The 9 Best Coin Sorters, Reviewed!

Coins. Always present at the bottom at wallets and jangling inside coin purses, trying to sort the small pieces always ends up taking more time than you thought. A coin sorter is perfect for making this task easier.

​A coin sorter quickly separates coins based on their values, leaving your money organized. You can keep the coin separately, making it easier for you to find the exact amount of change when necessary. There is a variety of coin sorters on the market and all of them may not fit your needs. This is why we have compiled a list of the best coin sorters. This may help you choose the one that has all the features you want and that you can depend on to work properly and efficiently.

Our Best Pick

Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller

​The Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller is our best pick. Able to sort coins into bins or tubes, this fast and efficient coin sorter can do all the functions you will need from a coin sorter, making it our best pick.

Our Budget Pick

Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter (QS-1AC)

​The Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter (QS-1AC) is our best budget pick for a coin sorter. It sorts coins into tubes and has the ability to prevent coins from jamming. With this coin sorter, we are sure that all your loose change will be organized into coin rolls in no time at all.

Quick Comparison Between The Best ​Coin Sorters

1. ​Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller

The Cassida C200 coin sorter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a coin sorter. It can store up to 2000 coins in the hopper, with each bin holding 900 coins. It counts at an extremely high rate of 300 coins per minute. You are able to sort coins with values 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢ and $1. The coin sorter automatically sorts out the coins into their proper bin and you can even replace the bins with coin wrappers to make coin tubes.

The simple to use interface makes using the sorter very easy. Setting the modes for the device can be done with just one button. The device can count and also add to show the total value of the coins while simultaneously sorting them by their denominations. When separating coins into rolls, you can select the number of coins in each batch to be rolled. 

​The LED screen on top can give you a detailed report on how many coins were counted, the total value and the values of each denomination. Functional and efficient, this coin sorter is definitely one to have.


  • ​Can sort, count and add values of coins at once
  • ​Able to give a detailed report on the coins sorted
  • ​Can sort 2000 coins at once
  • ​Coins can be separated into a bin or wrapped into tubes
  • The rate of sorting is very fast


  • ​The sorter may get jammed
  • Weighs 12 pounds and so is heavier than many coin sorter

2. ​Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter

On the smaller side, the Royal Sovereign coin sorter performs exceptionally. It’s designed to run smoothly and not jam, making it hassle-free to use. The hopper can store 200 coins, which is adequate for personal and business use. Able to sort 156 coins per minute, it takes very little time for the sorter to divide the coins by their denominations. The coins are automatically sorted into wrappers placed inside the coin tubes, making them easy to remove and roll for use or storing. There are 4 coin tubes present for each denomination of coins, so you do not have to worry about there being too many coins and not enough tubes.

​The fast operation and continuously running of the device makes sorting coins and quick and easy process.


  • ​Small and portable
  • ​Has anti-jam technology
  • ​Sorts coins at a rate of 156 coin/minute
  • ​Has 4 coin tubes for each value of the coin to be sorted into
  • ​Has a removal lid


  • ​May be too small for many people to use
  • Cannot count values of coins sorted

3. ​Royal Sovereign Manual Coin Sorter 

​Another lightweight coin sorter, this sorter holds 200 coins and sorts them at a rate of 156 coins per minute. The low weight makes it easy to carry and it requires no electricity or batteries to run. The lever on the side is turned manually to run the coins through the device and sort them. The coins are separated into coin tubes with wrappers already placed inside. The coin tubes are also labeled by the denomination of coin that will be sorted into it, making them easy to read. The coin tubes can be removed from the sorter so that the coins and the wrapper can be taken out and rolls of coins made.


  • ​Small, lightweight and portable
  • ​Eco-friendly and does not need batteries or electricity
  • ​Sorts coins into coin tubes
  • ​Manual Hand crank


  • ​May be too small for many people to use
  • Has to be manually cranked to sort coin which is time-consuming
  • Does not have a counter to calculate the value of the sorted coins

4. ​Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter (FS-44P)

This coin sorter holds up to 800 coins in the hopper. The coins are sorted at a rate of 312 coins per minute. The sorter has the ability to count the values of coins sorted and shows the total amount and amount of each denomination on the display screen.

This electric sorter is designed to work hands-free. It automatically moves the coin tubes forwards once they’re filled, allowing the 4 coin tubes for each denomination to fill up without any work from you. The anti-jamming mechanism ensures that the coins are sorted quickly without interruption.


  • ​Stores 800 coins in the hopper
  • ​The rate of sorting is very high
  • ​Anti-jamming mechanism prevents coins from being jammed
  • ​Filled coin tubes automatically move forward to make space for empty tubes
  • ​LED display shows total counted amount


  • ​One of the heavier coin sorters on this list
  • Sometimes, the coins are overfilled into the coin tubes causing coins to spill into the machine

5. ​Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar by DE

This coin jar is perfect if you have children. It has a display on top that calculates the total value of coins placed in the jar and shows you how much you have saved. Buttons on the lid allow you to manually change the total value, which means you can also store bills inside. The lid can easily be taken off and any coins or bills inside taken out. Almost every US coins will fit through the counter and can be saved inside the jar.

