Top 5 Best Vinyl Cutters Reviews in 2020

If you are a creative enthusiast then you should probably know how important a vinyl cutter is for any projects. Even if the project has nothing to do with vinyl cuts you can not control yourself from using some. That's how addictive this thing is. A vinyl cutter is an important part of a creative person's life. But there are so many models out there, can all of them be used for the same purpose? Obviously, the answer is NO. Just like any other machines vinyl cutters are also divided into commercial and personal usage. Apart from this difference, there are so many differences and features that make one machine unique than the other one. We are here to discuss that in details. This article will surely make it much easier for you to choose the best vinyl cutting machine for your purpose. If you are already familiar with the types and features than the article will also introduce you to the best deals on the market as well.

Quick Comparison Between the 5 Best Vinyl Cutters

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1. Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine

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Highlighted Features

  • built-in smart scanner
  • 300 DPI
  • cuts different types of materials
  • stand-alone machine
  • lightweight
  • advantage of lifetime technical support
  • background scanning available
  • USB scanning
  • editing can be done on screen
  • large scanning size available
If you love to give an extra creative touch to the photographs, frames or literally anything to the things existing in your house, you will definitely want to have one of these. Starting from detailed shapes and giving shape to the handmade drawing of the kids it can do everything precisely. One of the reasons that its output is precise is that it has 600+ built-in design and 300 DPI built-in scanner. It has a touchscreen of 11.7 inch which is large enough to understand and function. The screen has been made user-friendly with it's on-screen rotating and all over editing functions. In addition to paper, it can also cut fabric. There is also a cloud-based web application which helps to convert .SVG to .FCM files. Another good news is that it doesn't need cartridges or PC. The function of 300 DPI is to perfectly scan whatever design you want. After that, it will cut the scanned design and then save it.


  • easy cuts
  • varieties of design to choose from
  • not heavy
  • provide swing marks


  • not usable in the areas that do not support 120V (even if you have an adapter)
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2. Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

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Highlighted Features

  • dual carriage (cutting and writing/ cutting and scoring )
  • built-in Bluetooth for wireless function
  • capable of cutting over 60 materials
  • easy set dial
  • free circuit design space software (online)
  • iPad app
  • internal storage space
The circuit explores cutting machine is not only popular for its wireless service but also for its dual carriage. The integrated Bluetooth system and smart functioning system of the machine have put this one on the list of the selected vinyl machine. Apart from these extra better feature, it can do the works pretty well for which it has been made to, cutting with precision. One of the advantages is it can work with all types of circuit cartridges. The machine is neat to use, no extra cords require less space thus you can set it anywhere.


  • precise cutting
  • easy to use
  • several image formats are available
  • no settings are required
  • custom settings available


  • Attention is required while putting input
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3. Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE

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Highlighted Features

  • adjustable pinch rollers
  • flexible
  • vinyl rolls
  • transfer tapes
  • magnetic blanks
  • lifetime phone support
  • superior ball bearing dual roller media
  • 34 inches in size
  • good blade holders
You can get started with this vinyl cutter right away. If you are a DIYer and love to make your own designs, it is one of the best vinyl cutters on the list to give your designs a real shape on whatever you want. This particular vinyl cutter is providing vinyl master cut which is a software which signage, vectorization tools for adjusting the image size and convert one file image to another one. In addition to that, there are also image editing tools and spool function which basically does the job of layering. The system requirements of the machine are pretty basic nothing funky and it will work with a Pentium processor and 512 MB RAM. It also comes in the various color you might want to check which one you like beforehand.


  • economical blades
  • large size cut outs
  • precise cuttings
  • good quality blades
  • technical support available


  • not compatible with Apple operating system (Mac computers)
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4. Sizzix 660425 Big Shot Cutting/Embossing Machine

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Highlighted Features

  • extended multipurpose platform
  • comes in two colors (white and gray)
  • movable cutting
  • accepts wide range of materials
  • embossing roller style
  • good cutting pads
The Sizzix big shot model is here with the ability to work with other die cutting and embossing tools. The representation of the looks of the machine itself is beautiful, not a hefty thing to put around your room, in opposite to that it would rather enhance the beauty of the surroundings. That was all about its outer beauty but that doesn't in any way deem its internal ability. It will perfectly match with your creative inside as well. It can shape and cut many kinds of paper, art, crafts or decorative things. The measurements are accurate but very much depends on starting from giving textures or designs it can do it all. The machine itself is not confusing. The using instructions are easy enough since it's about designs the user needs to be more careful. Also, the addition of multipurpose platform has been helpful for users.


  • varieties of things can be designed
  • comfortable because of extended platform
  • adjustable the platform
  • not huge in size


  • cuttings might be too big for some designs
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5. Silhouette CAMEO 3 Wireless Cutting Machine

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Highlighted Features

  • accepts different types of materials
  • accepts 12 inches wide material
  • accepts 10 feet long materials
  • Bluetooth technology
  • connects with home computer
  • dual carriage
  • multi-tool use
  • higher 2mm clearance for cutting thicker substances
  • compatible with print, cut and pics can technology
  • self-adjusting auto blade
  • additional storage
  • 100,000 ready-made designs
If you want a vinyl cutting machine with largest cutting space and combinations of unique designs and cutting shapes. The dual carriage helps the user to get the function of two tools at the same time. The design is thin looking with an advantage of placing it anywhere you want. Its ability to cut up to 2mm is one of the liked quality of the machine. It has the common built-in Bluetooth feature whose importance is known to all of us.


