios that we picked up from the market that seemed like a great choice and give you a little insight into what we like about them and what we don’t. Also, we will guide you through the important aspects you will need to consider before choosing your clock radio. Let’s tune in!

Our Best Pick

iHome iDL44 Lightning Dock Dual Clock Radio

​The reason it became our best pick from all the clock radios out there is for several reasons. Its contemporary design makes it suitable for any type of settings. It also has features and functions that are needed to make a well-rounded, reliable clock radio.

Our Budget Pick

Mpow Projection Clock

​This sleek clock radio that can be bought with a budget price, offers a lot more than you could ask for. It has a time projection feature along with dual alarm, USB charging port, sleep timer, etc. that makes this a great choice for anyone who is looking for an efficient clock radio with handy features.

1. ​iHome iDL44 Lightning Dock Dual Clock Radio

What we love about this product is its versatility, which lets you use it for different purposes and its adaptability which lets you combine it with different Apple products for a wider range of applications.

First of all, let's look at its time and alarm function since, at its core, it is a clock. It has a screen that looks very modern and stylish, with digital time readings that are clearly visible. The flexibility that it gives you with the alarm timing is amazing. You can choose weekday/ weekend alarms and also choose your snooze time according to your morning habits. Not only can you personalize the frequency and the time of the alarm, but you can choose from an indefinite number of options when it comes to what sound you want to wake up to. 

Do you want to wake up to classical music or your favorite metal band? Or is it the voice of your favorite radio jockey? If you have an iPhone, iPad or an iPod, you can easily connect it and sync it with this clock radio and either fall asleep listening or wake up to anything from the device, or an FM radio channel of your choice.

It has specially designed speakers to add depth and clarity to any sound coming out of it so now you have a bedside speaker that can play anything you want from your device, or your radio not just as an alarm but at any time of the day for any length of time.

Although this device looks too sleek to be a radio, it certainly is and lets you listen to any FM radio channel, with an added feature of six FM presets, which means you can save six of your favorite channels in the device for regular use.

With so many electronic mobile devices that we use in our daily activities, there is always the need for one more extra USB charging port at our bedside. This radio clock has a USB port that will let you charge almost any kind of mobile device. Also, it has a Lightning dock that is compatible with your iPhone, iPod or iPad and also, has a 30-pin Dot connector in case your device is an older model. Another unique thing about this product is that it lets your device stand very securely on top of it. There are not many clock radios on the market that will support something as big as an iPad to stand. With this clock radio, you could easily scroll through music you want to listen to, while looking at the screen or watch your favorite movie, without having to hold it uncomfortably with your hands.

​It has a very standard design and you can choose from white or gunmetal colors. The design is not only visually pleasing but is also user-friendly with its easy-to-understand buttons on the top surface. There is a display-dimmer button which you can use to lower the intensity of the display lights to help you fall asleep better.


  • ​Play and set as an alarm any kind of sound from your iPod, iPhone or iPad
  • ​Listen to and set as an alarm any FM channel
  • ​Six preset FM channels
  • ​Charge and play your Apple device through a Lightning doc or 30-pin dot connector
  • USB port for charging mobile devices
  • Sleek design
  • It lets your device stand so you can look at the screen without having to hold them


  • ​It is only compatible with Apple devices the music playing option

2. ​Mpow Projection Clock

With its thin and ultra-compact design, it is fascinated how many features it offers you and moreover, each feature that has been offered has very practical uses.

Although this radio comes in a slim design, the fact that most of the space on its body is taken by the screen means that the reading is big and bold to allow you to read it even with sleepy, squinting eyes. The display brightness is adjustable among four settings. An added treat is the time reading projection with adjustable angles, 90 degrees forward and 30 degrees backward, so with this device, you can see the time on the ceiling right when you open your eyes when you wake up, or on the walls or on any surface you want to project it to. 

If you want to depend solely on the audio alarm itself and want your room as dark as possible, you can easily do that by just turning off the projection and the display light completely.

