Oscillating Multi Tool Saw Reviews: Learn How to Find the Best Oscillating Tool

If you’re getting started on that big home project, a new DIY idea, or want to fix something yourself, having the right tools at home can save you tons of time and money in the long run. Making sure you’re well-equipped to deal with anything in your home, from sanding, cutting, to sharpening, all need the right tools to get done. Usually, these kinds of skills require tools that are either too expensive or require a trained professional to go to your house and fix. However, some of these at-home tasks can be done on your own. So long as you have the know-how and training, using a changeable multi tool can be your all-in-one for projects and fixes around the house.

What is an Oscillating Multi Tool?

These handy all-in-one tools are an electric multi tool that has changeable heads. It’s similar to how you’d hold and use a power drill, but with features like a saw, sander, grinder, and several other tools. With the changeable heads, you can quickly and easily change the function of the multi tool and continue about your task without worrying. An oscillating tool simply means that the mechanism itself is swinging back and forth in an oscillating motion.

What to Look for in an Oscillating Multi Tool

A multi tool that has an oscillating function is a more versatile option as opposed to a reciprocating multi tool or reciprocating saw. Look for a tool that is rechargeable or battery-powered so that it’s easy to hold in your hand. Most multi tools look similar to an electric drill and are easy to carry around. When you’re looking for the right multi tool, check out the accessories that come with it. Most will come in their packaging with 10 or so different attachments. Having an interchangeable head is an important aspect of this tool because it saves you time since switching tools is very convenient and quick.

The Best Saw Attachments for a Multi Tool Saw

The oscillating saw blade can be your best friend for cutting through wood and other material. A straightedge saw blade can be used for straight cuts, or plunge cuts, to make a quick trim, or cutting a small dent into wood. The carbide blade can also be used to remove grout from your bathroom tile with precision and ease. This is easier than other grout removal methods, as a multi tool is small enough to get in between bathroom tiles without ruining them or causing dust and debris to fly around. For wider objects like pipe, an extra-wide blade can cover a bigger surface and provide a steady cut on your part. They’re usually used for cutting through large curved materials. If you’re looking to get a long and straight cut through, a round oscillating saw blade will cut through most materials. It’s important to go through this carefully and rock the multi tool back and forth so as not to ruin the blade. Make a small score first before going straight in for a cut. A scraper blade can successfully scrape away any tough materials that you won’t be able to get off of surfaces. Materials like joint compound or adhesive can be easily scraped away with a multi tool. Most multi tool kits come with multiple scraper blade heads that will suit any stubborn surface you’re getting rid of. A scraper blade can even slice off bolts that are corroded and tough to unscrew. If you want to cut through metal, keep in mind that many blades are only made to cut wood or plastic. Use a bimetal blade to cut through metal easily without destroying the blade or overheating the device.

Our Top Picks for Oscillating Multi Tool Saws

1. Porter-Cable 20V Max Oscillating Tool

Porter-Cable's oscillating multi tool saw comes with 11 accessories and detachable pieces. This has a 2-finger system that allows for quick accessory changes. Depending on the amount of power you need, there’s a speed dial that allows you to switch between levels of control. Overall, this tool is incredibly versatile for many applications. The full oscillating kit can be purchased with 52 total pieces on Amazon as well.

2. Genesis GMT25T 2.5 Amp Variable Speed Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

This Genesis multi tool comes with a 17-piece accessory system that allows for quick changes and a variety of different options. It’s got a 6-pin flange, so when you change accessories, it’ll hold them firmly in place. The case of the tool itself is aluminum for durability. Genesis includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

3. Craftsman V20 Oscillating Tool Cordless Kit

This Craftsman oscillating tool is ranked as Amazon’s choice and is a best-seller on the website with high customer ratings. This kit comes with the tool, battery and charger, and different attachments. Part of their V20 cordless system, this oscillating tool can change speeds to allow the user control for different applications. It’s got a molded handle for extra comfort while you work.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Oscillating Multi Tool Kit

DEWALT has an oscillating multi tool available with a 3-speed selection, allowing you to change speed and pressure depending on the material you’re working with. It has a brushless motor that, compared to other multi tool models, delivers 57% more run time. The accessory adapter is universal, so if there are accessory heads from other companies that you want to use, they should fit onto this DEWALT model.

Before You Start, Stay Safe

It’s important before taking on any major home project or using a tool you’re not familiar with, to stay safe. Read the instruction manual to inform yourself of any safety precautions to take while using the tool and wear personal protective equipment like glasses or gloves where necessary. If you’ve read through the instruction manual and still are not confident or do not feel safe using any tool, ask someone you know who may be able to help you or seek the advice of a professional. Staying safe is key when it comes to home projects and repairs. Using an oscillating multi tool may be a learning curve for those with no previous experience, but almost everyone is sure to find this handy and convenient tool a breeze!