Top 10 Best Projection Clocks Reviews in 2019

The age of regular clocks is long gone when you had to twist and turn in the morning to know the time. With projection clocks, it gets a lot easier by just looking up at the wall or ceiling! Find out the best projection clocks from us right now and enjoy the luxury!

Our Best Pick

Mesqool AM-FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock

Overall, the Digital Projection Alarm Clock Radio from Mesqool has proved itself to be the best since it has the convenience of a large display, ultra-clear swiveling projection, adjustable brightness, battery backup and can also function as a radio with 20 AM/FM stations. Besides, it is also one of the best alarm clocks due to dual alarm feature with two tones.

Our Budget Pick

Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Clock provides the best value for money since it can set the time automatically, has dimming options, shows indoor temperature, can provide battery backup and can also be used to play audio. Its dual alarm also makes it a modern alarm clock.

1. ​Mesqool AM/FM Digital Projection Alarm Clock Radio

This combination of an alarm clock and a radio is one of the most popular products from Mesqool. This alarm clock radio has a sleek and modern design of polished black surface where you can see the time whenever you want with just a glance. The time is displayed in big digits on a seven-inch ultra-large LED and with contrasting white color.

Besides you can also tell the time in the middle of the night just by looking at its ultra-clear projection on the wall or the ceiling. The digits can also be rotated up to 180 degrees while floating in the air to suit your convenience.

It can also help with your daily routines by letting you wake up right on time! To do so, there are two alarms implemented here. The first one is buzzer alarm which you can set yourself and the other one is based on radio stations. The alarm tone is programmed to get louder gradually so that your sleep can end peacefully.

This clock can also work as an AM/FM radio since it already comes with preset 10 AM and 10 FM radio stations. So you don’t need to buy a separate device or always depend on your smartphone to listen to some music, news or talk shows.

If the display seems too bright for you, there are options to fix it by choosing a dimmer level. You can pick high, medium or low level of brightness depending on the surrounding lighting.

You can charge it with USB on your Android or iOS smartphone. Two AAA batteries can also give you backup in case of power outage. It is surprising how despite all these features the cost is at a pretty affordable range.


  • Modern sleek design
  • Large display
  • Ultra-clear projection
  • 180-degree rotation
  • 20 preset radio stations
  • Dual alarms
  • Three brightness levels
  • Both USB and battery powered
  • Affordable


  • Not durable
  • Low-quality speakers

2. ​Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

If you are looking for a multipurpose small travel clock which is lightweight and small enough to carry around comfortably, look no further! This Electrohome clock is a very formidable contender in that area.

It displays all the information on its blue LCD display of 3.6 inches. All digits are shown in white to complement the screen color as well as the aesthetic of the overall black structure. All of these shades together give the clock a cool and formal look so you can use it in the office, as well as by your bedside table!

The backlit LCD screen also has dimming options of high, low and off so that you can adjust its brightness anytime you want. At night, however, it will dim itself on its own due to the auto dimmer feature.

This clock can also function as a radio with 20 of both AM and FM stations. This feature also helps it set the time and date right by automatically connecting to radio signals. You just need to specify your time zone and it will keep showing the correct time even when the power is out. Moreover, it adjusts to daylight savings time naturally without any extra setup.

You can listen to all your favorite songs from the stations as well as the ones from your own device with the 3.5mm AUX audio input. It works with almost all devices including mp3 players, smartphones and tablets like Android, iPhone and iPad making it one of the best projection clocks.

Apart from the current time, this clock also tells you today’s date and weekday. The indoor temperature is displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit units. This temperature can be projected along with the time to let you see the information from anywhere in the room. You can also rotate it up to 180 degrees with adjustable focus for maximum convenience.

Out of the two alarms, you can set one for yourself and another for your partner! They are programmed to turn on your favorite radio station as you wake up or trigger the built-in buzzer instead. There are sleep, nap and snooze functions for both. They can be turned off for weekends to let you sleep peacefully on your off-days!

These alarm settings can be restored even after a power outage due to the strong backup provided by built-in Lithium battery.


  • Clear projection with 180-degree tilt
  • Small and compact
  • Blue LCD display
  • Dual alarm
  • AM/FM radio with 20 stations
  • Audio input
  • Indoor temperature
  • Auto dimmer
  • Battery backup
  • Portable
  • Affordable


  • Not durable
  • display is too bright even for low setting

3. Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock 

This one is also from Electrohome but has a style similar to the Mesqool’s clock. It is much more modern in structure and looks. Its 1.2 inches LED screen comes in two variations of white digits and blue digits. For further convenience, brightness of the display can be adjusted by choosing any of the four options called zero, low, medium and high.

