Top 10 Laser Tag Guns For Destroying Enemies!

If you are an ardent fan of laser tag gaming, then you certainly own or would want to invest in a laser tag gun. Laser tag gaming has gained massive popularity all over the world. The players wear infrasensitive targets in this game and opponents try to shoot them through their laser tag guns. Laser Tag Gaming is just apt for people of all ages. The game involves role-play-style and simulation of combats. It does not inflict any kind of pain because of absence of projectiles. The players can have a great experience without any risks of injuries. Laser tag faming is more of a kid thing. Even adults are addicted to it. This game is no longer limited to amusement parks. You can purchase a set for a great family time together. However, with manufacturers competing with each other for market share, customers feel confused while making the decision about the brand that they can rely on. You are at the right page if you need some help in shortlisting the best laser tag guns available in the market. Our detailed review highlights the features of the guns and offers you the things to consider before buying the laser tag guns available in the market.

Best Pick

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set with carrying case Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set with carrying case should be your top choice if you want to indulge in countless hours of laser tag gaming with your family. The ability to seamlessly switch between different blasters and the unique team settings makes this a great investment.

​Budget Pick

Dynasty Toys Family Games Laser Tag Set Dynasty Toys Family Games Laser Tag Set- 2 pack promises a great multiplayer experience to the players. The unique team settings and laser range of 120 feet makes this a great choice for outdoor gaming.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Laser Tag Guns

Here we recommend you the best pick and the best laser tag gun available in the market under the budget category. If you are not concerned about spending more, then you can opt for the best option available in the market loaded with all the premium features. If you have a strict budget but want to derive the best features, then you can follow this recommendation to secure a great deal. We are recommending these two products after carrying out an in-depth review of the best options available in the market segment. We have covered all the critical parameters to be considered in suggesting the best option available in the market today when it comes to a laser tag gun. [table id=146 /]

1. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set with carrying case 

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set with carrying case

Highlighted Features

  • Emits less than 1mW output which ensures safety of your child
  • Offers four different settings for added fun
  • Comes with a carry case for convenience
  • Tested by third party laser product safety facility
  • No eye protection needed
If you want to enjoy countless hours of laser tag gaming with your family, then this set is just perfect for you. It includes laser blasters, a collectible carrying case and features 4 unique team settings. You can seamlessly switch between the four separate blasters within your arsenal. What is interesting is that each blaster has its own strengths and weaknesses in terms of reload time, range and damage. You can easily reload by tapping the butt of the blaster. The built in speakers notify you when the reloading has been done. The side of the blaster notifies your health. The infra-red rays emitted by the set are safe for people of all ages. This product complies with the Code of Federal Regulations when it comes to safety. Third party testing has been done to ensure product safety.Unlike other laser tag guns available in the market the Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set works even while not wearing a vest. The gun just needs to track the blaster which makes it quite player-friendly. Changing the team and blast settings is quite easy.


  • No need to wear a vest as the sensors are present on the blaster
  • 100% safe for people of all ages
  • A great option for group activity
  • The guns are well built and simple to use
  • Great customer service


  • Bright blinking lights give away the position
  • Low quality control

2. Dynasty Toys Family Games Laser Tag Set

Dynasty Toys Family Games Laser Tag Set

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a durable carrying case for increased mobility
  • Offers 4 different team choices for added fun
  • Versatility is unmatched
  • Permits easy customization of settings and numerous features
  • Offers incredible gaming experience
  • Certified to be child-safe
Dynasty Toys promises a premium multiplayer laser tag experience to the players. Its laser range exceeds 120 feet. It comes with 4 completely unique team settings. You would enjoy countless hours of laser tag gaming regardless of what your age is. You can easily switch between 4 separate blasters when you opt for Dynasty Toys Family Games Laser Tag Set. Each blaster has its own strength and weakness pertaining to reload time, range and damage.This one is one of the coolest laser tag sets available in the market where you need not put on a vest. This product has been certified to be child-safe and hence offers peace of mind to the parents. They need not keep a tab on their kids’ activities while they are using this set.The Dynasty Toys Family Games Laser Tag set comes with a convenient and practical carry bag for improved protection and portability. The versatile designing makes this set a great investment.


