Best Tap and Die Set Reviews in 2017

Best Tap and Die Set Reviews in 2017

Tap and die sets are of much important for cutting threads, repair threads or cut new materials. motorbike is one of the most important tools for DIY or professional people. The work done by these are smooth and of professional level. But with among so many choices which one is the best one for your need, this can be a common question to us. This article will help you to sort out the best one for you.

Here comes our 5 best tap and die set.

1. Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric Tap and Die Set

Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric Tap and Die Set

The combination of 75 pieces tap and die set will give you a new taste of DIYs. You will feel more enthusiast than ever while doing do it yourself works. You will get rid of the spoiled or rusted nuts and other screw type things.

It has been built from carbon, the carbons which have been hardened and polished along with grounding. All the pieces are safe from water because all are rust resistant. The surfaces have been smoothening to have a nice finish. The whole kit includes both SAE and metric size, so as I said already, you won't be out of size.

It will give you less friction and the smoothness of the carbons not only removes and polishes neat but also makes the removal easy. The set in total includes 7 drive tools with accessories and 17 SAE plug taps with 17 SAE hex dies, 17 metric plug taps, 17 metric hex dies. In addition to all that to handle, they have added a strong handled case with it.

Highlighted Features

  • Both inch and metric sizes
  • Convenient
  • Hardened, precision ground and polished carbon steel
  • Makes chip removal easy
  • Hex shaped dies permit
  • Sockets and wrenches can be used as well
  • 7 drive tools
  • 17 SAE Plug Taps
  • 17 SAE Hex Dies
  • 17 Metric Plug Taps
  • 17 Metric Hex Dies
  • Durable case
  • Total 75 piece set
  • Adds a new life into hardware


  • Durable tools
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to remove imperfections
  • Rust resistant finish


  • Sizes might not match sometime

2. TruePower 02-0554 Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap and Die Set

TruePower 02-0554 Alloy Steel SAE/Metric Tap and Die Set

The most durable tap and die set on the list is this one. It is made in a way that it will serve you until the end. The hardened alloy steel gives the material a durable finishing which stays almost forever. The special feature of this tap and die set is that it can cut and reshape the threads according to the need.

The mechanism of the set is neat and easy like it has both coarse and fine threads numbered taps and dies.

The numbering starts from #4 - 40 to #12 - 24, the fractional taps and dies from 1/4"-28 to 1/2" - 20, 1/8" - 27 NPT . The metric tap and dies from M3 x .5 to M12 x 1.75.

This one also comes with a thread gauge and a handle for the tap. There is also die handle and a small tap chuck. The manufacturer also added a molded case with it for easy of carrying and storing all the parts.

Highlighted Features

  • Long lasting
  • Made of alloy steel
  • Two pitch gauges
  • Cuts and renews external and internal threads
  • Coarse and fine threads
  • Different sizes of taps and dies including fraction
  • Small tap chuck
  • Molded case
  • Thread gauge
  • Tap handle


  • Many size
  • Long tool life
  • High-quality case


  • Handle might not be too comfortable for few

3. Neiko 00908A SAE and Metric Tap and Hexagon Die Set

Neiko 00908A SAE and Metric Tap and Hexagon Die Set

The neck tap and die set is a metric tap and hexagon die set. All the tools are made of alloy steel which makes the set durable. The tools can be used to build new ones and also damaged threads can be repaired by this one. This tap and die set comes with the higher standard quality which matches not only the DIYers level but also of the professionals.

The whole set consists of 34 pieces of tap and 34 pieces of dies set. The sizes are as, M3x0.5, M4x0.7, M4x0.75, M5x0.8, M5x0.9, M6x1, M7x1, M8x1, M9x1, M10x1.25, M10x1.5 ,M11x1.5, M12x1.5, M12x1.75, M8x1.25, M9x1.25

4-40UNC, 6-32UNC, 8-32UNC, 10-24UNC, 10-32VNF, 12-24UNC, 1/4-20UNC, 1/4-28UNF, 5/16-18UNC, 5/16-24UNF, 3/8-16UNC, 3/8-24UNF, 7/16-14UNC

There are also 2 pieces screwdriver pitch gauge, 1 piece screwdriver, 2 piece T-type tap wrenches. The company has also provided a case made of hard plastic tapping all the tools and screwdrivers set. The case stores them properly in individual spaces.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Alloy steel
  • Long life
  • New tools can be made
  • Damaged tools can be repaired
  • Worn out threads can be cleaned
  • 2 pc screwdriver pitch gauge
  • 1 pc screwdriver
  • 2 pc T-type tap wrenches


  • Hard plastic carrying case
  • Neatly stored pieces
  • Many shapes and sizes


  • Usage needs practice

4. Greenlee DTAPKIT 6-32 to 1/4-20 6-Piece Combination Drill and Tap Set

Greenlee DTAPKIT 6-32 to 1/4-20 6-Piece Combination Drill and Tap Set

This very tap and die set is well known for it hole drilling and tapping in one operation. It’s deburr or countersink provide on bit beyond the back taper. You can drill a hole, do the tap, deburr and countersink. There is also a way to save time and effort. With the power drill, you can do that. You get a smooth finish at the same time it won't take much of your time and hard work.

