Top 8 Best Recoil Pads For Hunting And Target Shooting

​Humans have come a long way in hunting after centuries of civilization. Instead of primitive weapons, we now get to use a variety of guns. But these guns come with a hard end which makes the shooting or hunting experience tough for us. To solve the problem, recoil pads came in the market which creates a cushiony barrier between the hard end and your shoulder. Here we list the best recoil pads available right now for a more comfortable experience of the shooters.

Our Best Pick

LimbSaver ​Our best pick is LimbSaver AirTech Slip-On Recoil Pad since it is made of the unique patented NAVCOM material and allows 70% recoil reduction. Along with technologies like the anti-muzzle jump and optimized atmospheric chambers, it makes for a convenient choice coming in four sizes. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Our Budget Pick

Hogue The grind to fit type Hogue EZG Recoil Pad offers the best value for price with its soft elastomer material. The well-bonded exclusive base plate and a cupped mating surface enhances its abilities. They are available in three sizes and two colors at a very affordable cost. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Quick Comparison Between The Best ​Recoil Pads

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​1. TinyPrice Recoil Eraser Slip On Pad

TinyPrice Recoil Eraser Slip On PadCheck Latest Price on Amazon ​TinyPrice brings you this easy to install slip on pad for your gun recoil. It will help you carry out your hunting skills more comfortably without compromising your positions. It fits easily on the stock of your weapon without the need of any extra tool. Just install it on your shotgun or long rifle and enjoy shooting! It has been manufactured with innnovation in mind. There is a gel filled material inside which helps in reducing the felt recoil as much as 70%! This thick gel filling is basically a visco-elastic polymer which helps to absorb the shock.​ As a result, you can shoot all day with your favorite rifle without feeling sore! There is a thin Lycra covered neoprene cuff on the pad which stretches over the stock. The pad’s rear is made of a high surface tension material. Hence, the gun will stay stable while firing. This pad comes in a single size which fits well on most models of both rifles and shotguns. Since it is easy to fit, it can be moved between various guns without hesitation.


  • ​visco-elastic gel filling
  • ​thin neoprene cuff
  • ​fits rifles and shotguns
  • ​easy to install
  • ​latest high-tech gel pads
  • ​shock-absorbing
  • ​easily moveable
  • ​affordable


  • ​One size only
Check Latest Price on Amazon

2. ​LimbSaver AirTech Slip-On Recoil Pad

LimbSaver AirTech Slip-On Recoil PadCheck Latest Price on Amazon The company of LimbSaver has consistently produced high quality handmade products for archery with the latest technologies available. This slip-on recoil pad from the AirTech series is no different! It comes in four sizes of small, small/medium, medium and large to accommodate as many weapons as possible. It usually fits easily on most of the shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders. This pad is made from LimbSaver’s proprietary material called NAVCOM which is both vibration and noise dampening. Because of this technology, it can absorb wide range of shock frequencies to dissipate energy and vibration. The non-slip surface keeps it steadily placed even in rain and harsh environments. ​Installing it does not take any extra modifications. All you have to do is slip it on the firearm stock! It works best when you remove the default factory recoil pad before putting this one. But it can also be installed over the factory pad which would increase the length-of-pull by an inch. There are advanced atmospheric chambers in it for optimized coil reduction. They let your arms perform better with uniform energy dissipation. This results in up to 70% reduction of felt recoil. Besides, the anti-muzzle jump technology also helps in faster target acquisition, higher stability and increased accuracy in shots. All these features along with the affordable cost makes it a sustainable choice and thus, one of the best recoil pads we know.


