The 10 Best Denture Adhesive Products

Have you been struggling to find yourself a promising denture adhesive? Well, if you are wearing dentures or consider doing so in the near future, denture adhesives come in handy to help the dentures stay in place. If you are still wondering as to why you need adhesives at all when you have already chosen a quality denture that has been fixed well, then here’s a little information on what denture adhesives can essentially do.

Even though you might have got a perfect denture, it can wear off with time and refitting them is expensive, to say the least; leave alone the time and trouble you have to additionally endure. Denture adhesives are available in various forms in the market and help the dentures to stay in place. The reason why you could consider using the best denture adhesive is to enhance the adhesion and allow them to fill the gaps that could be caused owing to shrinking bone girth. Denture adhesives undoubtedly lend temporary relief from loosening dentures.

With the variety in the market, it could be quite challenging to find the best dental adhesive product. The common glue types include creams, powders, strips and wafers. Creams are the most commonly used dental adhesive type since it offers one of the strongest holds. Here are a few selected products that could work wonders for your dentures to hold them in place even if you consider wearing them for an extended period. All you need is to find one that suits you the most. We’ve listed 10 denture adhesives as compiled below for quick and easy consideration.

 We have listed the highlighted features, pros and cons of each product so that you can decide about the one that suits you the best.

Best Pick

Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive

From the listed top denture adhesives, we’ve picked the Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive as the best product. It has proved effective in holding the denture in place and one application can last for 4 days. Moreover, it’s waterproof, safe to use and above all, we loved the product’s overall make and efficiency. So one can go for this with eyes closed!

​Budget Pick

Secure Denture Bonding Cream by Dentek

We suggest our readers to buy the Secure Denture Bonding Cream by Dentek if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pockets. As one of most reasonably priced denture adhesive products, it offers value for money in its pack of 4 packaging. Plus, the product is preservative free and safe for use. Absolutely a great choice in the budget category!

Quick Comparison Between The Best Denture adhesive

1. Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive 

Highlighted Features

  • The Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive comes with its unique advantages. These include
  • Holding the dentures firmly in place
  • When soaked properly, the adhesive dries up making it easier for you to clean your denture after eating. The adhesive protects your gums from infections that could be caused by the potential accumulation of food particles
  • The zero denture slippage is an advantage for all food lovers and you can eat all that you desire without having to worry about the food accumulating inside or decaying
  • A suitable product for oral health, Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive is prepared to protect your gums against any bacteria, possible infections or irritation with its cushioning grip

The Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive is not only easy to apply; it also prevents the denture from loosening or shifting. A single application is enough to last for 4 days and does not wash off with daily cleaning, soaking, brushing or rinsing. This quality adhesive from Cushion Grip is soft and supple adhesive contributes a secure cap to your dentures each time you reinsert them. The flexible texture of the adhesive enables greater control, additional comfort and greater security to your denture.


  • Can be used safely for both plastic and porcelain plated dentures
  • Unlike other similar denture adhesives, this adhesive does not wash off when you clean your dentures. It is 100% waterproof
  • Works well for partial, full or upper or lower dentures
  • One application of the adhesive can last you up to 4 days
  • The quality adhesive that does not slip


  • The Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive lasts only 4 days
  • It does not soak off and may require peeling off, making its use time-consuming

2. Secure Denture Bonding Cream by Dentek

Highlighted Features

  • This denture adhesive is secure as it does not interfere with the flavor of your food and its particles are leakage proof so you don’t have to worry about getting an upset stomach
  • The tubular packaging makes it easy to use the adhesive by squeezing it out
  • Easy to carry package and can be slipped into your purse or pocket even when travelling
  • All the ingredients used in this adhesive are food grade
  • Comes in a pack of 4 and weighs 1.40 oz. with Miglyol used as the vital ingredient in the formula
  • Use it once a day to keep speaking, smiling, eating and drinking freely, without having to worry

The Secure Bonding Cream by Dentek is reliable denture glue that helps to secure the bond between the denture and your gums. This product is 100% waterproof and has the ability to hold the denture in place for up to 12 hours. The zinc-free cream will not wash off when you eat or drink and don’t dissolve with your saliva; thanks to the non-water soluble properties of this adhesive.