  • Promotes team engagement in children
  • You can have a great time both indoors and outdoors
  • Features a versatile design
  • No need to strap a vest to your body
  • Infrared waves emitted by toys are safe for all ages
  • Have been tested by a third party laser product safety facility


  • Quality control issue noted in the guns

3. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag

Highlighted Features

  • No need to wear a vest
  • You can play in any environment
  • Has a max strike range of 130 feet which permits you to play in a field or garden
  • Offers different gun options
  • You can choose from multiple team modes indicated with different colored lights
  • Realistic shooting sounds based on the mode of gun chosen by you
This laser tag gun is available in a set of two and lights up when you shoot. There are different life bars and different shots available based on the gun mode chosen by you. This set is suitable for both outdoors and indoors. A shooting range of 130 feet is offered by this set. Kidzlane Laser Tag offers different gun options to the users. The multiple team modes and realistic shooting sounds make your gaming experience impeccable. The best thing we found about this set is that it is quite easy to operate. This mega realistic laser tag set is packed with exciting features. The four different gun modes permit you to choose wisely between a rocket, submachine gun, shotgun and a pistol. The solid vibrations and cool lights make the combat much more fun for the kids. You can use this set to make a memorable family reunion and birthday party.


  • Easy to operate
  • Ultra realistic shooting sounds
  • Ensures safe play with child safety infrared signal emission
  • Certified to be safe for children of all ages
  • Can easily switch between weapon modes in between a game


  • The guns are not sturdy enough

4. Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent range of 200ft
  • Color lighting for easy shot tracking
  • Interactive voice coach to enhance your game
  • Feedback provided during the game helps you identify your mistakes
  • Compatible with all other Laser X sets
Once you start using this Laser X 88016 gaming set, you would not want to let go of it. This one features a user friendly design when we compare it with other options available in the market under the laser tag gaming segments. The lightweight and the compact design of Laser X 88016 promises good shooting range and portability. The additional accessories offered such as cool plug-in headphones deliver incredible sound effects and track throughout the course of the game. The multiple gun modes and built-in infrared receivers keep everyone active and moving around throughout the game. The toys are 100% safe. The blasters have been tested by a third party to determine the product safety. No-eye protection is needed during usage. The infrared light emitted by the product is similar to the lights used in a TV remote or a garage opener.


  • Helps you precisely shoot your targets
  • Immersive and interactive voice coach offers a great experience
  • Voice coach offers feedback during the game
  • Is child safe
  • You can blast your opponents from 200ft away


  • The wires are clumsy

5. Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Infrared Blaster Tag Set

Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Infrared Blaster Tag Set

Highlighted Features

  • Dedicated lights indicate remaining lives in the battle
  • Ammunition can be added in the middle of the game
  • Compatible with SKY4893 and SKY4892 rifle blasters
  • Different modes add an element of suspense and thrill
  • Infrared receivers improve your shooting accuracy
Best Choice Products is one of the most popular brands offering laser tag sets in the market. This multiplayer set offers unparalleled realistic gaming experience. It is recommended for both kids and adults. The laser tag gun offered in this set consists of different blaster settings such as shotgun, missile launcher, submachine and pistol. You are also presented the option to choose from different ammunition levels while choosing gun modes. The infrared receiver in the Best Choice Products Tag Set helps you track the hits and updates you about the remaining life. Different vests offer you a thrilling gaming experience. The guns offer a long strike distance up to 130 feet. The infrared lights emitted are safe. The realistic sounds augment the gaming experience of the players. Like other laser guns, this set lets you pick from 4 blasters: missile launcher, submachine gun, shotgun and a pistol.


  • Versatility of the design makes it suitable for both outdoors and indoors
  • Is safety compliant
  • The sensor target offer 40-meter targeting range
  • Blasters have four levels which provide variety in terms of ammunition level


  • Quite expensive when compared to other brands

6. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a state-of-the-art laser experience
  • Target vests can receive hits and offer an authentic gaming experience
  • Blasters also serve as receivers
  • Designed using 100% child safe infrared technology
  • Features an invisible mode that turns your lights off to hide your location
  • Night vision flashlight helps in finding assistance in the dark
ArmoGear offers authentic laser gaming experience that would not want to miss. This kit will keep your family entertained for several hours. You can instantly transform your home into a laser area when you opt for this laser tag set. If you or your kids crave for an authentic laser tag game, then you must consider investing in ArmoGear Laser Tag Blasters and Vests. This advanced set comprises of laser tag blasters. There is rarely any laser tag set that offers voice guided directions, night vision flashlight, invisibility mode and vests. 4 teams can participate in a riveting battle while using ArmoGear Laser Tag set. The players can switch between rocket, machine gun, shotgun and pistol for blasting your enemies. The laser blasters have been designed ergonomically to offer a solid grip in hand. The ArmoGear Laser Tag set is 100% safe and utilizes Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission. The lifelike shooting sounds and vibrations ensure deep immersive gameplay. If you want your kids to leave the screens and play outdoors, then you should certainly gift them this laser tag set. While there are many laser tag sets that are prone to defects, you can rely on this set from ArmoGear as it is durable and designed quality parts. This set is made as per highest manufacturing standards for offering long lasting service. What we admire about this set is the customer satisfaction guarantee offered by the makers. They make sure that their users are 100% satisfied with their offerings. This is the reason why full money back guarantee is offered over this product. The users can contact the responsive customer support team if they have any concerns with their order.


