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The 10 Best Extended Mousepads in 2019

Gone are the days when just a mere mousepad used to be enough! Time has been going forward with all its might and so should our computer accessories! Especially due to the rise of online gaming and its full bloom as an industry, larger and more technically advanced mousepads are in vogue! Besides, job areas like graphic designing have also contributed in its hype. So let us find out which one is the best extended mousepad for you by going through the highs and lows of each option!

Our Best Pick

Razer Goliathus Overwatch Mouse Mat

Razer Goliathus Overwatch Mouse Mat turns out to be the winner because of its tight weave, anti-slip rubber base, anti-fraying stitched edges, target precision, as well as its compatibility with all sensor systems and settings. Even it is priced a bit higher than all other options, it offers a lot more in addition to the huge space and stylish design.

Our Budget Pick

SubZERO Gaming TYKA Extended Mammoth Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

If you are on a budget, the SubZERO Gaming TYKA Extended Mammoth mousepad will be the best option since it offers a huge area of smooth cloth surface with low-resistance gliding along with other conveniences. It can work with all DPI settings and has fast pixel-precise tracking capability. Besides, the heavy non-slip rubber base and anti-fraying stitched edges make it even more durable!

1. ​Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat

From the huge collection of more than 2000 mouse pads from Reflex Lab, this one is among its most popular products. It represents a blend of high-class features in a single body and the affordable price makes it even more desirable for regular PC users and gamers.

Its design allows the most trouble-free movements and ensures best response times. You can find a lining of your choice since they come in five color variations of black, blue, green, red and white borders.

The space provided here is huge - literally 3 feet long and 1 foot wide. This ensures enough room for your keyboard, mouse, and anything else you might want to add. So you don’t need to worry about running out of the area while moving the devices around. You can also get better at your gaming skills or more efficient at your business tasks with this pad.

Enjoy the silkiness of its ultra-smooth surface below your palm the whole time, making the experience even more cozy and comfortable. It can offer you easier maneuvering with less resistance which is helpful for the gaming sensors.

Although this can turn into a problem after a while since the grip is necessary to keep the mouse in place sometimes. Due to the velvety surface, that might not happen so smoothly and would require extra effort. However, there is heavy duty anti-slip rubber coating on the back to make up for it and keep the pad in position.

To add more comfort, it comes with an ultra plush thickness of 5mm. That is 40-60% higher than its contemporaries in the market. The edges are stitched but threads might still fray from the corners.

Its top has a waterproof coating so the pad will not get damaged when drinks are spilled. Though if any beverage other than water does spread onto it, you can easily get rid of that by throwing it in the washing machine!

If logos bother you while working or gaming, you can certainly consider this as an option since its logo is placed on the top left corner where your eyes usually wouldn’t go while maneuvering the mouse.


  • Five color variations
  • Extra large space
  • Silky smooth surface
  • Very comfortable
  • Thicker than usual
  • Waterproof coating
  • Anti-slip rubber backing
  • Machine washable
  • Affordable


  • Lack of grip
  • Fraying edges

2. ​SteelSeries Rubber Base Gaming Mouse Pad

SteelSeries has been producing gaming peripherals and accessories for over 15 years now. One of their major product lines has been the QcK mousepads which include multiple variations like standard, plus, heavy, XXL, prism, mass and mini.

For a Qck+ mousepad, the dimension of its whole area is 17.72 inches in length, 15.75 in width and .08 in thickness. This thickness helps better movement and sliding on uneven surfaces. The plus ones provide the largest area for the mouse to move around and thus that is the version we have picked for you.

But if you have any other preference for your battlestations or workspace, you can check out the other versions. However, you will get some idea about all those types here too since they all have the same features more or less.

The top surface is made of a high-quality smooth cloth for your hands to rest comfortably and for your mouse to move effortlessly. Even pets love to sit on it and enjoy resting their paws on the velvety surface. This material is optimized further with a texture which ensures that its smoothness will not ruin your mouse’s grip on it. Besides, this cloth is chosen to offer maximum durability.

On the other side, a rubber base keeps the pad strictly in place and prevents repeated slipping during important project works or online contests. Your performance in gaming contests can also excel due to its nearly frictionless surface and precision tracking which has been incorporated here only for those events.

In case you want some more variations for this particular mousepad, you can try out their versions of black and frost blue linings or the ones dedicated to specific games like Sims 4 and Heroes of the Storm. It is heat sealed so no matter how long you have been using it, the pad will always look fresh on your table!


  • Huge area
  • Many variations
  • High quality cloth
  • Nearly frictionless surface
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Precision tracking
  • Heat sealed
  • Very affordable


  • Roughly cut edges
  • gets dirty easily
  • curls due to rolled up packaging

3. PECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Been manufacturing accessories for computer and home improvements for almost a decade, Pecham scores high when it comes to reliability. The same thing can be said for this gaming mousepad which comes at an incredibly low price!

