Top 10 Best Paper Cutters For Home, School, And Office

Paper cutters have been around for quite some time. These office tools are known for their efficiency and ability to trim papers into desired sizes and in large volumes without compromising on quality. However, the quality will be dictated by the quality of your machine. With different types of paper trimmers in the market, it can be hard to make wise decisions on the best paper cutter. This review focuses on the top ten quality trimmers for that even, professional and accurate trimming.

Our Best Pick

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer
CARL Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer has a superior quality carbide blade, an adjustable magnetic guide, sturdy metals base with a cutting capacity of up to 36 sheets making it Our Best Pick.
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Our Budget Pick

Swingline Paper Trimmer - Cutter
Swingline Paper Trimmer is affordable, lightweight, portable, with safety features making it Our Budget Pick.
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Quick Comparison Between The Best Paper Cutters

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1. CARL Heavy-Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper TrimmerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Trims papers with accuracy
  • Weighs 0.96 ounces
  • Can trim up to 36 sheets
  • Handy
  • Durable calibrated metal base
  • Has a patented rail locking mechanism for keeping papers in place during trimming sessions
  • Magnetic gauge for performing repetitive cuts
Carl trimmer is one of the environmental office tools that can trim up to 36 sheets. The machine boasts of apatented rail locking mechanism that holds your papers firmly during trimming sessions. With premium carbide blades, you can cut card stocks, plastic sheets, 1/8” foam board and mat boards. With this machine, you do not need a ruler to measure the trimming size. The cutter has a long lasting metal base which is calibrated to helps you get professional trimmings. That not all; the trimmer metal base boasts of predetermined measurement for common-sized items, ruler, and a calibrated grid. Another welcoming feature for this trimmer is its magnetic gauge which helps you to perform repetitive cuts. Check Latest Price on Amazon

2. Westcott 12" TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Westcott 12- TrimAir Titanium Wood Guillotine Paper TrimmerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 5.78 pounds
  • Has anti-microbial protection
  • Can cut up to 30 sheets with 20 lbs. at the same time
  • Blades stay sharp for long
  • Comfy handle for minimizing fatigue levels
  • Beautiful natural wooden base
Westcott trimmer boasts of contemporary design and a comfy handle that has a safeguard. To give the machine a long lasting life span, Westcott 12” has a microbial protected handle. The trimmer helps you manage your voluminous trimmings by allowing you to cut 30 sheets of 20lbs at once. The trimmer blades feature a proprietary Titanium bonded technology which helps keep the blades sharp for longer. The base is made using an attractive wood base giving it a beautiful appearance. Check Latest Price on Amazon

3. Swingline Paper Trimmer

Swingline Paper Trimmer - CutterCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Beige in color
  • Weighs 2.3 pounds
  • Made using high-quality plastic material
  • Has a blade latch lock and a protective rail guard
  • Can trim a maximum of 10 sheets at once
  • Ability to cut high capacity and thick materials
  • Has a 12” blade
  • Has an alignment grid
If you are looking for a quality, durable and portable trimmer, then this Swingline cutter may be an ideal choice for you. The machine has been designed using high-quality plastics that give the cutter an extended life. With this model, you can easily trim up to 10 sheets at the same time. In case you are looking forward to trimming high capacity or thick material, the cutter will allow you to achieve this much faster. The blade has a user-friendly protective guard rail. When the cutter is not in use, the blade locking latch keeps it locked down. For clean and precise cuts, Swingline cutter helps you achieve this faster, thanks to the alignment grid. This paper cutter can be a perfect choice for large and small office use. Check Latest Price on Amazon

4. X-ACTO Plastic Base Laser Guillotine Trimmer

X-ACTO Plastic Base Laser Guillotine TrimmerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Has spring loaded finger guard for safety when trimming your papers
  • Can cut up to 12 sheets at once
  • Boasts of a hardened steel blade with an everlasting self -sharpening system
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Has an automatic laser guide
  • Has a safety lock handle and a paper holder
  • Delivers clean and precise cuts
  • Portable
Being one of the industry leaders in the production of quality office products, X-ACTO trimmer has been designed to give you clean, professional cuts. The cutter has a hardened steel blade which is long lasting and helps you to cut up to 12 sheets at once. During the trimming process, you do not have to worry about the safety of your fingers. This trimmer has multiple safety features which ensure your fingers are positioned away from the cutting blade. The trimmer ensures that you get precise cuts each time thanks to the automatic laser guide. The cutter also has a self- healing mat that provides extra cutting space which makes this trimmer stand out. To prevent the papers from un-necessary movements, X-ACTO trimmer has a paper holder which ensures that they are correctly positioned making it ideal for office, home, and commercial use. Check Latest Price on Amazon

