The 8 Best Personal Alarm Key Chains For 2020

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Have you ever walked down a dark alley and wished you had a more direct way to call for help in case there was an attack other than a cell phone? With the ever-increasing number of crimes, personal alarms have become a must-have for anyone who wants to take basic self-defense measures. Nowadays, personal alarms come as key chains because they need to be discreet, but also accessible. Something that you would feel comfortable carrying around with yourself everywhere you go, especially at night time or going to a dangerous place. Appearance-wise, they look like a normal keychain but you can activate them to make a very loud sound that will attract attention of anyone within earshot. Not only that, loud alarms can also shock the attacker and buy you enough time to run away or to take action. Let's take a quick look to see who really needs a personal alarm, then we'll move on and take a look at the best personal alarm key chains you should strongly considering buying.

Who Needs A Personal Alarm?

  Personal alarms are not only used by people who want to get themselves out of a dangerous situation but they can be used by elderly people who might need to attract attention in case of a medical emergency. They can be used also by children who have to get around on their own so that they can call out to people for help if they are in trouble. The growing popularity of personal alarms in recent times has led to an intimidating number of different personal alarms in the market. So we decided to put together our list of the 8 best personal alarm key chains available in the market today.  Our reviews come complete with pros and cons, and comparisons of each so that it is easier for you to choose the product that is most suitable for you.

Our Best Pick

iDaye 130Db New Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain In our opinion, this beetle alarm keychain is the best the market has to offer. It is conveniently small but gives off an impressive 130 dB loud alarm when activated. We also love the design because it is suitable for any gender and age. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Our Budget Pick

Vigilant Personal Protection Systems Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm The reason this made it to our budget pick is because it is highly versatile and efficient. We also love the fact that regardless of it being a budget product, its quality has not been compromised at all. The alarm is 130 dB loud, and it even hides a secret back-up whistle in case of a battery shortage. Surprises! Check Latest Price on Amazon

Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best Personal Alarm Keychains

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1. iDaye 130Db New Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

iDaye 130Db New Emergency Personal Alarm KeychainCheck Latest Price on Amazon We fell in love with this beetle keychain not just because of its unique design but also due to its excellent features. It has a key chain and a wrist strap. The alarm bolt has a wrist strap attached to it which can ensure more secure hold on the alarm when it is in your hand. Alternatively, you can use the key chain to attach it to your car key or to your bag handle that you always carry around with yourself. Do you always have difficulties trying to look for something inside your bag in the dark? This product will come handy since it has a flashlight that can easily light up and help you see in dark. The flashlight also adds another aspect to self-defense; you can flash it at the eyes of anyone trying to cause trouble and stun them to give you enough time to run. This product gives off a very loud alarm sound which can be quickly activated by pulling off a pin in case of an emergency. The alarm is 130 decibels loud which is similar to a jackhammer in action.  Absolutely loud enough as a SOS signal to attract attention for help! The sound can be stopped by putting the pin back into the hole.


  • Unique design makes it a great accessory
  • Flashlight and alarm strobe
  • Very loud alarm
  • Has a wrist strap along with the key chain


  • Does not have back-up for battery shortage
Check Latest Price on Amazon

2. Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm - Backup Whistle

Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm - Backup WhistleCheck Latest Price on Amazon This product from Vigilant offers some innovative features that sets it apart from the other key chain alarms. It has a bag clip along with the key chain to provide hands-free attachment; which is a very essential feature if you a jogger or a cyclist. The batteries used are also long-lasting and not only that, it has a backup whistle that you can use during an emergency case of battery failure. The long-lasting battery and the backup whistle makes it a very reliable self-defense device. The activation is also very easy because it has a button instead of a pin to allow you to quickly start the alarm when needed. Its small size makes it portable and its design is standard for users of any age and gender. It comes in three different colors: Pink, red and black to give you more flexibility on personal preferences.


  • Standard design
  • Back-up alert system
  • Bag clip with keychain
  • Very loud alarm


  • Does not have a flashlight
Check Latest Price on Amazon

3. Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm

Vigilant 130dB Personal AlarmCheck Latest Price on Amazon Are you looking for a personal alarm that goes into your pockets instead of being hung as an accessory? Then this is the product for you. It is designed to be kept in a pocket that is easily accessible to you and it comes with a hand strap for wrapping around the hand if you want to hold it while walking or jogging. The fact that it uses a heavy-duty AAA batteries instead of watch batteries mean that they have a very loud high pitched 130 dB alarm to ensure maximum coverage when you need to call for help. The sound is not only loud but it can last continuously up to an hour unless it is stopped.  This could really come in handy if you needed to keep the ringer going for a long period of time. This is great for senior citizens who might need to attract immediate attention in an emergency situation and keep the alarm on for a long time until someone comes for help. The alarm can be activated by pulling the rip cord attached to the head of the device. In addition to the loud sound, it also has a LED flashlight that can be activated easily by pressing a button which is useful in low light situations.


  • LED Flashlight
  • Alarm can last up to an hour
  • Very loud alarm


  • Does not have a key ring or a bag clip so it has to be kept in a pocket or held in hand
  • Uses AAA batteries
Check Latest Price on Amazon

4. ANRUI 120 dB SOS Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

ANRUI 120 dB SOS Emergency Personal Alarm KeychainCheck Latest Price on Amazon Are you the person looking for a personal alarm keychain that would not only ensure your safety and get you out of trouble but also be a fashion statement that would go well with your style? Then this is definitely an option you'll want to entertain. This nicely decorated, stylish keychain can be hooked onto your bag strap, purse or belt loop and be used to give off a 120 dB loud alarm by taking the bolt out in case of an emergency. This can also make a great gift that is stylish, compact and useful.