  • Offers clear, voice assisted directions
  • Offers 150ft shooting range
  • Works flawlessly both outdoors and indoors
  • Backed by full money back refund by the makers
  • Offers immersive gameplay and stealth fighting mode
  • Long lasting durability and comes with four vests


  • Poor laser sensor system

7. ​USA Toyz Laser Tag Gun Set 

USA Toyz Laser Tag Gun Set

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a spider bot training target
  • The targets are in the toys and there is no need for a vest
  • Different gun modes register different damages
  • Works well with other kits
  • You can configure teams with four selectable team colors
If you are interested in an epic laser tag game, then you can consider investing in the USA Toyz Laser Tag Gun Set. No vests are required in order to play with this laser tag set. The laser tag set includes grip reload, team selector and life meter. USA Toyz Laser Tag Gun Set offers a target practice bot which helps you improve your target skills. This set helps you play party games with much ease. Each laser tag gun includes rocket launcher modes, submachine gun, shotgun and pistol. You can expand your battle zone with this long range laser blaster set. You can play across the neighborhood with this 130 ft. long range laser tag game set. The makers provide a full refund to the users if not satisfied with the product or in case of any defect.


  • Rechargeable t-bot runs seamlessly for 35+ minutes
  • Space blaster game is compact and comes in a travel case
  • Excellent customer support service
  • 100% quality assured
  • The product adheres to the highest safety standards


  • Requires too many batteries to function

8. Hasbro Lazertag Multiplayer Battle System

Hasbro Lazertag Multiplayer Battle System

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with two pinpoint sight units to shoot the target precisely
  • Two player system that offers intense gaming experience
  • Video game attachments also offered
  • Short blast attachment offered to customize firing power
  • Sturdy and well-made
This laser tag set truly deserves a spot in this review. We really adore the simplicity in the design as well as the operation. This is a perfect laser tag set for beginners. It offers nice targeting features that make hitting the target quite easier. Hasbro Lazertag Multiplayer Battle System can be customized to suit your preferences and tastes. It helps you improve your skills by offering simple instructional video game attachment. It adds to the fun in a significant manner. If you are looking for a breathtaking experience while playing laser tag game, then you cannot go wrong with Hasbro Lazertag Multiplayer Battle System. The guns come in pair thereby encouraging team playing. Your kids can engage all their friends for an enjoyable experience. The set comes with 2 shot blast attachments for enhanced functionality. If you desire added precision then you need to utilize the right attachments that come along with this laser tag gun.


  • An apt toy to make your kids play outside
  • Solid construction and great audio effects
  • Comes with additional attachments to enhance the gaming experience
  • Simple and sturdy in design
  • Compatible with other laser tag models from Hasbro


  • Flimsy design

9. Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Blaster Tag Set

Best Choice Products Kids Interactive Blaster Tag Set

Highlighted Features

  • Choose from different blaster settings
  • Ammunition levels can be changed during the battle
  • Three light indicate about your lives left during a battle
  • Infrared receiver tracks and registers hits
  • Long range infrared light has a strike distance of 130ft
This laser tag set offers different settings to the players so that they can choose from different gun modes. Each setting has different number of possible skills and ammunition level. The best thing about this Best Choice Products Kids Blaster Tag Set is that the players can change the setting during reload and battle as well. The factor that differentiates this set from the rest is the Life Indicator that has 3 lights to indicate the players about the lives left for each player in a particular battle. This set is one of the best if you looking to host an outdoor shooting battle for your kids. This set has the maximum striking distance of 40 meters. The infrared receiver is located on the tip of laser guns. It permits you to track and register each hit made. This set is best suited for children who are 8 years old or above.


