Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Reviews in 2019

If you are triggered by the word "bike" then you should also be an enthusiast of motorcycle helmet speakers. Biking or motorcycling is all we love. And to make that more exciting motorcycle speaker helmets are our coolest partner. So many things we can do with a speaker helmet. Starting from listening to our favorite music while riding in a drizzling evening or on any long drive. It is a wonderful feeling something that takes us away from everyday chaos. While talking about every day's chaos, it can also help us to tolerate this mess as well. That is by GPS or communications; the inbuilt speakers make it all easy. We all know that using phone or headphones or earphones inside a helmet while riding is really risky. That is why many brands have come up with this idea of adding built-in speakers in a motorcycle helmet. Since there are many brands, their designs and features are also supposed to be different. And also since we are so many people our choices would be different too. For making a choice easy, for all bike lovers, this article has been prepared with proper attention, for choosing the right one for you. After thoroughly reading this article you won't have any problem while selecting motorcycle helmet speakers for sure. The online world is so diverse that you will feel like you have fallen into a circle by learning the same thing one after one. Since many features are common in very different products and most importantly with the variation of the prices, it becomes very difficult for you to choose the best one out of that. And that is why we have gathered all the information and the best motorcycle helmet speakers of the market in one list. Keep reading and take a tour of the top motorcycle helmet speakers.

Top Rated Motorcycle Helmet Speakers of 2017

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1. UCLEAR Digital Pro Microphone Helmet Speaker

UCLEAR Digital Pro Microphone Helmet Speaker With this Bluetooth helmet speaker, you will experience the best audio clarity. It can be used for phone calls and intercom as well. Most interestingly it has been designed in a way that it could fit in any type of helmet. It has an inner foam shell, which protects the sound quality from being distorted. The microphone design has been up to the mark. It has been built in a way that the speakers remain separated from the dual in-line microphones.

You will get the maximum voice clarity. It doesn't stop here; it also gives super bass and power so that the music can hit your soul while riding. Starting from being a nice modern and advanced Bluetooth helmet speaker, it is providing it's user with good sound quality, sound clarity, intercom, ultra high fidelity speaker.

The product has a great value in comparison to the quality of sound and reliability it is providing with it. You can buy it without having a doubt in your mind because it has been made to fit any helmet. It is an ideal choice for the bike lovers.

Highlighted Features

  • Audio clarity with pro mic
  • Well designed to work in any helmet
  • 3/4 modular
  • Optimum sound grade due to it's design
  • Internal foam shell
  • Inside padded for comfort
  • Liners present
  • Ultra high fidelity
  • Intercom available
  • Music playable
  • Phone calls


  • Powerful bass
  • Great sound quality
  • Good building material
  • Clarity of sound


  • Not compatible with HBC100 or Vybe systems
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2. UCLEAR Digital Pulse Wired Drop-In High Definition Helmet Speakers

UCLEAR Digital Pulse Wired Drop-In High Definition Helmet Speakers The UCLEAR digital pulse is a helmet speaker which will take your ride to a hi-definition level. Because the clarity and power of the speaker are such that you will enjoy the music inside out. It is a popular in the market because of its universal fitting design. It can be connected to many helmets and devices which use 3.5mm audio jack. Since the recent smartphones support 3.5mm jack, this drop in speakers will support the smartphones as well. The crispness of the sound of this speakers are so delightful, and the fun begins when the extreme bass and power adds to it. The sound is clear because the whole product has been designed delicately to bring the high fidelity sound. It performs to it's fullest and does it as it is promised. The design of the product lets you swap the speakers from one helmet to another helmet without hassle. As a result, it becomes easy to connect it to your phone then again to the helmet and have a nice ride. The best thing about this product is that you will be getting all these high-end features at an affordable value. It also includes installation mount set. There is possibly no way that you will be disappointed in this set of speakers for your helmet.

Highlighted Features

  • 3.5mm gold plated audio jack
  • HD quality sound
  • Extreme bass
  • High fidelity sound
  • Helmet to helmet swap
  • Speakers fit into most of the devices
  • Incomparable harmony
  • Optimum utilization of the features


  • Easily detachable
  • Audio jack available
  • Good bass
  • Sound clarity
  • Good performance
  • Speaker set and installation mount set is included


  • Installation is complex
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3. IDEAPRO Waterproof Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth Headset

IDEAPRO Waterproof Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth Headset The super IDEAPRO motorcycle helmet headset comes with water resistant feature with a waterproof level 5. An absolute choice for the ones who like to race and have long rides in the pouring rain. It has Bluetooth with 1200 meters intercom. It's a pretty long range which it covers. The lithium battery of 500mA it's stand by time 240 hours with a charging time of 3 hours. What more important is that it talking time is 7 hours. Perfrect for a day long trip. This one can pair 6 interphones at the same time and the switching is also easy between them. The fascinating feature of this product is that it has auto receiving a mobile call, which comes handy for the rider. And since there is an option for switching between any 2 of the Interphone it makes the headset comfortable. Having a full weather protection, it becomes the ideal choice for the rough and tough bikers. Since it gives 1 year of warranty, it makes it every statement regarding performance and quality clear. Audio navigation from it makes finding required location easy and with DSP cancellation it removes unwanted wind noise so that you can enjoy the fullest.