  • Stylish design
  • 120 dB loud alarm
  • Alarm can last for 40 min if not stopped
  • Keychain gives high portability


  • Feminine design
Check Latest Price on Amazon

5. Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm

Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm Safety Security Self-Defense Rape RobCheck Latest Price on Amazon This product will be an absolute favorite for anyone looking for a keychain alarm that is cute and makes an adorable personal ornament. Especially if you are a parent who wants their children to stay safe and have an effective way to call for help in case of emergency, this product is absolutely worth looking into. Its body is made of soft fabric so it will be soft to touch and the cute teddy bear design will make your children love it and feel more comfortable to carry it around and use it. The design is also clever in the sense that the design keeps the alarm in disguise so that any perpetrator would not know it is an alarm. Its design isn't the only great thing about it; the alarm is 130 dB loud and it comes with a belt clip and key ring for easy attachment to your belongings. The alarm is activated by pulling out a pin and can be stopped by putting it in again.


  • Cute design
  • Loud alarm


  • The design might not be suitable for everyone
  • heavier compared to some other key chains
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6. Beegod Emergency Personal Security Alarms

beegod Emergency Personal Security AlarmsCheck Latest Price on Amazon This product’s small size makes it highly portable. It comes with a key ring that can be used to hang it from keys or belt loops. It has a standard design that is age and gender neutral. The alarm is activated by pulling out a pin and the pin has a cord attached to it which makes it easy to be pulled to ensure fast activation. The sound given off by this device is loud, 130 dB. Additionally, it has a mini LED flash light that can be useful in low light conditions to light your way or to look for things inside your bag. This product also offers five different colors to choose from.


  • Small
  • Loud alarm
  • LED flash light


  • No Clips
Check Latest Price on Amazon

7. Siepem Personal Alarm Keychain High Decibel Self Defense

SIEPEM Personal Alarm KeychainCheck Latest Price on Amazon What we love about this product is its versatility. One thing about personal alarm key chain is that its principal use, the alarm, is not frequently used, which is a good thing because it means you are not facing a situation that calls for it, but we can certainly appreciate wanting a multi-purpose alarm that has more every day uses. This product offers exactly that. It can be plugged into your phone or laptop, and can be used as a speaker! Also, other than the alarm being 130 dB loud, the alarm is human voice calling for help, which cuts down the possibility of your alarm being mistaken as other loud sounds such as a car alarm. In addition, it has an LED flashlight and another light to complement the alarm. Pulling out the pin activates the alarm and red and blue lights blink alternatively, resembling a police car light. This device is rechargeable, with a USB port and a battery life indicator to make sure you have your alarm fully charged before going out with it. It is designed like an adorable ladybug and it looks great as a personal accessory on your bag or on your keys. It is also waterproof and high temperature resistant, two great features to make it usable in adverse conditions, say if you go hiking or trekking or on rainy days.


  • Loud alarm in human voice saying “HELP”
  • Built-in speaker
  • LED flashlight and alarm lights in red and blue
  • Unique design
  • Waterproof and high temperature resistant
  • Rechargeable


  • Needs to be charged
Check Latest Price on Amazon

8. EPOSGEAR Metallic Mini Minder

EPOSGEAR Metallic Mini Minder Loud Personal Staff Panic Rape Attack Safety Security Alarm 140dbCheck Latest Price on Amazon This is a great choice of personal alarm if you are looking for a professional level quality. This product has been accredited by the UK Police, which proves its reliability. It has a metallic colored body and has a very loud alarm of 140 dB. Most alarm key chains are 130 dB loud (which is certainly loud enough) so the extra 10dB here is slightly overkill,  however for some this extra 10 dB might be the definition of "best personal alarm key chain " considering it has the highest output of any in our list.  For instance, those spending a lot of time in the outdoors would get a lot of value from that extended range. A pin attached to a cord is used to activate the alarm and a separate key ring is used to hang it from your bag strap or belt loop. This is an important feature because it helps to avoid accidental removal of the pin, which would cause a false alarm.


  • 140 dB alarm
  • Alarm cord and key ring are separate
  • Wrist strap
  • Accredited Product


  • Not as small as other alarms
Check Latest Price on Amazon

What to keep in mind when buying a personal alarm key chain

Now that you know about the eight best personal alarm key chains in the market, we will give a quick overview of the things you may consider to buy one:


How active are you? Would you carry it cycling, jogging, and solo-adventures? If it is going to undergo rough movements, make sure the key ring is strong enough to not let the alarm fall.

Is the attachment ring separate from the activation pin

For some products, the key ring or the pin is same as the ring that the alarm is hung from your bag strap or your key and this might be a problem since it may cause the pin to be pulled out accidentally which will cause a false alarm.

Activation system

Is it a pin or a button? How easy do you want it to be to turn on and off the alarm?


In most cases, it is going to be a part of your accessories so make sure it goes well with your overall style. Do you want a standard design, a cute one for your children or one with a little more flare?


Some use AAA batteries, some use watch batteries and some are rechargeable using a USB cable.

Additional features

Some have flashlights and speakers that can be more practical for every day use.

Final Verdict

We hope this helped you learn about the importance of having a personal alarm, the features of the best eight products in the market, and to have a good idea of the factors to take into account before buying one. We'd also love to hear about your experience with these alarms! Reach out in the comments and let us know!