5. HFS (R) New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter

HFS (R) New Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper CutterCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Designed using solid hardened steel
  • Easy to replace blades
  • Can cut up to 400 sheets at once
  • Has a printed ruler and grid on its base
  • Has a blade protector positioned on the farthest side of the clamp
  • Weighs 40lbs
  • Has a safety pin mechanism which holds the arm in an up position until you are ready
  • 12” maximum cutting width
  • Gives clean and precise cuts
  • Ideal for commercial use
If you may be looking for a quality commercial guillotine paper cutter, then this trimmer from HFS could be a great choice for your needs.  The trimmer boasts of an inbuilt clamp which ensures that even pressure has been distributed throughout the cutting area eliminating any chances of the papers to drag or shift. The trimmer features a solid steel construction which ensures that you enjoy clean and professional cuts for years. At each corner of this cutter are rubbers feet which increase the machine stability, minimizing any chances of sliding. One thing we love about this trimmer is its hardened steel which stays sharp for long and allows you to replace when needed. On its base is a printed grid and ruler for measuring reducing any chances of unclean and inaccurate. This trimmer was designed with safety in mind. To ensure you are safe, the machine has a safety pin which ensures that the arm is locked in an up position until you are ready. Another safety feature which adds a plus to the cutter is its blade which is positioned on the far side of the clamp protecting your fingers from being cut. That not all; the cutter has a removable blade protector which covers the blades exposed parts keeping you safe. The features integrated into this cutter make it one of the best paper trimmers for card making. Being a commercial trimmer, HFS cutter can cut up to 400 sheets at once. Check Latest Price on Amazon

6. Dahle 552 Professional Rolling Trimmer

Dahle 552 Professional Rolling TrimmerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Features a self-sharpening blade that cuts on both sides
  • Can trim up to 20 sheets of 20” long
  • Pre-printed guide and imprinted protractor which is designed for angle cuts
  • Has a blade protective cover made of plastic
  • Automated clamp for holding papers in position
  • Recommended for use in offices. Large photo printing, graphic designs, and print shops
  • Weighs 11 pounds
This Dahle 552 boasts of a strong metal base which provides a good stable working area. The trimmer is engineered to give you the best trimming experience. On its base is a pre-printed gridwhich features protractor, paper size, and ruler. The protractor helps you make precise angled cuts effortlessly. Dahle rotary trimmer has been designed with safety in mind. The cutter minimizes personal injury through its plastic housing which covers the blade when not in use. This rotary cutter is one of its kinds. With this trimmer, you can cut your papers using either side. The machine also features a self-sharpening feature which ensures that you get clean and precise cuts each time. Aside from trimming papers, Dahle cutter is also an excellent choice for commercial purposes like large format printing and photograph trimming. With this cutter, you can trim up to 20 sheets at once allowing you to handle voluminous job easily. Check Latest Price on Amazon

7. Tonic Studios 808 8-1/2-Inch Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Tonic Studios 808 8-1-2-Inch Guillotine Paper TrimmerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Great for school projects, paper crafting and scrapbooking
  • Can trim papers within 8-1/2” wide
  • Cuts thin papers without any need for folding
  • Weighs 1 pounds
  • Has measuring grid with finger tabs for precise cuts
  • Has a hardened steel blade for durability
If you are looking for the best paper trimmer for card stock, then this cutter from Tonic Studios may be an excellent choice. The machine boasts of a hardened steel blade which ensures you have precise, professional and clean cut each time. To ensure you do not have inaccurate cuts, the trimmer has a printed guide for measuring prior. The handle features an orange grip and is portable. The trimmer works well for photograph trimming. From vellums paper to cardstock, you can easily complete your trimmings without compromising on quality. The trimmer works with a paper size of up to 8 -1/2" wide giving you flexibility and freedom to use your preferred size. On the paper guide is a finger tab which helps you get clean cuts each time. The trimmer is also an excellent choice for paper crafting, schools and scrapbooking. One welcoming feature that adds a plus to this cutter is its ability to trim thin paperswithout any need for foldingits edges saving you time and hassles. Check Latest Price on Amazon