For the alarm, you can use FM radio or buzzer sounds, who wouldn’t love to wake up to the sound of his/her favorite radio station. Additionally, if you and your partner want separate alarm times, it can be simply done by using its Dual Alarm feature. Whether it's a weekend where you want to sleep for another extra hour or a weekday where the biggest extra sleep time you can get is five minutes, this device is there to rescue you with a snooze setting that can be selected anywhere from five to sixty minutes.

Besides working as a time-telling device and an alarm, you can use this product as a radio to listen to any radio channel within 76.0 to 108.0 MHz, with fifteen favorite channels that can be saved for the alarm. It is as if surprises never end with this radio clock: it has a 33-inch long antenna that can be extended for maximized reception of radio signals. Are you a person who loves falling asleep while listening to the radio but are worried that it will be turned on the whole night? Worry no more, it has a sleep timer function which will let you choose the period of time after which it will automatically turn off the radio.

This device is powered by AC power outlet but it also has a backup battery that will ensure ringing of your alarm in case of a power failure or if the power cord comes off accidentally. It also offers a USB port with which you can charge any of your mobile devices.

​Its smart features and sleek design make it an ideal clock radio not just to for your bedroom but also for your office, kitchen or living room.


  • ​The design is slim and compact with a big, arc-shaped screen with LED time readings of adjustable brightness
  • ​The projection angles and brightness can be controlled
  • ​Dual Alarm feature lets you have two separate alarm times
  • ​Wake up to your favorite radio station or buzzer sounds
  • ​Batteries as a backup power source make it a very reliable alarm
  • Snooze time can be chosen from five to sixty minutes
  • USB port for charging other devices


  • ​If you want to play or set as an alarm a music that is stored in another device then this won’t be a good choice.

3. Generic iBT29 Color Changing Dual Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio

If you are looking for a clock radio with an unconventional design, something a little funkier and fun, then this is a great choice for you. It has a spherical shape with a screen surrounded by a wide circular rim that lights up in multiple pop colors and the color change can be chosen from slow-fade, fast-fade, and single color. Although the clock is spherical, the bottom is flat to prevent it from tumbling. The time reading is in LED lighting and is big for good visibility. Its design makes it a great addition not only to your room décor but also for your children's.

As a radio, it is reliable and efficient. You can also set any of your favorite radio stations as your alarm.

The device can also act as a speaker and it has Bluetooth so you can play music from your phone through Bluetooth. It also houses an AUX port, a USB port for charging any of your mobile devices, and a button for hands-free answering of incoming calls. For the alarm sound, you can choose from buzzer, music or radio.


  • ​Interesting design
  • ​It can act as a great night lamp with lights of single or multiple colors
  • ​Can be used as a speaker 
  • ​Alarm sound can be chosen from radio, buzzer or music
  • ​You can listen to the radio with it
  • Has Bluetooth
  • AUX port and USB port
  • Hands-free answering  of incoming calls


  • ​The speaker is at the back so might not delivery a high-quality sound

4. ​SVINZ Dual Alarm Clock Radio

If you are a fan of interesting designs, it will be hard for you to resist this clock radio from SVINZ that can light up in more than five nice colors. This clock radio can be used as a night lamp to enhance your nighttime reading or to simply keep the room filled with nice colors like warm white, purple, green, etc. Do not worry about the light being too bright because you can adjust the brightness from four different brightness levels or completely turn it off.

What we especially love about this product is its sound quality. One sad thing about clock radios is that oftentimes, the main features that the manufacturers focus on are the radio settings and the alarms, while the music playing feature is added more as a bonus feature and hence the sound qualities of these products are usually quite low. This fact makes clock radios poor candidates to be used as music players. However, when it comes to this product, it's a different story. It offers a high-quality driver dedicated to playing music, paired with rich bass to deliver a very clear, lucid sound output. You can use its Bluetooth feature or its Auxiliary input to connect it to play your favorite music from any device.

