Best Lipo Chargers

Best Lipo Chargers for the money

Lithium polymer batteries, one of the most important and popular materials in the electronics industry. These are the newer batteries which have gained enough popularity. It has long run time and high power. This is why there has grown a large market for lipo battery chargers as well.

There are varieties of charger on the market with a different range of budget and quality along with safety and long lasting capability. Which ultimately makes it difficult to make the right choice while buying a lipo charger.

In this article, we have gathered information about the best deals you can get with lipo charger batteries in recent markets and their thorough review and what to consider while buying them. Which will help you to shop the best one for you?

Quick Comparison Between The Best Lipo Charger

1. GoolRC B3 AC 2S 3S Compact Lipo Battery Charger

Highlighted Features

  • 110-240V AC mains power is being used by this charger
  • Up to 3*800mA charge current lipo batteries can be charged
  • This product's quality is high
  • This product is also safe and durable
  • To indicate there are LED lights
  • This product is portable
  • 110-240V AC is the input voltage of this product

GoolRC B3 is a high quality, safe and durable lipo charger. This lipo charger uses 110-240V AC mains power. Up to 3*800mA charge lipo batteries can be charged by this charger. This product is portable and easy to use. There are LED lights in this charger to indicate.

The input voltage of this product is 110-240V AC. The battery quantity of this product is 1-3 cells. The weight of this product is 5.6 ounces and the dimensions are 6.8*4.8*3 inches. The max output current of this charger is 3*800mA. With this product, one can also get a cool RC B3 Compact Charger and a charger plug.


  • This charger is easy to use
  • Can charge 3 lipo batteries at the same time
  • This product is high quality, safe and durable
  • It has the LED lights to indicate


  • charging is a bit slow

2. Combo Special: Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger

Highlighted Features

  • Has an optimized operating system
  • Has individual voltage balancer for Li-ion/Li-polymer batteries
  • Can also monitor and balance individual cells of the battery pack during discharge process
  • Can charge different types of batteries
  • 'Fast' charge reduces the charging time of battery
  • 'Storage' mode to control the final voltage of the battery to be suited for long time storage
  • For refreshing and balancing the battery, perform 1 to 5 cycles of charge
  • To cool out the internal heat there is a high-quality aluminum case

Combo Special: Tenergy TB6-B lipo charger is one of the best lipo chargers in the market. This charger has optimized operating system so it can prevent the overcharging. This charger also has an individual-cell-voltage meter inside. That's why you don't need any balancer separately when charging Li-ion/Li-polymer batteries for cell voltage balancing.

During the discharge process, the monitoring of this lipo charger is unique with the individual skill to monitor as well as keep a balance between all the cells of the batteries. It also provides security to the battery in case if there comes any problem in regard to voltage.

The charger will automatically send an error alert. LiPo, and LiFe are the batteries which this charger can accept. They can select any of these different characteristics batteries before starting the process. The weight of this product is 1.8 pounds and the dimensions are 9.5*9.3*6.7 inches.


  • great optimization
  • fast charge
  • storage mode available


  • can get heated quickly

3. Lipo Battery Charger, Keenstone

Highlighted Features

  • efficient​​​​
  • high performing
  • Power output is 100w
  • Voltage balancer
  • Voltage abnormal alert
  • 10 different settings of battery
  • Charge or discharge up to 15 cells
  • 10A maximum usage

Keenstone is popular for bringing out different kinds of features with extra capability and functionalities. Innovations are always one of the main targets. The effectiveness of innovation is a different thing.

This particular lipo charger thus comes with effectiveness as well. It is powerful and at the same time gives the best output at its capability. It provides its user what is said in its advertisement. The circuit whose output power if 100W, is what makes it special on our list.

It can charge or discharge NiCd and NiMH batteries along with lithium lipo batteries of 6 series easily. The lipo charger uses the only 10A for all these. It has got separate cell voltage controller or balancer for lithium batteries as well, which is situated inside. As a result, you won't need an extra balancer.

The keenstone charger has the capability to stop the machine and send error alerts when necessary. Especially in the case of voltage up and down or any kind of voltage abnormality. One of the advantages that came with this model is that it can charge up to 10 types of battery styles.


