The 10 Best Scissor Sharpeners in 2019

Whether your scissors are for personal or professional use, it is essential to take good care of your scissor blades to bring out their best performances. It is a good practice to be mindful not only about what you make but also to give attention to proper maintenance of your tools. An easy, inexpensive way to sharpen your scissor blades is to have a scissor sharpener. Once you have one of these at your workstation, you won't have to throw away your scissors just because the blades have gone blunt, or rush to the supermarket to buy a new pair of scissors or worry about your scissors not working the way they should. There are scissors for different kinds of purposes like tailoring scissors, crafting scissors, kitchen scissors, household, sewing, etc. and while many scissor sharpeners are compatible for most types of scissors, there are many other factors that you will have to consider when choosing the best personal scissor sharpener and this article is here to help you with that. Before discussing the factors you need to consider for buying a scissor sharpener, we will introduce you to ten scissor sharpeners that are on the market that we thought are the best. After you go through the comparison between the products, what we like about them and what we don't, it will be a lot simpler for you to find the product that is a perfect fit for your cutting instrument.

Our Best Pick

Chef's Choice 500 ScissorPro Professional Diamond Hone Scissor Sharpener Chef's Choice 500 ScissorPro Professional Diamond Hone Scissor Sharpener This electric sharpener from Chef’s Choice made it to our best pick because of its well-rounded functionality. Although the name might suggest otherwise, this is not a great choice only for a professional chef but anyone who wants an easy, safe and effective way to hone and sharpen their scissors. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Our Budget Pick

Wamery Knife, Shears and Scissors Sharpening System Wamery Knife, Shears and Scissors Sharpening System This sharpener from Wamery works on many different kinds of cutting tools and is specialized for blades used in the kitchen. It works manually but is very simple to use and while staying within your budget, it offers a very high efficiency. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Personal Scissors Sharpeners

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1. ​Chef's Choice 500 ScissorPro Professional Diamond Hone Scissor Sharpener

Chef's Choice 500 ScissorPro Professional Diamond Hone Scissor SharpenerCheck Latest Price on Amazon Cutting instruments are indispensable tools for chefs, regardless of whether they cook for their families or in a professional setting. If you are a chef, you will be looking for a sharpening tool that can precisely and effectively sharpen your scissor's blades and very importantly, be able to do it fast because time is a crucial aspect of cooking. With all these in mind, Chef’s Choice has brought to you their excellent product that is electrically operated and so is a lot faster compared to other manual sharpeners. Although it is electrically run, it is not complicated to operate. Even a non-professional user can easily use this through a simple two-step process. You also would not have to take the scissor blades apart for sharpening. The fact that this can be used to sharpen both left-handed and right-handed scissors prove the fact that this is a very user-friendly product. When it comes to maintenance of cutting instruments, there are two distinct important things that need to be done: Honing and Sharpening. Sharpening is the fixing of the damages to the blades and it uses a coarse material, whereas honing is done by a material with a finer grit and works like polishing the surface and giving it a smooth finish. Honing should be more often done compared to sharpening. When it comes to some sharpeners, what they actually do is only honing. But the problem is that there is no point in honing a surface that is not sharpened. Which is why this product is so efficient in maintaining your scissors. It has a coarse disc that does the sharpening, restoring the sharpness of your scissor’s blades and it also has a fine disc that gives your scissors a more polished, sharp edge. It also comes in a compact, neat design to help maximize space available for working, on your table.


  • Electrically run so it is a lot faster compared to manual ones
  • Both honing and sharpening actions which give a comprehensive maintenance solution for your scissors
  • Diamond abrasives and patented technology to ensure efficient sharpening
  • Compact design takes up less space on your work table
  • The scissors don’t need to be disassembled
  • Works for both left and right-handed scissors


  • A power supply is needed because it uses electricity
  • Manual may be considered safer by some users
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2. ​Wamery Knife, Shears and Scissors Sharpening System

Wamery Knife, Shears and Scissors Sharpening SystemCheck Latest Price on Amazon We love this product because of its user-friendliness. Its ergonomic design has a silicon handle and pads on the bottom surface that prevents it from slipping, ensuring safety for the users. Imagine your child helping you out in the kitchen and wanting to learn how to sharpen knives. In those cases, this will be a great choice of product to be safely used even by someone with least amount of experience. It is manually operated and has four slots for sharpening. One is for scissors, the other three are for knives, depending on how dull your knife is. A Kitchen is a place where there are lots of chances for wear and tear and you would not want to use something that is not durable. But this product is. With a stainless steel body and diamond abrasives, this product is sure to last for a long time.


  • Ergonomic design makes it easy and safe to use: Rubber handle and non-slip pads
  • Four different sharpening slots to choose from
  • Does not require electricity
  • High Durability   


  • Has three slots for knives, which might be a nuisance if you need it only to sharpen scissors
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3. Fiskars Desktop Scissors Sharpener

Fiskars Desktop Scissors SharpenerCheck Latest Price on Amazon Have you ever wished you had a portable scissor sharpener so that you could carry it to around from your home to your office and vice versa? If that is the case, this is the perfect choice for you. It comes in a very handy size and weight so now you can do all your sharpening using one device. However, this product is not suitable for left-handed scissors, pinking shears, razor-edged or serrated blades. But that is not much of a problem if you are going to keep this product for day to day sharpening your personal scissors.