Using its dual alarm feature, you can set two different alarm times so you and your partner can wake up at different times. For the alarm sounds, you can choose between a buzzer or FM radio station. For FM radio listening, there is an option for 20 FM presets so you can easily access your favorite FM channels.

​Its USB charging port allows you to charge any of your devices, with an overcharging protection feature.


  • ​Dual Alarm feature: Set two different alarm times
  • ​Buzzer or FM station for alarm sounds
  • ​20 FM presets
  • ​Can be used as the night light with different colors and four brightness levels
  • ​The speaker gives a high-quality sound output
  • Bluetooth or Auxiliary input for playing music
  • USB charging port for charging your other devices
  • Funky design with pop colors


  • ​Music can’t be set as alarm sound, only buzzer or FM channels
  • Snooze time can’t be controlled

5. ​iTOMA Alarm Clock Radio

If you are looking for a clock radio with a sleek and standard design, this would surely be a great choice for you. With its compact, rectangular shape and with a monochromic color scheme, this product from iTOMA looks very mature and elegant, which makes it suitable not only for homes but also for uses inside office rooms.

Although you can set the brightness of the LED time reading, you might not have to worry about it at all because this smart device can automatically change the brightness setting by dimming it at night and brightening it during the daytime.

The alarm settings on this device give you incredible flexibility. You can individually set two alarm times, with different volumes and sounds. The alarm repetition can also be chosen from a single day, weekends, weekdays, every day and the snooze function allows you to extend the sleeping time for 9 minutes. The alarm sound of this clock radio increases gradually, which is an important feature that is usually overlooked. It helps you wake up with more comfort than an alarm that is loud from the beginning, which might cause you to feel irritated from the start of your day.

The bottom of this clock has a soothing white light that can be turned on easily by a touch. Apart from being used as a night light, it also offers a USB port for charging your devices.

​This product is also a great choice if you like listening to the radio, because it offers digital tuning, 10 stations that can be saved in its memory and an external wire antenna to enhance reception of radio signals.


  • ​Sleek, stylish design
  • ​One touch button allows it to be used as a nightlight
  • ​Multiple alarm setting gives you great flexibility
  • ​Battery backup to ensure your settings are not lost
  • ​Alarm sound increases gradually to help you wake up comfortably
  • ​Auxiliary input allows you to play music from your devices


  • ​Multiple features and settings might make it seem complicated for some users.

6. ​Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio

If you are a person who is looking for a reliable and user-friendly clock radio, this is a product worth looking into. This clock radio offers many useful features and the best part is that there are many features that are self-set which saves you from the need to thoroughly study the user-manual or having to spend a lot of time learning to operate this device. One such factor that might be annoying is having to set the Daylight Savings Time. With this device, you can forget about that trouble, relax back and just plug it into a power source and this device will automatically set the daylight savings time correctly, according to your time zone.

This device makes a very reliable alarm. You won't have to change your alarm settings at the end of your weekend because you have to wake up earlier the next day. You can easily set different alarm times for different days, any way you like. If you and your partner need to wake up at different times, you do not have to buy two separate alarm clocks since this device has a dual-alarm feature to solve the problem.

We are probably all familiar with the situation when we are half-awake and are trying to look at the time on the clock, not even clearly remembering where the clock is. With this clock radio, you can just half open your eyes, look at the ceiling or the wall and you can see the time-reading, thanks to its projection feature, with 180 degrees swivel. It also has a built-in battery backup to let you rest assured that your alarm will ring and wake you up even if there is a power failure.

Other than being a great alarm clock, this device can be used to listen to your favorite radio channels. It has its original technology that helps you pick up the strongest AM/FM signals and also cancels out statics from the sound. The clock also has a digital display that shows the radio frequencies and rescues from having to tune-in to a radio station by analog methods. Now you can see why we say that this clock radio makes everything easier for you.

