The 8 Best Pond Heaters For Stocked Ponds

Pond heaters are essential for cold winter days when the ponds freeze over. The ice formation interrupts the constant oxygen supply to keep the fish alive. The deicers also function to assist the release of toxic gas from the ponds. This device is a must for the professional fish breeders and for those who keep fish as pets. The Pond Heaters are notorious for their short lifespans and frequent breaking. So, it might be tough to find that works well and lasts as well. To help you find the best pond heater we have devised a list of our top picks.

Best Pick

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond Deicer K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond Deicer is thermostatically controlled, economically designed and works both floating and submersible de-icer. It has a moderately long power supply cord and is safe for the plants and fish.

​Budget Pick

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pond Heater K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pond Heater runs on very low wattage. It works great for smaller ponds of fish tanks. It’s also thermostatically controlled and completely secure for the environment of the fish ponds.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Pond Heaters

Pond heaters and deicer are very helpful in colder regions. If your ponds and fish tanks ice over in the winter then a deicer is a must to help the fish survive. We have listed some of the choices that we think are the best in the market. You will find detailed reviews, highlighted the features of the devices along with pro-con lists for each of them. [table id=119 /]

1. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond Deicer 

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pond Perfect Climate Deluxe Pond Deicer

Highlighted Features

  • The deicer is thermostatically controlled
  • Designed to be economical
  • Long twelve feet cord
  • Floats in the water and fully submersible
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • MET has listed it as safe
K&H deicers are known to be one of the best pond heater in the market. They have been making heaters and deicers for ponds for a very long time. The deicers have always been made of great quality. This particular Deluxe Pond Deicer is no exception. This deicer is controlled thermostatically – meaning they turn on and off when the temperature reaches to certain degrees. The deicers are designed to float in the water while keeping a small area of ice melted. This is to make sure there is enough gas exchange in the iced-over ponds. In freezing cold weather fish retreat to the depths of ponds and hibernate. They don’t require much food but a supply of oxygen is a must. The deicers do exactly that. They also help to release toxic gas from the pond. You must keep the deicer in water at all times. It’s advisable to make a small hole in ice before placing the unit if ice has already settled in. This unit is designed to be economically friendly. There would not be any jumps in electricity. It has a twelve feet long cord which is not the longest nor the shortest. You might need to use an extension cord to connect it to electricity. Please make sure you are using a quality extension otherwise the unit might have trouble working.


  • Does not damage plastic ponds
  • Does not harm fish
  • Automatically turns on in a certain temperature
  • Cord stays in place


  • Only usable for one or two winters
  • Has to be in water to function
  • Increases electricity bill

2. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pond Heater

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pond Heater

Highlighted Features

  • Efficient and low-wattage deiced
  • Keeps a hole in the ice using 100 watts
  • Floats in water
  • Does not harm plastic ponds
  • Helps to remove toxic gas from the water
  • Works even below 30 degrees Fahrenheit
Another great choice K&H provides is the Thermo-Pond Heater. This one runs on 100 watts and maintains a hole in the ice in ponds. This deicer is made in a small and efficient design. It uses very low wattage. Which ensures no significant increase on electric bills. The pond heater is the floating kind. It does not tend to harm the fish or pond liners. It’s perfectly safe to use in plastic ponds. Although, we do suggest matching the extension cord with the wattage it runs in. The unit has a shorter power cord so an extension might be necessary. It helps to supply oxygen through the hole in the ice for the fish to live through the ice. It also helps to release the toxic gas from the ponds. It activates and heats only when the temperature drops down to freezing. It works in temperature as low as negative 30 degrees. The unit has a built-in thermostat which enables this feature. This heater from K&H is great for smaller fish ponds. Especially, it is perfect for goldfish ponds. The unit would also work fine for the fish tank if the top ices over. It can also be used as a backup pond heater for larger ponds.


