The 7 Best Palm Nailer Reviews in 2019

Swinging a hammer, all day long can damage the material you are working with or put your safety to risk. Reaching out to tight areas using a hammer is also another challenge and may not give you the desired results. Thanks to the introduction of palm nailers which are faster, safer and boosts your accuracy. Since the introduction of these tools, there has been an increase in the number of palm nailers brands in the market. Selecting a quality nailer has never been easy compared to the past. We have reviewed some of the best palm nailers to help you choose your preferred tool that meets all your nailing needs.

Our Best Pick

BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit
BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit is powerful, ergonomically designed and can deliver great power for nailing up to 5 inches long nails making it Our Best Pick
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Our Budget Pick

BOSTITCH PN50 Mini Impact Nailer
BOSTITCH PN50 Mini Impact Nailer is affordable, ergonomically designed to insulate and minimize vibration making it Out Budget Pick
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Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Palm Nailers

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1. ​BOSTITCH PN50 Mini Impact Nailer

BOSTITCH PN50 Mini Impact NailerCheck Latest Price on Amazon The Bostitch PN50 nailer has a rubberized grip which is specifically designed to insulate and minimize vibration. The nailer is compact and lightweight which allows you to manage your nailing job efficiently. Reaching confined areas is no longer hard with this nailer. The tool swivels at 360 degrees giving you the freedom to maneuver freely and access areas which are hard to nail. One thing we love about this nailer is its ability to drive most popular heavy- duty finish, timber nails, andframing. To create a serene working environment, the tool has a front exhauster which gets rid of exhaust air from the palm.


  • Lightweight
  • Can handle varied number of nailing jobs
  • Allows users to reach confined areas
  • Reduces vibration


  • Smaller head nails may get jammed
  • Slightly noisy
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2. BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit

BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer KitCheck Latest Price on Amazon The Bostitch palm nailer PN100K is powerful and can deliver exceptional power for nailing up to 5 inches long. The nailer has been specially designed to allow you to efficiently manage demanding jobs. The tool features an ergonomic design which provides extra solace as well as minimizing fatigue levels. The 2.9-pound nailer is lightweight an important feature which allows you to handle demanding projects with ease. Bostitch PN100K has a toughened steel nose and also comes along with all must have requirements for nailing jobs, a feature which is not common with competitor nailing tools.


  • Comes with all must have requirements for your nailing jobs
  • Lightweight
  • Handy
  • Ergonomically designed to offer extra comfort
  • Durable


  • May come with poor manual
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3. PORTER-CABLE PN650 Palm Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE PN650 Palm Nailer KitCheck Latest Price on Amazon Porter-cable PN650 boasts of multi-blow firing mode which delivers 2300BPM at 100PSI. The air powered tool is a handy and a versatile pneumatic nailer with a comfy design and magnetic tip which can drive 3d to 16d popular nails. With PN650, you do not need to press the nail too deep. The tool boasts of a depth drive control which ensures each nail has been appropriately aligned. In case you wish to nail the common nails, the tool will help you achieve this much faster through its standard tip which can drive nails up to 70d. That’s not all; the tool can handle any job thrown to it ranging from automotive body works, moldings and dowels. The nailer achieves this through its steel harmer kit which has been designed to help you complete your nailing projects easily.


  • Comfortable
  • Superior performance
  • Can handle varied nailing jobs
  • Allows users to nail confined areas without much strain


  • The magnetic tip may lose its magnetism forcing you to hold your nails each time you nailing them
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4. Freeman PMPN Mini-Palm Nailer

Freeman PMPN Mini-Palm NailerCheck Latest Price on Amazon Freeman PMPN mini palm nailer is air powered bare tool which has been designed using high-quality materials which pass the test of time. The 1.38-pound nailer is handy and comfy which makes it suitable for heavy-duty hammering projects. Though small in size, Freeman PMPN delivers great power for your nailing projects. The tool can nail from 6d to 16d with a drive up to 3-1/2 inches. With this nailer, you can easily hammer those hard to reach areas faster without any need of swinging your hammer.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Allows you to hammer on the restricted areas


  • Works only with flat headed nails
  • nails may get stuck or bend if they are too small
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5. Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm Nailer

Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm NailerCheck Latest Price on Amazon With Senco PC0781 nailer, you do not have to strain much to get the nailing job done. The tool has a magneticnail guide which helps you drive your nails faster and efficiently. The nailer has not only made the nailing job easy but also enjoyable. The 2.5 pound palm nailer features a soft rubber palm pad for added comfort and a leather grip for reducing fatigue levels. One welcoming feature that we love about this tool is its ability to drive bulk nails from 5d to 70d.


  • Magnetic nail guide for driving nails faster
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically design to minimize fatigue levels
  • Can drive bulk nails within the 5d to 70d range


  • You may encounter challenges when nailing 60d nails
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6. Senco PC1195 Mini Palm Nailer

Senco PC1195 Mini Palm NailerCheck Latest Price on Amazon Whether you are looking forward to driving nails into hurricane straps, decks, joist hangers and fence, the Senco PC1195 can help you achieve this much faster. The nailer is powerful and can drive bulk nailsranging from 2” to 3-1/2” long. Compared to other traditional nailers, PC1195 is 50% lighter, a feature which makes it ideal for demanding jobs. The magnetic tool nose allows you to place your nails faster with precision. With this tool, driving nails on restricted areas requires less pressure. The nailer delivers a great power required to drive your nails which minimizes the strain and pressure levels.


