Top 10 Best Keyboard Trays For Home And Office

Have you ever wondered why you experience wrist, neck or even back pain each time after using you use your desktop even after investing in an ergonomic chair? Well, probably it’s because your keyboard and mouse are not positioned well. Poor positioning of your peripherals forces you to strain to reach them. This forces you to strain your neck, back, and hands to get the job done, and before you realize it, you will be experiencing pain in these areas.

 A keyboard tray helps you position your keyboard and mouse preventing any further strain. Besides, a keyboard tray allows you to tilt it in a natural, comfy position, enabling you to boost your productivity levels. To ensure you do not risk suffering long-term health complication, we have reviewed quality models brands in the market today to help you choose the best keyboard tray for your needs

Best Pick

KT2 Ergonomic Under-Desk Adjustable Height & Angle Sit to Stand up Keyboard Tray

KT2 Ergonomic Under-Desk Adjustable Height & Angle Sit to Stand up Keyboard Tray is ergonomically designed with adjustable mouse pads and proper monitor and keyboard height separation making it our best pick.

​Budget Pick

Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray
Stand Steady Clamp on Keyboard Tray is affordable, easy to assemble with smooth sliding and extra surface making it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Keyboard Trays

1. Stand Steady Clamp On Keyboard Tray

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 6.37 pounds
  • 1.5” clamp width
  • 12” by27” surface size
  • Easy to assemble
  • Padded clamps
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Smooth sliding design
  • Chamfered edge

Stand steady keyboard tray allows you to rest your wrist and back at a natural position. With this keyboard tray, you do not have to damage your working desk by screwing it to get it installed. The device boats of a clamp design which enables you to install it in as little as 5 minutes.

The clamps are padded to make sure the bottom side of your desk is not damaged. The model is one of the largest keyboard trays in the market. It features a 12” by 27” surface which allows you to place your mouse, keyboard and leaves more space for placing other things like a phone. What the tray does is provide you with ample and comfy working area.

The tray touts of its sleek design which adds style to your home, office or school. When not in use, the platform allows you to slide it under the desk creating more space. The keyboard tray is designed with the user in mind.

If style, quality, and comfort are what you may be looking in a keyboard tray, then this Stand Steady tray could be a good pick for you.

2. KT2 Ergonomic Under-Desk Adjustable Height & Angle Sit to Stand up Keyboard Tray

Highlighted Features

  • Designed using premium quality steel frame  with molded keyboard and mouse panels
  • 18.5” by 8.75” in size
  • One height adjustment
  • Non-skid pads for holding the keyboard in place
  • Easy to install
  • One angle adjustment
  • Ergonomically designed

When typing on your keyboard, almost the entire body is engaged, but shoulders, wrist, and arms get engaged more. A negative tilt is required to ensure you maintain a natural posture and that is what this KT2 keyboard tray from Uncaged Ergonomics does.

The tray is completely adjustable allowing you to create a comfy working environment. Whether you like a tilt, elevated, slide or swivel keyboard, you can easily make adjustments and customize it as you prefer.

The tray also features an adjustable mouse pad. You can tilt your mouse pad independently and connect to mouse option while optimizing on the distance. This stand or sit keyboard tray also offers a proper height separation of your keyboard and monitor.

Whether you prefer typing when standing or sitting, this Uncaged Ergonomics tray will help you achieve that much faster. Besides, the tray is also engineered and designed to ensure you not only maintain good posture but also enjoy using it for years to come.

 In case you may be hunting for the best ergonomic keyboard tray then this encaged platform could be a perfect choice for you. The features integrated on this platform make it stand out from other products.

3. Fellowes Professional Series Compact Keyboard Tray (8018001) 

Highlighted Features

  • 17-3/4” glide track
  • Durable
  • Lift and lock feature for easy height adjustments
  • Warning track for keeping the mouse in place
  • Offers maneuverability and comfort in small working environments
  • Non-skid pads
  • Compact with sleek design

This Fellowes keyboard tray is designed to help you improve your working ergonomics. The tray is ideal for small working places. Fellowes 8018001 series is designed using the latest technology to help boost your productivity levels

The platform boasts of a lift and lock feature which enables you to customize your keyboard height. For maximum comfort, the tray also has a single adjustable knob which allows you to tilt it up to 10 degrees.

With Fellowes keyboard tray, you do not have to worry about your mouse falling. The platform has a warning track which prevents your mouse from sliding off. The tray is built to last and helps ensure your wrist and arms are well positioned when using your keyboard.

