Top 9 Best Hip Waders Reviews in 2020

Even in the times when technology and science are at their peak, old-fashioned hobbies like fishing are still pretty much in vogue. It also makes for a good choice of livelihood and a vital force behind the economy. To make the whole process easier for the fisherman or angler, waders have been very helpful in keeping them dry throughout the day. To help them even more in their quest, we have compiled a list of the best hip waders for fishing currently available in the market.

Our Best Pick

LaCrosse Men's Trapline 32-Inches Hip Waders

Our best pick has to be the LaCrosse Men's Trapline 32-Inches Hip Waders because they can give you the best of both worlds by being stylish as well as functional. They can provide a huge coverage area with a sturdy construction of premium rubber material and wool-felt linings. The removable EVA footbed, Trac-Lite outsole and lacing system add more to the comfort.

Our Budget Pick

Hodgman Mackenzie Nylon and PVC Cleated Bootfoot Chest Fishing Waders

Keeping budget in mind, the most feasible one seems to be the Hodgman Mackenzie Bootfoot Chest Fishing Waders made of tough nylon. Their PVC boots are cleated and they have adjustable suspenders to keep the waders in place. There are internal pockets also for you to carry necessities.

Quick Comparison: Top 9 Best Hip Waders

1. ​LaCrosse Men's Trapline 32-Inches Hip Waders

From the renowned and reliable brand of LaCrosse comes the first choice we have for hip waders. These are 32 inches long providing enough coverage for your legs up to the waist. You can find them in sizes of 7D to 14D medium according to US measurements guide. They have enough room for heavy socks too if you are used to wearing them.

It is colored black all over along with yellow linings and laces on top. So the inclusion of these waders can make your whole look more bold and stylish! The linings are made of wool and felt to add more warmth and comfort to your body in cold environments. The lacing system at the waist area, on the other hand, makes sure that the waders stay up and in place.

They are mainly built from natural rubber of premium quality which is both heavy-duty and heavyweight. These waders are rigid enough to stand upright on their own but don’t make the whole experience uncomfortable in doing so. It is also fully waterproof so that you can move easily at rough terrains without feeling water soaking into your socks or trousers.

Along with all these, the removable EVA footbed helps absorb shocks and disseminate the impact from rough areas. It also provides cushioning to make your all-day outings or hunting expeditions easier on your soles.

The Trac-Lite outsole from the other surface has been specially designed to ensure sturdy and stable footing. It assists in effortless traction on muddy, snowy or similar slippery grounds.

These waders are easy to put on, take off and fold in half to throw in the trunk right away. They are highly expensive but the durable construction and high-quality material make them worth the price.


  • Stylish
  • Premium rubber material
  • Wool-felt lining
  • Removable EVA footbed
  • Trac-Lite outsole
  • Lacing system
  • Durable


  • Very expensive
  • Heavyweight

2. ​Hodgman Mackenzie Bootfoot Chest Fishing Waders

One of the most experienced and popular names across the world in manufacturing outdoor gears including waders is Hodgman Mackenzie. For more than 175 years they have been making these waders which are highly durable and are a tough contender to beat in any contest of best hip waders.

This particular bootfoot chest fishing wader comes in brown color, which looks more like a champagne shade. If you are going into a forest or a lake with possible wild predators, these will help you camouflage pretty well with the similarly colored tree trunks and lake water. They are available in sizes of 7 to 13 for men.

Though usually fishing waders are made of rubber, this one does not depend on rubber at all to provide you similar or better facilities. The fabric all over is mainly heavy denier nylon which keeps water out and makes a tough cover for rough terrains. This nylon shell fabric is also coated with PVC for some extra security from moisture but does not add much to the weight. It keeps water out even in a rainstorm.

Due to this combination of nylon and PVC, its weight is 35% lighter than typical rubber waders and thus is a lot more flexible than them. It reduces the chances of abrasion too making it even more durable.

For better movements in water and mud, the boots are cleated for stronger footing. You can also get more traction from these boots without putting much effort yourself. They are made of PVC material which is 25% more long-lasting than rubber. There are no laces or straps on them. Instead, the design itself has been made convenient to avoid those hassles. In short, these boots are perfect for trekking or walking a long distance over rugged terrain.