  • Very durable
  • Manual and simple to use
  • Compact, light and portable


  • Can only be used to sharpen right-handed scissors with non-specialized blades
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4. Depot Globe Premium Quality 4 in 1 Knife Scissors Sharpener

Premium Quality 4 in 1 Knife Scissors Sharpener Global Knife Sharpening SystemCheck Latest Price on Amazon Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for sharpening all of your cutting tools starting from craft scissors to kitchen knives? Then this will be a great product for you since it has three slots for your knives, each with different types of blades carbide, diamond and ceramic for damage repairing, sharpening and polishing of your scissors or knives. Its design ensures a secure grip while you are working with it and also a slip-free surface at the bottom that adds to the safety aspect.


  • Slip-free bottom surface
  • Handle for a firm grip
  • One slot for scissors and three slots for knives giving you high efficiency in sharpening your tools
  • Does not require electricity


  • It comes in a standard size but will still require a space on your workstation
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5. Grocery Art Electric Knife Sharpener Tool 3-in-1

Electric Knife Sharpener Tool 3-in-1Check Latest Price on Amazon This product is an all-rounder when it comes to sharpening your tools. No matter how good they were, the other products in this list were restricted to knives and scissor sharpening, but this one stands out in the sense that it can also sharpen your screwdrivers. It has slots for knife, scissors and screwdrivers, in a very compact, stylish spherical design. You can easily choose between two modes: coarse or fine sharpening and this feature ensure that your tool is not only sharpened but also polished to have a very smooth, sharp edge. To make using it super convenient, this product comes with an electric cord, the length of which you can adjust according to your needs. It has small feet attached to the bottom to prevent it from slipping and its spherical design makes gives you a firm grip on it while you are using it. Sophisticated electric machines require proper maintenance and this product is no exception. To make this amazing product last a long time in your kitchen, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, for example not to use it continuously for a prolonged period of time, which can cause the machine to heat up. Also, it’s better to let it dry for at least 20 minutes after you have cleaned it, before using it again. This does not only make a great tool to have in your workspace but it also makes the perfect gift for anyone who frequently works with cutting instruments. Maintaining an electric machine might seem like a hassle to some, but with all the awesome features this sharpener comes with, it is worth the little maintenance work.


  • 3.5 ft retractable power cord gives you protection from wire-related hazards, also makes it more convenient to use.
  • Can be used to sharpen knives, scissors and screwdrivers
  • Works on electricity so it is fast compared to manual sharpeners
  • Two-stage process for sharpening and polishing
  • You can choose between coarse and fine sharpening
  • Compact, spherical design makes it easier to adjust angles and takes up least amount of space on your counter


  • Requires power supply
  • needs careful maintenance
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6. Smith's 50185 Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener

Smith's 50185 Jiffy-Pro Handheld SharpenerCheck Latest Price on Amazon Cutting tools are not only used indoors but they have various applications in outdoor activities like camping, hunting or skinning down games. If you are looking for a sharpener that can be reliably used to sharpen your specialized knives and also offers high portability and durability, this is a product you must look into. When being in field settings, the lighter your baggage is, the better. This product weighs only 5.6 ounces and it offers unrivaled portability, due to its lightness and a handle that can be used to easily hang it from your belt loop or bag strap. Most of the products in this list are counter-top devices but what about an environment, say while camping when there is no table or a counter? This sharpener is a hand-held device and it allows wide flexibility in how you use it. You might be worried that it will be dangerous due to it being a hand-held device and to tackle that, it comes with a handle that is made of soft material and also a knuckle guard. The sharpener can be used in a pull through mode where you slide the knife through very fine ceramic blades, which provides the fine sharpening or a pullover mode where you slide the carbide blades over the knife, to give you a coarse sharpening. It also has a slot made from carbide rod for sharpening your scissors.


  • Highly portable: Very lightweight and has a design that allows it to be hanged from bag straps or belt loops
  • Efficient sharpening and polishing: Has two different slots with ceramic and carbide blades and is especially suitable for sharpening game shears
  • It is a hand-held sharpener, which makes it easier for you to work from different angles and to work on different shapes of blades
  • It does not require electricity
  • Has a soft rubber grip and finger guard for safety


  • You have to do the sliding action yourself which might be intimidating if you are not experienced with this kind of sharpeners
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7. AccuSharp Shear Sharp Scissor Sharpener

AccuSharp Shear Sharp Scissor SharpenerCheck Latest Price on Amazon Are you a gardener who is looking for a sharpener for your bush trimmer and tin snips, which you can carry along with you outdoors so you can use it without having to make a trip to your workshop? Then this is the sharpener you are looking for. This is a lightweight portable hand-held sharpener that you can easily slide over your shears to sharpen them. Outdoor scissors might have dirt or mud on them and this sharpener can be washed easily with soap and water, thanks to its rust-resistant diamond polished carbide blades. It comes with a long finger guard that ensures the safety of your hands. This product not only works great with outdoor scissors but can also will effectively on all types of general-purpose scissors.


