Top 8 Best Fertility Monitors, Reviewed!

Medical care, in general, has become very expensive for the people who live on a budget. But can that be an acceptable reason for holding off a beautiful child from coming on earth? Absolutely not! That is why fertility monitors along with ovulation prediction and pregnancy detection kits are here for the common people. Since they vary immensely in price and features, we decided to list down the current best fertility monitors and let you decide for yourself!

Our Best Pick

Clearblue Fertility Monitor ​Clearblue Fertility Monitor is undoubtedly our best pick since it is the only fertility monitor with a touchscreen. It is recommended by OB-GYNs for 97% accuracy and can store information of 6 cycles. It also shows 2 peak fertility days, provides daily fertility status and can increase pregnancy possibility by 82%! Check Latest Price on Amazon

Our Budget Pick

iFertracker Smart Fertility Tracker ​iFeritracker Smart Fertility Tracker comes with a wearable sensor you can sleep with and can predict ovulation very accurately. It has a compatible app, can store 24 hours’ data and allows you to share the good news with your partner! Check Latest Price on Amazon

Quick Comparison Between The Best ​Fertility Monitor

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1. ​Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Clearblue Fertility MonitorCheck Latest Price on Amazon According to many obstetrician-gynecologists, Clearblue is a reliable brand when it comes to predicting ovulation. Living up to their legacy, this tool is one of the best fertility monitors available to the public. It is the only home monitor that can track the two key hormones of fertility accurately through simple urine tests. These two hormones are named estrogen and luteinizing hormone or LH. The resulting data matches 97% with official ultrasound tests for detecting ovulation! Using this tracking information, the monitor can identify up to 6 fertility days before ovulation. It can also tell you which two days have shown the peak of fertility. Observing the two peak fertility days, you will know when is the best time to try for a baby. This will give you more opportunities to get pregnant than traditional ovulation tests. All these critical information will stay private to you unless you share them with your doctor for reviews. Since such fertility characteristics vary a lot in every cycle, you can build your own personal hormone profile with your device. Your trusted gynecologist can understand your biological attributes more clearly by looking at that profile. The monitor is touch screen and can display the summarized fertility data of as many as 6 cycles. They are all shown in a single chart for easy comparison. Besides, you will know your daily fertility status from here being Low, High or Peak. So you can identify which days you will have the maximum chance of getting pregnant naturally. Using this, the chances of pregnancy can increase by 82% within the first cycle.


  • Intuitive touch screen
  • ​97% accurate results
  • ​Tracks 2 fertility hormones
  • ​Pinpoints 2 peak fertile days
  • Daily fertility status
  • Increases pregnancy chances by 82%
  • Stores up to 6 cycles information
  • Easy to read


  • ​High price
  • Test sticks not included
  • Choking hazard for children
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2. ​Easy@Home Ovulation Predictor Kit

Easy@Home Ovulation Predictor KitCheck Latest Price on Amazon The Easy@Home ovulation predictor kit is aimed at helping women who are trying to conceive naturally. It contains 50 ovulation test strips to track luteinizing hormone and 20 pregnancy test strips to detect Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG. Usually, devices like this cannot detect the low levels of HCG, but this one can! It will let you know when your HCG levels are as low as 25 mlU/ml in just 3 to 5 minutes! Though the makers claim it to be 99% accurate, in reality, the scenario is quite different. However, It does come with an approval from FDA and waiver from CLIA. Its testing process is also simple and fast. The monitor is easy to read where two lines confirm your pregnancy and one line stands for no pregnancy. The ovulation line gets darker as your hormone builds up. You can perform the test twice a day and use one package to track over 5 cycles​.