Suspenders are included here which can be adjusted according to your fittings with easy-to-fasten buckles. Besides, an internal pocket is provided so that you can store tiny fishing accessories and other essentials there for easy access.

With so many convenient features, it makes the perfect choice for many activities other than fishing and trekking. It is priced a little bit higher than most other waders but the quality and features more than make up for it.


  • Tough nylon fabric
  • Cleated PVC boot
  • Better flexibility
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Internal pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable


  • High price

3. Allen Black River Bootfoot Hip Waders

These hip waders with bootfoot are from Allen Company who has been manufacturing accessories for hunting, fishing, shooting and other outdoor activities since 1970. These particular waders come in raw umber shades which is perfect for trips to lakes and forests. They keep you away from any potential predator’s eyes since you can blend well with wood, soil etc.

They are priced at affordable to high ranges depending on the size and other specifications the customer makes. The sizes include all options from 7 to 13 for men.

The main material is rugged nylon and on the upper part of shoes, a two-ply fabric is used for better protection. Their combination can keep your legs dry no matter where you go - lakes, ponds etc.

Under the outsoles, the sturdy boots are cleated for superior traction even at the most slippery soiled surfaces and steepest banks. However, a problematic aspect of its construction is the weak point created in the attachment area between the legs and the boots. If you pull the waders by the leg instead of foot, it can cause that point to break up and let the water in. So you need to pay some attention to the pulling movements.

An integrated belt loop and take-up straps have been provided to ensure better fittings. They are waterproof and lightweight, making them pretty comfortable options for regular fishing trips. Unfortunately, it cannot provide much warmth compared to other similar options. They fail to keep your legs warm in winter. But these waders are durable and very easy to get in and out of.


  • Rugged nylon
  • Two-ply upper construction
  • Very lightweight
  • Belt loop
  • Take-up strap
  • Cleated sole
  • Easy to use


  • Not warm in winter
  • Prone to leaks
  • Sizes are bigger than labeled

4. Frogg Toggs Rana II PVC/Nylon Hip Wader

With an experience of more than 20 years, Frogg Toggs brings you their Rana II hip waders which are incredibly lightweight and cost from affordable to high according to your choice. Choose between 7 to 13 in men's size, though the option for half sizes is not available. They come in a dark brown color which can add more style to your look.

It is built to be strong and durable against rough terrains and water bodies. Seams are stitched and taped in addition to its rugged surface for an overall sturdy construction.

The boot portions are attached to the uppers through welding to avoid any weak point like the previous one and prevent leaks. The uppers are made of nylon-reinforced PVC material for providing protection against water. Gravel guards are integrated within to keep your feet away from dirt and dust particles.

The boots themselves are produced from molded PVC and are not insulated. Hence they are more appropriate for uses in warm atmospheres. If you use the waders in winter or in shivering cold, they cannot keep the chilling air away from your legs. However, their cleated soles can keep your footing steady and rigid in muddy areas.

To keep the boots in place for the whole day, there are poly-webbing belt leashes provided with the waders. These leashes are adjustable according to your measurements. Besides, quick-release locking buckles and elastic stride flex are also added to enhance that stability.

A drawback is that the soles used here have been kept thin to make it lightweight. These soles can cause you to go through some inconvenience since you will feel every rock you step on at an uneven place.


  • Nylon-reinforced PVC uppers
  • Molded PVC boots
  • Taped seams
  • Integrated gravel guards
  • Adjustable belt leashes
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Cleated soles
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Thin soles
  • non-insulated

5. Allen Company Dillon 2Ply Camo Hip Wader Boot

Another hip wader from Allen Company is this one with tree patterns all over helping you to camouflage properly in the woods or the rivers. These patterns called “Realtree Max5” are much more effective than the typical army camouflage ones since they portray more realistic motifs.

They are available in whole sizes of 7 to 13 for men and the price also varies based on that. Its cost is affordable at minimum and high at maximum, but never out of reach.

The waders are made of rugged polyester fabric which keeps your legs dry even in the water. So put them up while getting into the pond for fishing or the lake by the forest for some adventure! You will be able to spend the whole day and get back home with the same comfort when you left it in the morning.

