Best Steam Inhalers Reviews in 2019

Steam inhalers are one of the best devices which improve your overall health significantly. Doctors always recommend steam inhalers to people suffering from allergies, cold, asthma, severe or mild sinusitis and cold. This article will lead you to choose and buy the best steam inhaler. This product is not applicable for sick person but in emergencies like sudden breathing problem, restlessness it could be a life saver. We will look on the top 5 best steam inhalers in 2017.

Quick Comparison Between the 5 Best Steam Inhalers

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1. MyPurMist Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler and Vaporizer

MyPurMist Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler and VaporizerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • It uses the latest Capillary Force Vaporizer (CFV) technology which converts water to vapor without any boiling.
  • The vapor it gives is completely germ-free.
  • It is extremely lightweight, stands at just 3 pounds.
  • It is with a face mask for better and smooth steam inhaling experience.
  • You can use any kind of distilled water in this to have the germ free vapor.
  • The company provides it with one year of replacement warranty.
This model of MyPurMist Handheld Personal steam inhaler and vaporizer was originally made for use in the hospitals. The latest technology MyPurMist uses, it converts the water into vapor instantly and the water is 99.99% germ-free. This technology has a temperature control. The best thing about this steam inhaler is that you don’t need to clean it. It turns itself off after the therapy. WebMD doctors are giving this inhaler thumbs up for its perfect humidification. Just use it twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes each time or you can also use it as the doctor directs. The manufacturer gives it a one year of replacement warranty.


  • The vapor it gives is 99.99% germ-free.
  • They use the patented CFV technology used by the hospitals.
  • Handheld technology and easy to carry.
  • Fast relief for cold, allergies, nasal congestion and sinusitis.
  • It requires no maintenance and it turns itself off after each use.
  • This device is widely recommended by the doctors as it gives germ-free, drug-free decongestion therapy.
  • It penetrates deep into the sinus and drains it.


  • This model of the steam inhaler is too pricey for its material.
  • Looks like the mask is made of cheap plastic.
  • Tends to stop working after awhile of using. A cheaper version would do just the work.
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2. Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty MaskCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • The extension tube height is adjustable.
  • Easy to carry at just 1.5 pounds of weight.
  • Gives natural hot vapor inhalation therapy.
  • After filling it out with water, the steam comes out just after 1 minute.
  • The device is suitable for both saline vapor therapy and aromatherapy.
  • The device comes with two masks, a bigger mask and a smaller mask.
The Veridian 11-525 steam inhaler and beauty mask is a lifesaver as not only it is very effective to provide relief from rhinitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, common cold, and flu, but also it serves as a face steamer as well. There are some option to adjust the regulator which allows the user to control the temperature and the amount of steam. The device comes with a handy user manual. Each of the steam therapy session lasts for 6 to 9 minutes. The power cord comes with it is 5’ long. The package includes two different masks, a measuring cup and a bilingual English- Spanish detailed guidebook along with the inhaler unit.


  • The bigger mask provided with this steam inhaler is for beautifying facial treatments. The steam opens up the facial pores and removes the dirt trapped inside and reveals beautiful skin.
  • The smaller mask is for steam inhaling purpose which cures allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, flu, common cold and laryngitis. The smaller mask directs the steam inside the nose and mouth.
  • It can operate with either tap water or distilled water.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • This model of the steam inhaler is not pricey at all counting its multipurpose use.
  • You can adjust the steam control.
  • It is safe for the people with latex allergies as it is latex free.


  • You have to put water into both of its containers to turn the inhaler on.
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3. Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler, Steam Vaporizer

Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler, Steam VaporizerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • It has dual tank system, one internal water heater tank and another tank for aromatherapy treatment. The aromatherapy tank comes with suction tubing.
  • It provides the natural steam therapy without any use of drugs.
  • It produces a steady mist with adjustable steam particles.
  • This device gives fast 6 to 9 minutes of therapy.
  • It has the auto shut off feature.
The Mabis Personal steam inhaler is one of the best steam inhalers available in the market. This steam inhaler provides you a therapeutic steam vapor therapy to sooth your allergies, flu, common cold, sinusitis. The steam clears up the nasal cavities such a way that you won’t need any nasal spray ever. The steam inhaler has a 5-foot long power cord, latex-free mask, the main cover with steam control adjuster, two different tanks, extension tube which is actually the neck of the unit, nozzle pin to clean its nozzle, a 25 ml measuring cup and a dual language guidebook in both English and Spanish.


  • Other than the main water heater tank the aromatherapy tank can give the user a therapeutic steam treatment.
  • This model is ideal for both saline therapy and steam therapy.
  • Relieves the symptoms of common cold, flu, rhinitis, bronchitis, and sinusitis.
  • It moisturizes the dry nasal passage and soothes irritated throat, nose, and lungs.
  • The mask provided with it is soft, comfortable.
  • The mask is also latex free, and safe for the people with latex allergy.
  • The device comes with an auto shut-off system and a power on indicator.
  • This device is suitable and safe for the whole family.