  • Only activates when it’s freezing
  • Can be directly placed on ice
  • Great for goldfish ponds
  • Budget-friendly – very small increase in electric bill


  • Shorter power cord
  • Might cause loss of fish if not used properly

3. Allied Precision 7521 Floating 1,500-Watt Pond De-Icer/ Heater

Allied Precision 7521 Floating 1,500-Watt Pond De-Icer Heater

Highlighted Features

  • Floats on water
  • Keeps an area of pond melted
  • A motor of 1500 watt
  • Has a 6 feet long power cord
  • Controlled thermostatically
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Plastic housing
  • One-year warranty period
Allied precision’s floating deicer has a powerful motor of 1500 watts. It should be placed in the pond before the ice settles in. The heater will turn on automatically when the weather reaches sub-zero temperature. It is thermostatically controlled by the heating unit that’s built in the unit. This is a floating deicer that should be kept on water at all times. Once you have placed the heater on the water you just need to connect it to a power supply. The unit has a six feet long power cord that might need an extension to power up. We would have liked a larger cord but this works fine with an extension. The unit has a plastic housing to keep the pond liner and the fish safe. It is known for its long lasting period. The pond heater easily works for two years. It has a one-year warranty period. But the previous users have reported getting years of use out of this. The deicer might actually work as a heater for a smaller pond or tank. Which makes it perfect to use for goldfish ponds. It maintains a hole in the deep ice. You don't have to worry even if the layer of ice is about a foot long. Overall, this one has a very powerful motor and works great for both small and large ponds. Another perk of the unit is that it is very economically efficient.


  • Easily lasts for two years
  • Might work as a heater for a small pond
  • Keeps ice melted as deep as a foot
  • Works great for a goldfish pond
  • No noticeable increase in electric bill


  • Only turns on if water temp. is below 40 degrees
  • Works as deicer - not a water heater
  • The power cord is very short
  • Might damage pond liner if not guarded

4. Farm Innovators Model P-418 Premium Floating Pond De-Icer

Farm Innovators Model P-418 Premium Floating Pond De-Icer

Highlighted Features

  • Controlled thermostatically
  • Keeps a vent hole in the ice
  • Made of patented Cast Aluminum
  • Friendly for fish and plants
  • Usable in fifty to six hundred gallons of pond
  • 10 feet power cord
  • Runs on 1250 watts
Farm Innovators’ Premium Floating Pond De-Icer is designed to keep a small hole in the ice to promote oxygen supply and gas exchange in the ponds. In freezing cold weather, the fish in tanks and ponds can’t get oxygen if the top is completely iced over. That is why deicers are essential for them to survive. It also has a thermostat built in it. When the temperature gets freezing the heater automatically turns on. It also has a set temperature that turns the unit off. This unit is also very versatile in case of which size of pond you might use it for. The deicer works for tanks as small as fifty gallons and as large as six hundred gallons. It is made with patented cast Aluminum that makes it environment-friendly for the fish. The unit does not harm pond lines but it is recommended to use an extra cover to be completely safe. It is also safe for any plant or fish. This heater has a motor of 1250 watts and a ten feet power cord. You might need to use an extension if your electric outlet is out of reach. Please be sure to use a good quality extension.  Cheaper or bad quality cord might kill the unit.


  • Allows harmful gases to escape
  • Provides an ice-free area in ponds
  • No need to buy extra cover
  • Keeps small ponds completely melted
  • has one-year warranty


  • Sellers might be unresponsive at times
  • The unit might rust over time
  • The power cord is not very long
  • Might be unreliable to turn on sometimes
  • Does not activate unless it’s below freezing

5. LagunaPowerHeat Heated De-Icer for Ponds

LagunaPowerHeat Heated De-Icer for Ponds

Highlighted Features

  • Works on 20 degrees Fahrenheit and below
  • Has LED light to indicate the deicer is working
  • Stainless steel outer layer
  • Resistant of high impacts
  • Safe for plants and fish
  • Works on 50 to 5000 gallons of ponds
Laguna is a well-known name in the deicer and heater industry. Their deicers are reported to be very long lasting. The deicers are sturdily built and have an outer layer of stainless steel. It is thermostatically controlled. The unit only starts heating when it’s freezing. The best feature of this design is that it has an LED light. The light indicates when the unit has started heating and when it has reached the desired temperature. The light stays on as long as the deicer is working. That way you will know if it has stopped working and act quickly to help the fish. The unit is guaranteed to be safe for the fish and plants in the water. But please make sure you are using it properly. Some units might be faulty and leak at the bottom side where the cord is attached. Although, the design is perfect to keep the deicer balanced if it’s not faulty. The deicer keeps an area of ice melted so that harmful gas can be released from the pond. It also helps the fish get enough supply of oxygen. The unit is made to be secure of the living things of ponds and also the pond itself. The unit might drift to the edge if you don’t secure it somehow. The liner would be damaged if it gets heated for an extended amount of time. You could use an extra guard for that purpose or fix the deicer to be a little far from the edge of the pond.


