Top 5 Best Moving Straps For Heavy Objects 2020

Moving heavy items using hands can be strenuous and can cause severe pains on your back or spine. Worse still, you may end up leaving your floor and walls with big scratches and dents. However, taking advantage of lifting straps can help you move your bulky items faster and easier. ​The only challenge is that these lifting aids are not the same and one needs to be extra careful when selecting their preferred lifting aid. To minimize any frustrations, we have selected the best moving straps to help you lift and move different heavy items of varied sizes and weight capacity

​Best Pick

Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps
Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps is highly versatile, ergonomically designed and promotes health lifting making it our best pick.

​Budget Pick

Forearm Forklift L74995CN Lifting and Moving Straps
Forearm Forklift L74995CN Lifting and Moving Straps is affordable, with a three-loop system which allows for proper adjustments making it our best budget pick

Quick Comparison Between The Best ​Moving Straps

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1. ​Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

Highlighted Features

  • ​Ergonomically designed
  • ​Allows for unlimited adjustability
  • ​Minimizes back pain
  • ​Overcomes any height differences of movers
  • ​Easy and convenient to use
  • ​Can lifts bulky objects of up to 800lbs and 10 feet high
  • ​12” by 5” lifting strap
Lift your furniture, TV, appliances and heavy items faster and safely with this Dolly shoulder moving strap. The shoulder straps are designed to be used by two people regardless of their height. With this straps, you do not have to worry about back pain. The straps are dedicated to be placed on the shoulders strongest muscles. This allows you to move your bulky objects with ease. Taking advantage of this Dolly Shoulder, you can move, lift, and rearrange your households faster. The shoulder harness is versatile and allows you to adjust your straps properly through the buckle. This overcomes any height differences between the two movers making the process easy and manageable. One thing that makes Dolly shoulder harness is its ergonomic design which promotes and facilitates proper lifting techniques. The harness also takes into account the need for hands to be free by providing the optimal stability required to get the job done making it one of the best moving straps for stairs.

2. ​Forearm Forklift L74995CN Lifting and Moving Straps

Forearm Forklift L74995CN Lifting and Moving Straps

Highlighted Features

  • ​Affordable
  • ​Safe and easy to use
  • ​Reduces back injuries caused by repetitive lifting
  • ​Prevents floor dents, scratches, scrapes and scuffs
  • ​Can lift and move an item of up to 800lbs
  • ​Has adjustable straps up to 48 inches
  • ​Reduces 66% of items being carried
  • ​Accommodates small, medium and extra-large items
  • ​Promotes proper lifting techniques
Save your floor from dents, scratches, scrapes, and scuffs by taking advantage of these Forearm moving straps. The lifting aid boasts of a three loop system which is 4 inches long, 9 feet which allow adjustments of up to 48 inches. This allows you to lift, move and arrange your bulky appliances and households including XL, MED, LG, and SM. To prevent any back pain, this Forearm lifting straps are ergonomically designed to offer good lifting techniques.  You can easily lift and move bulky items repetitively of up to 800 lbs. faster without causing strain or pain on your legs, arms, and back.

3. Moving Straps Trofoty 2 Person Lifting and Moving Strap

Forearm Forklift L74995CN Lifting and Moving Straps

Highlighted Features

  • ​Has an extra shoulder padded foam which reduces pressure on the shoulders
  • ​Can lift and move bulky items of up to 600 lbs.
  • ​Ergonomically designed to provide healthy lifting
  • ​Reduces back pain
  • ​Practical buckle design which helps reduce injury by sliding heavy objects
  • ​12.8 ft high-quality webbing straps
Free your hands while lifting bulky items with this Trofoty shoulder lifting aid. The lifter boasts of an ergonomically designed lifting aid which has generously padded foam. What this lifter does is to provide you with the aid you require to move bulky items. It achieves this by engaging your strong muscles on the shoulders promoting healthy lifting. The straps are ergonomically designed to offer ideal lifting techniques. When moving your items, the 12.8ft webbing strap allows you to load things up to 600lbs. This is pretty good weight to cover up your heavy and large sized items. Shoulder foam pad is long enough to cover your shoulders minimizing pressure on your shoulders muscles. Its practical buckle design locks the straps tighter depending on your item weight. This helps prevent any risk of injury. Included in the package are two harness straps, one carrying bag and 1 by 13 ft lifting straps. With this Trofoty lifter, you can lift bulky items like furniture, appliances, TVs and other bulky items.