The boots have cleated soles and their uppers are made of two-ply fabric for higher durability. Thus you can move through terrains with uneven or murky surfaces with a lot less effort.

Then the belt straps are provided to allow support for your legs and to keep the waders in place throughout the expedition. Further adjustments can be made with them to ensure its fitting. They are very lightweight and you can add an arch support to make the walks in these even more comfortable.


  • Camouflage pattern
  • Rugged polyester
  • Cleated soles
  • Two-ply upper material
  • Adjustable belt strap
  • Very lightweight
  • Durable


  • Not for winter use

6. Hodgman GMWDE Gamewade PVC Packable Chest Waders

If you are looking for a cheap pair of waders to use for one day only, these would be the perfect choice for you. These chest and hip waders hail from Hodgman and is meant for light activities only, like cleaning your pond.

They cannot be used for adventurous trips or a long day at fishing. If you do try them on for such activities, you will find they are tearing apart very fast. They are not meant to be that durable.

These waders are quick to put on and take off. Since they are extremely lightweight with just 1.5 pounds (whereas normal waders are 5-6 pounds), it is very easy to take them with you wherever you go! To make that more convenient, a compact storage bag is included.

You can find them in basically two sizes - medium or large and extra large. They do not give out any stylish vibe. Rather, the makers focused on comfort and made these waders with fabric that is easy on the skin. There are pockets inside to carry important things with you on the go.

It has 25mm PVC waterproof protection to keep you dry. The shoulder straps include elastic webbing to keep the waders in place. However, do not use them in winter or any place where cold is constant. They are not capable of providing any extra warmth to the legs other than what they can get from the surrounding environment.


  • PVC
  • Elastic straps
  • Interior pockets
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Bag provided
  • Very cheap


  • Very low durability

7. Pro Line 3 Ply Stretch Nylon Hip Wader

Pro Line has been producing high-quality footwear for both men and women since 1975. Thus we would expect a hip wader from them to be top-notch in features and construction. And so we got!

These stretch waders can be found in various sizes and they come in the shade of dark brown. Such a color tone can add more style to your neutral outfits. Be careful of the sizes though, since many of them might be of one size bigger than the one listed in the options. If you do end up getting a larger size, then consider using an orthotic insert to fill up the extra space.

They are also a lot heavier than regular hip waders. While the normal ones weigh about 5 to 6 pounds, this pair weighs 9.8 pounds! So you cannot wear them for a day-long trip if you are not used to carrying that much weight around.

The main fabrics used to produce these waders are nylon jersey and rubber. A single piece of such waders is made out of three-ply construction with materials which are both durable and stretchable.

They are 100% waterproof and will keep your legs dry no matter where you go. Chaffing and slipping off the ground are also not included in the possible outcomes. Their capability to be the best hip wader has been tested against others made out of canvas and rubber. They came out as the winner due to its powerful resistance to abrasion.

Their heavy-duty boots are cleated on the outsoles to improve traction in muddy areas. Many users have opined that the bottoms are very solid and those helped them to walk over places full of rocks.

Using these waders on a daily basis will not ruin the sturdy structure. They are pretty expensive but the exceptional durability makes the price worth it.


  • Nylon jersey and rubber
  • 3 ply construction
  • Test-proven superiority
  • Cleated outsole
  • Reinforced knee pads
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • very heavyweight

8. Caddis Men's 2 Ply Rubber Hip Boots

Caddis Wading Systems have been making quality waders for the last 9 years, along with producing other outdoor accessories too like jackets, vests and more. It beings one of the best hip waders for fishing here with these double-layered rubber hip boots for men. Their price ranges from pretty affordable to pricey, thus giving you options to buy one according to your budget.

These waders are available in a wider range of sizes covering all from 5 to 13 for men. Hence, in case you have relatively smaller feet, you can try out the Caddis ones. However, half sizes are not included in the options. They look pretty plain and simple in design, but the glaze of their fabric might add some cool touch to your look.

The uppers are the most important part of these boots which are made of 2-ply rubber and cotton. Thus, they can provide your legs proper comfort and protection from water at the same time.

