Best RV Battery Reviews in 2019

RV batteries are very important for emergencies. It gives huge power in emergency times to engines. But the amount power is in low amps for a longer time. The main work of the RV battery is to try continuing powering the engine with low power but with deep cycling which will ultimately last for a long time.

The mechanism of lead-acid is used in RV batteries. That is why these are maintenance free because there is less loss of electrolytes. Different RV batteries have a different amount of charges and capabilities. Along with that, there are some techniques which should be in practice while using RV batteries in order to avoid hazards with usual cautions.

These are the things we will be discussing here with the review of some of the popular RV batteries on the market for your ease of selection.

Quick Comparison Between The Best RV Battery

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1.UPG 85980/D5722 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

UPG 85980-D5722 Sealed Lead Acid BatteryCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Gives 35 amp hours
  • Lead acid battery
  • 1 nonstandard batteries required
  • Average battery life 2.5 hours
  • Battery voltage-12 volts
  • It has a dimension of 8.1*8.1*5.9 inches
  • The weight is 22.6 pounds
  • 1-year warranty
The UPG 85980/D5722 Sealed Lead Acid Battery is a product of universal power group and one of the best lead-acid batteries in the market. You can use it in UPS backup system, spotlights, flashlights, exit lighting and other equipment. This product's color is black. For superior performance, it has the Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. You can use it in Medical Mobility, Solar, Emergency Lighting, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Electric Gates/Fences, Garage Door Backup Battery, Portable Medical Devices and so many more uses. This product requires 12v batteries. These 12v batteries are included with the product. The UPG 85980/D5722 Sealed Lead Acid Battery has an average battery life of 2.5 hours.


  • Batteries are included
  • Its size is small
  • Long battery life


  • only 1-year warranty
Check Latest Price on Amazon

2. Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine BatteryCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent starting power in bad weather
  • Easily mountable
  • Vibration resistance (15 times more)
  • 120 minutes of reserve capability
  • Best for boats
  • Long lasting battery
  • Fast charging
  • Maintenance free
  • Spillproof
  • 750 cold cranking amps
If you want a RV battery with long lasting battery than this is the one for you. The optima batteries are made to perform at its fullest and provide long lasting battery life than many others on the market. You will get exceptional run time which will serve you perfectly while going to long trips or trolling with boats. This particular model is best for marine trips than all the other ones on the list. It has the most important resistance to vibrations which efficient as well. It is powerful along with fast charging. You will get double advantage with this one. You will get your batteries charged quickly and it will last longer as well. The maintainence free optima battery has the unique spiral wound cells. The advantage of spiral wound cells is it's purity. it is made with pure lead plates which are said to be 99.99% pure, which are further oxidized with lead oxide. This is the reason you will find it a little more expensive because it is way better than other AGM batteries. Optima is the best manufacturer in making spiral cells.


  • ​​​​Battery lasts long
  • Efficient
  • Spiral wound batteries
  • Powerful
  • High performance


Check Latest Price on Amazon

3. Universal power group 45977 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Universal Power Group 45977 Sealed Lead Acid BatteryCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • sealed lead acid battery
  • battery voltage 12 volt
  • 50 Ah battery
  • dimension is 7.7*6.5*7.2 inches
  • 12v batteries required
  • 50 hours average battery life
  • 1-year warranty
The 45977 Sealed Lead Acid Battery is a product of Universal Power Group. It is a sealed lead acid battery which is used for many purposes. It can be used in security, Medical Mobility, Oem, Solar, Emergency Lighting, Uninterruptable power systems, Electric gates, Portable Medical Devices, Etc. This product is available in black color.


  • batteries included
  • long battery life
  • no short circuit problems


  • should not be overused
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4. Trojan J250G 6V 235Ah Flooded Lead Acid Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan J250G 6V 235Ah Flooded Lead Acid Deep Cycle BatteryCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • renewable energy
  • 2 lithium ion batteries required
  • Flooded lead acid battery
  • 6 voltage; amperage 235 mAh
  • Length: 12.200; Width: 7.000; Height: 11.800
  • These products dimensions are 0.5*0.3*0.5 inches
  • peak current is not high
  • long battery life
Trojan battery company have been trying to develop the highest quality deep cycle batteries for more than 85 years. For building a outstanding battery, maker must provide rugged durability, long life, and consistant performance day in day out. Trojan batteries have designed their Industrial line of batteries so that they achieve optimal performance when they r used in renewable energy systems. In solar electric use, these flooded lead-acid batteries have the longest track record. These batteries have the longest life. They require regular maintenance such as watering, equalizing charges and keeping the top and terminals clean. The thicker plates of these batteries can deliver less peak current.


  • deep cycle lead acid batteries
  • Required 2 lithium ion batteries
  • deliver less peak current
  • can be used in many devices or toys


  • needs regular maintenance
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5. Trojan T105-RE Renewable Energy 6V GC2 Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan T105-RE Renewable Energy 6V GC2 Deep Cycle BatteryCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • rechargeable
  • usage cost is less
  • long battery life
  • Flooded lead-acid battery
  • Length- 10.300; Width- 7.100; Height- 10.800
  • Weight- 402 pounds
  • Group GC2
  • 6 voltage; amperage 225 Ah
One of the most popular and focused RV battery brand is Trojan. It has been serving its users with high performing batteries and service for a long time. It is better off with deep cycle batteries which are durable and has a longer life than many other ones on the market. One common thing with Trojan products are that these are consistent in performance. There is no exception with this one as well. Trojan batteries have designed their Industrial line of batteries so that they achieve optimal performance when they r used in renewable energy systems. These batteries are rechargeable. These batteries are the least cost per amp hours. They require regular maintenance such as watering, equalizing charges and keeping the top and terminals clean. The less peak current is provided by the thicker plates. But this product can withstand frequent discharging. Trojan company is the leader in the world in deep cycle battery technology.


