10 Awesome Magnetic Charging Cables

Do you freak out when you accidentally break your charger or damage the charging cable when trying to pull it out of the charging system? Do you also have challenges connecting your charger to your device in the dark? Does any of these sound familiar to you? Then all you need is a magnetic charging cable. With a magnetic charger, you do not need to worry about frayed cables or have to wait for your phone to charge forever. The devices are designed using smart technology which charges your phone faster than the normal charging time. Better still; they can also be used to transfer large data faster and are highly portable.

However there is more to look for in a magnetic charging cable other than its charging speed and data transfer features. And in this roundup, we have reviewed the top best brands in the market today. Along with this review, is a detailed guide to help you choose the best magnetic charging cable that meets all your personal preferences. But before then, check out our comparison table.

Best Pick

Wsken Magnetic Charging Cable

Our best pick goes to Wsken Magnetic Charging Cable. The cable is fully compatible with different devices with fast heat release properties. It facilitates fast charging and supports 2.0 USB data sync. Each piece is tested for quality to ensure it has met the industry standards for a hassle-free charging experience.

​Budget Pick

NetDot Magnetic Micro USB Cable

NetDot Magnetic Micro USB Cable is affordable, convenient and simple. Its high-quality copper wires and braided nylon jacket ensure smooth current and stable signal transmission. Its compatibility with all Android phones makes it a great investment for anyone who may be looking for a fast speed charger and data sync cable making it our best budget.

1. Wsken Magnetic Charging Cable 

Highlighted Features

  • Increases the charge time by 30%
  • Compatible with different devices and Android phones
  • High quality
  • Convenient
  • Can double as an anti-dust plug
  • Has Led light for indicating when charging
  • Can be used as a charger and a data cable
  • Comes with a plastic pry plank for removing the magnetic plug

Charging your phone has never been fast, but with this amazing Wsken magnetic charger, you will enjoy fast charging and effective data transfer. The charger is made with anti-stretch and anti-scratch nylon which helps retain the charging cable size and looks.

With this charger, you can now stop all the guesswork. Thanks to its Led display which lights when charging enabling you to keep track of the charging process and know when your phone is not charging. Its compatibility with other devices like micro USB devices and smartphones allows you to charge your devices anytime without any limitation.

Its fast charging capability increases the charging speed with 30%, so you do not have to wait forever to use your phone. When not charging, the cable can also be used as an anti-dust plug. So if you are looking for a quality USB charger which will save you the charge time while giving you the freedom to share data, then this charger will allow you to achieve that much quicker.

2. NetDot Magnetic Micro USB Cable 

Highlighted Features

  • Fast charging with high-speed stability
  • Premium quality copper wire for increased durability
  • High-quality nylon outer jacket for optimal protection of cables from damage or fraying
  • Has a dust-resistant plug-in head
  • Has bullet-proof Aramid fiber which is 5x stronger than standard cables
  • Convenient
  • Supports 2.0 USB data transmission

Save charging time and enjoy fast data transmission with the best magnetic USB cable from NetDot. The cable support charging and have LED display to show the charging status. It ability to accommodates all Android phones with mini USB ports in exception of Samsung S7 and S& EDGE gives you flexibility for various devices.

Using this NEtDot cable will also help you prevent any dust which may accumulate on the charging port which may deteriorate the lifespan of your phone. The cable is an excellent solution for frayed charging cables and tripping over wires which may eventually result in smashed phones.

3. NetDot Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable 

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Fast charging speed
  • Strong
  • Fast 2.0 USB data transmission
  • Compatible with all Android phone except for Samsung S7 Edge and S7
  • Charges with both sides
  • Resolves phone dust adhesion problem

Extreme charging speed and unmatched data transmission are what you will enjoy with this NetDot magnetic charging cable. The device is made using premium quality copper wire for extended durability and consistent signal quality. On its outer side is quality and robust nylon which helps prevent frayed cables and damage. Its compatibility with almost every phone allows you to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a magnetic cable.