  • The cream is Zinc free
  • Purchasable in a pack of 4, Secure Denture Bonding Cream is an excellent value for money
  • Water-proof
  • No added flavors
  • Reasonably priced


  • You might have to wait for around 20 mins after applying the adhesive to your denture before eating
  • The product works best on adequate gum lines

3. Super Poligrip Original Formula Zinc Free Denture Adhesive Cream 

Highlighted Features

  • Super Poligrip enables sealing out food particles from entering your dentures or gums
  • It allows a cushion to the gums and prevents the possibility of irritation arising from food particles entering them
  • The zinc-free formula keeps the dentures glued to your gums for long
  • The product comes with an ooze control tip that enables easy application and prevents messes
  • The cream can support the dentures in place for up to 12 hours together

The Super Poligrip Original Formula works as a great denture adhesive because of its features. With no artificial colors or flavors used this zinc free formula helps to keep the dentures securely bonded onto your gums through the day


  • The four boxes in the package offer great value for money
  • The adhesive is long-lasting
  • A little blob of the cream is enough to hold the dentures for long
  • Easy to use and an effective product


  • Some users could be sensitive to the formulation of the cream. It’s best to discontinue use if discomfort is experienced
  • There are no artificial flavors infused in the Super Polygrip Original Cream which could make it distasteful for many
  • The adhesive could be hard to remove from your gums after removing the dentures

4. Sea-bond Denture Adhesive Wafers Fresh Mint 

Highlighted Features

  • This product is Zinc and free of parabens providing an effective hold through the day and prevents food from getting stuck to your denture
  • The formula on the Sea-bond wafer contains chamomile that protects the gums from any kind of irritation
  • The package can be carried easily. With Fabric (Cellulose acetate and rayon), PEG-90M, Algin, Chlorophyllin-Copper complex, Cl 16035 making for the ingredients used, it’s a safe adhesive product
  • The wafer strips can be easily carried in your pockets or handbags and used whenever required

If you are looking for denture adhesive wafers instead of creams, here’s Sea-bond Fresh Mint flavored glue that can prove highly effective. The product works as a soft adhesive wafer attributing a stronghold between your gum and denture. These wafers don’t leave any pasty ooze like that in creams. It’s easy to use, non-messy and requires no cleaning up. Sea-bond denture adhesive provides a cushiony and soft feel to make your denture wearing experience a comfortable one.


  • The product is non-messy unlike the denture fixing pastes
  • The pack of three offers value for money
  • This wafer adhesive is zinc free
  • Works well for sensitive gums


  • If you are not a fan of the mint flavor, the Sea-bond denture adhesive is not exactly meant for you
  • The wafer needs to be positioned into your mouth to allow it to hold on to the denture which could be a tedious process as compared to cream glues. Sometimes the wafer might require trimming to fit in properly on the denture
  • The wafer needs to be changed daily

5. Ezo Denture Cushions, Lower Heavy

Highlighted Features

  • The Ezo Cushions for the lower dentures allow a vacuum grip enabling a tight fit similar to that of a new denture fit
  • The natural vacuum generated by the product facilitates the dentures to stay in place offering an enhanced hold
  • The cushions add on to extra comfort and last up to 24 hours
  • The product is not infused with any artificial flavors or odors
  • Ezo Denture Cushions come in a handy pack of 6. It is composed of natural ingredients such as Pure Cotton Flannel; Corn Oil and Paraffin Wax

Have you been worried about your receding gums and slipping dentures? There’s no need to pinch your pockets or worry about ordering new dentures. The Ezo Denture Cushions are uniquely designed for the upper and lower dentures with natural vacuum to secure them back into your gums breezily.