  • Drives nails faster with precision
  • Lightweight
  • Does not require much pressure
  • Can drive bulk nails between the 2 to 3-1/2 inches despite its size


  • Does not accept 16d nails with bigger heads
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7. Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer Kit

Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer KitCheck Latest Price on Amazon The Milwaukee M12 palm nailer boats of a Led light, comfy hand strap and an onboard fuel gauge for increased productivity and safety when using the tool. With this tool, you do not have to worry about the use of a hose or an air compressor to manage your nailing jobs. The device is compact and portable which gives you the freedom to drive your nails even to confined areas. Milwaukee M12 also features strong mechanism impacting handles for managing demanding tasks faster with precision. Compared to traditional nailing guns, this M12 nailer is handy, powerful and durable. The nailer can handle any nailing job thrown at it which makes it ideal for professional nailing applications.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Delivers excellent power for professional nailing applications
  • Allows you to drive nails into restricted areas without much hassle
  • Handy
  • Durable
  • Has safety features
  • Battery is durable


  • No cons found
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Reasons Why You Should Own a Palm Nailer

  • Palm nailers features a downward pressure mechanism which helps reduce any unhealthy hammering postures associated by use of hammers
  • Unlike hammers, palm nailers are faster and can nail those areas which are hard to reach using a hammer.
  • Modern palm nailers are compact which allows you to maneuver easily when working and save on storage space
  • Swinging a hammer, the entire day is hectic and can damage the material giving you unprofessional finish. Using a palm nailer, on the other hand, is lightweight, handy and can drive even bulk nails to those restricted areas without much hassle.
  • Palm nailers are versatile tools which can help you drive different size nails on various materials including wood and metal while minimizing any chances of bending your nails.

Things to Consider When Buying A Palm Nailer

Purchasing a quality palm nailer like any other tool requires you to compare different aspects. Though every tool is unique in its ways, taking time to find the right tool that meets your nailing needs can help reduce the headaches and improve your productivity levels. Just check out the factors you should look at each time you are shopping for one.  


Typically, palm nailers are designed to be used with one hand. This implies that the nailer you will select by the end of the day should be lightweight.  

Nail Flexibility

Not all palm nailers can drive all type of nails. Every tool has its limit range of the type of nails it can accommodate. The type of nails your nailer can drive will depend on the type of application you are working with. The higher the number of nails the nailer can accommodate, the more varied the type of nailing application you can manage.  

Driving Power

Your nailer driving power dictates how long it will take you to drive your nails without bending them. The longer the nail the tool can handle, the higher the driving power.  

Exhaust Direction

This feature is critical for people who work on dusty areas. The tool should be designed in a way that it can direct the exhaust away from your hands and body.

Safety Features

Palm nailers do not have a dedicated handle but rather designed to rest on your palm. A poor-quality tool that does not have safety features may cause wrist and muscle pains. Some of these safety features may include padded grip, comfortable straps, and magnetic nose.  


The size of your tool will dictate the angle and the areas you can successfully nail. Though some palm nailers allow you to reach out confined areas and angles, others will not. To achieve greater versatility, consider buying a nailer that can nail at an angle rather than on a flat surface.  

Palm Nailer Safety Tips

  • Keep your tool well lubricated to improve its performance
  • Never operate a palm nailer without wearing gloves, eyeglasses and ear protection. These tools produce a sound and exhausts which can cause hearing problems or irritate your eyes.
  • Follow your manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use your tool with the correct power source or correct air pressure
  • Keep your feet, hands and any other body part away from the firing area
  • Never point the tool to an animal or any person
  • Always ensure that the nailer is disconnected from power or air compressor each time you are clearing a jam, make adjustments, or performing a routine maintenance
  • Avoid using the tool when on medication, under the influence of alcohol, tired or when talking to bystanders
  • Use the right nails to prevent damaging your tool

Common Nailer Problems and How to Fix Them


Nailer Becomes Sluggish

Incorrect air pressure settings may affect the performance of your tool and make it slow. Always refer to your manufacturers manual when making these adjustments.  

Nailer Leaks Air

High pressure, dirt or cracks in the tool casing can cause your nailer to leak. Check your pressure levels, keep your tool clean and inspect for any visible cracks. When the tool O-rings or seals become faulty or damaged, chances are your nailer will have air leakages. One leading cause of this problem is inadequate O-ring lubrication. This may impact its performance. To restore your tool, you will require to replace the O-ring and ensure that the device is in good physical shape.  

Nailer Does Not Drive Fasteners Correctly

Using your nailer with incorrect pressure adjustments can cause your tool not to work properly. Refer to your manual to ensure your tool pressure is appropriately adjusted. When fasteners get wedged or stuck in the feeder or the driver tip, it can cause this problem. Inspect your driver tip. Use a cleat or a small nail to remove them any jammed fasteners.  

What Makes a Quality Palm Nailer?

  • A good palm nailer should drive nails without much hassle
  •  A great pal nailer should be easy to use and maintain
  • A good palm nailer should deliver excellent nailing power
  • A good palm nailer should work as described
  • An excellent palm nailer should be lightweight

Final Verdict

Compared to hammers and traditional nailing methods, a palm nailer is a safe, versatile and convenient tool which can deliver superior results within a short period. For years now, professionals and DIYers have relied upon them to complete their nailing projects. However, nailers are not the same and having a grasp of these tools can help you choose your preferred nailer. The best nailer should not only help you complete your job faster but also allow you to reach confined areas. While these tools may differ, you should ensure that the nailer you select is lightweight, of the right size, durable, versatile, easy to operate, and matches perfectly well with your application needs.