In addition to all the handy features mentioned above, it displays indoor temperature and date and has a USB port for charging your devices. The triangular design also gives it a very stable bottom which will prevent it from being accidentally knocked down.​


  • ​The design makes it sit stably on any flat surface
  • ​Projects the time with 180-degree swivel
  • ​Flexible alarm settings
  • ​Automatic Daylight Savings Time
  • ​Automatic tuning to radio channels with static-free sound
  • Built-in battery backup


  • ​The color of the display and the projection can’t be changed
  • No Auxiliary input

7. Mesqool 7" Projection Alarm Clock

This radio boasts a 7 inch LED screen without looking bulky. The screen is smooth and shows the time in red LED digits. It's stylish, its compact and it performs the jobs of waking you up and letting you listen to the radio stations you like. For the time reading, not only does it have an easy to read display screen but it has a projector that can be turned 180 degrees and cast the time reading in bright LED, wherever you want in your room, whether it be on the walls or on the ceiling.

On the top surface of the clock radio are the buttons for other features that can be controlled easily. The buttons will allow you to control the brightness of the display and the projection and switch from AM to FM radio channels. The clock provides dual-alarm feature and you can choose to wake up to either buzzer sounds or to the sound of your favorite radio channel.

​If you are the person who is always looking for an extra USB charger, you can use the USB port on this device to charge any device.


  • ​Large display but sleek design
  • ​Projector with 180 degrees swivel
  • ​You can listen to AM / FM radio
  • ​Brightness controls for display and projection
  • Dual alarm feature


  • ​If you want to choose a music from your device to as the alarm then this might not be a good choice for you

8. ​Dalpong Dual Alarm Clock Radio

For many clock radios, the speakers are at the back or positioned somewhere inconvenient for good speaker output, so that the display size is maximized. This can be good if you need an enormous screen but it also means that the sound quality is largely compromised while listening to radio or music. We love the fact that this radio realizes that problem and the speaker has been brought to the front, side by side to the display screen. The screen has been kept reasonably big, allowing you to read the time easily.

Apart from the smart design, this clock radio has dual alarm feature plus the option to choose from buzzer or radio stations to be set as your alarm sound. There is a big snooze button that is easy to locate on the top, which will extend your sleep time for 9 minutes and be kept on extending up to an hour.

Using this device, you can also listen to music, weather forecast, important news or other shows on the radio. The frequencies can be chosen from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz in AM and 520 KHz to 1710 KHz in AM. If you have channels that you frequently listen to, then you can save it in the memory that allows you to store up to 20 such channels. If you like to listen to the radio while falling asleep but are worried about it being turned on the whole night, simply use this product’s sleep timer mode that will turn off the radio automatically after a specified time.

​The screen brightness can be adjusted according to your preference and a battery backup ensures ringing of the alarm even if there is a power failure.​


  • ​Speaker at the front
  • ​Large LED display with adjustable brightness
  • ​Handy features like Sleep timer, dual alarm, and snooze
  • ​Battery backup in case of power failure to protect settings from getting lost and also to make sure the alarm wakes you up at the specified time


  • ​The alarm sound options are buzzer or radio
  • The screen LED can be dimmed but not turned off completely

9. Atmoko Digital Projection Clock

What sets this clock radio apart from the other ones with similar features is its design where the projection swivel is embedded in the display. This means that the screen size is not reduced but at the same time the clock radio is small and compact and takes up less space on your table. The screen is also curved, instead of being flat and the blue LED reading adds to the overall design of this product that makes it look very modern.

There are other things that we like about this radio, for example, the adjustability of the projection feature with 120 degrees of rotation, brightness controls and flipping of the reading using easy to operate buttons.

​You can save up to 15 channels and listen to radio using this device. This clock radio also hides a secret treat for radio listeners: a 33-inch extendable antenna to for improved reception. You can set any of the radio channels as the alarm to wake up to, and also you can fall asleep to your favorite radio channel using the sleep timer feature which allows you to select a time after which the radio will turn itself off automatically.


