The 6 Best Manual Tire Changers

Relying on tire changing centers can be time-consuming and sometimes inconvenient. The hassles of having to wait for hours or days for your vehicle to be attended to is just out of this world. Worse still, you may end up getting late to work or miss important business appointments simply because your tire center was not quick enough to get the tire fix on time. But with the best manual tire changer, you can easily do the fix and enjoy your ride without having to pay a penny or wait for long queues. However, tire changing can be tiresome, especially when you do not have the right tools. Some brands may not have the power to withstand the pressure and may lose their shape faster, calling for a replacement. To make the process easy for you, we have compiled a list of high-quality brands you can take advantage of.

Best Pick

If you are looking for a manual tire changer for smaller tires, then the best pick would be the Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer Machine. Not only can you change the tires quickly, but this tire spreader tool also has an ergonomic working height to eliminate discomfort, and it is suitable for all-wheel sizes between 16 and 21 inches. It can also easily and conveniently stow away in the garage or shed and be taken out when changing tires.

​Budget Pick

PowerLift Manual Tire Changer Base When on a budget, PowerLift Manual Tire Changer Base is the go-to wheel changer. Its robust steel construction gives it the strength to withstand the pressure enabling you to demount and re-mount your tires with ease. Its 15-3/8" by 18-1/2" base is designed to be mounted on the floor to keep the changer in place when working on your tires and an excellent pick for installing in your home. In addition to these great features, the wheel changer is affordable and easy to use, which makes it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison Between The Best manual Tire Changers

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1. Rabaconda Motorcycle Tire Changer

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic working height
  • For all tire types
  • Wheel sizes between 16-21 inches
  • Most portable tire changer
  • Fits into a 1000D carry bag
  • Lifetime warranty

Highlighted Features

  • Ergonomic working height
  • For all tire types
  • Wheel sizes between 16-21 inches
  • Most portable tire changer
  • Fits into a 1000D carry bag
  • Lifetime warranty
The first manual tire changer on our list is a premium pick for motorcycles. It is a quick and easy motorcycle tire changer that allows you to change out tires very quickly. The new world record of 44 seconds for a tire change was reached with this stand during the ISDE Enduro competition in 2014. The height of this motorcycle tire changer is very ergonomic, so you don't have to risk back pain while changing out your motorcycle tires. You also won't have to find yourself kneeling on your knees for a long amount of time when using your mounting tools. This tire changer is suitable for all-wheel types and wheel sizes that fall between 16 and 21 inches. It works on tubeless, bib mousse, tire balls, Tubliss, and regular tube setups. It is very portable and also comes with a strong carry bag for compact storage. It is lightweight despite its rigid and durable construction. The quick-release bolts allow for fast changing movements between wheel sizes. The tire can be completely removed just by pushing down with the tire bead breaker. There is an included tire lever tray to offer more convenient storage as well and help make the tire changing process go much smoother.

2. PowerLift Manual Tire Changer Base

PowerLift Manual Tire Changer Base

Highlighted Features

  • Handy
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for light trucks and 8” cars
  • 15-3/8" by 18-1/2" base
End your tire changing woes with this PowerLift manual tire changer. Designed with high-grade steel this base tire changer enables you to handle the wheels with ease without losing its shape. For those who are armateurs, this model is an excellent pick for them. With this tool, you can handle light truck wheels and 8” car tires with ease.

3. Goplus Tire Changer

Goplus Tire Changer

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Strong high-grade drop forged carbon steel
  • Recommended for use on wheels between 17.5" to 24.5."
  • Changes tires faster and easily
  • Nylon rollers for tire, tool, and rim protection
  • 3 mm seamless tube
Save money and time with this Goplus tire change. For only 8 seconds, you can easily demount a tubeless tire and mount it back in less than 20 seconds. Designed using high-grade drop forged carbon steel, this changer provides smooth operation with high torque needed to get the job done. Its main body features a 3mm seamless tube with powder coated gloss surface for rust and corrosion resistance. The toolset is specifically designed to protect the wheels while facilitating easy and fast demounting and mounting of your tires. With this toolset, you can now say goodbye to the hassle of having to lift the rim when removing the bottom bead. Its smooth surface reduces friction while positioning your body in an optimal tire changing angle making the process easy, fast and effective. Better still; the tools have nylon rollers for protecting you from injury and damage of your rims, tires, and the tools while providing smooth and straightforward movements. Overall, this tool set is designed to help you change different tire sizes with ease. Though you will have to pay a few more bucks to own this toolset, it is worth every penny.