4. 3M Keyboard Tray with Adjustable Keyboard and Mouse Platforms 

Highlighted Features

  • Adjusts your keyboard 6” below your mounting area or 4” above
  • Tilt and height indicators
  • Leatherette covered wrist rest
  • Requires 23.25” by 24” mounting desk space
  • Swivels 360 degrees and packs well under the desk when not in use
  • Easy to clean writs rest
  • Sturdy and highly adjustable
  • Battery saving mousing surface

This 3M keyboard tray features a swivel platform which rotates right or left in 360degrees and packs nicely under your desk when not in use.

The platform is highly adjustable and allows you to adjust your mouse and keyboard to your preferred working position. A leatherette-covered gel wrist rest with a battery saving mouse pad is also included. This helps you position your wrist in a healthy position preventing any chances of developing the carpal syndrome.

The keyboard tray has a tilt knob with height and tilt indicators to allow you customize your working environment.

5. Mount-It! Under Desk Computer Keyboard and Mouse Tray

Highlighted Features

  • 6.7” height adjustments
  • Saves space
  • Gel wrist pad
  • Swivels left and right to create better working space
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Keyboard holder accommodates different keyboard styles and can fit any desk

Mount it keyboard tray is designed with high-quality materials to ensure you enjoy your working platform for years to come. The keyboard holder is designed to fit perfectly well with any desk style and different keyboard styles.

With this keyboard and mouse tray, you can raise, tilt and adjust it to suit your preferred working position. The platform comes with mouse gel pad which rests your wrist in a natural position preventing any injuries or complications.

When using your keyboard, you do not have to place it on your desk. The keyboard tray is designed to be mounted and sit beneath your desk helping you to save space.

To make your installation process simple the tray comes with detailed instructions and everything you need to get to set up your platform.

6. Cartmay Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable plate
  • Easy to install
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Built to last
  • Maximizes your working area
  • Comfy gel wrist rest

Worried about your small working space? With this adjustable keyboard tray, you can maximize your working area and improve your productivity levels. The platform is designed using high-quality resin which backs up your hand when working.

The platform features manual adjustments. You can push or pull to position the tray horizontally. Adjusting your height and working position is also easy.

The installation has also been made simple. The tray comes with everything you need to set it up. The platform features a 26.7” by 11.4” (680mm by 290mm) surface with a track length of 18.1” (20mm).

The plate can be adjusted 5.1” (130mm) lower or raised 0.8” (20mm) higher to suit your preferred working position. This Cartmay platform has excellent feature to help you maintain an ergonomic working position

7. ​Humanscale 500 Keyboard Tray

Highlighted Features

  • 22” track
  • Gel wrist rest
  • Ideal for left and right-handed individuals
  • Strong
  • Accommodates nearly all keyboard types
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 27”W by 10 5/8”d surface

Sometimes it can be hard to get a keyboard tray which is big and superbly strong, but we may have found one for you. This Humanscale is designed using phenolic, a remarkably thin and powerful board.

The platform accommodates nearly almost all kinds of keyboards. Its design makes your keyboard and mouse easy to reach in a neutral working position. Its gel palm rest supports your wrist in a natural position preventing any complications.

The platform can be moved easily to suit both right and left-handed individuals.

8. Uncaged Ergonomics (WEKTb) WorkEZ Keyboard Tray

Highlighted Features

  • 7” by 7” mouse pad
  • 18” by 11” panel size
  • Designed using Aluminum with ABS joints
  • Ideal for left and right-handed individuals
  • Comfy
  • Collapsible
  • Lightweight
  • Panel rotates 180 degrees
  • 2 to 18” adjustable height
  • Adjustable typing angle with a 15degrees increment
  • No installation required

Uncaged Ergonomics has designed an effective, and a great keyboard tray. The platform gives you support and preferred adjustments, engaging your body in a neutral posture.

With this platform, you can easily customize your working positions. Whether you love typing when standing or sitting, Uncaged tray accommodates all that. Its keyboard stand is adjustable and allows you to raise your keyboard up to 18” high while giving maximum support to your tray.

The mouse pad angle can also be aligned to left or right to suit your mouse options. The platform is lightweight, strong and collapsible. One thing that makes this platform stand out is because it does not require any assembly.

Once you buy your tray, you only need to adjust your working position and you good to go. If you may be hunting for the best keyboard tray for gaming, then you should give this Uncaged tray a try.

Its collapsible design and portability allow you to use it on any computer anytime without any restrictions.