  • The Ezo cushions are non-messy unlike denture adhesive creams and pastes
  • No artificial flavors have been added to the product
  • The 6 pack lower heavy cushions pack is a money saver
  • It can make your old dentures feel as good as new


  • The cushions allow for temporary support that lasts for a day and would require changing after that
  • These cushions need to be rinsed in warm water to soften them before you can place them on the dentures
  • The cleaning process is a little time consuming as it entails removing the cushion from the denture, rinsing in cold water and again in warm water to place it back on the denture
  • May require trimming to fit perfectly into your denture

6. Fixodent Control Denture Adhesive Cream Plus Scope Flavor 

Highlighted Features

  • The Ultra-thin tip on the tube facilitates easy and accurate application and prevents wastage or mess
  • The minty flavor of the mouthwash provides a natural fresh feel to your mouth
  • From one of the best brands, this cream glue is value for money in its pack of 4
  • A lightweight product, it contains Calcium/Zinc Pvm/Ma, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Cellulose Gum, Silica, Yellow 6 L as its key ingredients

Not much can go wrong with notable dentist recommended adhesive brands and here’s the Denture Adhesive Cream from Fixodent perfectly formulated to grant your dentures a day-long secure hold. The product offers a precise hold with its sealing abilities and comes with the Scope Flavor mouthwash. The Fixodent Adhesive Plus Scope enables comfort by allowing enhanced fixture, prevents movement of full or partial dentures and kills germs that may cause bad breath.


  • Easy to apply with the thin tip on the tube
  • Keeps the denture in place for the entire day
  • Can treat any kind of generic gum irritation caused by denture
  • Provides a natural feel on the teeth
  • Fixodent Control Denture Adhesive Cream acts as a powerful seal
  • Works quite well for users wearing full and partial plate dentures
  • This pack of 4 adhesive cream tubes has been reasonably priced


  • On the flipside, the Fixodent Control Denture Adhesive Cream Plus Scope is not free of Zinc and severe use can cause health issues

7. ​Fixodent Extra Hold Denture Adhesive Powder 

Highlighted Features

  • The longevity of this product varies depending on your use, however, on an average, it can last you at least 4-5 weeks. It’s significant to note that it could be hazardous to use the product more than once a day
  • The durable adhesive can last 24 hours
  • The Extra Hold Denture glue is easy to apply and requires only a thin layer to be applied on the wet dentures
  • Easily removable adhesive, the residue of the powder can be gently brushed off with a soft toothbrush and some warm water
  • The company provides its customers with the 100% satisfaction guarantee against which the product is returnable

Searching for the perfect long lasting denture adhesive powder? You could try the Extra Hold variant from Fixodent. Packaged in a pack of 4, this product enables a great fit to your denture with its strong and vacuum properties. The powder denture adhesive is easy to apply and comes from the top rated dentist recommended brand Fixodent. Whether you are using full or partial plate denture, the Extra Hold Denture Adhesive Powder works can be universally used as highly-effective glue though it may not be as convenient in the application as the cream adhesives. Calcium/Zinc Pvm/Ma, Cellulose Gum, Silica, Flavor are the key ingredients used in the product.


  • The Extra Hold Powder from Fixodent is super thin and allows an airtight seal on the denture preventing food particles from entering your gums and dentures
  • Gives a natural and secure feel to the wearer
  • The powder is convenient to use and can be used for both partial and full denture users
  • The product comes with a guarantee and returns policy
  • It is purchasable in a pack of 4


  • Lacks the convenience of cream adhesives and could take a while to learn how to use it flawlessl
  • Could hold on to the dentures quite tightly, requiring thorough cleaning

8. D.O.C. Reline-It Advanced Denture Reliner Kit by Majestic Druge 

Highlighted Features

  • The product can be used on your dentures to enjoy the fit and comfort of new dentures
  • It’s easy to apply can makes the dentures snug
  • A lightweight kit, weighing 0.07 lbs, you can carry it anywhere you go
  • Repair formulas in the kit available include one Liquid 0.3 fl oz and one Powder 0.25oz
  • The kit has been reasonably priced and comes to a complete oral care package

You might seem happy with this product listed here if you have been searching for an all in one denture repair kit. The DOC Reline Kit by Majestic Drug comprises almost everything necessary for two soft reclines.The product can be used on both your upper and lower dentures.

