Best Soldering Irons Reviews in 2019

Do you know what soldering is all about? Have you been planning to invest in a soldering iron lately? If your answer is yes to anyone these questions, then you have reached the right place for a solution. In simple words, a solder can melt two metals and help them to bond by using heat. In fact, we have dedicated this post to the best soldering iron that you can take as a reference and then buy a quality one. Our purpose is to serve those who seek information for soldering iron in the best possible ways. Please continue reading if you want to gather substantial details about the same. We tried to curate a list of best soldering irons that can change the way you think about these tools.

Quick Comparison Between the 6 Best Soldering Irons

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1. Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering StationCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • You get associated with a brand name like that of Weller
  • Nonetheless, it has an easy to control and lightweight pencil
  • The iron has a foam grip that fits into your hand very comfortably
  • It has the facility of a variable power control that you can use accordingly
  • This means it helps you tackle precision of your projects
  • It comes with a built in iron stand
  • Includes natural sponge for cleaning the tip
  • Comes with a lot of accessories like screwdriver tip of 1/8-inch with an ST3 iron-plated
  • Weller tips are made from copper, iron, chromium and nickel to protect them against corrosion
  • Backed by a year’s warranty by the manufacturer all the more makes it a reliable product
This 40 watt soldering iron is known for its simplicity that is regarded to be perfect for a hobbyist or a student. Weller has designed it keeping the DIYer that can use a light in weight pencil. Talking about Weller brings us to discuss, one thing that they have been in business ever since 1945. That should be more than enough to put your trust into this brand. Their expertise has made them accustomed to the changing demands of the times. They easily design and develop products that are sensible to make it big in the market. Likewise, this Weller WLC100 is an example that you should not overlook at all.


  • First of it looks good with the red and black combination
  • Has a power indicator switch
  • Comes handy for small scale work like soldering semiconductors and other electronics
  • It has replaceable tips which suggests you can use it for long
  • It meets all the safety standards
  • You get an additional copper tip that is plated with iron
  • UL listed and its UL version is also available
  • Very reasonably priced
  • It very easy to empty out the trash after work and you must do this on a regular basis to keep the environment safe (no metallic landfill)


  • Takes longer to heat and that could cause unwanted delays in your projects
  • Tips may be replaceable, but the replacements are hard to find
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2. Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station

Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering StationCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Is a simple soldering iron to work with
  • Has an adjustable temperature facility that is easy to work on
  • It comes with clear reading of °F and °C
  • Has a working range of 50° to 480°C (120° to 899°F)
  • It can maintain an idle temperature of 1°C (1.8°F)
  • Allows you with wide selection modes that makes soldering fun
  • Don’t let its slender construction fool you
  • It is safe and ESD approved
HAKKO is a well known name in the field of soldering rods and so, professionals know it pretty well. This particular model allows soldering at a very low temperature but is very efficient in doing so. It reduces the thermal impact of the tip and its oxidation that cuts short the life for tips in general. This means you can work with it continuously and without much of a problem for a long time. This HAKKO is a blend of soldering iron of yester years with new age technology. This makes it sharp and one of the best in the trade. In fact, the following the discussion will throw some more light on this apparatus.


  • It is an attractive looking gadget
  • You get a branded contrivance at hand
  • Most notably, it is effortless to use this device
  • It has a compact design that can fit into desks of any size
  • It is light in weight
  • Has ergonomic handles made from iron
  • Is accompanied with a chisel (1.6) and T18-D16 tip for soldering
  • It has preset mode that makes it easy to work with


  • The only problem that would give it away is the reading that does not give you temperature of the tip when heated during operation
  • It lacks a long silicon cord
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3. Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station

Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering StationCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • It has a microprocessor temperature controlling system
  • Hence it can support temperature range of 350° to 850° F
  • Can quickly heat up
  • Nonetheless, the wireless temperature lockout assists it maintain the temperature as it does not go beyond its recommendation
  • Engineered carefully for temperature recovery that provides you with heat control facility
  • It has a capacity to produce 24 volts
  • Does not damage its surroundings while you are at work
Weller happens to be a manufacturer of power tools and 72 years experience, everyone looks up to them for quality. The WESD51 is no different to its being a true Weller and it has long proven this fact. Of course, it has come a long way and it has revolutionized electronics on the whole. This soldering station is all about digital readout, temperature control and not to forget ESD safe. This is a very helpful for hobbyists and professionals alike. This device has a lot many features that we would like to share with you.