  • deep cycle lead acid batteries
  • rechargeable batteries
  • deliver less peak current
  • can be used in many devices or toys


  • needs regular maintenance
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Types of RV batteries

The deep cycle batteries are made of three different designs, one is by the flooded electrolyte, gel type, and lastly absorbed glass mat. The most common one on the market is flooded type and it is also affordable. You must have read about lithium pro batteries which are also on way to the RV market, but it is still expensive but soon it will be in reach of hands of maximum people. The flooded ones are easier to use rather than the wet cells. Like IPS batteries wet cells are needed to refill after a certain amount of use by distilled water. Whereas in gel ones there are electrolytes which stays in gel form, that is why there are cleaner than rest of the types but their prices are also expensive. But the lifetime is also longer. In AGM batteries the electrolytes are absorbed into the fiberglass which remains attached to lead plates. These are also expensive comparatively but the pros are that these are also maintenance free and lasts longer.



If you want to run only pump, fridge etc then you could use a 12-volt battery which can be used for households easily. It will work as the main one. But batteries with 6 volts are larger and lighter than 12 volt batteries. If you want your batteries too long last then you should get 2, 6 volts batteries always.

Lead acid

This is a must thing that you should consider before buying an RV battery. Because otherwise, it won't serve the benefits of an RV battery. This is the mechanism using which an RV battery is made. Most of the RV batteries are made by lead acids.


Money is a vital point while buying something expensive, these Rv batteries fall into that category. But if you choose the battery wisely according to the points given by us then it won't let your money go in vain. But keep the fact in mind and try to spend some extra cash to have a better quality product.

How to store

The main reason that this point is in the considering section rather than being on the safety paragraph is that you have to know how to take care of the things that you opt to buy. First thing first, try to recharge your battery after the instructed period of time which is usually is an interval of 3 months. Try always to keep the battery above 50% of charge and never ever run the batteries when it is under 20%. Otherwise, the batteries will be damaged very badly and cant is used further in future. But if these things are maintained you can use it for more than 5 years or so.

A-H Rating

Always check this rating on the batteries. This is one important rating while buying an RV battery. The more the A-H rating the longer the battery lives and it is considered to be more powerful.

RC Rating

Learn the reserve capacity of the battery as well. It is the measurement of how long the battery will be able to handle 25 amps when it is 100% charged.

CCP Rating

The cold cranking amperes, it is the amps which the battery can provide at 0°F  for 30 seconds of time with a battery with 100% charge. But you don't have to consider this if you are not buying the battery for engine starting.


These batteries are corrosive. You should never take these things lightly just because these are in battery form. It is as important as to be careful like we remain while dealing with electricity. Safety measures like gloves and glasses should always be in catch while dealing with the batteries.

Power at low temperatures

This need comes when the users need of RV battery will be in winter. The feature helps the battery to run even in zero degrees. In a certain amperage, the motor will be able to supply power in low temperatures. In conventional ones, the battery becomes damaged in low temperatures. That is why you need to check it to confirm if the battery will survive lowest of temperatures.

Power at high temperatures

There are RV batteries for low or zero temperatures and there are also batteries for high temperatures as well. Both are of great importance. If you live in a hot and humid area then you should definitely choose the one with the capability of sustaining high temperatures like 35 degrees or beyond.

Hour Rating

This rating is also important, it shows how much the battery can provide in every 20 hours of time. If you often go to long-distance travel than you should always ask for this feature in an RV battery.

Reserved Powers

It is the measure of power which a battery will provide for a certain amount of time while using the battery. Usually, the power outputs are 25 amperes in maximum RV batteries. This types will provide you 25 amperes for 125 minutes. So if you want less or more you have to buy one with having the RC 125 the basic measurement unit.

Vibration Free

The built quality of the RV batteries is important to be of excellent because otherwise, it won't be able to tackle all the vibrations and shocks that an RV battery goes through. It becomes vital when you on roads with it. That is why depending on your usage you should buy a strong one which can handle the shocks and vibrations, thus you will have to spend some extra cash.

Advantages of RV Battery

The first benefit that you will experience is the smooth ride that you will have on roads. They won't be a hassle with power and you will have good performance all the way. It will also help you to start your car with ease. The second thing is that you will be tension free while using RV batteries because of its durability. Maximum RV batteries come with a long durable capability and warranties. So you can spend your money on RVs without any tension.


Reviews are on one side of the article and tips, cautions and way to use an RV battery is another main part of this article. Because you know why you are buying one but there is 90% possibility that you don't know the important cautions and information about how to use RV batteries correctly. For getting the best quality service from these batteries you should know how to maintain these batteries otherwise your money will go and flow in the water after few months when the batteries will get damaged and you will wonder what is going on. After reading this article you will be able to understand the instructions which are accepted all over in respect to using an RV battery.