4. ​SuperSliders Pro-Lifter Moving and Lifting Straps

Forearm Forklift L74995CN Lifting and Moving Straps

Highlighted Features

  • ​Adjustable straps
  • ​Ergonomically designed
  • ​Can lift up to 600lbs
  • ​Prevents wall and floor scratches
  • ​Designed using superior quality material
Move oversized items like fridges, mattresses, furniture, TV’s, appliances effortlessly with this Pro-Lifter from SuperSliders. The harness features two 9 by 3 inch flexible super strong webbing material which can hold up to 600lbs. With this Pro-Lifter, you will not only lift and move your bulky items but also protect your walls and floors from scratches or dents. Its ergonomic design helps you minimize pressure on your shoulders while reducing the weight of your items.

5. Nielsen Products Moving Straps from the makers of the Shoulder Dolly

Moving Straps from the makers of the Shoulder Dolly - Ready Lifter NP8500

Highlighted Features

  • ​Moves items with a maximum of 10 inches high and up to a maximum of 600lbs.
  • ​Adjustable straps
  • ​Promotes proper lifting techniques
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​3” wide moving straps
  • ​2” wide harness straps
Safely lift and move your bulky items with Nielsen moving straps. Its incredible versatility allows you to adjust your straps to unlimited positions to suit the size of the object being transported. The lifter aid allows you to free one hand which gives you the advantage of using the other hand to open doors without losing stability. Besides, the harness is designed to engage your strongest muscles on the legs and torso. This promotes proper lifting techniques. The lifting aid is designed to be used by only two people. However, with this Ready lifter, you do not have to worry about height differences. The straps adjust properly to suit each mover’s height while maintaining maximum stability. The lifting aid can be used by students, renters, professional movers, and lifter, or anyone who would wish to move bulky items safely. The system provides you with needed support to not only lift but also move your items faster and quickly. ​

Reasons Why You Should Use Moving Straps

Reduces back pain

Lifting heavy items can expose your back and spine to severe pain. Taking advantage of moving straps promotes good lifting techniques. The straps are ergonomically designed to promoting good lifting minimizing any chances of developing back pains.


Dragging bulky items can leave scratches, and dents on the floor and walls which can lead to costly maintenance costs. Moving straps hold your bulky items properly allowing you to not only lift but also move your things safely.

Reduces weight

Moving straps not only provide the required help needed to lift your bulky items but also reduce the weight. This allows you to move them faster without any challenges.


Moving bulky items use your hands can expose your body to a lot of strain and contribute to unhealthy lifting techniques. Moving straps are designed to not only help you move your bulky items but also chances of damaging your items.


Moving straps have an advantage in that they offer extra leverage needed to lift and move your items. This allows you to move your items faster with ease again and even repeat the process again without feeling worn out.

Easy to use

Using moving straps does not require skills. This gives homeowners the freedom to move their heavy households faster without any need to hire a professional mover.


Moving straps allow you to adjust them to fit the size of the item. Their versatile design also helps overcome any height difference and boosts stability. This is a plus feature which helps reduce any risk of injury caused by sliding heavy objects.

Things To Consider When Buying Moving Straps

Item Weight

Moving straps are designed to move bulky items of different weight capacity. Using lift aids that cannot withstand your item weight can expose you to injury or damage the item being transported. Worse still, you may end up damaging the lifting aid. As a rule, it is always a good idea to select a lifting aid which can hold more weight than the item being moved.

Item height

Height is also another aspect to consider. Each moving straps is designed to hold items of a specific height. Stretching your straps beyond the expected height limit can damage them. Always ensure you have measured the height of the items to be moved. Consider choosing a lifter which can accommodate items bigger than your items size.


Moving heavy items requires optimal stability. Weak materials will not be in a position to withstand your item weight. To ensure you enjoy years of healthy lifting, you should always consider choosing a quality material which can withstand the test of time.