4. SOJITEK Detachable Magnetic Charging Charger 

Highlighted Features

  • Built to last
  • Powerful magnetic power
  • Charging speed of 5 FT / 3 FT
  • Affordable
  • Easily to detach
  • Convenient
  • May not accommodate some phone cases
  • Cannot transmit data

If you are looking for a standard charger, then SOJITEK should be your go-to cable. The cable features powerful magnet which can hold up to 1 lb. Tablet. The package comes along with micro USB tip but can accommodate Apple magnetic lighting connector tips or Type C connectors (not included)

The cable features a charging speed of 5FT or 3 FT. Its round tip construction makes the cable incompatible with some phone cases. However, the cable is built to last and can be an excellent choice for those who may be looking for quality but not fast speed charging.

5. Smart&Cool Magnetic Charging & Data Transfer Cable

Highlighted Features

  • Strong
  • Compatible with different devices with micro-USB ports, tablets, and i-products
  • Fast charging and data sync
  • 2.1A maximum charging current
  • Handy
  • High-quality cover for preventing cable fraying and damage
  • Not compatible with Oculus Go, Motorola, Gen X/Gen8/Gen6/Gen5/Gen3

Are you visually impaired, or disabled? Then this Smart & Cool charging cable could be the end of your charging woes. The cable is made of high-quality copper wire which transmits stable current and signal with high insulation resistance. A professionally braided nylon outer cover helps protect the cable from damage or fraying.

The cable can accommodate most smartphones with micro USB port, i-products, and tablets enabling you to charge different devices with ease. With its fast charging and data sync, you will save time. Each of its sides is specially designed for a specific purpose. Whether you need to charge your device or transfer data, you are only a flip away.

Included in the package are two micro USB tips, two removable tools, two cables, and 2-i-product tips. Investing in this cable will offer you fast and convenient charging and data transfer for less time.

6. NetDot Fast Charging & Sync Magnetic Cable 

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with i-products and phones with micro USB ports
  • Saves time and energy
  • Quality braided nylon jacket for maximum cable protection
  • Supports 2.0 data transmission
  • Prevents dust adhesion on its USB charging port
  • Not compatible with any cable including NetDot magnetic USB cable 2nd and 3rd generations
  • No Led light

NetDot has designed yet another amazing charging cable which has been upgraded for fast charging speed and data sync. The two-pack cable is compatible with i-products and offers excellent performance which makes it one of the best magnetic charging cables for both androids and i-phones.

Aside from i-phones, the cable can also be used to charge other phones or devices with micro USB port. Just like other NetDot cables, this charger has been designed to offer exceptional performance. Unlike other standard cables which only allow you to use one side for data sync and the other for charging, this series does not. Both can be used for charging and data transmission so you do not have to waste time slipping sides or double checking the sides.

In addition to its fast charging speed, the cable also has a dustproof plug-in head which helps protect dust damage. The outer jacket is made with quality braided nylon for preventing cable damage or fraying. However, the cable does not have LED display, but if you value charging speed and performance, that’s not something to worry about.

7. ​Kript Reversible Magnetic Micro Usb Cable 

Highlighted Features

  • Strong nylon weave for optimal cable protection
  • Durable gold-copper connector
  • Has charge display
  • Supports quick data transfer
  • Easy detachable magnetic connector
  • 85 to 95 % conversion rate
  • Dustproof connector plug

If you may be looking for the best magnetic charging cable for Android phones, then this Kript cable could be an excellent pick for you. The cable is highly portable and powerful which makes it easy to walk around with. Its strong magnetic power allows you to connect it to your device without checking even in the darkness which makes it stand out from other models.

Its magnetic connector is detachable and allows you to connect it to devices faster. Its metal plug is constructed with quality materials with a dust-resistant magnetic tip which prevents any dust from accumulating which may affect your device in the long run.