Like the previous two, this one is also one of the digital alarm clock radios and has 20 preset AM/FM stations. Combining this and the digital frequency display, the clock can set up both time and date automatically. You just need to select the time zone and it will start showing the correct time from thereon.

Also, the PLL or phase-locked loop technology allows you to enjoy the cool alarm sounds by digitally connecting with the strongest point of radio signals and enhancing their quality. Daylight Savings Time is also updated here automatically in every spring and fall.

The current time is projected in red digits on wall or ceiling with the added benefit of the 180-degree swivel. This helps you to see the time without changing your sleeping position and read it easily from any corner of the room. It can be turned off as well if you prefer.

It has dual alarms so you can activate two alarms at separate times if you and your spouse have different schedules. Besides, they can be adjusted to stay off on weekends to complement your holiday routines. The tone of these alarms can either be a typical buzzer sound or your favorite show from a radio station.

All these clock settings will persist even if your whole house suffers from a power outage due to the long-lasting battery backup. There is also the added convenience of a high-speed USB charging port in the back which can work as the new go-to-charger for your smart devices.


  • 180-degree projection swivel
  • Calendar display
  • Dual alarm
  • 20 AM/FM radio stations
  • PLL technology
  • Four levels of brightness
  • USB charging port
  • Battery backup


  • High Price

4. Ambient Weather WS-8401 Projection Clock

This lightweight projection clock from Ambient Weather comes with backlighting and projection along with many useful features.

Firstly it can tell you both the indoor and outdoor temperatures along with time. These can be set in Celsius or Fahrenheit units. A wireless sensor called TX-8300 is included to measure the temperature outside and three more remote sensors can be added in different locations to get more information.

The ambient backlighting of display can keep changing colors between a total of 13 shades based on this outdoor temperature. The palette includes bright and vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow, light blue, light aqua, light green, violet and cold white. You can also pick a favorite among these and keep it as the static shade.

Both of the temperatures along with the time can be projected on ceiling or wall. This will help you get a quick read from anywhere and adjust your schedule of the day. The projection includes a focus adjustment dial which helps you get the clearest view of those updates. It can also be reversed 180 degrees for further convenience.

One of the unique features this clock has is its display of barometric pressure and barograph. The pressure can be set to absolute or relative to sea-level and in units of inHg, mmHg, mabr or hPa. This helps in identifying weather trends. It also keeps all data from the last 72 hours including minimum and maximum.

Dual alarm lets you set two different alerts and both of them have snooze options. There are five dedicated buttons on the front for prompt and easy access to all these features. Besides all the information including calendar are shown on the display by default. Five AA batteries are required for backup and the clock generally is powered by AC adapter.


  • Display with 13 colors
  • LED backlight
  • Time and temperature projection
  • Both indoor and outdoor temperatures
  • Barometric data
  • Calendar information
  • History records
  • Alarm with snooze


  • Expensive

5. Oregon Scientific PROJI Projection Atomic Clock

Unlike the clocks we saw so far, this one is a bit different since it has the monochromatic screen instead of the colorful screens. It looks a bit old-school but has modern features to compete with other options on this list.

There is no need to adjust it manually again and again since it gets all the updates through radio signals from Colorado. Along with showing atomic time, it also supports Daylight Savings Time and readjusts itself accordingly.

This time can be shown in projection and its angle can be adjusted with the projection arm. The digits are all in red and are very easy to see from distance. This feature can also be turned off if you want.

Dual alarms let you set the time to wake you up and it can be adjusted to not go off on weekends. The tone is loud enough for you to be awake you and soft enough to not trigger disturbance.

It is extremely light in weight which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. You can carry it easily anywhere but a little touch can make it stumble. You can also see today’s date and weekday on the display, along with indoor temperature. Besides, the LED backlight can be turned on at night for easy reading.

This clock comes in four color variations including classic black, cool gray, pure white and sweet rose gold. You can power it both AC and battery, although the battery compartment is a little hard to operate on.


  • Atomic time
  • Projection arm
  • Four color variations
  • Dual alarm
  • Indoor temperature
  • Calendar display
  • LED backlight
  • Very lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Monochromatic screen
  • Battery compartment difficult to open

6. Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Self-Setting Projection Alarm Clock

Another entry on our list of the best projection clocks is this Oregon Scientific projection alarm clock with cute and curvy structure. With a combination of blue high-tech plastic over white internal body, it adds some cool vibes to the area.

But the small display in the middle can hardly make enough room for showing all its features at once. Moreover, being monochromatic makes it harder for the user to read them and they often have to squint.

To make up for it, there is the projection option which lets you know the time with big red digits on walls or ceilings. It can be displayed continuously or momentarily if plugged into a socket. However, on battery mode, you need to press the snooze bar on top to display it for five seconds. This bar also turns on the backlight for its LCD screen.