  • ​four sizes
  • ​non-slip surface
  • ​proprietary NAVCOM material
  • ​70% recoil reduction
  • ​anti-muzzle jump technology
  • optimized atmospheric chambers
  • ​easy installation
  • ​affordable


  • ​Ill-fitting for some models
Check Latest Price on Amazon

3. ​Shooterpads Gel Filled Recoil Pads

Shooterpads Gel Filled Recoil PadsCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Shooterpads is a company dedicated to making different comfort products based on a gel filling. Recoil pads are one of the only two commodities manufactured by them. This particular pad includes a cross-linked visco-elastic urethane gel similar to the one from TinyPrice. Due to this durable gel, the pad does not lose its shape. It can absorb energy well and also redistribute the pressure.

To provide additional energy absorption and proper adjustment of the gun’s pulling length, three mini cell foam pads have been added here. You can fit them comfortably in the shoulder pocket. There is a neoprene cuff covered with Lycra on the pads which does not inhibit weapon shouldering. To improve the firearm’s stability while shooting, the end of the pad is made of a material with high surface tension. You can install this very easily on any shotgun or long rifle. It unfortunately comes only in one size. Though it is known to suit on most models, there is still a good chance it will not fit your weapon.


  • ​visco-elastic urethane gel
  • ​thin Lycra covered neoprene cuff
  • ​3 mini-cell foam pads
  • ​high surface tension material
  • ​easy installation


  • ​One size
Check Latest Price on Amazon

4. ​Hogue EZG Recoil Pad

Hogue EZG Recoil PadCheck Latest Price on Amazon ​Hogue has been at this business of making quality gears, accessories and more gun-based products since 1968! This EZG recoil pad is one of those products which have upheld its name and fame in the market. Contrary to the previous recoil pads, this one is not the slip-on type. Rather, this needs to be ground to fit. It is available in three sizes of small, medium and large to fit on a wide range firearms. Besides, it also comes in the two color variations of black and brown to suit your style. ​This pad is made of soft elastomer material which soaks up recoil efficiently. This also allows easy grinding and clean finishing. The exclusive base plate material is bonded to the pad permanently. Overall, the material is extremely rigid and thus removes gaps formed by bending or warping. The cupped mating surface ensures perfect fitting on the stock without leaving any gap. You can easily install this pad and all necessary hardware are included in its package.


  • ​grind to fit
  • ​three sizes
  • ​two color variations
  • ​soft elastomer material
  • ​exclusive base plate
  • ​well-fitting
  • ​cupped mating surface
  • ​affordable


  • Little stiff
Check Latest Price on Amazon

5. ​Pachmayr Decelerator Slip On Recoil Pad

Pachmayr Decelerator Slip OnCheck Latest Price on Amazon ​This slip on recoil pad is from one of the Lyman brands called Pachmayr. Lyman has been in operation to serve several needs of gunmen for over a century while Pachmayr has proved to be a reliable choice for the same people since 1929. Like all other Pachmayr products, this recoil pad contains the patented speed-mount insert. This one-of-a-kind insert is combined with their proprietary advanced decelerator recoil-reducing material and internal design. This combination makes it easier for you to install the pad on either of your long vintage gun or modern weapon’s stock. It comes in two essential color variations of black and brown. It is also available in three sizes namely small, medium and large to fit on various gun models.


  • ​Three sizes available
  • ​Two color variations
  • ​Advanced recoil control
  • ​Unique speed-mount insert
  • ​Non-slip design
  • ​Easy to install


  • ​Can expose you to lead
Check Latest Price on Amazon

6. Tourbon Vintage Leather Slip On Recoil Pad

Tourbon Vintage Leather Slip On Recoil PadCheck Latest Price on Amazon Tourbon is known for their product lines traversing areas of golf, hunting, fishing and cycling. Among their many hunting accessories, one of the most popular products is this recoil pad. It is made of high quality genuine leather but comes at a very affordable price! It embraces the classic design of recoil pads in the basic black color and features fine workmanship of the Chinese. There are two sizes available - small and large to accommodate different gun models. The large one has been known to be a little too big for the models but otherwise it fits like a glove. This pad provides protection for your shoulder effectively. There is thick silicone pad of quality embedded in it making the product a great shoulder cushion. Furthermore, it is designed with velcro strap for proper closure.