It requires 2 AAA batteries to work. While the regular size stores a large number of coins, the jar also comes in a jumbo size. The clear bottle comes in several colors, giving you the option to choose your favorite. For teaching children how to save money and having a place to keep loose change and keep a track of the total value at the same time, this Digital Coin Bank is an excellent option.


  • ​Can store a large number of coins
  • ​LCD display on top makes it easy to read the total value of coins in the jar
  • ​Comes in a variety of colors
  • ​Portable


  • ​Does not sort coins by their denominations into separate bins or tubes
  • Requires batteries to work

6. ​Brookstone Motorized Coin Sorter

With 5 coin tubes to separate coins from the hopper, this motorized coin sorter is compact in size but is extremely efficient. The coin tubes can hold different numbers of coins for each denomination, letting to store up to $42 in change inside the tubes. The anti-jamming design ensures that coins do not jam inside the sorter and any coins overflowing from the tubes are caught in the overflow tray.

This coin sorter needs 2 C batteries to run.


  • ​Designed to stop coins from jamming inside the sorter
  • ​Ideal for home use
  • ​Easy to use


  • ​Cannot sort coins at a high rate
  • No counter to show the value of the coins sorted inside
  • Not the best choice for businesses or retail use

7. Royal Sovereign Fast Sort Automatic Digital Coin Sorter (FS-4DA)

With a counting rate of 312 coins per minute and a coin capacity of 800 coins in the hopper, this automatic digital coin sorter is sure to meet your needs. It is fast and has an anti-jam mechanism to ensure that the sorter runs smoothly. The anti-jam mechanism frees any coins that get stuck so that you do not have to stop the machine and do it manually.

The coins are sorted into coin tubes, with each denomination of coin having 4 coin tubes each. This means that you can sort a large number of coins before needing to remove the wrapper and coins from the tube to make space for more. The display shows the value and amount of the coins being counted, making it easy to keep a record. As coin tubes are filled, they automatically move forward to make space for the next tube, further increasing the efficiency of the machine and leaving you free to do other work.


  • ​Coins are sorted into coin tubes
  • ​Anti-jam mechanism prevents coins from jamming inside the machine
  • ​Display showing value and amount of coins sorted
  • ​Fast counting rate of 312 coins per minute
  • 800 coins can be sorted at once


  • ​It can only sort US coins
  • Relatively expensive for personal use

8. DE Automatic Coin Sorter Electronic Coin Counter

​This coin sorter is completely transparent. You can roll coin wrappers and place them inside each of the 4 tubes. The lid can be twisted off to take out filled coin rolls. This coin sorter also has a digital display that counts the coins put inside so that you can keep track of your loose change easily.


  • ​Counter calculates the total value of coins sorted
  • ​Transparent design allows you to see the coins inside the tube
  • ​Requires only 2 AAA batteries


  • ​The sorter may get jammed
  • Coins have to be manually put inside one at a time

9. ​Semacon S-530 Heavy Duty Mixed Coin Sorter

The heaviest coin sorter on this list, the Semacon Heavy Duty coin sorter quickly sorts coins by their denominations. The hopper can hold up to 500 coins and the coins are sorted at a rate of 450 coins per minute.

The sorter allows you to select your desired batch settings for each denomination and comes with a thermal printer. This allows you to print out a receipt containing information about the coins sorted and their values. This sorter is made to be durable and comes with several accessories to make using the sorter hassle-free.


  • ​Can count the values the coins sorted
  • ​Has the highest rate of coin sorting at 450 coins per minute
  • ​Comes with a built-in printer


  • ​Heavy and so, may not be easy to move around

Things to​ Consider When Buying a Coin Sorter

The sorter you choose should have the features you need for work or home use.

Sorters can either sort coins into bins or tubes. If they are sorted into tubes, they can readily be made into coin rolls for easy storage and be organized easily. Coins sorted into bins will have to be organized afterward.

A sorter with an anti-jamming mechanism will run smoothly and for a longer time. If the sorter you buy jams, you will have to manually remove the stuck coin to get it to work again.

Having a counter on the sorter is likely to make sorting much easier as you will easily be given a count of the values of the coins sorted and other information. This will come in handy if you are sorting a large number of coins as you will not have to manually count them.


We hope our list of the best coin sorters has helped you pick the best coin sorter for you, whether it is manual, electric or battery powered. We know that keeping track of loose change is not always the easiest task, but with a coin sorter of your own, we are sure it will be!

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