It can set up the time automatically since it contains a radio receiver and gets all the latest information from the US Atomic Clock. So it can guarantee split-second accuracy by updating itself six times every 24 hours. For all of these to work, you just need to pick one of the North American timezones. You can see the chosen zone on the display at bottom right and the current radio signal strength on top left.

The date is also updated the same way and weekdays can be displayed in English, Spanish or French. It can also tell you the indoor temperature. You can also set alarm here which comes with 8-minute snoozes and a gradual increase in the tone for waking you up peacefully.


  • Atomic time
  • Timezone map
  • Crescendo alarm
  • Indoor temperature
  • Multilingual weekdays
  • Battery backup
  • Backlight


  • Expensive
  • small monochromatic display
  • projection angle cannot be adjusted

7. Ambient Weather RC-8427 Projection Alarm Clock

This one from Ambient Weather comes in three variations - large, small and AM/FM radio. The display is the smallest in the radio version and biggest in the large one. So pick whichever fits your needs and style the most.

The body is full black and polished with a projection handle by the side. Its simplistic nature is complemented by the small monochromatic display loaded with various information.

The time itself is atomic in nature so you will never need to manually adjust it. Receiving the radio signals from Colorado, it syncs itself automatically for absolute accuracy and keeps track of Daylight Savings Time. Just select your timezone from the options of Pacific, Central, Eastern and Mountain to utilize this feature.

You can also see the indoor temperature here in Fahrenheit or Celsius units. Both the temperature and time are projected upwards with big red digits. Its angle can be adjusted with the projection arm and reversed to 180 degrees. But before the reverse key, you need to press on snooze/light key for the flip. Besides, the dial for fine-tuning focus is also given for crystal-clear projection.

It just shows the information with a soft glow and does not ruin the darkness of the room. For the same reason, the projection will not be that visible in well-lit rooms. Moreover, there is an LED backlight included on the screen for easier reading at nights. Its intensity can be adjusted with the brightness switch between high and low.

Set an alarm which supports snooze and a gradual increase in tone for a smooth ending to your sleep. The screen also shows the calendar where the weekdays can be set in any of the five languages.


  • Atomic time
  • 180-degree reverse projection
  • Focus adjustment dial
  • Indoor temperature
  • Crescendo alarm with snooze
  • Multilingual weekdays
  • Three style variations
  • LED backlight
  • Brightness switch
  • Affordable


  • Small congested display
  • difficult to access buttons
  • no weekend setting for alarm

8. Mpow Projection Clock

This is one of the most stylish projection clocks in the market right now. Most of that credit goes to its curved LED display of 5 inches length where all the information are shown in illuminating blue.

If they are too bright for you, turn it down or switch it off completely! There are four brightness options here including bright, medium, low and off. A lens cloth is provided which you can use to wipe the screen gently and thus avoid scratch marks.

There is a projector instilled very carefully and smartly into the overall structure. This projector can show time in ultra-clear fonts on ceiling or walls within a distance of 1.6 to 10 feet. One thing to note is the digits here are not too large and seem smaller than other options here.

The projection angle can be adjusted from 30 degrees backward to 90 degrees forward, making a total range of 120 degrees. You can also flip it upside down 180 degrees by pressing the Project button. There are options to set light intensity here too from bright, dim and off but the dim option is also pretty luminous.

This clock can also be your new FM radio having the ability to store 15 stations from 76.0 to 108.0 MHz. A 33 inches long antenna is set at the back which can be extended in case you are not getting strong signals. The radio has a sleep timer function with which you can set it off after 5 to 90 minutes automatically.

Set up two alarms at different times so that you and your partner can wake up according to personal schedules. Both of you can snooze it from 5 to 60 minutes. The alarm tone can be set to the standard buzzer noise or a radio station. The buzzer’s volume can be set from L00 to L15 and it gets louder incrementally for your comfort.

You can also use it to charge your iPhone or Android smartphone using its 5V 1A USB output interface. For all the features to work seamlessly it will need AC power but battery backup is also available to recover alarm and time settings for power outages.


  • 120-degree projection range
  • Curved LED screen
  • 4 brightness levels
  • Dual alarm with snooze
  • 15 FM radio stations
  • Sleep timer
  • USB charging port
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to set up
  • dimmest level is too bright for projection
  • no focus adjustment
  • small projection fonts

9. Good voice Smart LCD Digital Projection Alarm Clock

A breath of fresh air on our list of best projection clocks is this one from Good Voice with a very stylish and unconventional shape. It looks almost like a black apple but with four sides pressed down to be plain surfaces. On the other hand, from an upper angle, it actually seems like a cubic toy! This unique shape combined with the lightweight makes it very handy and perfect for traveling.