Its design is very basic with both the surface and linings covered in black. The size measures 780mm in length and 300mm in width. So it can provide enough area for your keyboard, mouse, a cup of coffee and anything else you might need to get through the hectic schedules! Additionally, the 3mm thickness keeps your desk safe from possible scratches.

The front surface made of Lycra is extremely smooth to allow comfortable handling. It has also been optimized to allow faster and more accurate movements of the mouse. Thus you can have more control on your gears and perform with better speed against your counterparts.

This surface also has a waterproof coating which means you don’t have to worry about spilling drinks on it while working at a high pace. It also allows keeping a lot more of your necessary components around to save your time and complete the project on schedule!

To provide even more convenience, its base has the heavy-duty construction of rubber which prevents slipping and accidental sliding. This rubber is natural, non-toxic and risk-free making your work or gaming environment much more hygienic. But this is also the same reason for its rubber-ly odor and that might be a minus factor for some users.

It is built to be durable with tightly stitched edges which prevent fraying or peeling of the surface. If it catches any stain or gets dust particles piled up, just throw it into the washing machine.


  • Lycra fabric on top
  • Thick smooth surface
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-slip base
  • Natural rubber material
  • Anti-fray Stitched edges
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Cheap cost


  • Chemical odor

4. Corsair Gaming MM200 Extended Mousepad

Corsair is a company passionate about producing high-performance computer accessories and has been doing so for more than 20 years. With that experience and knowledge, they have built this mousepad called MM200 specifically made for hardcore gamers.

Since we are focusing on the best extended mousepads here, that is the version of MM200 we will be talking about. But if you have any smaller size preference, you can get the same pad in small or medium versions.

This extended one is more than 3 feet in length and 1 foot in width. Thus you never have to worry if it is giving you enough space. Even after making room for a regular keyboard and a mouse, the pad will still have some area left unoccupied. Therefore you can use up the whole domain to store different components you need frequently during game or work.

On the top, this mousepad is very smooth with a textile weave like nylon and provides an effortless gliding of the mouse with reduced friction. Both laser and optical gaming mice can be used on it to pull off those fast swipes. The front surface has been optimized to handle gaming sensors and thus can provide superior precision tracking for those perfect shots consistently.

The 3mm thickness can also be helpful in keeping the pad steady in place and keep the desk itself away from scratch marks. Besides, the base made of natural rubber stops it from slipping off and as a bonus, does not come with a harsh odor like others.


  • Huge space
  • Smooth weaved surface
  • Target precision
  • Low friction
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Both laser and optical mice
  • No harsh odor
  • Very affordable


  • Not durable
  • not easy to clean

5. Combaterwing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

This extended mousepad from Combaterwing features an all-black body except for the bright red borders. It can give your whole work desk or gaming station a striking look.

Its area measures 700mm in length and 300mm in width making it a bit smaller than most other pads here but still providing a commendable space. People who have been looking for an extended mousepad with a shorter space than the previously mentioned options to fit in their table, can check this out.

Unlike the other pads, here the top surface is made of natural rubber which allows smooth tracking and also proper control of the mouse. You can make the mouse go as fast as you want over it without losing the accuracy on this anti-slip surface.

For better protection, the pad is coated to be waterproof so that it does not get damaged easily by spilled drinks or similar mishaps. There is stitching all around the frame to prevent frays in those areas. Its thickness of just 2mm can prove to be a lot thinner than necessary for some gamers or workers.

You can use optical or trackball mouse on this pad for best performance. To clean it up, you can either throw it into the washing machine in cold setting and at low speed or wash it manually with a moist cloth.


  • Smooth surface
  • Natural rubber top
  • Waterproof coating
  • Stitched frame
  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Cheap price


  • Thinner than most
  • bad packaging leading to curled up ends

6. Cmhoo XXL Gaming Mouse Mat

The Cmhoo XXL gaming mouse mat poses a considerable threat to the other candidates of best extended mousepads on this list by showcasing its huge surface area. Its space is pretty competitive with 800mm length and 400mm width which is enough to make room for a few more components than just keyboard and mouse.

Another exceptional feature it has is the wide variety of designs! This range includes four kinds of maps, three solid colors, along with particular patterns or pictures featuring unicorns, guns, fire eagle, US flag, cobbles and more! So if you are one of the stylish gamers or want an impressive mousepad at your workplace, this can definitely be a strong option for you.

Like others, this pad too has a smooth texture and is soft enough to rest your arms on it comfortably. You can move around the mouse faster on this low friction surface while the decent thickness plays a role in keeping the desk free from scratch marks. It is optimized for mouse sensors and sensitivities allowing precise shots and outstanding tracking in your gaming or work performance.