4. Northern Industrial Portable Mini Tire Changer

Highlighted Features

  • Works with tires that have 4 inch to 12-inch rims
  • Mini tire changer
  • Easy portability
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
Save on storage space, money, and time with this Northern Industrial mini tire changer. It is a more compact option than some of the other manual tire changers on our list so that it can be transported easily. It is also lightweight. It is a good tire changer for small tires that fall between 4 and 12 inches in size. The best tires for this tire changer are those on scooters, lawnmowers, and trailers. The handle has an ergonomic design, and the tire changer overall is easy to use. It is a very simple but also very effective design, and it can easily be stored in your garage and shed and taken out when needed. However, keep in mind that it is not suitable for larger tires, and its smaller design means less leverage than the larger manual tire changers.

5. STKUSA Tire Changer

STKUSA Tire Changer

Highlighted Features

  • Handles tires between 17.5"/ to 24.5."
  • Works with most bias ply and radial tires
  • Saves time
  • Effective
  • Portable
  • Durable
Demounting and mounting tires are strenuous, but STKUSA has made the process simpler. The tool is designed to eliminate any need of lifting the tire and rim to remove the bottom head while positioning your body in any ergonomic angle minimizing any chances of injuries or straining your back. Besides, the tire changer allows you demount your tubeless tires in as little as eight minutes and re-mount then in less than twenty minutes saving you time without compromising on quality.  Its aluminum steel design makes it lightweight making it portable and easy to move around with.

6. JEGS 80395 Manual Tire Changer

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for 8-16 inch tires
  • Predrilled base for secure mounting
  • Yellow powder-coated steel
  • Breaks beads, mounts, and demounts
  • All-steel construction
  • Durable and solid
  • Stands 37-inches tall
The JEGS manual tire changer can handle tires that are between 8 and 16 inches in size. This tire changer was also specifically designed so as not to damage the inner tubes of the tire. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel materials and is incredibly durable. No power hookups of any kind are required. The base is predrilled and is equipped with ½ inch bolt holes so that you can achieve more secure mounting. The handle is long and also made of all-steel construction, which makes changing the tires easy to do each time. The entire tool measures 25 and ½ inches from the floor to the wheel platform.



Relying on tire service centers for wheel replacements can be very costly. You may think it is affordable, but in the long run, you will realize owning one can save you a few bucks.

Saves Time

Waiting for hours or days for your mechanic to replace your tire can cause inconveniences, especially if you have one car or truck. Worse still, you may end up losing business. However, with a tire changer, you can easily replace it, saving time that you can spend with your loved ones.


Owning a tire changer gives you the freedom of replacing and balancing your wheels as preferred without having to pay a mechanic.


Tire replacement is tiresome, and a wrong choice can strain or injure you. So, when shopping, you need to be vigilant on the model you select. And here is how to choose the best manual tire changer for your needs.

Tire Size

Though most tire changers are designed to handle different sized wheels, they have limits. For smooth operation, consider the size of your vehicle wheel. For broad applications, consider going for models which can handle different sized wheels; it helps should you decide to upgrade your vehicle or have different cars.


Tire changers are constructed using different materials, with the most popular ones being aluminum, iron, steel, and carbon steel. Each of these materials has different strength and durability. Some manufacturers drop-forged these metals to increase their power for exceptional performance. The types of material you choose should be dictated by the kind of tire you intend to replace. For motorcycle tires, iron is a great pick. However, when dealing with light trucks or cars, you can opt for aluminum or carbon steel. Steel tire changers are strong and sturdy to withstand the pressure and are ideal for heavy-duty tires.

Wheel Protection

A good tire changer should not only prevent user injury but also protect your wheels from damage. Check out for wheel protection features like nylon rollers to minimize any chances of damaging your tires.