  • Compatible with new rifle blasters from the company
  • ASTM certified
  • Multiple gun modes can be utilized during the combat
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • Feature  a versatile design for indoor and outdoor use
  • No eye protection required
  • Tested by third party for safety


  • Is slightly expensive when compared to other laser tag sets available in the market

10. Liberty Imports Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag

Liberty Imports Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a collectible carrying case
  • Team size is limitless
  • Build alliances or battle friends with multi-player mode
  • Each laser gun runs on 3 AA batteries
  • Safety tested
This extreme laser tag set features four different team settings so that you can play on the same team or in a free for all battle. If you have more blasters, then you can enjoy this game with more participants. The players can choose from four different weapon settings when they opt for this Liberty Imports Extreme Infrared Laser Tag. The ultra-realistic audio effects make the game much more interesting. There is no need for any vest when you opt for Liberty Imports Extreme Infrared Laser Tag. Your target is the blaster when you choose this laser tag set. You can choose between the white, green, orange or the blue team to indulge in an exciting battle. An infrared receiver tracks as well as registers hits in this laser tag set. The maximum strike distance possible is 40 meters. The laser blasters vibrate and light up while shooting. This toy adheres to ASTM F963-16 and is a certified laser toy. It is safe for children of all ages.


  • No need for strapping a vest to the body
  • Independently tested for safety by a third party
  • No eye protection needed
  • Blaster can be reloaded with much ease
  • Each setting has different hit intensity and ammunition level
  • Settings can be changed during the battle


  • The sensory overload is not appreciated by some players who prefer a quiet play

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Laser Tag Gun

You are now armed with the right information you ought to know about the best options available in the market when it comes to a laser tag gun. However, you need to be aware of the following parameters so that you make no mistakes in finding the best laser tag gun for your children. These factors will help you choose a product that is perfect for you based on your requirements. A single product cannot do justice to everybody. Each model has its own advantage and disadvantage. It is only after understanding your needs and studying the pros and cons of the models, you can make the right move.

Different gaming modes 

Do not forget to check the different gaming modes offered with a laser tag set. Most of the sets offer four gun modes to the players. This will ensure that you kids have unlimited fun during the game. Also check if the guns are available in different colors or not. This will simply clear the confusion the players can have while playing in teams. Availability of different battle options should also be considered. Interchangeable gun modes result in a thrilling gaming scenario. Each mode permits the users to shoot from different ranges and firing options.

Safety aspect 

Many laser tag sets come with vests. These improve the gameplay and can be an added advantage. Safety feature is yet another aspect that cannot be ignored while purchasing a laser tag set. As laser tag guns emit infrared waves, you must make sure that it is safe for children and has been certified by reliable institutions. Child safety should be your utmost priority while looking for laser tag guns for your children. You should also make sure that the gun set is made from safe materials that are non-toxic to children. You can then check the durability factor and the grip offered.

Better ergonomics 

Better ergonomics is something that cannot be sidelined when you are reviewing the things to consider before buying the best laser tag guns set. It is vital to check if a particular model laser tag gun would fit your child’s hands or not. If you have inquisitive children who are a bundle of energy, then you can consider the advanced features in a laser tag gun. You need to look whether a gun is offering a long striking distance or not. This would be a vital parameter in shortlisting if you want your children to play outdoors instead of remaining glued to mobile phones and computers.

Lights and sound  

Opting for a laser tag gun that is equipped with LED lights would make a good buy. There are several guns that come with the feature of hinting the children about their remaining lives in the battle. Good lights help the children to play in low light conditions. Audio effects in addition augment the level of the game and make it much more thrilling.

Multi-play option

Most of the laser tag guns are offered in the form of a set. You should first check the number of sets that you would require. The more the number, the more exciting the game would turn out to be. You can join the game too so that your children can have a great time and you can supervise their activities especially if they are playing this game for the first time. It would be fun if your entire family can join and play outdoors during weekends. This would serve as a great bonding time and would help you create cherished memories during special events like birthday parties.


If you want your children to have a great time outdoors or want to indulge in a group activity, then you can never go wrong with laser tag gaming. This game is fun and is loved by both adults and kids. We have compiled our list of ten best laser tag guns available in the market. You can read your review so that you can be better equipped to prepare the best one for your children. A perfect laser tag gun should be easy to handle and must offer interesting modes to make the entire experience thrilling. It can be a daunting task to find the best laser tag guns especially when the options are plenty. Going through the features of so many products can be overwhelming. It is for this reason we are offering you this review. This review equips you with the necessary information and knowledge that can help you choose the right product.  The suitability of your product can depend on a variety of factors. The best thing is that you can go through the reviews of the best models in the market and pick the best out of the best. This review highlights the top choices available in the market. The comparison has been done based on construction, modes, versatility, shooting range, safety and accuracy. By following this review, you can own a great product by investing minimal effort and time.