9. VIVO Adjustable Computer Keyboard & Mouse Platform Tray

Highlighted Features

  • 5/8” removable gel wrist rest
  • Adjustable mouse tray
  • Comes with all mounting hardware
  • Built to last
  • Has a low profile metal stand
  • Easy to adjust your working position
  • Sleek design

VIVO keyboard and mouse tray boast of a black matte finishing which perfectly blends well with your working environment. The platform comes with a low profile metal stand which provides maximum support to your tray.

The stand slides perfectly well under the desk and stows your keyboard when not in use. To prevent wrist discomfort the tray has a removable 5/8" gel wrist pad which positions your wrist in a neutral position when working.

With this platform, you can say no to mouse sliding. The 25” by 10” tray gives optimal support to all your peripherals and fits most keyboard types.

Setting up your keyboard tray is easy and simple. The platform comes with everything you need to install your tray.

10. Knob Adjust Under Desk Keyboard Tray by NYCCO

Highlighted Features

  • Battery saving mouse pad
  • Built to last
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Ideal for left and right-handed individuals
  • Easy height adjustments
  • Spill-resistant
  • Packs under the desk when not in use

This NYCCO platform is constructed using superior quality materials to ensure your tray last for years to come. The arm and track are made of high-grade steel material. The platform has a great impact and spill resistance.

The height is fully adjustable. With the help of the adjustments knob, you can easily tilt your height 1” higher from the installation level or 4.5” lower.

Its 360 degrees swiveling feature allows you to rotate the platform to suit your preferred mouse option. The mouse pad is adjustable with a battery saving design. Not forgetting its design which stows your keyboard when not in use and adds elegance to any working environment.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Keyboard Tray

Ergonomic keyboard trays are known to offers substantial benefits. However, before investing in one, there are things you should factor out. Among them include:


Keyboard trays come in varied sizes. Knowing the size of your platform prior to buying, will help you determine whether your desk will accommodate it. As a rule, your desk should be big than your keyboard tray to allows for its installation.

Mounting Options

Not all desks are compatible with all keyboard trays, but some platforms fit almost all desk types. If you use shared workspace, you should consider choosing a keyboard with track mounting option. However, if you have limited space for accommodating your track, then a trackless option is recommended.

As much as the trackless option is an excellent choice for limited space, it does not offer flexibility like other types. To avoid any frustrations, consider choosing a platform that can fit well with most desk designs.

Installation Hardware

While some platforms do not require any installation, others will require you to mount them to enable you to use them. In case you select one that requires mounting, ensure you choose a model which comes with everything you may need to install your tray.


Keyboard trays are designed using different materials. Though the platforms are inexpensive, you should not settle for a poor quality model which will call replacements. To enjoy your platform for years to come, you should consider buying a strong and quality tray.


Latest keyboard trays feature different adjustment angles, rotation, and height. Though these platforms can be adjusted to suit your preferred working position, some may limit you depending on your height, your chair or your mouse options.

If you are left handed, consider choosing a platform that can swivel easily and allow you to change your mouse option. Measure also your chair when sitting to ensure your sitting position will match perfectly with your height. Consider also the platform height adjustment range to make sure you select one that fits your preferred working position.

In case you opt for a standing keyboard tray design, you should measure your height to make sure you do not strain body when working.

Knee Clearance

Investing in a platform that does not have clearance will hit you on the knees or interfere with your sitting position. Ensure the keyboard tray you select allows you to move your legs freely without knocking your knees.

Mousing Platform

The platform you choose should have enough space to accommodate both your keyboard and mouse. If you are left handed, consider buying a platform which can accommodate mouse on both sides and offers you enough space to move your mouse without restriction.

When working, your mouse may slide. Consider choosing a platform which prevents your mouse from falling.

Mouse Pad Design

When typing, your wrist gets engaged more than other parts of your body. Straining your wrist cause soreness which can results to severe joint complications. An ergonomic keyboard tray should have a gel wrist rest to make sure your wrist is in its neutral position each time you are working.


A good keyboard tray should hold your peripherals and maintain stability. An unstable platform will always force your hands to stretch engaging your shoulders and your body than required.


If elegance of your working environment is what you need, then you should consider buying a platform with a contemporary design.

Final Verdict

Nothing can strain your body like poor working position. Do not let your body suffer. Invest in a quality platform today and select your best keyboard tray from our list of ergonomic platforms. All the above products are a perfect choice when selected and used as recommended by the manufacturer.

Always ensure your platform meets all your working preferences and poses features which allows you to customize it whenever you want to.

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