Top 6 Jumping Stilts To Take Your Act To The Next Level!

Fitness oriented products have been increasing for the past few years due to the rising demand. An interesting and innovative fitness oriented product is jumping stilts. Ideal for jumping or performing acrobats, jumping stilts has become our personal favorite. It is targeted towards those customers who want to enjoy their workout session as well as stay fit. Once you become pro in using the product, you can perform quite amazing jumps and other activities.

However, there should be precautionary measures as well when using the product. Physicians also recommend jumping slits for exercise, and it would actually control bad cholesterol. Usually, these products are designed based on the users’ height, weight, and other features. In this article of best jumping stilts reviews, we will walk you through the process of identifying the right jumping stilts for yourself.

Best Pick

Air-Trekkers Adult Jumping Stilts

Our best pick for jumping stilts would be’ Air-Trekkers Adult Jumping Stilts BW Extreme 1 Pair of Spring Loaded Jump Stilts for Men Flips, Tricks, Exercise, Fitness, Cardio Bounce Shoes with Protection Pads & Knee Support’. We loved these stilts because they meet more than just the basic safety standards. They are also comfortable to use and come from a reliable and trusted brand. We particularly found the overall construction sturdy, durable, and easy to use.

​Budget Pick

Skyrunner Adult Kangaroo Shoes Men Jumping Stilts Men Women Fitness Exercise

Our budget pick is the ‘Skyrunner Adult Kangaroo Shoes Men Jumping Stilts for Men and Women Fitness Exercise (155~200 Ibs/70~90kg) Bouncing shoes’. We thought that they offer more value and go above and beyond what the product actually costs. This product also comes with durable construction and the comfort that you need. The spring quality is also the type that one prefers for basic exercises.


1. Air-Trekkers Adult Jumping Stilts 

Air-Trekkers Adult Jumping Stilts

Highlighted Features

  • The brand with royalty paying licensee for German patent holder
  • SGS and CE certified product
  • Comes with carbon fiber springs
  • Possess leg cuff & wide velcro binding straps
  • Suitable for performing acrobats, high jump, parkour and some regular tricks
  • Aids with performing everyday cardio, increase core strength and agility
  • Suitable for weight range of 160-210 lbs

We believe for any fitness-oriented product; safety comes first and is the top-most priority. Air-Trekkers Adult Jumping Stilts BW Extreme is one of our top picks for its safe and secure design. We would always recommend choosing brands for jumping stilts that are licensed.

Luckily, the Air-Trekker brand is a royalty-paying licensee for German patent holders. The design and quality are ensured to provide you with the superior quality safety requirement that you need. As far as the certification is concerned, these jumping stilts are SGS and CE certified. To summarize, in terms of safety requirements with this product, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Next, let’s talk about the design of the product. To facilitate high-performance jumping, it comes with carbon fiber springs. The product has leg cuff & wide Velcro binding straps so that you do not have to face any difficulty while jumping. These two features will provide you with the protection that you need for a long-jump, aerobic exercise, or other acrobatic activities.

A word of caution, no matter how safe a product is, we would advise you to start slow while jumping and then move to longer jumps when you are well acquainted with the product.

We found that the product is quite suitable for performing acrobats, high jump, parkour, and some regular tricks. If you are not comfortable with jumping, you can always opt for intensive running with the stilts.

The product will assist you in performing your everyday cardio, increase core strength, and for optimizing your agility. In fact, with Air-Trekker jumping stilts, you can easily complete your workout routine in a fun and interesting way.


  • Meets all standard safety requirements
  • Superior quality spring type
  • Design suited for high performance jumping
  • Convenient management
  • Durable and light-weight
  • Superior quality construction
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals


  • Comparatively more expensive from other jumping stilts

2. Skyrunner Adult Kangaroo Shoes Men Jumping Stilts Men Women Fitness Exercise

Skyrunner Adult Kangaroo Shoes Men Jumping Stilts Men Women Fitness Exercise

Highlighted Features

  • Has the certification of SGS and CE
  • Key manufacturers are Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Special Product's Supplier
  • Suitable within the within the weight range of 155-200 Ibs
  • Made from fiberglass spring
  • Compatible for jumping up to a height of 7 feet

As interesting as the name is, Skyrunner Adult Kangaroo Shoes will make your workout session fun, exciting and agile. This new sports gear made it to our list of best jumping stilt because of its sturdy construction and safety measures for the users. Starting with the safety requirements of the product, Skyrunner Adult Kangaroo Shoes Men has the certification of SGS and CE.

Of course, we would always recommend you to be careful when using this product or any other jumping stilts. Moving on to the quality of design, we found that the quality is not premium but decent enough to do the job. The manufacturers for this product are Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Special Product's Supplier. If you are within the weight range of 155-200 Ibs, this product will be suitable for you.