  • About 25 feet long power cord
  • Blinks red when the unit is heating
  • Green LED lights up when it reaches the desired temperature
  • Allows gas exchange to keep the fish healthy
  • Lasts a long time


  • Might leak at cord joint in the bottom
  • Tends to drift closer to the edge of the pond
  • You cannot control the temperature

6. Allied Precision 15N 1500-Watt Sinking Tank Heater with Guard

Allied Precision 15N 1500-Watt Sinking Tank Heater with Guard

Highlighted Features

  • Heating element made of stainless steel
  • Thermostat is placed on top of unit
  • Protection from heating in higher temperature
  • Has a 3 feet long power cord
  • Deicer sinks to the bottom of pond
This is another great deicer from Allied Precision. This unit is made of stainless steel. This makes sure that the deicer is completely safe for all the fish and plants in the water. This unit is thermostatically controlled. The built-in heating compartment makes sure that the unit only turns on when the water is freezing over. The thermostat sits on top of the unit. This reduces any chances of a fire hazard. The deicer is also safe from reaching a higher temperature to harm the fish. It will automatically turn off when the temperature has reached a warmer degree. This is designed to stay submerged in the water. This feature makes the unit perfect to use as a horse trough. It makes certain that the horse will not reach the heater because they tend to chew up anything floating in the water. Please keep in mind that this unit is only designed to keep the water from freezing. This will not keep the water warm. It also might be too big for smaller tanks since it runs on a powerful motor. Our only complaint about this deicer is the very short power chord. It’s only 3 feet long. So, this will automatically be very close to the edge of the pond. If the pond liner is continuously heated for weeks, then it might be damaged. So, please make sure you are using the deicer properly and we highly encourage you to use a quality extension chord with it.


  • Does not cause an increase in electricity bills
  • Automatically turns off in high temperature
  • Also usable for horse troughs
  • Keeps small ponds and troughs from freezing
  • Can last for years


  • Might rust if precaution is not taken
  • Could be too big for small tanks
  • Warranty period is very limited
  • Does not warm water – only deices

7. ​TetraPond Pond De-icer, Thermostatically Controlled 

TetraPond Pond De-icer, Thermostatically Controlled

Highlighted Features

  • Keeps an area free of ice
  • Helps release trapped gas from the pond
  • Promotes oxygen supply in the water
  • Has a 15 feet long power cord
  • Works on temperature as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit
TetraPond Pond Deicer is a small but powerful deicer for your ponds. It runs on 300 watts which does not cost any jumps on electricity bills. The unit floats on the ice and keeps an area of ice melted in the ponds when there is a sheet of ice covering it. The deicers are controlled thermostatically. So, the will only turn on when it reaches freezing temperature. The unit will not turn on if the temperature is above that. This unit works in very lower temperatures – It will work on temperature as low as negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The deicers help to supply oxygen to the fish of the pond so that they can survive the cold, cold winters. TetraPonds deicers are best to place on the water before it starts freezing. The deicers do not melt ice that has already formed. We suggest you boil some water and power it on the ice to melt an area before putting the deicer in. That way you will be a hundred percent secure form any extra heating. The unit has a moderately long 15 feet power supply cord. You can just plug it in an electric outlet or use an extension cord to supply power. The unit is designed to look very natural in the ponds which is a bonus point. We highly recommend using this for small goldfish tanks or ponds. You might also use them as heaters for large koi ponds but it’s best if you use it as a backup deicer.


  • Works great for smaller ponds
  • Looks very natural
  • The power cord is really long
  • Does not harm pond liners
  • Turns on and off automatically


  • Does not melt formed ice
  • Needs something to protect it from wind
  • Might get rusty in the bottom

8. Laguna PowerHeat Heated De-Icer for Ponds

Laguna PowerHeat Heated De-Icer for Ponds

Highlighted Features

  • Activates and works for below 20° temperature
  • Has an LED that stays lit while it’s on
  • A thermostat is integrated for automatic shutoff
  • Works on 315 watts
  • 22 feet long electrical cord
  • Promotes gas exchange
Laguna PowerHeat Heated Deicer is another great deicer for small to medium ponds. They are also usable for horse troughs. These work excellent for goldfish ponds as they run on 315 watts of motors. They have built-in thermostats in them which turns the units on and off for specified temperatures. These are supposedly usable in extremely low temperature. The brand boasts that they have tested to be functional even in minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Like all the other deicers we have mentioned above, this one also keeps a hole in the ice melted. It keeps the ice melted even if the sheet of ice is 12 inches deep. It allows gas exchange and oxygen supply in the ice-cold weather. This unit has a very helpful LED light that remains lit and visible when the unit is on. The deicer also has the longest power chord that is 22 feet long. The only complaint about these is that some of the products have been reported to be unreliable. We suggest you to frequently check if the heater is working. If not then immediately contact the seller. Unfortunately, the warranty period is also very limited. Overall this is a great unit with a lot of attractive features when it works.


