Top 6 Best Hall Trees For Tight Spaces

Organizing your clothes sometimes can be a challenge especially if you do not have enough space. However, with a hall tree, you can get organized while saving on space. Besides, a coat rack is a functional piece which adds elegance to any room, especially when placed in the entryway. For it to hold all your items firmly, you should ensure it’s of high quality. ​Aside from quality, there are more factors which collectively make an excellent hall tree. With the wide variety of hall tree brand in the market, it can be challenging to determine the best mode. We have selected the best hall trees you can take advantage, and we cannot wait to give you the lowdown.

​Best Pick

King's Brand Black Finish Metal Hallway Storage Bench with Coat Rack & Umbrella Holder
King's Brand Black Finish Metal Hallway Storage Bench with Coat Rack & Umbrella Holder is classy, easy to assemble with a coat rack, storage space, seating area and an umbrella holder making it our best pick.

​Budget Pick

Yaheetech Metal Multi-purpose Coat Garment Rack Clothes Shelves 3-Tier Shoes Rack Umbrella Stand with Hanging Hooks Black ​Yaheetech Metal Multi-purpose Coat Garment Rack Clothes Shelves 3-Tier Shoes Rack Umbrella Stand with Hanging Hooks Black is affordable, stylish, quality, with ample space and 18 hooks making it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison Between The Best ​Hall Trees

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1. ​King's Brand Black Finish Metal Hallway Storage Bench with Coat Rack & Umbrella Holder

King's Brand Black Finish Metal Hallway Storage Bench with Coat Rack & Umbrella Holder

Highlighted Features

  • ​Measures 36 by 19 by 71 inches
  • ​Classy
  • ​Has a coat rack and an umbrella holder
  • ​Has two shelves for storing other items​
  • ​Easy to assemble
Bring functionality and that stylish in your room by taking advantage of this hall tree from King Brand. The coat rack boasts of a handy shelf, 3 hooks, and a bench seating area. The hallway has a coat rack and umbrella holder. Just under the seating area are two shelves which offer you with extra storage space for storing shoes and other items. It’s all black metal finish perfectly blends well with almost every decor. Generally, this coat rack is designed to offer your guests a pretty good alternative for storing their coats. The hall tree can also be a perfect choice for your home. Its style and design bring that practical style to your home.

2. ​LANGRIA Standing Entryway Coat Rack Coat Tree Hat Hanger Holder 

LANGRIA Standing Entryway Coat Rack Coat Tree Hat Hanger Holder

Highlighted Features

  • ​Water and rust proof
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Sturdy
  • ​Contemporary designed
  • ​Has 11 storage hooks
  • ​Offers additional storage space for hats, scarves and caps
  • ​Weighs 5.3lbs
​If you are looking forward to adding sleek design to your home, then this hall tree from LANGRIA may be useful for you. The model boasts of a classic finish which blends well with almost every decor.  An all powder coating prevents rust and water from damaging it. This feature gives you the freedom to hang wet or damp clothes without worrying about damaging the material. With this LANGRIA model, you do not have to worry about slipping or tearing your clothes. Thanks to its end cap on each hook which helps hold your clothes firm. This minimizes any chances of dropping off or tearing when taking them off. The hall tree touts of 11 storage hooks. The hooks are further separated by three tiers which offer more additional space for storing other items like caps, scarves, and hats among others. Assembling the hall tree is easy. You only need a screwdriver to set it up. It’s all metal design ensures you enjoy years using your product for years to come.

3. Yaheetech Metal Multi-purpose Coat Garment Rack Clothes Shelves

Yaheetech Metal Multi-purpose Coat Garment Rack Clothes Shelves

Highlighted Features

  • ​Easy to maintain and assemble
  • ​Made using durable anti-rust iron metal
  • ​Has 18 hanging hooks
  • ​Ideal for use at home or office
  • ​Offers more storage space
  • ​Black in color
  • ​Stylish
If you may be searching for the best hall tree for the money then this coat rack from Yaheetech. The piece helps you to stay organized while saving on space. The model features a 3 in 1 design which allows you to store your clothes, shoes, umbrellas, bags and hats. Its anti-rust iron metal allows you to hang wet clothes without running its quality. The hall tree features 18 hanging hooks in four levels. This allows you to utilize the available space to store your family clothes. Its sanded baking paint gives it an elegant look bringing that stylish look in your bedroom, office, entryway or living room. It’s easy to assemble design enables you to start organizing your home right away without wasting much time. The fact that the hall tree offers more additional storage space for shoes, umbrella, and other items makes it stand out. Yaheetech hall tree can be a great pick for anyone who is looking for extra storage space and stylish looks.

4. ​Homestar with 3-Shelf Hall Tree

Homestar with 3-Shelf Hall Tree

Highlighted Features

  • ​Offers seating, hanging and storage space
  • ​Features a lovely metal frame with Antique wood finish
  • ​Has 5 hooks and three storage shelves
  • ​Easy to maintain
  • ​Ideal for all ages
This Homestar hall tree boasts of Antique wood textured finish and an elegant metal frame which brings a decent look to your entryway. With this model, you will not only enjoy hanging space but also get storage and seating space. The hanging space allows you to take advantage of the 5 hooks which firmly holds your clothes without slipping off. The storage space has three shelves for organizing your clothes and other items. The seating and top shelves are constructed using laminated particle board which is easy to clean with a wet cloth. The 51.8 pounds hall tree is a perfect fit for all ages.