When charging, you do not have to worry about the perfect side to use. Both of its sides support charging with only one side for data sync. However, the cable delivers fast charging and quick data transmission. Aside from high magnetic power which enables you to connect your charger easily, removing the cable is also easy. Compared to other cables, this Kript charger has passed the bend test 4000 times giving you the confidence when using it.

8. Sicodo Magnetic Charging Cable 

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy
  • Portable
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Heat resistance
  • High data transfer and fast charging speed
  • 6 ft long

Enjoy up to 7% charging speed with this Sicodo high speed charging cable. The cable touts of its 6ft length which is perfect for charging devices over a longer distance. Its stainless steel connector accommodates most android phones allowing you to charge device after device.

When synchronising data, the cable will allow you to share data at a speed of 480Mbps which is pretty good. Its compact design and heat resistance gives you the confidence to move around with it even on those hot summer days.
Inside the package are five packs of the USB cable in different colors which makes it one of the best family gift ideas.

9. CoolKo Magnetic Charging and Data Sync Cable 

Highlighted Features

  • Accommodates all iPhones, tablets, air pods, and Android phones
  • Stable, powerful and durable
  • Portable
  • Fast charging speed
  • Has anti-dust plug
  • Supports 2.0 USB data transmission with 480Mbps
  • LED indicator

Do you have iPhone and probably looking for the best magnetic charging cable for iPhone? You can now enjoy the efficiency and convenience of a magnetic charger with this CoolKo cable. The charger accommodates all iPhone models, Android phones, air pods, micro USB devices, and tablets.

To prevent cable damage or fraying, the cable is made with high-quality copper wire and braided nylon jacket. When not in use its magnetic plug has anti-dust proof properties, a feature which prevents any accumulation of dust which may impact the durability of your phone.

When charging, the cable shows you the charging status with its Led indicator. Once full, the charger automatically stops charging. In addition to its fast charging speed; the cable also boast of its fast data transfer of 480Mbps. Its anodized metal surface dissipates heat and prevents sweat rusting which makes it stand out from its peers.

10. Smart&Cool Super Magnetic Charging Cable 

Highlighted Features

  • Dustproof charging port
  • Portable
  • Fast data and charging speeds
  • Built to last
  • Can be used by anybody
  • Handy
  • Transfers current and signals effectively

Improve the lifespan of your device by using this Smart & Cool magnetic charging cable. As the name suggests, the cable is constructed using smart technology to ensure you enjoy fast charging speed and quick data transmission. The charger is designed to be used by anyone, from drivers, handicapped, and even the visually impaired individuals. The cable achieves this through its strong magnetic connection which allows you to connect your device with one hand without any need for eyesight assistance.

Its dustproof connector help protect the charging port damage which may deteriorate your device quality. With this cable, you can now say goodbye to frayed and damaged wires. The charger is made of high-quality copper wires with sturdy nylon jacket which has passed bend test.

Overall, Smart & Cool charging cable is a high-quality charger which is equipped with fast data and charging speed features for convenience. Its portability makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Benefits of Using a Magnetic Charging Cable

Unlike standard charging cables, magnetic chargers have massive benefits. And among these advantages include:

Fast charging speed

One feature which sets magnetic charging cables from regular chargers is their fast charging speed. Owning one will enable you to charge your devices faster hence saving time.

Compatible with different devices

Magnetic charging cables are designed to work with various devices which give you the flexibility and freedom to make use of your cable even when you upgrade to other models. Aside from smartphones, these cables can also be used to charge i-products, tablets, cameras, and any other Micro USB device.


Standard charging cables can easily damage or break when not handled with care. This is contrary to magnetic cables which are made with high-quality materials and a hard wearing cover to prevent cable fraying and damage. This allows you to enjoy using your charger for more generations.