However, if you do not fall under this weight category, there are risks of being injured and we would highly discourage you to use the product. To assist with the jumping and other acrobatic tricks, the spring of the product is made from fiberglass spring which is quite a decent material for the purpose. To be exact, these jumping stilts are suitable for jumping up to a height of 7 feet.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable design
  • Suited for heavy weighted adults as well
  • Versatile; can be used for high jumps, acrobatics and intensive running
  • Value for money deal
  • Meets the basic safety requirements
  • Provides a fun and agile way of exercise


  • Beginners might face difficulty while tightening the straps

3. Jump-Bird Jumping Stilts

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with full aluminum frame
  • Frame thickness of 0.1 inches
  • High-quality fiberglass spring
  • Has a weight limit of 88-132 pounds
  • Easy to use and balance
  • Has secure bolt and nut connections

Jump-Bird jumpers are designed for teenagers and adults. They are suitable for running, fitness, and other active games. These jumping stilts feature a double fastening system made up of nylon straps that are adjustable on the ankle and the rise of the foot. This allows them to fit perfectly with each shoe.

While many models of jumping stilts are geared toward the adult population, these jumping stilts are also ideal for teenagers, who tend to be even more active than their adult counterparts at times. However, when choosing a pair of jumping stilts for a teenager, it is important to find some that are specifically designed for them. Jump-bird stilts were designed for someone younger and lighter in weight.

These jumping stilts were also manufactured with safety as a priority. Only the best and most high-quality parts were used in its construction, so you do not have to worry about the components wearing down or failing.

In addition to the stilts providing teenagers and adults with a full-body workout, they are also incredibly easy to use. You simply balance on the stilts the same way you would balance while walking.


  • Light-weight construction
  • Reinforced glass fiber
  • Made from superior quality aluminum
  • Suitable for teenagers and middle aged adults
  • Durable product
  • Fun and convenient to use


  • Not so eye-pleasing design

4. Skyrunner-Iconiciris Store Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts 

Skyrunner-Iconiciris Store Kids Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for older child and teenagers
  • Ideal for basic cardio routine, regular running or for some quick acrobatic tricks
  • The product is Iconiciris store authorized
  • Comes with the certification of SGS and CE
  • Suitable within the weight range of 66-110lbs
  • Manufacturer of the product is also Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Special Product's Supplier
  • Foot pad is 10 inches
  • The spring is a well-balanced

With the busy schedule and routine of kids and youngsters, fitness becomes a second choice for them. It is the parents who should understand the importance of fitness and come with a product that is convenient and fun for kids. Such a great product for you is Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Fitness Exercise (66-110lbs/30~50kg) (blue). We feel that this is a perfect item to ensure that your kids’ fitness is not compromised at all. For basic cardio routine, regular running, or for some quick acrobatic tricks, this gadget is quite a catch.

Moving on to the other specific aspects of the product, let’s talk about the safety standards of the product at first. The product is Iconiciris store authorized. We understand when it comes to kids or youth products, you always need to be extra careful about the safety standards. That is why we have chosen a product that comes with the certification of SGS and CE. This means that the product is safe for use, and you can jump without worry. Of course, a minimum safety precautionary measure needs to be taken into consideration.

The product is suitable within the weight range of 66-110lbs. We urge you to be careful about the weight of the product. Anyone above or below the weight range should not use the product for safety reasons. The manufacturer of this product is also the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Special Product's Supplier. This implies that the quality of the product will be of decent quality. The footpad of the product is 10 inches from the ground, meaning you can jump quite conveniently with this.

The spring used for its construction is a well-balanced spring to facilitate the child or teenagers to jump smoothly. Our take on the product would be that for beginner children and youth, this product is just the right one. However, if the user has become a professional, the product might not be the right fit for them.


  • Durable construction
  • Suitable for performing basic workouts and jumps
  • Ideal choice for beginners
  • Meets standard safety requirements
  • Smooth jumping with spring
  • Made from decent quality materials


  • Unsuitable for adults or heavy weight individuals
  • Not a great choice for professional users

5. Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts CZ60 Adult Edition

Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts CZ60 Adult Edition

Highlighted Features

  • CGS and CE certified
  • Made from carbon fiber spring
  • Suitable within the weight range of 131-152 lbs
  • Made from thick and durable aluminum
  • Comes with padded knee support
  • Suitable for basic exercises and running

For adults, particularly, we understand that choosing the right brand and product is important. As far as the brand is concerned, we can assure you that Air-Trekker is a reliable brand in the field of fitness-oriented products. It has been performing quite great for more than eight years. When it comes to choosing the right jumping stilts, safety comes first. Therefore, this particular product is CGS and CE certified. The spring of this product is carbon fiber spring, which is a superior quality spring that facilitates high-performance jump.

For adults within the weight range of 131-152 lbs, this product is suitable. The outer layer of the product is made from thick and durable aluminum. This construction makes the design more appealing and long-lasting. We loved how versatile the product is. Any adult within the prescribed weight range can use the product. However, the activities performed by these jumping stilts might differ based on age and user preference.

From our side, we would recommend that somersault or back-flips should not be tried out by beginners. Rather, they should start with small jumps and running with this product. We loved that the product comes with padded knee support. For adults, we felt that this is an essential requirement.