  • ​Classic design
  • ​Two sizes
  • ​Built-in thick silicone pad
  • ​Genuine leather
  • ​Shoulder protective
  • velcro strap
  • ​affordable


  • ​Ill-fitting large size
Check Latest Price on Amazon

7. ​Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad with Wood Stock Black 1947

Remington SuperCell Recoil Pad with Wood Stock Black 1947Check Latest Price on Amazon ​This recoil pad is specifically made for Remington models 870 and 1100 which have wood stocks. Although it aims at a fixed set of gun models, most of the users have opined the pad still doesn’t fit well on their weapons. Inspite of the ill-fitting, this pad is claimed to be the world’s most efficient inhibitor of kickback energy. It can reduce the felt recoil as much as 54% compared to the standard factory pad. ​ It also features an advanced polymer construction where millions of SuperCells form a complex matrix to harness and release energy for a longer period.It is very lightweight and has a smooth non-sticky surface for gun mounting. Besides, this pad encourages an extremely comfortable shooting experience by decreasing the rearward force and diminishing muzzle travel.


  • ​For Remington 870 and 1100
  • ​54% recoil reduction​
  • ​Advanced polymer construction
  • ​Lightweight
  • non-sticky smooth surface
  • affordable


  • ​Very ill-fitting
Check Latest Price on Amazon

8. ​Allen Recoil Eraser Recoil Reducing Pad

Allen Recoil Eraser Recoil Reducing PadCheck Latest Price on Amazon ​Allen has experience in producing a variety of accessories for hunting, fishing, archery and more for over 45 years. One of such products is this recoil eraser pad with modern design and classic black colour. It is available in two close sizes of small and medium. It is claimed to be made of high tech recoil reducing polymer which can offer up to 70% reduction. However, many users did not experience such a drastic fall in their felt recoil.This pad is made for guns with straight stocks and can be installed in seconds because of its slip-on nature.​


  • ​Two sizes
  • ​High tech polymer
  • ​Slip on
  • ​For straight stocks
  • ​Easy to install
  • ​Durable
  • ​Very affordable


  • ​Not enough recoil reduction
Check Latest Price on Amazon

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Recoil Pads

Why buy a recoil pad?

1. Security from injuries

The guns and rifles are made such a way that their butt end can hurt the shooter while firing. When a gun is fired, energy is dispersed suddenly as a result of high rated velocity. So the end point needs to be covered with a recoil pad to lessen the possibilities of shoulder or collar bone injuries. The pad prevents the effects of a sudden recoil impact after pressing the trigger.

2. Better grip

Usually the finishing material or wooden surface of the gun can make it hard for you to maintain your grip. A recoil pad will eliminate that problem by offering a better texture on the end point.

3. No shoulder pressure

A cushioned pad can help in absorbing the pressure you feel while mounting rifles. Thus, your whole hunting or shooting experience will be much more comfortable.

What factors to keep in mind?

Type of weapon

Obviously, the first thing you need to determine is if the recoil pad of your choice will really fit on your model of gun or rifle. Typically, there are information regarding this on the official website or product description of each recoil pad. Each brand and their weapons highlight different measurements for the butt end. So make sure to spend on a recoil pad you can actually use.

Magnitude of pull length

The exact magnitude of the pull length in your rifle is another factor that will influence your buying decision a lot. By this length of pull it usually means the distance between the butt end and the trigger of your rifle. This is important because it will tell you the pad’s required measurements to ensure a solid grip. Make a note of the whole rifle length too since that will help you to ease your shoulder pressure.


​Try to buy recoil pads with high thickness. The thicker it is, the better support it can provide to overcome the recoil impact.​

Final Verdict

​To prevent pain, bruises and flinching of your shoulder, you must use recoil pads while using guns. It will take down the pressure impact and help you nail your target more efficiently. Decide wisely on which would be the best recoil pad for your weapon and enjoy having a wonderful experience in the field