  • You get a brand name that has been serving this industry for years
  • This pretty boy looks impressive with its bluish tinge
  • It is a slim device that can fit into a table or a desk quite easily
  • Comes with a hoard of accessories like the unit, sponge, probe, stand and the soldering pencil
  • The pencil is very comfortable to hold and makes a lot of difference when you are working
  • The tip is ETA enabled that means the sensors work
  • As a result of this it reduces what is called operator fatigue
  • Easy to assemble and this saves you a lot of time
  • Can convert F to C with ease
  • The cord used is thermoplastic


  • May not be a good choice for SMD based projects
  • Is not the ideal product for continuous soldering purposes
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4. Aoyue 9378 60 Watt Programmable Digital Soldering Station

Aoyue 9378 60 Watt Programmable Digital Soldering StationCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • This machine has a rather minimalistic design
  • It is a lightweight soldering station that can be moved around
  • You can keep the soldering station under control with the help of microprocessors
  • Don’t worry, this is ESD safe
  • It has a ceramic heater tip
  • It is very much compatible with applications that are free of lead
  • Can work within a range of 392° to 897° F (200° to 480° C)
  • Allows you temperature control
  • Can heat up faster
  • The handle has vibration sensor that can detect movement
  • More or less, the pencil sits comfortably in your hands that aids in smooth working
Come what may, you have to agree that this is rookie friendly (especially, like those in college or those just starting with soldering). That does not mean you should write this 60 watts workhorse totally if you are an expert. This means everyone gets a pie of this device if they work with this diligently. The fact that this comes with 10 extra soldering tips makes it a blessing for all. It is very simple to look at and even simpler to work with. Simplicity kept aside, this is a beast of a machine that knows no limitations when it comes to soldering. The fact that it skips on complicated systems makes it the number one choice with beginners.


  • Discreet design makes it look elegant
  • Easy to assemble
  • The tip removal is fairly easy
  • Comes with a digital offset
  • Can quickly switch between Fahrenheit and Centigrade
  • You can use quick jump to your favorites with the push of 2 buttons
  • This implies that you can make settings according to your convenience
  • Has auto wake up and sleep timer facility
  • You can use the programmable sleep timer for more
  • Is reasonably priced as a soldering iron


  • The preset needs you to push 2 buttons with one hand at the same time which is a tad difficult thing to do
  • Tightening the tips too much usually makes them break in this model
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5. Aoyue 968A+ SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station

Aoyue 968A+ SMD Digital Hot Air Rework StationCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with digital calibration facility
  • Has an adjustable sleep timer
  • It has a smoke extractor that makes it safe
  • Speaking of safety leads us to disclose, the product meets ESD standards along with RoHS and CE
  • It is a 4 in one repairing station that comes with soldering iron, smoke absorber and a vacuum pickup
  • It has a fitted gauge for air flow and knob
We don’t have to say this but this soldering iron has new features that are hard to find in anything within this range. This iron works with 70 Watts of power and has microprocessors that can control the temperature. It has a core heating system that even comes with an integrated smoke extractor. This means it can maintain constant temperature and can send you warning signals on the verge of a breakdown. It has an auto cool off process that leaves the blower on till it is completely cooled off. So, you see this has everything you would like the best soldering iron to have. This is why it has gained on immense popularity and has a mass following. It is the number one choice of professionals across the world. As for now, let us dig in a little bit more and find out what more makes it a good deal for an expert.


