Top 8 Best Solar Flagpole Lights in 2020

All of us patriots want our national flags to shine on even in the dark hours of the night. To do so, we would need the help of some flagpole lights and considering the deteriorating nature of the environment, a solar flagpole light sounds like a great option to go for! So here we are with some of the best solar flagpole lights in the market for your convenience.

Our Best Pick

Deneve Solar Flagpole Light

Our best pick is the Solar Flagpole Light by Deneve. Though it costs a bit high, its 26 LED bulbs can produce 5 times brighter light with 1300 lumens and can provide 20% more flag coverage. The cutting-edge sensors and lab-tested specs enhance its reliability for customers.

Our Budget Pick

TOTOBAY Solar Power Flag Pole Lights

TOTOBAY Solar Power Flag Pole Lights are the best budget option for you since it can provide you the light of 30 LEDs, 11 big solar panels and 2 color variations at a very affordable price. Besides, it is weatherproof and comes with a built-in battery.

Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best Solar Flagpole Lights

1. ​Solar Flagpole Light by Deneve DNV-200-10129

A very young company called Deneve has already impressed a large number of customers in the market with their versatile products. One of their most popular ones is this solar flagpole light. Its most attractive feature is that this one features the luminous combination of 26 bright LED lights! Thus, it can provide you 5 times better lighting with 1300 Lumens and 20% greater pole coverage with wider LED circumference.

These lights are also energy-efficient! They contain more photovoltaic cells than usual so that more solar energy can get converted into electricity in a given time.

It looks very sleek and stylish with its matte white finish on the plastic body. There are cutting-edge sensors embedded in it which help turn it on automatically. But for this, you need to switch on a button before installing it.

This light can fit on any pole which are 15 to 25 feet long and have a 0.5-inch thick rod on top. Batteries are included with it but no accessories like ball, bolt or flag are provided.


  • 26 LED lights
  • 1300 lumens
  • Solar panels
  • 20% more flag coverage
  • Cutting-edge sensors
  • Lab-tested specs
  • Easy to install
  • Matte white finish
  • Batteries included


  • Expensive

2. ​Maggift Solar Flag Pole Light

Similar to the first one, this solar flagpole light from Maggift also has 26 LED lights but fail to provide the same level of brightness. Many users expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the dim lighting.

The design, however, has been pretty neat. According to the company, its shape has been inspired by UFO! The 26 LEDs have been placed below while 6 solar panels absorb enough energy from the sun. It has an auto-active function which turns on the light as soon as night falls.

It contains enhanced solar batteries for the more efficient collection of solar energy during the day. This light can be set on flagpoles with 15 to 25 feet length and half-an-inch thick rod at the top.

Installing it is very easy by unscrewing the old ornament and placing this one instead. Be sure to turn on the switch and stabilize the pole’s position.


  • 26 LEDs below
  • 6 solar panels above
  • Creative UFO-shaped design
  • Self-charging auto-active
  • Easy to install
  • Enhanced solar batteries
  • Affordable


  • Dim lighting
  • low durability

3. GRDE Solar Flag Pole light

Topping most of its competitions in the market, this GRDE product comes with a massive 30 LED lights! Undoubtedly, it is one of the best solar flagpole lights right now and can fit most of the flagpoles. It can be placed on any standard flagpole with 0.5-inch thick rod on top and 15 to 25 feet length.

There are 11 huge solar panels above it so that more photovoltaic cells can work to convert solar energy into electricity. Along with such performance, the durable ABS material and plastic finish in white make it an even better choice.

While installing it, make sure to push the ON/OFF button so that the light can turn on automatically when dusk arrives. It comes with a built-in battery and a carabiner for easy hanging, but no accessory like a flag or flag ornament.


  • 30 LEDs
  • 11 solar panels
  • Built-in battery
  • ABS material
  • Plastic finish
  • Carabiner included
  • Affordable


  • Grows dimmer with time fast

4. Feelle Solar Flag Pole Light

This solar flagpole light from Feelle has one of the highest numbers of LED bulbs in the market. 32 bright LEDs help it illuminate the national flag and it fits any standard 15-25 ft pole with 0.5-inch thick rod top.

Like most of its competitors, this one also comes with a switch which needs to be turned on before installation. After that, it automatically lights up when dusk falls.

There are 20 upgraded solar panels on its face which are greater than all other standard flagpole lights. Thus, it can store more solar energy in the day.

It has a transparent plastic cover on it to make it waterproof and prevent rust on the LED bulbs. So it can deal with any kind of weather including rain, snow and wind.

A lithium-ion battery with the large capacity of 3600mAh is included to provide you its bright light for a long time. Though after a while, it tends to stay lit for a shorter time period at night as some users have stated.


  • 32 LEDs
  • 20 solar panels
  • Waterproof
  • Large capacity battery


  • High price

5. TOTOBAY Solar Power Flag Pole Lights

This solar flagpole light from Totobay is yet another product that is tough to beat. It has typical looks and construction but comes in two similar color tones of cream and white. So if you are a perfectionist and know exactly what shade you want, you can make your pick easily!