Keep the pad stable with its heavy rubber base that prevents slipping and sliding. It grips onto the surface to allow steady mouse movements. The edges are stitched to keep frays or peeling surfaces away. Because of its sturdy construction, it can easily survive a machine wash saving your time and energy!


  • Many design variations
  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • Low friction
  • Heavy rubber base
  • Anti-fray stitching
  • Machine washable
  • Very affordable


  • Chemical odor

7. HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

A division of one of the world’s largest independent memory manufacturers called Kingston Technology - HyperX Gaming is known for making high-performance gaming accessories and has been doing so since 2002.

There are two simple variations for this mousepad when it comes to looks. One is entirely black and the other has a LIRIK design embedded on it. There are also other sizes available except the X-Large one which we will be focusing on. You can buy the small, medium or large versions of this same mousepad if you like.

The space consists of a pretty commendable dimension of 900mm length and 420mm width. Thus you can use the pad to keep many frequently necessary components other than just keyboard and mouse.

On the soft and smooth cloth surface, you can find a comfortable place for your wrist to rest. It is densely woven to allow consistent glides for your mouse. At the same time, the texture is fine enough for very precise optical mouse tracking. Thus you can improve both your speed and performance level while playing or working on this pad.

Beneath this smooth surface is a textured natural rubber base that keeps the mousepad steady during stressful work or gaming phase. It is 5mm thick which means your desk will be free from all possible scratch marks.

To support its sturdy structure, the edges are stitched seamlessly to keep frays away and maintain the uniform surface. Because of this, the pad can survive heavy work schedules without showing signs of wear or tear.


  • Large area
  • Two simple design variations
  • Soft cloth surface
  • Accurate optical tracking
  • Natural rubber base
  • Heavy thickness
  • Stitched edges
  • Durable


  • High price

8. Dechanic Extended Heavy SPEED Soft Gaming Mouse Mat

This mousepad is made by Dechanic and it is available in the market in many color and size variations. The one we have picked is “extended heavy” since we are looking for the best extended mousepad right now, but you can also opt for just extended, large, X-Large, XXL, XXL heavy, XXXL or mini version.

If you want to go all black with this mousepad you can easily choose it. However, if you would like some splash of colors around the border, you can get that too from its palette containing blue, green, red, gray and yellow.

The space offered here is also pretty noteworthy since it covers 3 feet in length and 1 foot in width! That is very large even in comparison to the measurements of a regular extended mousepad in the market.

It also has a lot more thickness than most can offer. Its 6mm breadth makes for a pretty plush mousepad which can raise the comfort level a lot higher and provide the user a luxurious experience. This thickness also helps to even out the uneven surfaces on your desk. For all these, the mousepad weighs a bit heavier than the usual ones at 1.5 pounds.

You can confidently work on it for long hours without worrying much about if your wrists will ache up. The top surface has been woven tightly to be sleek and seamless for easier movements in both games and office work. Such flexibility is essential for fast and efficient motion of the mouse.

To upgrade your level of performance even more, the surface is built with microscopic variances so that it can easily track the gaming mouse sensor no matter what the sensitivity setting is. It can work with a wide range of sensor systems including low sense, high sense, dual, optical and laser.

You can exercise more control on the mouse with the non-slip rubber base. Combined with the heaviness, the pad helps to keep it stable preventing accidental sliding with a strong grip. It can last for a long time due to the stitched edges which keep frays away and enhance its aesthetics.


  • Huge space
  • Various color and size variations
  • Sleek surface
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Anti-fraying stitches
  • Optimized for all mouse sensors
  • Heavy thickness
  • Affordable


  • Chemical smell

9. SubZERO Gaming TYKA Extended Mammoth Mouse Pad

A very young company made by two expert gamers - SubZERO Gaming - brings you their mammoth mousepad at a pretty affordable range! It is 3 ft in length and 1.5 ft in width giving you plenty of space to make room for the essentials and more! If you were looking for something a little smaller, you can pick up its regular or only extended versions.

The top surface is built to be suitable for competitions and is carefully woven for smooth texture. Its advanced weaving enables low-resistance gliding which is very helpful during long hours of gaming competitions.

It also makes the surface uniform for fast tracking and gives your mouse the power to make pixel-precise movements. This pad can also perform with all DPI settings for a mouse making it an incredibly convenient option for gamers.

To keep it in place, let the rubber base use its heavy grip and save you from accidental slips during crucial competition moments. If you are playing or working from home, no need to be worried about undesired scratch marks on the desk surface due to its thickness of 3mm.