  • ​Illuminated time reading projection with adjustable angles
  • ​33-inch antenna provides good reception while listening to the radio
  • ​Curve, big, smooth display with LED time reading
  • ​Dual alarm feature
  • ​USB charging port allows you to charge other devices
  • ​Battery backup to ensure the alarm does not fail even if there is a power outage


  • ​No options for playing music from your devices

10. SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock Radio

This is another clock radio that you can consider if you are looking for a good clock radio that can also project the time-reading so that you do not have to twist and turn while you’re half-asleep to check the time on your clock.

It has all the major features you could look for in a clock radio. The display is 7 inches big, with LED readings whose brightness can be easily adjusted. The projector has a long projection range of 7 to 10 feet and a 180-degree swivel.

You can either choose to wake up to radio or buzzer sounds if you want something more effective for a heavy sleeper. Different alarm times can be set to let you and your partner wake up at different times.

At the back of the device is a USB charging port for charging your mobile devices.

The clock also has a built-in battery backup to ensure you wake up even if there is a power failure.


  • ​Big display and long range projection with adjustable brightness and angles
  • ​Built-in battery backup
  • ​Allows you to listen to AM/FM radio with 10 preset stations
  • ​Dual alarm and snooze features  


  • ​No option for playing music from your other devices

Along with a good knowledge of the top clock radios that you could buy, we want you to have a comprehensive idea of the factors that should be considered before buying a clock radio. That is exactly what the next section of this article is going to do; it will discuss all the important factors you have to know before finalizing which product to go for.

Factors that need to be considered when choosing the best clock radio

The Alarm

What type of sound would you like to wake up to? How loud do you want it to be? Do you and your partner wake up at different times and require different alarm times? Do you wake up at different times on weekends and on weekdays? These will be some of the most obvious questions but there are many other aspects of the alarm that needs to be considered when thinking of buying an alarm clock. Some clocks will let you chose from the options of buzzers, radio, and music from your devices such as iPod or your phone. Some will not give you so much flexibility. Snooze settings could also be an important thing depending on your morning habits. There are alarm sounds that will get increasingly louder but there are also alarms that will be loud from the very beginning. So think about how you would like to be woken up and choose a clock that is suitable for you.

How efficient it is as a radio 

There is a reason why these devices are called clock radios instead of just alarm clocks and the features related to the radio are just as important as the alarms these clocks offer. Some things you should consider are how many preset channels does the radio allow you to save, what is the range of frequencies the radio can pick up, does it have an antenna for better signal reception, the position of the speaker and if it delivers a crisp, clear sound, if it has a sleep timer that will automatically turn the radio off at a preset time, etc.

Projection of the time reading

Many of the clock radios available today have an added feature of time reading projection. It means that you can easily know the time by looking at the ceiling or at the wall when you wake up, without having to look at the clock's screen. If you do decide to buy this type of clock radio, check the projection range, the degrees it can be rotated and whether the intensity of the projection can be controlled and the color of the projection.

Design and other features

The design of clock radio is an important aspect because it is going to be a part of your interior and the design should go well with the overall ambiance of your room. Also, think about the space it is going to take on your bedside table or wherever you are going to put it and choose an appropriate size. Some designs are more stable than the others and it's a good thing if you are going to put it where there is a risk of knocking it off in the dark.

Clock radios can have other uses and one of the handiest things about some of these is night light features. Not all clock radios have this feature but some do, and they have lights that can change colors, be dimmed or brightened and are especially great for your children’s rooms.

Another important feature is battery backup. Most clock radios run by being connected to a power supply but you do not want to risk waking up late on the day of an important meeting due to a power failure that caused your alarm to not ring. The battery backup feature of clock radios will ensure the alarm rings even in case of a power failure.


​As the old saying goes, the morning does show the day and now that you have a good idea about the kinds of clock radios available and also how to choose one that is suitable for you, you can get the best clock radio to make your mornings as well as your days better than ever before.​

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