It comes with 30 LED bulbs embedded on its lower face. These can stay lit up to 10 hours in fresh condition if you can charge it fully on a sunny day.

For faster and more efficient charging, there are 11 big solar panels on top of it. Since they are bigger in size than usual, more photovoltaic cells are used for the energy transformation. Due to its independent solar charging systems, you don’t need to tackle wires or electric connections.

You will find a built-in rechargeable battery in this light with the large capacity of 2200mAh. There will also be a hook to hang it up wherever you please. It can fit on 15-25 feet flagpoles through a hole of 0.55 inches.


  • Two color variations
  • 30 LEDs
  • 11 big solar panels
  • Weatherproof
  • Energy-saving
  • ABS and plastic material
  • Built-in battery
  • Affordable


  • Not durable

6. BYB Solar Flagpole Light

BYB is here with their solar flagpole light and it has many commendable features. For instance, it has 26 LEDs to light up at night and let you see the national flag no matter what hour. These LED bulbs are claimed to have 4300 MCD which is supposed to make them five times brighter. But unfortunately, according to some users’ experiences, the light did not come out so bright in reality.

Nevertheless, it is topped with 6 pieces of 5V and 600mA solar panels to absorb the sunlight all day. On a bright sunny day, it can be charged fully and stay on at night for up to 8 hours! The lights contain 120 Lamp luminous flux which helps them to provide 20% more coverage to the flag.

This flagpole light made of black plastic and painted finish is also IP65 water resistant. Three Lithium-ion batteries are needed for it to work and they are included in the package.


  • 26 LEDs
  • 6 solar panels
  • 20% more flag coverage
  • 120 Lamp luminous flux
  • IP65 Water resistant
  • Black plastic material
  • Batteries included
  • Affordable


  • Not bright enough

7. Nature Power 22015 Solar Powered Flag Light

A breath of fresh air in our search for the best solar flagpole lights is this one from Nature Power. That is because it portrays a design which is very unusual but a lot smarter. It does not provide the light from the top but from the bottom! Keep it in the middle of the pole to light up the flying flag on top and let it wave as far as it wants! The shine will catch up right on.

Its body is made of plastic and coated with black. There are 4 LED bulbs embedded on its white surface which stays up facing the flag. They can provide up to 56 Lumens and a sunny day’s full charge can keep it on for as long as 10 hours!

There is a light sensor for automatic operation at dusk and dawn. It needs just one Lithium-ion battery to operate which is already included.


  • Atypical design
  • 4 LEDs
  • Aluminum lamp head
  • ABS plastic body
  • Up to 56 lumens
  • Battery included


8. Annin Flagmaker 2804 Solar LED Pole Light

Annin has been making flags since 1847 and thus they know exactly how these things swing. Utilizing their knowledge and experience for a long time, they also now produce solar flagpole lights like this one! The 2804 model is a mini version and thus provides pretty narrow coverage compared to other similar products.

Its stylish shape in silver draws attention fast. There are two solar panels on top to collect solar energy for later use. It will only work for flagpoles within 5 to 8 feet of length and 1-inch diameter.

Three angle-adjustable adaptors will be provided for more convenient installation. A self-charging 1.2V Ni-MH battery is included in the package.


  • Stylish shape
  • LED
  • 2 solar panels
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 3 angle-adjustable adaptors
  • Battery included
  • Affordable


  • Narrow coverage
  • difficult to fit

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Solar Flagpole Light

Why we need flagpole lights?

We need flagpole lights for keeping our flags up at night time. That is because, at least in the US, there is a law (Article 4, Section 6) which specifically states that the American flag cannot be displayed in dark hours without illumination. Thus, being a lawful citizen, we are bound to use a flagpole light at our home or workplace if we want to see our flag flying proudly at all hours of the day.

Perks of solar flagpole lights

Solar flagpole lights are specifically in demand these days because of a number of reasons like the following:


As we all know solar energy or power is a lot more environment-friendly than other typical forms of renewable energy. That is because it derives pure and clean energy from the sun while most other forms need to adopt harmful processes.

Usually, electricity is cultivated from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas- both of which affect the environment negatively one way or the other. Solar energy, on the other hand, can fight greenhouse gas emissions and thus help the environment heal.

Automatic and self-charging

On most solar flagpole lights, there is a switch which helps turn on the light automatically when night falls. Thus, you don’t need to take down the pole to light it up again and again. Besides, all of these lights can charge themselves with either a built-in battery or external battery. Whenever the sun comes up, they charge up for the night and reduces a lot of hassle for you.


These lights are also wireless and do not require any electrical connection. Hence, handling them is a lot easier than traditional options.

Tips to use flagpole lights

  1. Before installing the lights, figure out where they can get maximum sunlight throughout the day.
  2. Before buying a flagpole light, make sure it fits on your pole. Take measurements of the length of the ornament shaft or rigged bolt and width of the hole to fit.
  3. Keep the solar panel clean so that it can charge efficiently. Dust particles would make the process slower and a lot less effective.

Final Verdict

Make your choice of the best solar flagpole light and consider all the above options before making that decision. Let the flag of pride stand upright and let everyone know how lucky you feel to be part of this land of dreams!


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