  • Convenient with respect to weight
  • Powerful
  • Different battery settings
  • Lightweight


  • Could be difficult at first to understand (balancing, discharging, alerts)

4. Venom Pro 2 AC/DC LiPo and NiMH Battery Charger

Highlighted Features

  • Charge Current of this product is 0.1-6.0A
  • Cell count Lipo/Life/Li-ion : 1-6 series
  • NiMH/NiCD batteries from 1-15 cell and lead acid batteries from 1-10 cells
  • Pb voltage of this lipo charge is 2-20V
  • There are programmable thermal temp alarm in this lipo charger
  • This product also has an auto shutdown feature

Venom Pro 2 Lipo charger is one of the leading lipo charger available on the market. This lipo charger is microprocessor controlled. One of the fans cooled charger on this list which can handle up to 6S batteries. It runs on lithium lipo batteries, NiMH/NiCD batteries (from 1-15 cells) and lead-acid batteries (from 1-10 cells).

You will also get the functionality of several discharge profiles, resistant testing, and memory profiles as well. The memory profile is up to 5 times. The weight of this product is 1.7 pounds. The dimension of this product is 5.4*5*2.2 inches.


  • runs on both lead-acid and NiMH/NiCD batteries
  • easy to use
  • charges multiple packs swiftly
  • saves space
  • safe charging
  • efficient


  • NiMH batteries are bit bulky

5. Genuine SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 Dual Power Battery Charger

Highlighted Features

  • There is an Anti-Fake Holographic serial number on the back of this product. This can be inputted into website to prove its authenticity
  • One can see the voltage reading from each cell by Lithium Battery Meter
  • Each of your lithium battery cells resistance can be measured by Internal Resistance Meter. It helps to be sure you are getting the most power out of them
  • The charge to each cell can be controlled by Terminal voltage control feature
  • You can connect this device with PC using USB Port
  • You can also update it with new firmware via the built-in USB port

Genuine SKYRC lipo charger is one of the finest lipo charger available in the market. This is a genuine, Authentic, original Imax B6AC V2 charger by SKYR. There is an Anti-Fake Holographic serial number on the back of the charger which can be inputted into sky's website to prove its authenticity.

One can see a lithium battery meter in this lipo charger which is used to see the voltage reading from each cell. There is also an internal resistance meter to measure the resistance in each cell. The voltage of the charger can be controlled by the user.

The user can control this charger and can also update it with new firmware via the built in the USB port. There are also automatic charging current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold and processing time limit which makes this charger safer. For the optimized operating system, the user will not have to worry about overcharging.


  • convenient
  • durable
  • can be charged anywhere by USB
  • efficient


  • could be a little hard to understand at first

6. Combo: T453 3.7V LiPO RC Charger

Highlighted Features

  • Can charge 6 RC batteries at the same time
  • Most micro RC helicopter and airplanes of 3.7V 1S batteries can be charged by this charger
  • For easy charging there are 6 converting cables included
  • 4 cables are Losi to JST cables and 2 cables are JST to Losi cables
  • 6 pcs of 3.7V 700mAh batteries are included
  • The batteries are the replacement for Syma X5, X5C, X5SC, X5SW and Cheerson CX-30W - No modification needed!
  • There are individual LED charging status indicator lights

Combo: T453 lipo chargers is one of the leading lipo chargers in the market. You can charge 6 RC batteries at the same time by this product. Most micro RC helicopter and Airlane 3.75V 1S batteries will charge by this products charger. There are 6 converting cables in a charger for easy charging.

There are 4 x Losi to JST cables and 2 x JST to Losi cables. The combo pack of this product also includes 6 pcs of 3.7V 700 mAh batteries. These batteries are the exact replacement for Syma X5, X5C, X5SC, X5SW and Cheerson CX-30W. By charging 6 batteries at the same time it saves a lot of time. It works well in most 1S batteries.

This product is compatible with JST any Losi battery connectors. Input DC of this product is 5V. The weight of This product is 2.6 ounces. Dimensions of this product are 8.1*3.8*3.6 inches.