Around the perimeter, there is anti-fray stitching on the edges which has been tested for resilience as the company claims. So you can rely on them for high durability and take advantage of this long-lasting mousepad!


  • Huge area
  • Smooth cloth surface
  • Low-resistance glides
  • Optimized for all DPI settings
  • Heavy non-slip rubber base
  • Anti-fraying stitched edges
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Gets dirty easily

10. Razer Goliathus Overwatch Mouse Mat

Razer is another company dedicated to making the best of gaming accessories and is also built by gamers themselves. It has been building high-quality products for this arena since 2005 and has won several accolades along the way. So needless to say, this list would be incomplete without any of their creations. The stylish Goliathus Overwatch mousepad made by them is thus here and can give a tough competition to others in this contest of the best extended mousepads!

The space offered in this pad or mat is huge with a 920mm length and 294mm width. Thus you can confidently make those 360-degree swipes on this and make your competitors jealous! You can also make room for all the essentials and much more on it! The 4mm thickness also helps by keeping the underlying area safe from unintentional scratches.

Its top area is tightly woven to form a smooth, seamless and slick surface for the mouse to move around easily. Along with the fast gliding, this tight weave also allows a comfortable space for your hand to rest in and minimizing any wrist pain during overtime defenses.

This mousepad has been optimized to work with any kind of mouse sensor system like low sense, high sense, laser, dual and optical. No matter what level of sensitivity or setting you prefer, you can rely on this pad to perform well in all of them. The tracking responsiveness will always be consistent and keep you in the control seat. It also allows accurate targeting with pixel-level precision.

The rubber base below has also been modified and redesigned with a better pattern to offer stronger grips than usual. So even if you make aggressive swipes on this pad, it will stay in place and let you finish the performance steadily.

You can take this mousepad with you anywhere since it is built to maintain the flat surface no matter how many times it is curled up and unraveled again. Thus it is a good option for gamers who need to take a mat with them to gaming tournaments and LAN parties.

Regardless of where you take it, the stitched frame keeps frays away from the edges and increases the overall durability of this mousepad. It also helps the pad to maintain the fresh look and feel for a long time.


  • Stylish
  • Huge space
  • Tight weave
  • Cloth-based design
  • Pixel-precise targeting
  • Optimized for all sensors
  • Anti-fraying stitched frame
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Portable


  • Expensive

Things to Know Before Buying A mousepad

Why use a mousepad?

A mousepad is basically a mat on which you can keep the mouse and move it according to your convenience. Many models of the mouse have a scrolling wheel underneath which would help them navigate easily on flat surfaces even without any pad. But with the modernization of technology, most of the newly upgraded mice do not have such wheels. Also, just because they can move on flat surfaces like glass, doesn’t mean they do so with precision.

When it comes to online gaming contests or jobs like graphic design, having a mousepad on which your contemporary mouse can move around as it pleases is a necessity. People involved in such events or duties need to be sure that, these pads can track the movements of their mouse precisely. A pin-point accuracy will save them from many online defeats and missed deadlines.

What kind of mousepad does a gamer need?

Low Friction and High Precision

The hardcore gamers, especially the FPS professionals, usually prefer a cloth mousepad where the friction is very low and precision is very high. So to carry out their planned shots properly, they will need a mousepad whose top surface is made of woven textile.

Huge Space

An extended mousepad can further provide a huge amount of space to make large sweeping motions. This much area is also required to make room for their gaming accessories in addition to their keyboard and mouse.

Soft Fabric

They also often need to change arm positions to avoid fatigue or pain on wrists. The extended mousepads can save them in this regard too by providing a soft fabric over the whole desk.

How to clean mousepads?

If your mousepad cannot be washed with the machine, work according to the following steps to keep it clean:

The Quick Method

If you don’t have much time in hand but need to get rid of the dirty mousepad, soak up a clean rag and put some shampoo on the pad’s surface. Then rinse off the excess water from the rag and rub the mousepad in required areas. After you are done getting rid of all the dirt, use water to remove the shampoo residue on the pad and let it dry.

The Slower Method

First, identify what coating does the mousepad have. It will normally be either a knit fabric or a plastic. If it is fabric, you can follow the quick option and can also use any other mild cleaner instead of shampoo. If it is covered with plastic, spray some mild household cleaner on a sponge or cloth and rub off the pad in small areas.

Rinse off the cleaner residue from the pad afterward and pat dry the exterior. Let it get rid of the moisture more thoroughly inside by air-drying it in a room or an open space. Any kind of heated source like a hair dryer is not recommended because that might ruin its texture and structure.

Final Verdict

It is very easy to keep a mousepad clean and take advantage of its features for a long time! Just make sure you are truly buying the best extended mousepad in the market right now and it can accurately cater to your specific needs.


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