Highlighted Features

  • 3.5mm audio jack work in most of the devices
  • ​Wireless communication
  • Stereo music from mobile as well
  • 7 hours talking time
  • Navigation from GPS (audio)
  • Wind noise cancellation
  • Line in audio interface
  • 1200 meters range of bluetooth intercom
  • Auto receiving mobile call
  • 6 riders can be connected at a time
  • Waterproof


  • Good sound quality
  • Water resistant
  • Good range
  • 1-year warranty


  • Expensive
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4. Veetop 2 x 800m Bluetooth Motorcycle Motorbike Helmet Intercom Interphone Headset

Veetop 2 x 800m Bluetooth Motorcycle Motorbike Helmet Intercom Interphone Headset If you are a full face or modular helmet wearer then this one is for you. It has been designed to fit in those helmets. With a water resistant capability, it has upgraded it's level to a different level. There are Bluetooth and intercom as well. Interphone headsets are for 3 riders. The audio jack is of 2.5mm. Which could be something to think about but that's okay if you are buying this only for helmet purpose. The intercom distance of this speaker is 800m which is good for any Bluetooth helmets. You can also talk to 2 of your friends at the same time on the intercom. The option for walkie talkie is also available if you buy the cable separately. Since it support GPS navigation becomes easy and also the hands free options makes it easy to stop and receive calls on roads. Waterproof feature makes it a great choice for rain prone areas or the ones who loves to travel in rain. It has hands free Bluetooth call making or receiving option which comes handy when you are riding. Without any hassle, you can receive calls. And the built-in FM makes it much better. Because no matter how many playlists we have, FM will always have a special place in our heart.

Highlighted Features

  • Water resistant
  • Walkie talkie option
  • Intercom
  • Bluetooth
  • Hands-free receiving or calling option
  • 800m distance range of intercom
  • GPS supported


  • Waterproof
  • 2 riders on intercom at the same time
  • Wireless music streaming
  • FM option
  • Easily installable


  • Expensive
  • 2.5mm audio jack might not be compatible with many devices
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5. Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom

Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Intercom This is the best intercom range motorcycle helmet headset on the market. The intercom has a range of 900m which is enough to use the intercoms with other riders along the trip. And it has the latest Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity which is very helpful for listening to music and of course for sharing. The phone calls are easy to make with this one with speed dialing. You can also connect to a maximum of 4 conversion via intercom. This one has a unique system of dialing which is more easier to control, it is called jog dial. The battery life of the speakers is both important and impressive. It will give 12 hours of talk time and 10 days stand by time. You will have to charge it ones a day and it will be good to go. There is also an advanced noise control technology. This technology is used in all the helmet speakers. Because it helps to reduce the sound distortion that happens for the motion of the bike. It reduces the background noise. By giving two years of warranty it provides full assurance of the device performance. It performs in the way it is mentioned.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 conversation on intercom at once
  • 3.0 bluetooth connectivity
  • 12 hours of talk time
  • Long battery life
  • Noise cancelling technology
  • GPS system
  • 2 years warranty
  • Mounting adapter
  • Speaker pads to make it comfortable
  • Universal intercom protocol
  • Can be connected to other bluetooth devices(HSP/HFP supported bluetooth)
  • AVRCP music playback control (forward/backward/pause)


  • Easy to handle
  • Clarity of sound
  • Great detailing of rhythms
  • Good battery life
  • Long intercom range
  • 2 years warranty


  • Little expensive
  • Not strong materials
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6. iASUS XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers

iASUS XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers This product is classy in its performance, lightweight and has a high definition audio clarity. It provides clear and grooving bass to the ears which is just blissful to hear. The designing of the product is in a way that gives both comfort and good quality music. It is covered by foam, spacing pads, and velcro. The velcro is actually for ease of mounting in any type of helmet. The reason behind the sound quality of this helmet speakers to be so great is that it is made from high-grade aluminum. It is lightweight and acoustically tuned. Only after buying this one you will feel that your every penny was worth it. Starting with its sound quality, performance and the ability to fit in any helmet. The installation is very easy which is mentioned in a much easier way in the manual. And the loudness of the speakers is so complicated that you can be happy about it for being so loud and clear and then the very moment you will be wondering loudness can be dangerous too. Due to it's loudness it would actually become dangerous, so it is important that you stay careful and pay full attention while installing it. Other than that it comes with a affordable price having so many features. The best choice for the bikers who loves loud songs.​