  • Great construction
  • Durable
  • Appealing and long lasting design
  • Comfortable to use
  • Suitable for all adults
  • Light-weight


  • Not so versatile in terms of activity

6. ZGUO Adult Kangaroo Shoes Mens Jumping Stilts

Highlighted Features

  • Weight range within the limit of 160-210 lbs
  • Carbon fiber running tool
  • Core of the stilt is made from aluminum
  • Suitable to jump, run or maneuver
  • Helps to develop agility
  • SGS and CE Certifications which indicate they are safe to use

These jumping stilts offer high wear resistance due to the anti-slip rubber pads that are attached to the base of the jumpers. This offers you a long and extended life for this product. ZGUO is considered a high-quality brand by many because of the durability they offer. They provide optimal jumping energy every time they are used.

These stilts have SGS and CE certifications, which states they are safe to use. They are appropriate for adults who are between the weight of 155 and 200 pounds. The springs are durable and strong enough to be used by both men and women.

They come with two adjustable foot straps and a foam ankle bar. Also, in place is a 30-day warranty. ZGUO has made these stilts with both men and women in mind. Usually, stilts will be specifically designed for one or the other.

However, these can fit a wide range of people. They are good for those in peak physical fitness but can also be used for fitness by those deemed slightly overweight. It is a fun and safe way to get into shape. They allow you to run faster and jump higher as you get into shape.


  • High-quality design
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • SGS and CE Certification
  • Manufactured by Beijing 2008 Olympic Special Product's Supplier


  • Paint may begin to scratch with heavy use


Safety standards

The first and foremost factor of selection would be to look for the safety standards of the product. Look for key words authorize, licensed and certification in the product details. If the product specification does not mention about any certification, our recommendation would be not to go for the product. Since this is an exercise activity gear, casualties could be common thing for un-certified products.

Spring type

Since you are going to jump with the gadget, it is common sense that the product will have spring. Based on the activity type, there are various types of springs. For instance, carbon fiber springs are suited for high performance jumps. Now your focus should be more on the quality of spring rather than what it can do. Fiber-glass and carbon fiber are some of the good spring types.

Weight limit

This is one of the most important criteria for your safety needs. We would highly encourage you to opt for only those products that are within your weight range. Check the weight capacity at the very beginning to shortlist among the products. The chances of accidents increase to a great extent if you do not follow the weight limit.


For simple running or small jumps for beginners, there are specific jumping stilts. For professional acrobats, similar product might not work for them. Therefore, choose your preferred jumping stilt based on the type of activity that you want to do. And always choose the product that highlights the activity you want to do as their core utility. For instance, if you are looking for jumping stilts with which you can perform acrobat tricks, look for the product that mentions that exclusively. That is because, there are plenty of jumping stilts that are not suitable for performing acrobats.


When you purchase jumping stilts, it is a good idea to review the warranty that is offered with the stilts. Since there is an amount of bodily injury that can occur during use, you want to make sure that there are no defects or problems with the stilts you purchase. They should remain in proper working order to help with the overall safety of the user. So, when reviewing warranties, make sure you are getting only the best from the manufacturer you have chosen.

Overall construction

The overall construction means the weight of the product itself, if it is sturdy or not and whether the product is durable or not. For jumping stilts versatility is not a priority as long as your preferred activity can be done by the gadget. Look for padded foot or strong base for comfort factor. Since you would be jumping or performing acrobats, the locks or the balance of the product is important as well.

The Basics of Jumping Stilts

Now that you have our selection of some of the best jumping stilts you can use to take your act to the next level, and you know what features to look for, let's take a look at some of the basics of jumping stilts.

Preparing for Use

Make sure you wear the proper safety equipment, including knee and elbow pads and a helmet. This is especially important if you are a beginner, and this is your first experience with jumping stilts.

Make sure you wear the proper safety equipment, including knee and elbow pads and a helmet. This is especially important if you are a beginner, and this is your first experience with jumping stilts.

First Use

Putting on your jumping stilts is a bit more involved than just strapping them on and going. First, put on all your safety equipment. When putting on the stilts, make sure you are seated on a high seat or other elevated area to make it easier to put them on and lift off.

Put your feet securely into the platform and fasten them in securely with the straps.

You don't want your feet slipping out during use. Once everything is tightened, start trying to stand up very slowly. It is a good idea to have someone with you to help maintain your balance as you do this. With some practice, you will find that it will get much easier to stand up on your own.

Once you have stood up and have learned to maintain your balance, you can begin slowly taking steps forward. This will help you get used to the stilts and get a feel for how you should be balancing yourself. Always start on a flat and solid surface when using them for the first time.


Jumping may be high on your list; however, you want to wait on this action until you have learned to completely maintain your balance on the stilts. When it is time for you to jump for the first time, find something to hold onto and start with very small jumps. You can then gradually increase your jumping height as you become more confident and more comfortable with the jumping stilts.


With jumping stilts, only the right purchase decision is not enough. For your own safety, you need to be careful about some aspects always. We would highly recommend that you put on safety gear first before using any of the above jumping stilts.

Afterward, you must make sure that you have fastened the stilts properly or not. Not to forget that you should always choose the product that is within your weight range. Not following this particular rule is a strict no from us. Remember, you have to manage your own safety when it comes to these aspects.