  • power cable and USB cable are included
  • silhouette studio software
  • easy to use
  • supports extra features than other models


  • buying extra auto blades might be expensive
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Types of Vinyl Cutter

There are two kinds of the vinyl cutter, one is commercial and another is for general purposes which are for creative enthusiasts. The commercial ones are for business purposes of course which is able to give out large and complicated designs. These cutters are also large in size wise and can do heavy duty. Since it gives complicated and small to a large range of cuts and its functioning is also better than the other ones the budget for having these cutters are also high. The one for the creative heads is a bit different from all sorts of points. These cutters are usually not as large as the commercial ones. The size of these is near to a personal computer, which is good for placing it around your office or home. The smaller size surely indicates that it can’t give out prints as large as the business vinyl cutters as well. But since it gives smaller versions of all the cuts it is easy to use, handle and operate. Like the business category it can also do some of the complex works but since the machine and its output is small, you can complete your work without any hassle. These are surely not as expensive as the business vinyl cutters, but there is a thing with vinyl cutters, which is the more the budget the better the vinyl cutter you will get, there is no doubt about it. So it totally depends on you on which price you will like to have yours.

How to Pick the Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

Ease of use

It is always preferrable to buy a vinyl cutter which is easy to use. Not only with this one but with any type of electronic machine. It is important especially for the new comers into the world of vinyl cutters.

Printing size

Printing sizes matters while buying vinyl cutters. Though the ones with 12 inches in both length and breadth are used commercially, you can buy one for your home use as well. But those are very expensive. Generally, with the personal ones, you will get 4-5 inches of width or sometimes more or less which are mentioned on each machine. You should choose accordingly if you want a specific printing size.


Price is very important while buying a vinyl cutting machine. We know that all the electronic machines are developed against its price. Same thing goes with the price tagging of the vinyl cutter. The more the cash you will spend on a cutter the better the quality will be. That is one of the main intentions of writing these articles so that you can choose the ones with the right features but with the best value.

Types of materials that it can handle

The decision is up to of getting a vinyl cutter that cuts only vinyl of you may buy a vinyl cutter which can cut through up to 12 different materials. Most of the peoples and buying guides will advise you to go with a machine that can work on other materials but not only in vinyl. We are also the same. It does not matter if you are a businessman or a hobbyist, you will want to go beyond vinyl projects. This will happen especially when you realize how fun and easy to use a vinyl cutting machine.

Included design software

Design and cut software are always available with the machine itself. It is very easy to use as well. There will not be any hassle. The user will only have to connect the machine to PC and the rest is programmed.


You will get warranties with almost every model because the quality of all the products is good. The better the quality the longer the warranties will be. The manufacturers provide longer warranties only when they are satisfied with their built quality. Try to buy one with longer warranties or supports.


This is a must, whenever you intend to buy a machine, it is very important that you calculate the space for that machine and the size of the machine itself. If the machine doesn't fit in the right spot it will give you an extra itch in the brain, for the rest of the time. Always decide the place then buy the machine accordingly.


Although many machines of the past come with manual setting, in which you will have to set the blade pressure right and check that as a demo try, the rollers have to be set right before using it. But with the latest ones, you won't have to do all these. The recent models have the automatic setting capability by which you can start your work right away without checking or doubt or wrong measurements.


Bluetooth access has been a common thing for all the electronic devices. The vinyl cutters also come with the Bluetooth function and it has turned out to be a really handy feature. With the help of this, you can work on any device and create your own design, at the same time you can access to the vinyl machine to give that design a shape.


There are few varieties of software for vinyl cutting machines on the market, but nothing can beat adobe illustrator. You can also look for sure cuts a lot, vinyl master cut or circuit design space. These are also good but doesn't beat adobe illustrator. But this is my opinion if you can get your desired design from any other software that is okay as well.


This is quite important to consider while buying a vinyl cutter. Because a slow machine will consume a lot of time which won't be acceptable in office works or even hobby works as well. It always tests the patience of the worker. Try not to buy the slowest on the market but you don't necessarily need the fastest either. It is better to buy a medium speed one.

Drive Monitor

The motors used in the vinyl cutters are of two types, one is noisy another is smooth. The more price you pay for the cutter, more silent machine you will get. But if the noise doesn't matter to you then you can buy the one with other average features with a comfortable price range.


The comfortableness of the rollers, their friction free usage is also important to get a precise cutting out of the machine. That is why roller qualities are also important. All the medium budget vinyl cutters have good rollers, but to get the best one you will have to spend some more money.


Blades are very vital part of the machines because without it all the design will go in vain. Nowadays there are many advantages are given with vinyl cutters blade, like adjustability, changing capability and making the cutter thicker or thinner. So according to your usage, you should choose one wisely.


Vinyl cutters are very important for the creative enthusiasts and so as to choose the best vinyl cutting machine to buy. Since the works should be done with precision it is vital to choose one cutter with good blades, built-in designs and for this era, Bluetooth option for comfortable designing at any place and at any time. If you have read the full article, by now you must have an idea which one you need. So don't waste any time, go get one for your working place.