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • ​Good design
  • Well-built material
  • Aluminum high grade
  • Velcro for easy mounting
  • Optimum use of all the features
  • Easily adjustable
  • Thin and sleek shape makes it comfortable to wear
  • Kevlar reinforced cables makes it strong


  • Durable
  • Easy speaker installation
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Average battery
  • Can be too loud
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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

While selecting the one for yourself or someone you know, you might as well know which features are going to help you in which way. You don't want to spend your valuable money on such thing which you totally don't need. The terms and features must be harder to understand if you are new to this legacy. So here are few important features which have been simplified for the good understanding of yours.​


So first thing the first quality of sound should be top notch in a motorcycle helmet. Because you already will be riding with a buzzing sound of your bike and on the road where there will be other cars and bikes as well. You will need good bass along with power. Some will have the option to adjust them some will not. Different ones will have a different range of bass and power. Which range you should choose is entirely up to you on the basis of your personal choice of songs.

Size of the Speaker

It is critical that the particular size of the speaker that you will buy fits inside your helmet. Few speakers become large for the helmets. So first you will have to measure your own helmet then have the speakers according to that size. In case if you only want large speakers you would have to change your helmet as well. And the ones which will fit into your ones will give you the perfect sound which you are looking for. It will give the perfect sound, bass, and power.


You will also find helmet speakers which will have attached microphone with it. These are helpful for controlling everything without using the hand. You will be able to make calls with the help of a microphone, play music etc.


Whether it's grocery shopping or motorcycle helmet speaker, the price has always been a concern. You can get one with so much money while other brands will be selling the same features with so much less money. But none of those means high price means good quality and low price means bad quality and vice versa.


It is crucial that the helmet you will be wearing on the road are comfortable. No matter there is any sound system or not. So for safety issue, you should always take care of the comfortableness of the helmet after mounting the speakers inside it. Talking about comfortableness there are few speaker helmets which can be controlled by the buttons which will stay attached to the gloves. This will help to control the sound of the speaker while riding. But few are difficult to manage. That is why it is also important to check that the functioning is easy or not.​


Though you will see many product's features in which it will be mentioned that this one is durable. But don't believe that right away. Try to look at the materials that those are built of. You will then be able to decide yourself if that product is actually durable or not. If you can get the speakers or helmet headphones according to the right size, it is normally going to stay longer than the ones which won't fit.

Which Type Should You Choose?

So you have already read the features and reviews of the best motorcycle helmet speakers. Now the problem you might face is whether to buy the wired ones or the wireless. Bluetooth or wireless devices are always expensive. As a result, maximum people buy the ones with wire. This is not the only reason though. The wired ones conventionally last longer than the wireless ones. Because there will be less interference and there will be no need to change batteries either. But the benefit you will get with the wireless ones is that there will be no "wire." We all know how annoying those wires are. They always come in the way of comfortableness. And if you can choose the one with good sound quality and durability, then no one can stop from having the best rides onwards. Bliss! But again wireless ones are expensive. There is a possibility that you might also have to buy new ones after every period of time of time. So to sum that up:​


  • Longer life
  • Less expensive
  • Increased sound quality
  • Safe
  • No need to change battery often


  • Comfortable
  • Hands-free
  • Expensive
  • Safe
  • Batteries need to change often

Why Should You Buy a Motorcycle Helmet Speakers?

In one sentence the answer to this question is "to make every ride worth it." But to explain the answer then I would say, it's not only about the entertainment you will be getting. It also eases the way of communication while on the road. A very safe way to take calls or make calls on the road. It becomes clumsy even when you stop to receive or make a call on the road and have to take off the helmet then again wear it. Apart from this it also helps to communicate with your other friends while riding together or racing for fun. It also helps to find a location by using GPS, navigation etc. And now coming to the entertainment part, to listen to your favorite songs while riding a bike is a different feeling. Adding drizzles of rain with that makes the imagination feel like real. For bike lovers rain, bike and music are like the three musketeers of life. Things which adds the essence of fun to the monotony of life.​


We always need to remind ourself that helmet is a safety that we all should have with us. Compromising with it will never bring good to us. For saving money, we should never drill or modify the helmets which don't support speakers. Another thing we should keep in mind that is never over using it or bring it to the maximum volume while driving or use it in heavy traffics. Since the main intention is to have a beautiful ride and to listen to our favorite songs, we shouldn't risk the life of others or our own. Other than that hope this article helped you through to choose the best motorcycle helmet speakers for you or your loved ones. Follow the reviews and their features. Decide what you actually want from your helmet speakers. If those matches, buy that right away. Because you only live once. Take care of yourself and others.