  • ​50 ovulation (LH) test strips
  • ​20 pregnancy (HCG) test strips
  • ​More than 5 cycles
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Easy to read
  • FDA approved
  • CLIA waived
  • Cheap price


  • ​Inaccurate pregnancy results
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3. ​Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor - FahrenheitCheck Latest Price on Amazon This Lady-Comp fertility monitor combines the perks of a BBT thermometer, a chart and an alarm clock with ovulation detection techniques. It can help with natural family planning for any woman by letting her know when is the best time to try for babies. It does so by measuring the oral basal body temperature up to 100th degree within a minute at maximum! Using this fast process, a temperature pattern is prepared over a number of days. Comparing this pattern with the calculated cycle day, you can estimate the correct time of your ovulation. It is based on the principle that most women go through a rise in basal body temperature while ovulating. For this, you will need to check your temperature orally every morning and enter M if you are menstruating. Then the device shows if you are fertile or not by storing and analyzing the given data. It also monitors your daily fertility status and alerts you if today any intercourse will lead to pregnancy. Pregnancy indication tests are also integrated into this device. All such information will be stored on the device and you can download it to the computer via USB. Printing the data including temperature graphs and cycle statistics will help while consulting with your doctor. There are three colored lights of green, red and yellow here to indicate each ovulation state. The green light represents infertility, the red one means you are potentially fertile and the yellow light indicates the device cannot detect it or is still learning. Also, the red light can keep flashing when you are the most fertile based on your database and previous cycle information.


  • ​Integrated pregnancy test
  • Fast results
  • ​3 colored lighting indications
  • ​Monitors daily fertility status
  • ​Data download
  • No side-effects
  • Easy to use


  • ​Very expensive
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4. ​OvaCue Mobile: Electronic Fertility Monitor

OvaCue Mobile: Electronic Fertility MonitorCheck Latest Price on Amazon The electronic fertility monitor from OvaCue is one of the most advanced products available for such purpose. Instead of depending on urine tests, it has rather incorporated the patented electrolyte method. This method calculates and tracks the changes of electrolyte concentration in the saliva and cervical mucus. If the electrolyte levels show any change, that will indicate the hormonal levels have gone through some change too. Following these changes, the monitor predicts when you will ovulate. For this to work, you have to take readings daily with the oral sensor starting from the 2nd day of your menstruation cycle. When the period ends, use the vaginal sensor for daily readings. Combining the data from these two sensors, the device estimates which will be the most fertile days of your cycle. OvaCue Mobile is one of the few fertility monitors which are functional with smartphones. It is compatible with most iOS devices and can also work on Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6. You can connect the monitor to these devices by plugging in the included adapter. The two sensors should also be plugged into the adapter for recording the data. Download the free OvaGraph mobile app to display all recorded information in customizable graphs and calendars. According to NIH-funded studies, the results from this device are 98% accurate. With just a few seconds’ test every day, it can alert you about ovulation up to seven days in advance!


  • ​No urine testing
  • ​98% accuracy
  • ​Compatible with selected smart devices
  • ​Customizable graphs and calendars
  • ​Free compatible mobile app
  • Up to 7 days advance alert
  • Takes seconds


  • ​Expensive
  • Difficult to use
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5. ​Daysy Fertility Monitor

Daysy Fertility MonitorCheck Latest Price on Amazon The Daysy fertility monitor has adopted most of its features from the previously listed Lady-Com monitor. Similar to Lady-Com, this one also depends on the daily basal body temperature to find out which one would be your peak fertility day. It needs you to take the temperature every morning from under your tongue and confirm menstruation on the period days. Then it lets you know what is your fertility status for the next 24 hours after calculating given data and previous records. ​Daysy has its own app called DaysyView available for both Android and iOS platforms. By connecting the device to the app, all your cycle data will be synchronized. You can then see the temperature information and fertility prognosis from the app. It can show you the weekly, monthly or daily fertility status, cycle forecast, cycle analysis and more!


  • ​Daily basal body temperature
  • ​Color-coded light indicators
  • ​Compatible app
  • ​No side-effects


  • ​Expensive
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6. ​iFertracker Smart Fertility Tracker

iFertracker Smart Fertility TrackerCheck Latest Price on Amazon iFeritracker walks on a completely different path compared to all its contemporaries. While most other fertility monitors require you to manually take the basal body temperature every day, this one does so on its own! You just have to put the wearable sensor under your armpit and go to sleep! Make sure your smartphone paired with this tracker is turned off. The sensor will then collect all the information it needs every 4 seconds and help to store them with the 20,000 temperature data points while you sleep. Due to such huge sampling, it can produce more accurate reading than usual ovulation prediction kits. In fact, the data anomaly can be only within 0.05°C or 0.09°F. Store data of up to 240 hours with the flash memory. Besides, cloud service will let you share the data with your partner and access it anytime. 30 patches and a battery are provided with each of these trackers. Even though it costs a bit high, many customers consider it as one of the best fertility monitors in the market.​