8. Fiskars 12 Inch Recycled SureCut Trimmer (01-005454)

Fiskars 12 Inch Recycled SureCut TrimmerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Titanium coated blade for durability
  • Black in color
  • Has a triple tracker system for precise straight cuts
  • Can trim up to seven sheets of 20lbs
  • Has a printed grid for enhanced accuracy
  • Ergonomic high profiled cutting carriage for secure grip
Fiskars trimmer features a titanium coated blade which ensures that you get clean and precise cuts each time. The coating gives the blade sturdiness allowing you to trim up to 7 sheets at once with 12” cutting length and 20lbs in weight. The cutter also boasts of an accurately printed scale and grid for measuring and a triple track system which ensures that the blade has been held straight giving you sure cuts. Its swing-out arm normally stretches from 14-1/4 inch long giving you cutting length flexibility. The 12-ounce cutter is great for use for photo trimming, coupons, office paper trimming, among others. Check Latest Price on Amazon

9. Jielisi 12 inch Paper Trimmer

Jielisi 12 inch Paper TrimmerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Can trim 45 and 90 degrees angled papers
  • Can trim up to 12 sheets once
  • Weighs 8.5 ounces
  • Features a sleek design
  • Portable
  • Can cut A4 and A5 sized papers
  • Has a plastic trimming surface which allows for easy grid measurement reading
If you may be in search for a standard paper cutter for trimming photos, papers, cards, and labels, then this Jielisi trimmer may be a great choice for you. The trimmer boasts of a sharp blade that gives you clean and straight cuts. In case you wish to cut angled cuts, the rotary cutter allows you to trim them either in 45 or 90 degrees depending on your preferences. The plastic trimming surface helps you to place your paper properly minimizing any chance of inaccurate trimming. With this cutter, you can trim up to 12 sheets once without compromising on quality making the trimmer also ideal for craft projects, home use, cardstocks, and office use among others. Check Latest Price on Amazon

10. Dahle 18E Vantage Series Paper Trimmer

Dahle 18e Vantage Paper TrimmerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Can trim up to 15 sheets
  • Automatic clamp for holding papers in place during trimming process
  • Downward handle lock position for enhancing safety of your fingers
  • Has an adjustable grid guide for performing repetitive cuts
  • Portable
  • Spring action blade from reducing any chances of falling
This Dahle cutter features a sturdy metal base which offers a stable surface for trimming your papers. With this trimmer, you can easily cut up to 15 sheets. Its automatic clamp ensures that your papers are firmly held in position preventing any shifting. The trimmer base has metric and angled guide for helping you correctly position your papers minimizing any inaccurate or unclean cuts. The cutter has a spring handle which keeps the blade in place. For the safety of your fingers, this Dahle 18E allows you through its handle to lock it in a downward position. Another feature that gives this trimmer a plus is its adjustable guide which allows you to repeat cuts while maintaining quality all the time. With this model, you do not have to worry about the trimmer shifting.  The model features non-skidded rubber feet which improve its stability. This makes the cutter an ideal choice for use in the office, photo trimming and home use among others. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Reasons Why You Need To Take Advantage of a Paper Cutter

Like any other office tools, paper trimmers have been used in offices, commercial purposes, homes, and schools to help manage projects efficiently. Due to their efficiency, paper trimmers are a must-have tool for every office. If you never have any idea why you should own one, here are some of the reasons you should make a move.  


With a paper trimmer, you do not need to use a ruler each time you wish to have a paper cut. Most modern paper cutters come with a printed grid for measuring the length of the paper to be cut minimizing any hassles and assumptions.