If you have limited space, you need to know the size of your tire changer before buying. Measure the available space in your home or car to determine if it will perfectly fit well. Investing in a large model that cannot fit in your car or truck can render it useless should your tire need to be replaced.

User comfort

Replacing tires manually requires effort, and a poorly designed model will need you to use more energy, and you may get drained before completing the task at hand. A good tire changer should be professionally designed to position your body in an ergonomic angle while offering you maximum comfort to enable you to conquer even the heavy-duty tires. Models that allow you to switch working angles and speed offer you great flexibility and an excellent pick for professionals who operate busy garage or repair shops.


In case you need a tire changer to travel or to move around with, then you should check out its weight. Investing in a bulky model can be a challenge to handle it alone and may require assistance, which at times, you do not have someone near to assist. Worse still, allowing strangers to help you can increase your chances of getting robbed.

Ease of installation

Some tire changers may require assembly, which will require you to set some time to get everything in the right place before using it. If you decide to settle for such models, ensure it is easy to install and comes with a user manual to aid you. Hard to assemble models will consume much of your time, and you may end up fixing them inappropriately.  


Before checking out, you should read the manufacturer’s warranty terms to make sure you settle for the best. Get to know for how long you are covered and if the warranty applied in your country.

Additional features

You cannot predict with certainty when your tire will call for a replacement and especially when driving at night. Investing in a model with features like LED light will help you get your tire fixed without any challenges.


Since there are a lot of features to consider and other information to digest when it comes to which manual tire changer is the best, mistakes are sometimes unavoidable. That is why it is so important to do your research before purchasing to help ensure you are getting the right tool for the job. Buying the Most Expensive This is a common mistake people make when buying any pricey item. They sometimes automatically think that if it is the more expensive option, then it has got to be the best option. However, this isn't always the case. Some models will cost a bit more than others because some are made exclusively for high-performance wheels and tires. Other features can also affect the price. So, you need to have a good understanding of what features you want and if the tire changer you found at a discounted price checks all the boxes.   Ignoring the Warranty No matter what you purchase, you should always review the warranty. You want to purchase a manual tire changer from a manufacturer that stands behind its product. You don't want to drop hundreds of dollars on a tool that was not built to last.   The Wrong Type Finally, with so many options available, you must understand the size of your tires so you can purchase the right manual tire changer. For example, one of the tire changers on our list is meant for small tires like those on motorcycles. Others are meant for even smaller, like those you might find on a lawnmower or scooter. So, make sure to check the size of your tire and wheel to ensure a good fit.  


Using manual tire changers do not require you to have professional skills. However, understanding how to use one will help improve your productivity and save your time. To get the best out of your wheel changer, consider the following. Using the wrong tire changer One way to get your tire fixed is by using the right wheel changer. You cannot use the wrong tool and expect to get professional results. In fact, you may end up injuring yourself or damaging your wheel. Changing a tire in traffic Sometimes your tire may burst when driving on heavy traffic, but that does not give you any reason to start fixing it on the road. Most people give attention to the tire instead of their safety. It’s better to damage the rim other than putting you and your vehicle at risk. Drive away from the road and find a safe place. Remember to use emergency lights to avoid causing accidents. Changing a tire on an uneven or sliding ground Before fixing your tire, you need to drive in a leveled ground where you have enough space. Before jacking it up, set the E-brake. Once you remove your tire, you should go back and tighten the lug nuts to prevent any chances of losing them. Replacing an old tire with cracks and rusted rim Though it is good to have a spare tire for emergency purposes, you should be keen on the condition of your tire. Replacing old tires with faults can increase your chances of causing an accident. Using your spare wheel for long Some trucks or cars may have a spare wheel, which you can take advantage of when one of your tires calls for replacement. However, the spare wheel is only designed to help you drive back home but not to be used as a regular tire. The tread on the three tires may be older than your spare wheel, which will cause imbalance affecting the vehicle balance and your driving experience altogether.


Investing in a quality tire changer is one of the most significant investments you can do if you own a car or a truck. The tools are handy and save you money and the hassles of having to drive to your repair center. However, to reap all the benefits that come along with owning one, you will need to choose the best manual tire changer that matches your needs. All the above brands we have reviewed can be a great pick for you if only chosen correctly. Use our shopping guide to help you identify one that will work for you.