  • The temperature can only be adjusted by adjusting the tube length.
  • The mask has an unpleasant smell of plastic.
  • The device spits a little water while on.
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4. Gurin Steam Inhaler

Gurin Steam InhalerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

​Highlighted Features

  • Like the other steam inhaler, it relieves the symptoms of allergies, flu, common cold, bronchitis, sinus infections and nasal congestion.
  • The mask provided is soft, flexible.
  • The inhaler comes with steam adjustment.
  • The inhaler has one year of limited warranty.
  • The product has an automatic shut down system when over heated.
​Like the most steam inhalers, the Gurin Steam Inhaler provides a natural, drug-free therapy to relieve the symptoms of allergies, flu, rhinitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, and sinusitis. The vapor the inhaler produced is germ-free and drug-free. The product comes with extension tubes, a drain tank, and a soft face mask. There is also a measuring cup for measuring the level of water. You would also found a big 5 ft power cable. This model comes with 1 year of warranty period. It is not only suitable for saline therapy but also for aromatherapy.


  • The Gurin steam inhaler is one of the lightest brands available in the market. It makes it a worthy product as it falls under the portable category of your buying guide.
  • The steady soothing vapor of this steam inhaler is ideal for both the saline therapy and aromatherapy.
  • The neck of this product is extensible.
  • Users have the option to choose between the heavy steam option or light mist option as the inhaler comes with adjustment settings.
  • The mask is latex free.


  • The users might need it to be placed on a higher surface as it is a bit low.
  • The instruction manual comes with is not very clear.
  • The users should not place their mouth directly into the mask. Place the mouth and nose at an inch distance from the mask.
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5. Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

Vicks Personal Steam InhalerCheck Latest Price on Amazon

​Highlighted Features

  • It features a very comfortable, soft, flexible hood which allows the steam to enter directly from the nose and mouth.
  • The product has a self-regulated heater which gently boils the water.
  • Vicks inserted a patented steam control which allows mixing of cool air with the steam to control its temperature.
  • The inhaler comes with optional scented pads.
  • It provides 5 to 15 minutes of treatment.
  • The working voltage of this device is 120 volts.
  • It has adjustable vents to control the steam flow.
  • There is an on/off indicator light on this device.
The most common health issue that people suffers from is the common cold. As it grows chronic, it further leads to bronchitis, sinus, congestion, sinus infection and much more. An instant steam inhaler comes in handy as we suffer from cold and flu. The Vicks personal inhaler is one brand you can completely rely on. This inhaler has a self-regulated heater which produces even and soothing steam. This inhaler keeps the nasal passage completely hydrated providing temporary relief from a cough and congestion.


  • It soothes cold, lung, nasal and sinus congestion very naturally.
  • The soft plastic hood targets the steam to directly enter our body by nose and mouth.
  • It is very simple to use.
  • The compact sized inhaler is easy to carry with just 1.2 pounds.
  • The self-regulated heater controls the temperature of the steam.
  • The provided optional scented pads produce soothing menthol flavored/ lavender and rosemary flavored vapor.
  • The steam inhaler is covered by one year of limited warranty.


  • As this inhaler operates by boiling the inside water, you need to be careful using it as it may cause some serious burns in your face while putting your mouth in the mask.
  • The plastic parts of this inhaler are made of a bit cheap plastic.
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Buying Guide to Choose Best Steam Inhaler


Steam inhalers are generally very easy to use as it works on an easy principle by bringing the water inside the device to boiling and releasing the vapor that you can easily inhale. In the market, most of the devices can release steam within a few minute and can bring about 15 minutes of steam therapy season. The best steam inhaler should be the one which everyone can use with ease. The design should be ergonomic enough to inhale the vapor which must be bacteria free. Models that come with an inhaler mask are preferred by the users.


A compact size is also a characteristic you should find in a steam inhaler as you may have to move around or travel with it. There are many steam inhalers in the market which fits into your traveling luggage with ease. With this, you don’t have to worry about the cold or bronchitis you might catch in your travel. For trekkers and mountaineers, the steam inhalers are like god’s gift as they can be prone to catching a cold.

Aromatherapy capabilities

The best part of steam inhalers is you can put some drops of essential oils with the water. The steam you inhale must be free of germs and a few drops of essential oils might help you cure breathing difficulties. The essential oils can really boost up the benefits of the steam inhaling therapy.


A good budget steam inhaler is what you can get in handy. If you need constant and time to time steam inhalation, investing in a high-end product makes sense. Otherwise investing in a budget device would work just fine.

Child Friendliness

If your family has young kids, a kid-friendly device is the one which will come in handy, that device with which the kid won’t need supervision. Avoid the inhalers which boil the water before producing the vapor.


If you are looking for a nonsurgical, drug-free and natural way to clear out your painful sinus or a sore throat, a steam inhaler always comes in handy. You can consider purchasing these inhalers reviewed here as these are the best steam inhalers present in the market or you can always do some market research on your own. There are many good options to choose from.