  • Keeps a hole in the ice for oxygen supply
  • Protected from overheating
  • The unit thaws about 12 inches circle
  • Works great for koi ponds


  • Rusts after an extended period of use
  • Not exceedingly long-lasting
  • Only one-year warranty
  • Some units might be unreliable

Things to consider before buying Pond Heater

Pond heaters are used in the cold weather to keep the ice melted. These are essential if you have a pond full of fish – whether you are a professional fish breeder or just keep fish as pets. The pond heaters are only usable in below freezing weather when the ponds get icy. Most fish including koi and goldfish can survive in below freezing water. Only they need the oxygen supply to survive. They go into a hibernating mode and stop eating so they can go through the winter. When there is a sheet of ice over the pond or it has snowed in, the oxygen supply cuts off. That is why pond heaters keep either a hole in the pond to keep the oxygen running or they melt the whole ice of the pond. There are lots of different types of pond hitters. We have talked about floating electric pond heaters or deicer. Down below we have listed some of the things that you must consider before buying the best pond heater to suit your needs.


First and foremost, you need to know exactly what use you will put the pond heater in. For example, a goldfish pond and a koi pond need different wattage to keep the fish safe and healthy. We will discuss different temperature and wattage shortly. But first, you just need to understand that you should buy your pond heaters based on the size of the pond, the temperature of your area and the kind of fish you have in the ponds. You should also keep the pond depth in mind. As the temperature goes down, your fish will take shelter in the deepest area of the ponds. If you have a very deep pond, you should consider a pond heater that will take of the water flow and air flow as well as keeping an area of the pond warm. You might also consider filtration before buying a pond heater.


Please keep in mind that you only a pond heater if the temperature is below freezing. If you use a pond heater in less cold weather then that, it might harm your fish. Also, it’s very important to keep the temperature at a tolerable temperature for your fish. Otherwise, they might get fried. The pond heater will automatically turn off when the temperature reaches from 20 degrees to 45 degrees. To make sure your fish are safe and alive, check the temperature often. We would highly recommend choosing a pond heater that supports a thermostat or has some way of measuring temperature.

Controlling temperature

On to the next point - most floating pond heaters or deicers should have the option to control temperature. This is essential if you have sensitive fish in your pond. It is helpful to make monitoring the temperature of the pond easier. Be sure to check the temperature frequently so you can take instant measure if the heater stops working for any reason.

Gas Release

There is a substantial amount of toxic gas release from the electric pond heaters. The pond also gathers gas in itself that needs to be released. If you have a lot of fishes in the pond, it might be harmful to them. We suggest getting a pond heater that releases the toxic gas in the air. The pond heater will keep a small area melted so the gas can pass through the water. This keeps the environment of the pond clean and the physique of your fish in optimum shape.


Depending on the fish and the size of your pond, you might want to consider how much the wattage of your pond heater might be. Deicers generally run on lower watts than pond heaters. We have chosen deicers that run on very low wattage. They are used to keep only a small hole in the ice for gas exchange. These deicers are not to heat the whole pond.


You might want to consider more than one deicer depending on the size of your pond. One deicer should be fine if you have a small pond. The deicers are also great if you have fish tanks – if the tank has a sheet of ice on top then a deicer would help the fish survive. For the professional fish breeders who have larger ponds, two to three deicers would be a wise choice. That way even if one stops working, your fish would not be in any immediate danger.


To make sure your deicer lasts a long time, you need to do some regular check-ins on them. there might be minerals building up on the heating unit of the deicers, causing the deicer to quit. Often check the unit and clean it up so it runs efficiently. Use a good extension cord to supply power. Check the voltage the deicer needs and use exactly the same. Otherwise, the unit might stop working altogether or worse – dysfunction and electrify the fish.


Indicator lights are very important to let you know if the pond heater is properly working. This is to make sure if the heater is getting electricity or arming to a certain temperature. We would suggest you buy a pond heater that clearly shows what status it is currently in.

Final Verdict

Pond heaters or deicers are extremely helpful for very cold spells and ice-cold weathers. They are necessary to maintain a gap in the ice to promote gas exchange. As a result, the fish can survive the winter. We have discussed all the best pond heater that we found in this. We hope you are now equipped with enough knowledge to find yours.