Fast data transfer

Aside from charging your phone, you can also take advantage of your magnetic cable to transfer data saving you the hassles, money, and time of buying a data cable.

Easy to use

Magnetic charging cables have strong connectivity power which allows you to use one hand. They also have charging indicators to reduce any guesswork.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Magnetic Charging Cable

As time goes by, new charging cables are replacing the old ones with more smart features. Shopping for one may seem simple, but the experience you will get will be depended on the type of cable you will settle for. Being well informed is one of the great ways for hunting for that magnetic cable you have always wanted. And here is what to look for.


All magnetic charging cables are not built the same. While some will enable you to charge almost all micro-USB devices, others will bar you. Know which devices your charger can charge to avoid any disappointments.

Cord length

Magnetic cables come in different lengths and dictate how far you can charge your device. However, when it comes to cord length, there is no limit. The best cord length will be determined by what you feel comfy with.

Cord strength

The cord strength of a magnetic cable is determined by two factors; the quality of cable and its ability to transfer current and signal consistently.  Most manufacturers use copper wires and braided nylon jackets. The quality of copper wire used will determine how strong the cable is. Nylon jackets on the other hand help prevent cable damage and fraying.

A strong magnetic charging cable should withstand regular bends and dissipate heat without corrosion or sweating.

Charging speed

Magnetic cables have different charging speeds. The charging speed will dictate how long you will have to wait for your phone to be fully charged. If you do not want to stay waiting for long, go for models with high fast charging speed.

Data transmission speed

Most people put much focus on the charging speed that they forget about the cable data transmission capabilities. This is one of the most critical factors especially if you are planning to use your cable for data sync. This will depend on what you feel is comfortable with you but a high data sync speed is recommended.

In case you do not need a cable for transmitting data, there is no essence of spending much on a feature that you won’t be using.

Charging indicator

When charging your device, it may lose connection and if it does not have any charge indicator, you may relax thinking your device is charging only to check it later and find it went off. This can be embarrassing especially if you wanted to use your phone. This is where your cable charging indicator comes for your rescue in such circumstances.

Type of attachment

Magnetic charging cables come with three different attachment types which include the Type C, lighting connectors and micro-USB. Micro USB connectors resemble the traditional USB connectors. They are compatible with varied devices with USB micro charging port and have fast charging speed as compared to the traditional ones.

Lighting connectors are mostly designed for charging i-products like iPhones. They are convenient and handy.

Type C connectors are the simplest and highly recommended for people with visual impairment or handicapped. They have high magnetic connectivity which allows you to connect it without giving it eye attention.


Cost goes hand in and with quality. Settling for low priced cables will disappoint you and call for replacements. If quality is what you are searching for in a magnetic cable, be ready to pay more.

Power consumption

If you are planning to save energy, then you should consider getting a magnetic cable with such features.

Additional features

Some cables will have additional features like anti-dust plug for keeping the charging port dust free. Though the function may seem less important, it helps prevent the charging port from dust adhesion which may eventually reduce your device durability.

Ease of maintenance

Magnetic connectors need proper care, or else they will not function properly. One of the care practices is to avoid placing them near metal debris. Always check out for recommended care practices to prevent misusing your cable.


Warranty is one of the most overlooked factors by most consumers when shopping, but it’s one of the critical elements you should never forget. To be on the safe side consider choosing cables which are covered for more extended period and if possible with a lifetime warranty.

Final Verdict

Nothing can be frustrating like having a phone without a charge in those moments when you need to make an urgent call. If you have ever been in such a situation, you know how useless your phone can be at such times. Owning a magnetic charging cable is one of the convenient ways to ensure you get connected to friends, families and your customers whenever you need to.

However, you will only enjoy all this with a quality cable. Our shopping guide has covered all that you need to know before choosing the best magnetic charging cable. Whether you are looking forward to charging your phone, tablet, iPhone or any other micro USB device, taking advantage of our products will help you achieve that much faster.

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