A poorly designed lifting aid will always frustrate you and cause pain on your shoulders. A good moving strap should be ergonomically designed to help you lift and move bulky items without putting pressure on your shoulders. ​A great way to determine whether your lifting aid is a great choice for your needs is by reading customer reviews.


Modern moving and lifting straps allow you to adjust them to suit the size of the item being moved. Some of these straps have unlimited adjustability while others can be adjusted to certain limits. For optimal comfort, it is highly recommended to choose a lifting aid which offers you unlimited adjustability. In case you opt for one which has an adjustable height limit, ensure you have not strained the straps to the extreme than recommended.  


When it comes to warranty, there are important things to be on the look-out. These include the warranty period and the listed countries which are covered. Some manufacturers place warranty restrictions where they don’t cover customers from specified states. Always check your state eligibility before spending on any lifting aid.

Return policy

Most manufacturers allow customers to return the products bought if they do not meet their requirements. However, certain rules have to be followed. This may vary from manufacturer to another. To avoid any frustrations, always ensure you have read all the rules regarding returns.


Though moving straps are inexpensive, they vary in price. To avoid any financial constraints, consider buying one which is within your budget.

How to use moving straps

Most manufacturers will provide a guide on how to use your moving aid. However, if your moving straps do not come with a detailed guide, you can take advantage of our detailed guide.

Set up the item to be moved

Before putting your harness on your shoulders, you should first ensure that the item to be moved has been adequately set up. This includes placing your straps on strategic areas to avoid tipping.

Adjust your moving straps

After you are satisfied, you can now put your harness on your shoulders. The harness has a buckle which allows you to adjust your straps to suit your item size. Before locking the clasp, ensure your harness is comfy and flat on you.    

Lift your item

Once you and your partner are confident that everything is okay, you can start planning on how to move. Hold the objects and start walking slowly using small steps.

Tips of moving bulky items using moving straps

Lifting straps are designed to make the lifting and moving of bulky items a breeze. To simplify the process for you, we have surefire tips for getting the best out of your lifting aid. Just take a look

Measure doorways

Before moving your items to new place, it is always advocated to know the size of the door. Transporting items which overwhelm the size of your doorway will ever force you to take longer to get them inside. Worse still, your walls and floor may be scratched ruining the looks.

Wear comfortable clothing

While quality moving straps are known to help provide optimal support when moving your bulky items, wearing tight or loose clothes can interfere with your flexibility levels. To allow better flexibility, you should ensure you have put on comfortable clothes. Not too tight and not also lose. Besides, moving bulky items require proper stability. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can interfere with your walking style and affect your balance. Always ensure you wear non-slid shoes to avoid the risk of causing injuries.

Remove any items which may make your objects heavy

Transporting your items with other things inside can make the items bulkier or even damage them. Remove any items inside your fridges, cupboards and any other heavy objects to avoid damaging them or even putting much pressure on the lifting aid.

Be vigilant

Moving bulky items can cause injury especially when you are not watchful. Avoid moving fast. This may lead to poor stability causing the item to slide off.  Besides risking damaging your items, moving fast can also increase your chances of losing stability and may cause serious injuries and should be avoided.

Be communicative

Basically, moving straps are designed to be used by two people. Lack of communication during the moving process can make the exercise hard to manage. Maintaining excellent communication with the other partner helps promote corporation making the entire process fun and manageable.

Take cautions

Every moving strap has its recommended weight and height limit. Going beyond the recommended height and weight limits can damage your lifting aid or expose you to injuries. To avoid losing control and minimize the risk of injury, avoid moving items that are higher than your chest levels. Before lifting your item, ensure you maintain ergonomic positions. Always bend your knees to lift items and not your waist. Bending your waist can cause back pains and should be avoided. Still, use your item moving aid as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Final Verdict

Making use of moving straps is known to promote healthy lifting techniques and easing the workload. However, as much as the market offers a wide range of lifting aids, not all of these products meet the required thresholds. We have selected the best moving straps to ensure you have invested wisely. All the products we have reviewed are among the top quality lifting aids on the market today. You can take advantage of them and choose one which matches your needs.