5. Linon Home Decor Anna Hall Tree

Linon Home Decor Anna Hall Tree

Highlighted Features

  • ​Stylish
  • ​Has four coat hooks
  • ​Blends well with most décor
  • ​Offers hanging, seating and storage space
  • ​Strong seat
Are you hunting for the best hall tree with storage bench? Then this model from Linon will save space and keep your home well organized. The product boasts of a stylish contemporary look which blends well with most decors. With this model, you get storage, seating, and hanging space. Its hanging space boasts of four strong hooks which securely hold your coats in place. The seating area is solid and has a spring loaded lid which prevents it from flapping down. The seating top flips up to unveil extra storage space. If you may be looking forward to bringing style and functionality to any room, then this hall tree may be a good choice for you.

​6. Home Styles 5530-49 Naples Hall Tree

Home Styles 5530-49 Naples Hall Tree

Highlighted Features

  • ​Made from engineered wood and popular solids
  • ​Offers storage, hanging and seating space
  • ​Weighs 97 pounds
  • ​Boasts of a stylish white finish
Organize and bring style with Home Styles hall tree. The 55330-49 model is constructed using engineered wood and popular solids for increased durability. Its four hanging hooks, two open storage shelves and a lift up storage compartments offer you with enough storage space to organize your clothes, hats, caps, and bags easily. The 97 pounds hall tree is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for extra storage space while bringing elegance to any room.

Why You Should Own a Hall Tree

Long gone are days when clothes used to be hang on chairs, walls or even store them in the wardrobe. Thanks to the new innovations which has seen the introduction of hall trees. Owning one comes along with lots of benefits and among them includes:

Saves space

Arranging your clothes can be sometimes tricky especially when space is limited. Worse still, you will be forced to spend much time looking for your clothes. However, with the help of a hall tree, you can organize your home while saving space at the same time.

Easy to assemble

Setting up your hall tree is easy and you do not require any skills to assemble it. This enables you to organize and bring that stylish look to your room.


Modern hall trees come in varied designs and styles from metal to wood engineered models. These materials feature contemporary designs which bring elegance to your home or office.

Easy to maintain

Keeping your coat rack in good condition is not costly. The pieces are designed with high-quality materials or wood which only requires you to wipe it. Modern models are also rust resistant which gives you the freedom to not only wipe them with a damp cloth but also hang wet clothes.

Surefire Tips for Choosing Hall Trees


Hall trees can be used at home or in an office. However, the intended use should help you choose your preferred model. These products have different features which suit varied uses. In case you may in need of a hall tree for office use, you should choose one with shelves for storing books or other stationaries. If you need one for home use, you should take advantage of models with hooks, shoe rack, umbrella, and hats hooks. This will enable you to organize your house while saving on space.

Number of hooks

The number of hooks a hall tree has dictates the number of clothes it can hold. The hooks count may vary from one person to another depending on their needs. Always ensure that your hall tree hooks are enough for the intended purpose. If you need one for hanging your family clothes, you should consider one with more hooks. If storing shoes, umbrellas, hats and other items is your plan, then you should choose one with these features. The hooks should hold your clothes and allows you to take them off the hook without tearing them.


Different materials are used to design hall trees. The material you choose by the end of the day will determine how long your coat rack will last. Some of these materials include steel, wood or a combination of both. A good hall tree should be strong enough to hold your clothes and any other items without impacting its quality. Other additional features like anti-rust and water resistance are a plus, and allow you to hang wet clothes.


Depending on where you would wish to place your hall tree, you will need enough space to accommodate it. To ensure you do not invest in a large model that will overwhelm your room, it is a good idea to measure the available space. Leave enough space for standing to allow you hang your coats without any challenges.


As much as you are looking forward to owning a quality hall tree, it would not make sense to invest on one which does not match with your room décor. Regardless of the model that satiates your preferences, you should always ensure that its color goes well with your interior décor.


To keep your hall tree in good physical shape, you will be required to perform regular maintenance. A hard to maintain model will require more attention and will consume much of your time.


Hall trees are inexpensive. However, they do not cost the same. The cost of each piece will be dictated by the material used, size, and other additional features.

Return policy

Return policies vary from brand to brand and before you think of spending on your coat rack, ensure you have carefully read and understood the manufacturer return policy. In case you do not get satisfied with the rules, you can opt for another model which you are satisfied with.

What Makes a Good Hall Tree?

  • A good hall tree should hold your clothes firmly without dropping off
  • An excellent hall tree should be easy to assemble and maintain
  • An excellent coat rack should be stable and durable
  • A good hall tree should serve its purpose intended for

Final Verdict

A hall tree is more of a functional piece which brings realistic style and elegance to any room. While they come in varied sizes, designs, colors, and styles, you should ensure the model you select matches your needs. Before making decisions, you should take time and compare different brands and how you will benefit from the features. Our list of best hall trees consists of different pieces which are a perfect selection when used for the intended purpose. Take advantage of our comprehensive buying guide to help you invest wisely.