  • Hand-held and portable
  • Full finger guard ensures your safety
  • Specialized for gardening shears
  • Rust-free: Lasts long and can be washed with soap or in dishwater
  • Works on all general-purpose scissors


  • The sharpening has to be done manually which you might require practicing at the beginning
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8. Fiskars SewSharp Scissors Sharpener

Fiskars SewSharp Scissors SharpenerCheck Latest Price on Amazon Compared to other scissor sharpeners, this one can be best described as tiny. Small does not mean less and this product proves exactly that. It comes in a very finger-friendly shape, much like a guitar pick, only slightly bigger. It can be carried around in your purse or pocket and can be used to sharpen your scissors. It is particularly designed for restoring the sharpness and smoothness of your sewing scissors. The material used for sharpening your scissors are ceramic rods that are rust resistant and lasts for years. Because the rods are embedded in plastic, forming a slot, it ensures proper positioning for precise sharpening of your scissor blades.


  • Tiny: You can carry it around in your purse or pocket
  • Ceramic rod means they will not rust and last for years
  • Suitable for sewing scissors


  • Not suitable for left-handed scissors, pinking shears or unusual kinds of blades
  • The fact that it is hand-held and small might make it seem unsafe to some users
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9. Smith's JIFF-S 10-Second Knife and Scissors Sharpener

Smith's JIFF-S 10-Second Knife and Scissors SharpenerCheck Latest Price on Amazon When it comes to sharpeners, Smith's is a trusted brand that has been specializing in this industry for a long time and that is why it is not surprising when it comes up with a product like this. It is very small and be carried around hanging or in your pocket. It comes with a patented design which boasts of unique V-shaped carbide blades that ensure effective sharpening of your tools in three to four strokes which requires only around ten seconds, hence the name of the product. If you want a reliable sharpener with an innovative design that gives you fantastic results each time, this is a product worth considering.


  • V-shaped carbide blades for knives and floating rods for scissors
  • innovative design gives ease of use and effective sharpening
  • Very fast
  • Knuckle guard for safety
  • Highly portable


  • Some users might prefer automated electric ones
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10. Smith's PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener

Smith's PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction SharpenerCheck Latest Price on Amazon The ability to sharpen serrated edges is not something that can be commonly found in sharpeners. It is small and portable and has a lanyard hole to allow easy attachment as an accessory that can be hanged from your bag. It has two slots, one with carbide blades for coarse sharpening and another one with ceramic blades for finer sharpening. These two distinct blades allow you to both sharpen the blunt edges of your knives and also to make it polished afterward. What we love about this product especially is the tapered round diamond-coated rod that can stick out from the sharpener instead of being inside a slot, which means you can use it to sharpen unusually shaped blades like serrated blades.


  • Can be used to sharpen serrated edges and standard edges
  • has a lanyard hole for improved portability
  • It is small and lightweight
  • Simple and manual
  • Two separate slots for sharpening and honing


  • The diamond rod might be dangerous if not handled with care
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What to consider when buying a scissors sharpener 

Now that you are familiar with the top personal scissors sharpeners that are available in the market, all you need to do is learn about the things you should consider before buying one to make sure that the sharpener is suited to your needs.

Maintenance required

This has a lot to do with how simple or complicated the build of the sharpener is and the materials it is made up of. Electronic ones usually have more maintenance aspects compared to the manual one because they have parts that can’t be washed with water or has to be completely dry before the next use. Also, there is the issue of heating up with the electronic ones. Always make sure to read the manual and consider the workload it will have to endure every time. The rusting of the blades is also a factor you have to think about. Are they washable? Are they rust-resistant? The plastic ones with blades that can be washed will be a great option if you think your sharpener will become dirty under the working conditions.


Whether you are going for a counter-top sharpener or a portable one, size and weight of the sharpener is an important factor. Look for compact designs that will take up less space but big enough to be able to sharpen larger blades.

Electric or Manual

The electric ones are great if you want to get things done quickly and if you don’t want to worry about the details of the sharpening. Electric ones are more suitable for indoor applications since you will need a power supply to make them work.

Types of cutting surface that it can work on

Do you want to sharpen scissors, knives or screwdrivers? If it's scissors then what kind? Serrated or standard? Or do you need a well-rounded sharpener that can work on all types of cutting tools? The options are available but first, you have to clarify what kind of blade you will use it on.

Final Verdict

Now you know about the kinds of sharpeners in the market for you to choose from and you also know about the factors to note down and think about before buying the best personal scissors sharpener. You are all set to get yourself the perfect product for fixing all the blunt edges of your blades.