Philips TV Reviews – What to Know Before Buying a Philips TV

Philips is a household brand name and has been for over a decade. That in itself tells you that they are a trusted brand that produces quality products. Going by Philips TV reviews on any one of the many buying platforms, thousands of customers agree. However, when it comes to buying a TV, simply picking the right brand name isn't enough anymore. There are things like HDR (High Dynamic Range), UHD (Ultra-High Definition), 4K, and even 8K TVs to muddy up the market now. Which one is right for you, and why should it be a Philips smart TV?

What You Need to Know Before Buying Philips TV

When dealing with such a distinguished brand, some picture quality expectations have come to be synonymous with the name. Here are a few things you need to know about Philips before buying one of their TVs:
  • They are stylish: Philips has collaborated with some of the best metal workers in Denmark (such as Georg Jensen) to bring you some of the most elegant TV stands (feet) in the market.
  • You get more Dolby: While the picture clarity is a big part of buying a TV, the sound is just as important an aspect. Philips TVs now have a Dolby Atmos badging that promises to deliver excellent sound across their smart TV range.
  • There are numerous ways to interface and interact with the TV: Smart Philips TVs now have Android TV integrated into them. Some of the pricier models even have Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant incorporated to make your interaction with the TV more seamless and enjoyable.
Couple all that with the fact that Philips' Ambilight technology goes a long way in making pictures from your TV seem much bigger than they are, and you have a TV brand that is dedicated to giving you nothing but the best when it comes to picture quality.

The Best Philips TV to Buy: Philips TV Reviews

Now that you know Philips is a brand to be trusted, here are some of the best Philips TVs for the money:

1. Philips 50-Inch Class 2K Smart LED HD TV

The Philips 50-Inch Class 4K Smart LED HD TV is a TV set that brings you all your favorite HD content in incredible Ultra HD. You can now enjoy ultra-sharp picture details with this 4K Ultra HD. If you love the idea of a TV giving you crystal clear pictures as well as crisp surround sound, then you will love the fact that this option comes with the Sonic Emotion Premium that works to create an incredibly rich 3D Surround Sound. Furthermore, with the wireless screen casting option included, you can now easily mirror the content from your handheld devices directly to the TV. It comes fully loaded with a host of streaming apps, including Netflix, Pandora, Hotlist, YouTube, and so on.

 2. Philips 43-Inch Class 4K Smart LED TV

If you have been looking for an affordable 4K TV, then you will be pleased to learn that the Philips 43-Inch Class 4K Smart LED TV is perfect for you. This is a ridiculously classy TV full of incredible features at a very reasonable price. At 43-inches, it offers you a midsized TV screen that delivers nothing but the clear and vibrant images you have come to expect from Philips thanks to its 4K UHD resolution. Couple that with the incorporated BrightPro, and you have a TV that delivers stunning brightness and contrast in the pictures. Coming fully loaded with endless entertainment options and better user experience thanks to the Personal Google Assistant as well as the capability to directly mirror your smartphone, this TV opens up a new world of entertainment with endless streaming options and sound quality.

3. Philips 32PF9966 32-Inch Widescreen HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV

The Philips 32PF9966 32-Inch Widescreen HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV is a 32-inch widescreen HD-ready TV that offers you a built-in NTSC tuner and 15 watts per channel. It also features Ambilight technology, which effectively throws a very soft glow on the wall that is behind the screen so that it enhances its perceived contrast, brightness, and color accuracy for your viewing pleasure. This TV also has a Pixel Plus processor that enhances every single one of those image pixels displayed to give you razor-sharp pixels that offer you incredible depth and picture detail. Couple that with the digital crystal clear technology employed here, as well as the antireflective coating, and you get a high (800:1) contrast and a high (500 cd/m2) brightness. This particular offering comes with a TV stand and mounting brackets, making it one of the easiest TVs to install. It also has a headphone output for when you want to experience a bit of private listening while watching your TV.

Should You Buy a Philips Ambilight TV?

When it comes to buying TVs, you should be very mindful of the fact that technology is rapidly changing. Just a few years ago, 4K was all the rage (and still is), but now there are 8K TVs and who knows what else we will get into in the near future. However, Philip Ambilight TVs, although they might get as much recognition as the OLEDs from Samsung do, are a powerhouse in their own right. The Philips Ambilight feature is incredible in that it draws you further into your viewing experience. While most manufacturers try to capture this effect by improving the sound quality of their TVs or insisting that you combine them with a soundbar, Philips has been able to deliver it by improving how the TV delivers picture succinctly. With Ambilight, Philips employs proprietary lighting technology that does well to extend the picture beyond the bezels of your TV. It does this by shinning a light on the surrounding walls, thus immersing you completely into the picture. That alone is reason enough to consider buying a Philips Ambilight TV.  Couple that with great sound, wonderful century-long history of good production, and you have plenty of reasons to consider buying yourself a Philips TV today.