Most modern paper trimmers have safety features for preventing you from injuring your fingers when using the cutter. When not in use, some of these tools have blade protective mechanisms for preventing any injuries.

Saves Time

Different paper trimmers are designed to handle a certain specified amount of sheets at a time. These tools also have a printed ruler that helps you to correctly align the papers and a self-sharpening blade mechanism for ensuring the blade stays sharp all the time.


Modern cutters come with advanced features which help you achieve clean and professional cuts. The blades are made to last longer allowing you to enjoy years of professional paper trimming.


The primary work for a paper trimmer is to cut papers into desired sizes. These tools can also be used to cut different type of papers giving you the freedom to complete your projects faster without much strain.


Modern paper trimmers have features which make them portable allowing you to carry them around with ease.

Things to Consider When Buying a Paper Cutter

With more and more paper trimmers in the market with modern advanced features, it may be challenging to make a wise decision on the best tool to choose. This guide focuses on the critical aspects that you should be on the lookout when shopping for your paper cutter. Just have a look!

Material to Be Trimmed

Not every trimmer in the market is designed to handle all types of materials. Before investing in any of these tools, get to know the type of materials it can cut. Ensure the size and type of materials you wish to cut are recommended by the manufacturer.

Number of Sheets It Can Handle At a Time 

Each paper trimmer has a maximum number of sheets it can handle. If you are looking for a commercial purpose cutter, choosing one that can handle a high number of sheets will help you manage large projects much faster. For less demanding jobs like home or office use, a lower sheet quantity can be considered.

Safety Features

Handling paper trimmers can lead to injury if no safety features have been integrated into the tool. Some of the common safety features that a cutter may have are tension spring, protective blade guard, and blade latch. The tension spring helps regulate the speed of the blade by preventing it from coming down fast when you release the handle. The blade guard prevents you from bringing your hands closer to the blade minimizing injury while the blade latch ensures that the blade has been locked well reducing any chances of coming down when the cutter is not in use. To ensure you are safe when using your tool, you should have a look at how the manufacturer has incorporated some of these features to suit your needs. Note that all these features may not be present in one trimmer.


Handling large volumes of projects can put your hand on strain causing a lot of suffering. This is where the design of your tool comes in. A good paper trimmer should be ergonomically designed not only to help you get the job done faster but also minimize much pressure and strain put on the hands.


The market offers varied paper cutter sizes to choose from. Buying a cutter without considering its size can overwhelm the space especially if you have limited space. The available space should be enough to position the trimmer and allow the operator to manipulate it with ease.

Blade Quality

Sharpening or replacing your cutter blades can be costly and time-consuming. To ensure you enjoy years of clean and professional cuts, look for a trimmer with a superior quality blade. Steel is one of the quality material used to design cutting blades. However, purchasing a trimmer with a self-sharpening feature can help you reduce the cost of sharpening or replacing it.

Cutter Stability

When trimming your papers, your cutter may slide causing massive damages or injury. This is where the stability of your cutter is an essential factor to look at. Take a look at how the base of the cutter has been designed to address instability issues.

Customer Reviews

Sometimes it can be hard to predict the experience you will get when you use a particular product. Taking a look at the review left by customers can help you make better decisions before spending on the tool.

How to Use Your Paper Cutter Correctly

  • Before starting your trimming process, make sure the cutter is placed on a stable area with enough working space
  • Always ensure you use the correct material and the number of recommended sheets. Using your trimmer to cut the wrong material can cause damage or put lots of pressure on it hence reducing its performance
  • Measure your material to be cut to minimize inaccuracy and damages
  • Keep your hands and fingers away from the blade
  • Follow the manufactures manual when operating the cutter
  • Never use a trimmer when on medication, feeling sleepy or under influence of alcohol
  • In case your lade is replaceable, always ensure you use a blade tool to unscrew the old one


Gone are the days when people used to trim papers using scissors. The process has now been made easy thanks to the paper trimming technology that has seen the production of tools that helps professionals to manage large projects much easier. Due to the versatility of these tools, it is advocated for one to take time and choose a trimmer that perfectly matches their needs. While these tools may have challenges, the best paper cutter should be handy, have safety features, provide clean cuts each time, durable, and able to cut the recommended materials.