The tools are built with hardened high-speed steel and also carbon steel. Thus they have a longer tool life and thus serves for a long time. The thread damage has been reduced with this tap and die set by back tapered beyond the tap. Normally from over drilling these damages occur which becomes a major problem to have.

The manufacturer is giving a case which made with plastic and in a compact size, so that carrying becomes easy. One adapter is included with the kit for convenience. It performs with proper accuracy and precision on everything, whether it is for countersink, drill, and tapping.

Highlighted Features

  • Hardened high-grade tool
  • Steel construction
  • Back tapered to avoid damage
  • Strong hex shank ensure strong connection to drill
  • Quick change adapter (included)
  • Drilling, taping, and countersink is easy and fast
  • Precise


  • Best for drilling and deburring
  • Power drill saves time and labor
  • Thread damage is reduced
  • Designed to tap up to 10 gauge metal


  • Need to be careful about over drilling

5. GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set

GearWrench 3887 Tap and Die 75 Piece Set

The reason behind the popularity of GearWrench is because of its comfortable tools. The specialty of this particular model is that it has various sizes of tools which include both SAE and metric types. These gives the most precise works with the set and also it lets the user have exact sizes whenever the user needs. There is very less wiggle tool sand the case of the set which is made of plastic is very durable and trustable because of its arrangement style of all the tools.

It has a patented twist lock guide system, this system reduces the back walk of die guide and thus it helps to keep the dies in the middle when it is used to cut something. The ratcheting arc which you will get to use it is the perfect companion for working in squeezed areas.

In total there are 75 pieces of small tools among which 34 are dies and 34 are taps. The carbon steel construction makes it the perfect partner for the DIY and household use.

Highlighted Features

  • T wrench and adapters
  • Sturdy blow mold case
  • Index holders for taps
  • Taps and dies lock
  • Carbon steel construction
  • 75 piece set
  • Twist lock guide system
  • Precise


  • Durable
  • High-quality T-wrench
  • Sturdy case


  • Not many sizes

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tap and Die Set

What is a Tap and Die Set?

In one sentence this is an essential tool in the house after first aid box. If the first aid box heals your wounds then a tap and dies set heals your nuts and bolts. Many people don't realize its importance until they need it in an emergency. It helps to repair the nuts, bolts, and threads and also for cutting materials whether it's metal or wood. New threads can also be made on bolts as well.

Build Quality

It is not only in case of tap and dies set, for anything we buy it is very important that the built materials of the tools are of good quality. Often the higher the quality the higher the price. That is why in many cases you don't go for the cheap ones. Because cheap ones can't hold on to good qualities. So always look for the better qualities rather than the cheap price. A one set of high priced and high standard tap and die set will serve you for a long time.

Steel or Carbon Steel

There are two types of materials on the market by which the tap and die sets are made of, one is high-speed steel and another is carbon steel. Among these two by quality obviously, the high-speed steel are better than carbon steel. The reason behind it is that carbon steel are not real steel and moreover the high-quality professional tools are heavy and expensive. As a result, the best standard tap and die sets are the ones which are made of high-speed steel.

But carbon steels are also good, these are less expensive and serves quite a long time. The main thing is high-speed steels are used for professional works but carbon steels are mainly for DIY works and household works.


As you can see from the photos these are all small tools and very much in the numbers. For this, it is very important to have a nice built case with a handle, because if for any reason it falls, there is 10% chance that you will find all the parts. That is why you will have to be extra careful when you are carrying this to anywhere and also while buying it you should pay attention to its case quality and handle quality.

The cases may come in hard plastic, only plastic cases. You should look out for cases with most durability and safety of the tools.


Most of the tap and dies sets comes with both SAE size and metric size. The measurements also come in fractions in both categories of sizes. The main motive while buying it should be to look for detailed sizes because it becomes vital to get the exact size of nuts and bolts. Otherwise, you won't be able to work with precision.

Final Verdict

Starting from repairing the mountain bike or motorbike along with other household things everyone needs a set of tap and die set. Like first aid box, tap and die set is first aid box of the nuts and bolts. We have brought here few of the best tap and die set here and reviewed them so that you can choose this essential tool without any complications.

Best Tap and Die Set Reviews in 2017
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