  • Saves time by charging 6 batteries at the same time
  • Can charge most RC helicopters and Airplanes
  • The LED charging status indicator lights show which batteries are charging and which batteries are charged
  • Can be used as a direct replacement battery for many devices


  • charging is needed frequently

7. Holy Stone 5 in 1 Max 2.5A Current Input Fast Battery Charger

Highlighted Features

  • It is a fast battery charger
  • One can charge 5 batteries at the same time
  • Can be connected with computer or adapter
  • Charging status is shown by charging indicator lights
  • It has overcharge protection function
  • it also has short circuit protection function
  • Max current input 2.5A​​​​
  • Max voltage input 5V
  • 500 mAh is the safe current output for this product

Holystone lipo charger is one of the best lipo chargers in the market. By this product, one can charge 5 devices at the same time. It is a fast battery charger.

If one wants he can connect this product to a computer by USB or it can be connected to an adapter. Android's and i-phone's adapters can be used as an adapter. The charging status is showed by charging indicator lights. 

This product also has overcharge protection and short circuit protection function. You can max voltage input 5V and max current input 2.5A. For this one can get max output voltage 4.2V and max output current 500 mAh. The weight of This product is 17.6 pounds. The dimension of this product is 2.4*2*0.2 inches.


  • Charges the batteries very fast
  • Can charge 5 batteries at the same time
  • Never overcharges and never have short circuits
  • Max current input 2.5A


  • power could have been better



Lipo charger comes with various prizes. If you want both cheapest and easiest solution, we would recommend you to go with something like Tenergy 1-4 cells but it will not give you a lot of options such as the ability to discharge.

We would recommend you to buy a little expensive lipo charger in order to get the best lipo battery charger. By spending a little bit more money you can get a really good charger which can be used for years.


If you are looking to charge different types of batteries including NiCd and NiMH, you would want to see Multi-Chemistry caPability next.

This is not that much important if you want to charge only lipo batteries. Though, we will recommend you to buy a multi-chemistry charger even if you are not really into the RC hobby. Except the very low price ones have this sort of things.

Fast Charging

If you want to buy a lipo charger which has the additional functionalities such as fast charge we would recommend you to not to go for the cheapest ones.

Because low prize lipo chargers don't have this additional features. The best lipo charger for you will be the one that will have a user interface and customization.  Maximum of this charger will do a balance charge.


The lipo charger which we have picked here are very easy to use. This lipo charger also comes with easy to understand manuals. It will be a problem for you if the battery charger is too complicated to use.

That's why we have picked the charger which is easy to use and comes with easy to understand manuals. It is also very important to see the lipo charger you buy will have different modes including discharge mood and the ability to set different charge rates.

Dual Chargers

If you are looking to head out with longer potential flight times then the parallel charging multiple batteries can be handy for you. Charging 3 or 4 batteries one by one can take a quite while and also very time-consuming.

That's why some of the expensive chargers have this functionality. In the other way, you can also use parallel charging points. This system will only give u the chance of charging batteries of the same chemistry and 'S' rating.

Cooler and sensor

Overheating batteries may cause a fire disaster. This disaster can only be reduced if you buy a charger which will have the ability to detect overheating and cooling capacity.

You will increase the chance of a fire disaster if you use a battery which is poor at cooling and unable to define when the batteries are overheating. Safety is first. You will have to remember it always.


Power is another thing that you should consider while buying a lipo charger. This is a product of voltage and current. So, it is important the higher the power, the more capable your charger is at supplying the amount of electricity which your battery needs to charge at.

The higher the power capability is better if you have the batteries with large capacities. It is the maximum amount of power the charger can charge your battery.


Last but not the least, if you want the best lipo charger from your money the brand from you purchase your lipo charger is a thing u must consider.

Quality is very important for a lipo charger. By buying a lipo charger from a cheap/fake brand you will increase your chances of meeting a disaster. In this post, we have picked the lipo chargers which we think is the best lipo chargers.


It is very important to buy a lipo charger which is durable and safe to use. Electronic devices are of great use and also of great danger. It is better to spend some extra cash on these things rather than buying fragile and unsafe built quality.

Quality should always be given preference over money when buying electronic stuff. One does not need 100s of lipo charger, one good one runs for a long time if the quality is good. Other considering things should serve each persons interest and needs.

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