  • ​Overnight  reading
  • ​Smart analysis
  • ​Monitors physiological responses
  • ​Compatible mobile app
  • ​Up to 240 hours memory
  • Cloud storage
  • Wearable sensor
  • Battery included


  • ​High price
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7. ​TrueStick Ovulation & Pregnancy Test

​TrueStick Ovulation & Pregnancy TestCheck Latest Price on Amazon TrueStick fertility test combo kit includes 50 strips to examine ovulation and 20 to examine pregnancy. It is based on the general urine testing process and thus is very easy to use. For further details, instructions are printed on the back of each test. The strips detect if your urine contains traces of luteinizing hormone or LH and thus they let you know if your body is ready to reproduce. As LH production increases, your ovulation date comes closer and so does the proper conception timing. Similarly, the pregnancy strips detects the level of HCG hormone in the fluid stream. This will indicate if a fertilized egg has been produced, confirming your pregnancy. However, despite such scientific measures, many customers had disappointing experiences with the pregnancy tests. The strips showed negative results even if they were pregnant.


  • ​50 ovulation strips
  • ​20 pregnancy strips
  • ​Easy to use
  • Cheap price


  • ​Inaccurate pregnancy test results
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8. ​Pearly Fertility Monitor

Pearly Fertility MonitorCheck Latest Price on Amazon The Lady-Com algorithm is so popular that the last fertility monitor on our list has also adopted it! The Pearly fertility monitor also depends on the BBT measure and demands the user to take the input on a daily basis. However, the added convenience here is that it comes in a very compact size which can be easily carried around in pockets or bags. You can also set an alarm on the monitor to wake you up on time for the daily morning test. There is a thermometer attached to make the process more hassle-free. Then leave the analysis to the monitor and just wait for the results. The built-in computer system will do its job and determine your fertility days after necessary calculations. Finally, an indicator light will turn on depicting your status. It will show green for infertile, red for fertile and orange for undecided. With this information, you can decide if you should try for a baby that day or not.​


  • ​BBT reading based
  • ​Light indicator
  • ​Compact size
  • ​Alarm on monitor
  • ​Attached thermometer
  • ​Built-in analytical computer
  • ​Individual Fahrenheit and Celsius devices


  • ​Expensive
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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Fertility Monitor

​What is BBT?

BBT is the short form of body basal temperature. This temperature at which one sleeps and is usually much lower than normal body temperature. For this reason, it is encouraged to take BBT reading every morning, right after you wake up from the slumber. This value increases due to increase of the warm hormone progesterone which indicates ovulation. ​Charting BBT values, a woman can figure out her ovulation and cycle patterns. It is much cheaper than other advanced processes and can produce pretty accurate results. Though it cannot help one to confirm pregnancy, it can help in detecting ovulatory infertility.

Why are LH and HCG significant in such tests?

​LH or luteinizing hormone and HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin are used in many fertility monitors nowadays. They help to predict ovulation and detect pregnancy respectively. Both of these are known as glycoproteins in science and have pretty similar structures. So many fertility monitors and ovulation kits fail to distinguish between them giving error-prone results. But with technological advancements, this problem is going away slowly.

​Which one should I buy?

It all comes down to the following three main factors : 1. Accuracy Of course, this would be the first priority of any woman either looking to be pregnant or looking for pregnancy prevention. The fertility monitor has to produce precise results for her to plan accordingly. Although most such products claim to be over 90% accurate, the reality is much different. We suggest going through the customer reviews before deciding on any such kit. 2. Ease of use There are a number of methods adopted by these kits to detect fertility. It might be the traditional urine testing for LH and HCG hormones, the calculation of BBT temperature or oral examinations. Since there are so many options for you, you should choose the one you find most comfortable and easy to use. 3. Price Price of fertility monitors is pretty high in most cases. If you want the best quality and guarantee of accurate results, you might have to spend a good amount. Although if you are on a budget, you can opt for the ones below 30 bucks.

​Final Verdict

​Choose your best fertility monitor wisely among all these products and protect your carefully nurtured plans for life. Become a mother and cherish the opportunity of bringing life on earth, or continue your busy life and reach the pinnacle of professional success safely.