However, the big drawback is that its projection does not stay on for long. You need to push the top knob to keep it on for about 10 seconds every time. To move the projection forward and backward just use the knob in the desired direction.

When it is on, it shows both the time and the temperature in red digits. Unfortunately, no option for Fahrenheit is included so the temperature can only be shown in Celsius. Its angle can be modified within a 90-degree range to land on wall or ceiling.

To toggle between AM and PM time formats press on the Mode key on the back. Its LED display screen has a green backlight for better vision at night. In daylight, it is rather dim and cannot be read unless you are at a very close distance. This is because then the digits are displayed in white which does not have much contrast to the gray or silver background.

One of the most lucrative features it has is a talking function which speaks out the current time in English. This chime function also reports the time in two modes - every hour or from 7am to 9pm only. The second one seems to be the better option since it would not cause any interruption in your sleep. There is a button on the rear side to turn it off.

You can set an alarm and snooze for 10 minutes if you want some extra sleep in the morning. There are five different sounds available to select the alarm tone.


  • Stylish unique design
  • adjustable projection angle
  • Temperature display
  • Green backlight
  • Alarm with snooze
  • Five alarm tone options
  • Chime function
  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable


  • Very dim in daylight
  • no calendar information
  • momentary projection
  • temperature only in Fahrenheit

10. La Crosse Technology 616-146A Projection Alarm Clock

This La Crosse Technology clock is small and compact in size with a pretty colorful display. Each section of information is presented in different colors - time in blue, temperature in blue and calendar in orange. All those shades contrast perfectly with the black background and thus all of them are easily visible on screen. The time is atomic in nature and automatically resets according to Daylight Savings Time.

Projections are available here but in a much more convenient manner. There is one only for temperature and one dedicated to time. They can be lit up individually or both at the same time. They show the updates in large red digits on ceiling or walls. The temperature inside the room can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius units.

A lucrative feature here is the moon phase. Through a colorful phase icon, various stages are shown from new moon to full moon. For each stage including crescents, quarters and gibbous there is a different icon representing the respective shape.

It has a USB port on the back to charge your smart devices promptly. An alarm can be set but its tone is softer than its competitors. Besides, two AAA batteries are needed for battery backup.


  • Two projections
  • atomic time
  • Appealing display colors
  • Moon phases
  • Calendar display
  • Indoor temperature
  • Adjustable brightness
  • USB charging port
  • Battery backup
  • Affordable


  • Not durable
  • faulty time synchronization
  • hard setup
  • quiet alarm tone

Why buy projection clocks?

Flexible view

With a projection clock in your room, you can view the time from anywhere. There is no need to be at a certain distance from the clock and neither do you have to squint. Just take a glance at the wall or the ceiling to figure out immediately how many minutes or hours have passed. how much time you have in your hands. This will help you make quick mental maps or schedules to get all the pending things done and thus increase your productivity level multiple times.


These clocks also help you have a quick checkup on the time in the middle of the night without getting up! For the clocks which support constant projection, you can just open eyes once and see the current time glowing in the middle of darkness. Usually, these are pretty large digits since the clocks are kept at a good enough distance from the wall or the ceiling.

Boost in style

Projection clocks are much more stylish than regular table clocks or wall clocks. Many of them are designed with modern shapes, multiple striking colors and glossily polished casings. So they can be a better upgrade to your overall room style than the traditional ones.

What other features to look for except projection?

Atomic time

Since it is mainly a clock, it should be able to display the time correctly. But none of us would expect to manually set the time again and again. In the abundance of options, we would definitely settle for a clock that can adjust its time accordingly. The most common way to do so is receiving radio signals from Colorado and show accurate atomic time.

Clear display with backlight

The clock should have a backlight which makes seeing time at night a lot easier for the eyes. It should turn itself on automatically as soon as night hits and the display should have proper contrast.

Battery backup

It should be able to preserve the settings for both time and alarm even in a power outage. For this, a battery backup option is mandatory.

Incremental alarm tone

To have a proper beginning of the day, it is necessary to wake up from the sound sleep in a peaceful way. So pick a projection clock with Crescendo alarm which means the tone volume goes up gradually.

Final Verdict

Clearly, these clocks can help with our busy lives in more than one way. So dare yourself to buy one today and see how it goes! You are most welcome to pick one of our best projection clocks or make your own unique choice!

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  1. Have you ever seen a clock apparatus that projects the numerals rolling as the time is displayed? Recently while in Japan there was a clock that projected the time on the wall in our hotel room. It was mesmerizing as we watched the numbers roll until the time changed, minute by minute. Have not been able to find this sort of thing in the USA.

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