The best thing about the DOC Advance Denture Reliner Kit is the custom fit it enables to the dentures that can work as good as new. It is soft, advanced, safe as well as easy to apply and remove. No longer do you have to rethink how you will take it off when travelling. The product ensures a secure fit for all dentures with its highly advanced formula.


  • DOC Reline Advanced Denture is Zinc free
  • Easy to use and remove
  • The oral care kit is value for money
  • Suitable for sensitive teeth and gums


  • The product may not be suitable for long term use as the product contains potential cancer-causing chemical not recommended in the State of California

9. Super Poligrip Extra Strength Denture Adhesive Powder 

Highlighted Features

  • The Super Poligrip Extra Strength Denture Adhesive Powder is a value for money pack
  • The formula enables sealing and protecting your dentures up to 24 hours
  • This product does is safe to use as it does not contain Zinc
  • Flavor and odor free product

Among the featured denture adhesives in this list, the Super Poligrip Extra Strength Denture Adhesive Powder comes in a super pack of 6. This denture adhesive powder has no artificial colors and is a zinc-free formula that can provide your dentures with a stronghold throughout the day.


  • A great choice to keep your dentures in place for the entire day opposed to the messier cream adhesives
  • A little amount is sufficient to secure your dentures onto the gums
  • Enables a long lasting hold to the denture
  • Highly effective in keeping food particles out
  • A Zinc free product


  • May not work well for wearers who suffer from gum irritations caused by dentures

10. Snug Denture Cushions 

Highlighted Features

  • The Snug Denture Cushions come in a pack of 6 which is worth the purchase
  • The temporary denture cushions can last up to weeks
  • This product is free of any flavors

This pack of denture cushions from Snug is ideal for the customized fitting of your old and loose dentures. The soft, easy to fit and pliable cushion can temporarily secure the denture. The large sized product can be used on both the upper and lower dentures and adjusted accordingly. It does not require daily changing and eliminates the hassle of using messy pastes and powder denture adhesives.


  • Does not require daily changing
  • Minimizes the mess of applying creams and pastes
  • The product is tasteless and has no artificial flavor or odor
  • The formula works well to soothe sore gums


  • Fitting the cushions into the dentures appropriately could be time-consuming
  • This product is not recommended for long term use

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Denture Adhesive

We have put together the 10 denture adhesives for you as above which include a variety of powder, cream, liquid, cushion and wafer adhesives. However, prior to picking your preferred product, we recommend that you consider a few important things. These are listed in detail below:

Read up on the ingredients of the product

Closely check the ingredients mentioned on your chosen product details to ensure that your formula is safe for oral use. This could also prevent you from buying products that include elements you could be allergic to. Make sure your product gives you details of how much Zinc it contains as some top denture adhesives are likely to contain Zinc which could be dangerous.

Check for the durability of denture adhesives

Check how long your selected denture adhesive can last. Most glues last for 12-24 hours and can be easily removed at night. Some products like the Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Adhesive can last up to 96 hours and can be slept with without any discomfort caused.

Look for the best bargain 

Review the product’s market price and look for value for money when purchasing your denture adhesive. Most of the brands suggested above are reliable, good quality and reasonably priced for its more than one packs. Most importantly, note that using dentures adhesives are not recommended for the long term and it’s always best to consult your doctor before beginning to use a product off the shelf.


Denture adhesives are in high demand as it may not be possible or affordable for wearers to replace old dentures every now and then. It’s also important to keep the dentures comfortable in your mouth. Moreover, a little security enabled with the adhesives could come in handy.

You might agree that going to the dentist each time to get your denture may not be possible and the best denture adhesive can provide you with the temporary solution you are seeking. All our listed products are easily available in the market and could offer you temporary relief in holding your dentures in place. The above denture adhesive reviews can work as a guide in helping you to make a comprehensive choice of denture adhesive to meet your daily needs.

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