  • This station looks rugged and performs up to its expectations
  • It has digital display that is very easy to read
  • You may find it quite simple to install
  • It comes with 10 extra soldering iron tips, spare heating elements and an entire kit comprising of many other things
  • The maximum wattage that you can expect out of this is 550 watts
  • Its safety makes it one of the most prominent irons ever
  • The auto cool off feature adds to this and you are assured that you are not working with an accident prone device


  • The hot air station cannot recall the settings once shut off
  • The vacuum pickup device is practically of no help for SMD projects owing to it oversized ends
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6. Aoyue 469 Variable Power 60 Watt Soldering Station

Aoyue 469 Variable Power 60 Watt Soldering StationCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • It has a ceramic heating system at work
  • The temperature ranges between 200° to 480° Celsius
  • The PTC element helps it to heat up faster
  • It has accurate temperature control facility
  • It comprises of a stable stand, 469 iron, solder sponge and spool
  • Not to forget that a 469 tip is implausible and can deliver a lot
  • It needs external power source and does not require batteries for running
With the 60 Watts this soldering station can do wonders for beginners especially. This is regarded as a perfect tool for a student, one that may have a limited budget. In fact, Aoyue is well known for its ability to produce cost effective power tools for years now. Come what may, we have to agree that Aoyue has been doing a great job for years by manufacturing great tools at reasonable prices. However, you must be told that it lacks a solder and that may be a turn off for some. Nevertheless, this is a bang on the buck station that you may not write off completely. It heats up rapidly and that certainly helps you work faster. It has an impressive set that can do a lot of work in spite of its small size. We will soon find out more about this station in the coming sections.


  • You must be reminded that Aoyue is a reliable name in this industry
  • Looks strong and can perform to its capacity
  • This station may be a uncomplicated looking set but can help you work on any project of your choice
  • The power switch is easily accessible
  • It has a sturdy built and truly shows it
  • The iron holder is solidly designed
  • It can be installed with no trouble
  • It is a reasonably priced soldering station


  • The biggest disappoint would be the missing solder
  • Experts may find it basic tool to use for every day and that keeps them away from it
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How to Choose the Best Soldering Iron?

Yes, we know, there is an array of soldering irons readily available in the market. How do you choose between them? It is very normal to get overwhelmed, especially if you are too new to this. However, we would like to add that you should buy a soldering iron depending on your usage. This is a practical approach of buying any product and a soldering rod is no exception to this. Choosing a simple one with 15 to 20 watts and a less expensive iron could be a solution if you wish to use it occasionally. On the other hand, a professional should use a high end soldering iron with 30 to 60 watts. Of course, there are other ways of selecting a soldering iron like:


Taking cue from the discussion above, we would like to say that wattage plays an important role while deciding on a model of a soldering iron. A professional work needs to be done with high power and a hobbyist can manage within 25 watts at the maximum. There will be a disparity because professionals use it in a different way and a DIYer would do it in their own way.


Make sure that the soldering station must have a neat design and the marking should be clear to read. This station usually includes temperature and display control circuits along with the electrical supply unit. You also get a wet sponge to clean the drippings away as these must not get in your way while working on fine circuitry.


The modern soldering irons are powered by electricity and they may need a bit of adjustment because of the cord is typically short in length. You may have to get an extension cord to work on intense projects in that case. You may find these designs in a soldering iron as a rule:​
  • The lesser expensive ones without any temperature control that are suitable for housework
  • The high priced ones with digital temperature readouts
  • The temperature controlled ones that make sure the tip is maintain its temperature


You may get soldering tips in chrome, copper and nickel. However, you must know which one to choose as the nature of your work is to be taken into consideration for this. Again, there are chisel, conical, tapered and pyramid tips that you must select from, depending on your work. This means you have to take a call as per your requirement and there is nothing more to say about this.


We must tell you that you should keep your soldering iron unplugged after you are finished with your work. This is a precaution that should not slip from your mind at any cost. The point is, this helps to prevent oxidizing and most importantly, saves the tip from burning. You will notice that you have a properly working soldering iron that can assist you when required. Not to mention, this saves you time and effort all the time.