Knee harness is included to prevent any possible injury while roaming around rough terrains. They are adjustable so you can alter the lengths of a well-fitted wader. To provide similar security for your toes, they have semi-hard toe caps included too. Therefore two most vulnerable parts of your legs will be given higher safeguard to ensure maximum safety.

To make these hip boots stay in place, there are belt loop straps and take-up straps on both of them. Though they don’t have cleated outsoles, their ones do possess lug soles which can provide enough of that good footing. The insoles are cushioned so that your feet feel soft no matter how rough the ground is below it.

A steel shank arch support is there in between these soles to reduce the possibility of pain in that area. They diminish much of the weight the wearer is carrying and thus makes it easier for the feet to go on.

You can use these hip boots with rubber waders for a multitude of activities like fishing, cleaning the pond, digging for clams etc. They can serve you in any weather condition - cold or warm, due to their EcoSmart II sole design which makes the boot more breathable.


  • 2-ply rubber and cotton
  • Adjustable knee harness
  • Belt loop straps
  • Cushioned insole
  • Semi-hard toe caps
  • Steel shank arch support
  • EcoSmart II sole design


  • Not durable

9. Ouzong Waterproof Boot-foot Chest Wader

Last but not the least on our picks for best hip waders is this one from Ouzong. It looks the most stylish among all our options.

There are two variations of this product - one has the camouflage pattern of military and the other one is completely bottle green. The first one gives more contemporary look than the second since camouflage pattern can never go out of fashion.

The materials used to manufacture these waders include nylon and PVC. These two fabric types make up the structure with 2-ply construction. Such combination of materials made the waders 35% lighter in weight than full rubber waders. This lightweight feature can reduce your physical stress after long walks, but this same feature will also stop you from using it in heavy activities.

Besides, the boots are made of 100% waterproof and durable rubber. They also have stitched and taped seams to prevent leaking of water. The outsoles are cleated for better traction and safer movements on rough and muddy terrains. Since they are patterned as one-piece felt, no compromise is made to your comfort.

These waders have a pair of adjustable suspenders to keep them in place the whole time. They also have quick release buckles so that you can get ready fast for the fishing adventure. You can use this through all the seasons since it is built to keep you warm and dry no matter what.


  • Two color variations
  • 2-ply nylon and PVC
  • Cleated sole
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Quick release buckles
  • Durable


  • High price
  • for light duty only

The Best Soles for Waders

There are multiple soles available in the market to be used in waders, but which would be the most effective one for you? Let us help you to make that decision by talking about each popular material in this field:


Rubber is undoubtedly the most popular choice for soles of wading boots. When rubber was a relatively new material for waders decades ago, they failed to give proper traction and did not stay in place most of the time.

But as time went by, these rubber-soled boots resolved their issues and earned majority votes by improving the traction to the most superior level in the market, providing higher durability, possessing sturdy construction and being lighter in weight than other contemporary materials.

These boots also work as well on land as they do in water. So you can use one pair for many more purposes other than fishing.


Though felt also has a lot of impressive traits like providing the best traction over wet and slimy surfaces, they are on the verge of losing their regular customers. Many states and New Zealand have banned it to stop the widespread of undesirable organisms.

Regardless, felt is still one of the biggest competition for rubber in terms of traction. However, felt bottomed waders or boots don’t seem to work that well on dry surfaces. They can give you a safe pathway while walking through the slippery rocks, but on dirty crisp surfaces, they fail to uphold the standard.

Frequent use of felt boots on such surfaces can result in a faster tear-down. Even if the felt can be replaced, it is an unnecessary expense for the user. It takes a lot of time to dry out once out of the water and thus organisms from one river can travel to another one through these boots. If the wearer goes to multiple rivers or ponds in a day, he is unconsciously being a carrier of those ANS (Aquatic Nuisance Species) to all those water bodies. Thus, felt is not the best option right now for fishers or anglers.


Shoes with metal studded soles can help a lot in better footing for dangerously slippery surfaces. These are used by waders who need to get into deep rivers since studded soles can offer the safest wading. Boots like these can have a combination of integral studs with felt or rubber soles, or you can buy studs yourself to insert into the preset spots.

Final Verdict

So take all factors into consideration and choose whichever you think would be the best hip wader for fishing in your working conditions. Keep in mind your comfort level and durability too along with other important points.

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