The 11 Best Tool Belts For Electricians

As a professional electrician, you will require different tools to get the job done. The ease of accessibility of your tools will determine how long it will take for you to complete the task. To ensure you maximize your time while improving your productivity levels, you will need to have all the necessary tools within reach. An electrician tool belt is one of the must-have accessories that allows you to have access to all your tools without any need of descending down from the ladder to pick your required tool. Every tool belt varyies from design, size, quality and has different features which make them stand- out from other brands. Investing in a low-quality belt can cost you more than you could imagine. Think of a scenario where your belt is not strong enough to withstand the weight of your tool and all over sudden the tool bag detaches itself from the belt and before you realize your tools are on the floor. Only to come down the ladder and notice that some of the tools have damaged beyond repair and the only option left is to purchase new ones. Sounds painful, right? Well, we understand how a low-quality tools belt can impact your working morale. This is why we took time and selected high-quality brands to help you select the best electrician tool belt that matches your needs.

Best Pick

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Tool Belt Our best pick goes to CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Tool Belt. It features fully adjustable suspenders, heavy duty framers, 3-inch padded belt and 20 easy to access pockets.

​Budget Pick

DEWALT DG5103 Electrician Tool Belt Our best budget goes to DEWALT DG5103 Electrician Tool Belt. It is affordable and has been designed with high-quality Ballistic poly fabric for durability. It also offers you numerous storage options for you to store your tools with easy to access pockets.

Quick Comparison Between The Best electrician Tool Belts

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1. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Tool Belt 

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Tool Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Gives easy access to your tools through its tampered and stay open main pockets
  • Has 3” padding on the belt
  • Easy to carry handle for easy storage and easy adjustments
  • Has fully adjustable suspenders that are well padded
  • Offers 20 easy to access pockets
  • Recommended for use by individuals with a waist range of between 29 to 46 inches
  •  Has a measuring tape clip and two hammer holders
  • Stylish and durable
  • Comfy
Keep your tools intact and reduce any chances of falling by using this tool belt from Custom Leathercraft. The system boasts of its high-quality classic material that ensures you enjoy using your tool belt for years to come. With its 20 pockets, you can enjoy a generous space for storing your tools. Usually, when you pack your tools inside, chances are you will feel the weight on your waist especially when you work for extended hours. Custom Leathercraft understands well how excessive weight from your tools can ruin your work experience and has ensured that the belt is well padded. That's not all; it also has fully adjustable suspenders which are well padded and engineered to ensure proper weight distribution, minimizing strain levels around the hips and your lower back. The main pockets are tampered and designed to stay open allowing easy access of your tools which makes it one of the best electrician tool belt with suspenders. In addition to quality, this belt is designed for users with waist range of between 29 inches to 46 inches, a great feature which allows you to continue using your tool belt even when you grow bigger.

2. DEWALT DG5103 Electrician Tool Belt

DEWALT DG5103 Electrician Tool Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Built to last
  • Has a trapezoid shape which keeps your pouch in place when crawling up the ladder
  • Offers easy access to your tools
  • Built using durable ballistic poly material
  • Has a clip which attaches well on the belt of up to 2-3/4 inch wide
  • Offers multiple storage options through its sleeve pockets and web loops
  • Has snap ring for storing your keys
For over 90 years DEWALT has been known as one of the leading manufacturers for quality tools that can withstand even the toughest working environment and this tool belt is one of them.  This model boasts of its clip which enables you to easily snip the pouch or attach it to a belt width of up to 2-3/4 inches. Its trapezoid shape keeps it in place when climbing on your ladder. The bag has been well sized to accommodate the most needed tools without overwhelming your waist. Before designing it, Custom Leathercraft had the user in mind and had put more focus on giving contractors quality products. The tool belt touts of its high-quality ballistic poly material with hard wearing edges which help you use it even in tough conditions. The main pockets keep your tools within reach when needed. With this bag, you will enjoy multiple storage options through its sleeve pockets and web loops. Nothing can spice up your day like a professionally designed tool belt which gives you quick access to your tools, and this DEWALT DG510 will help you achieve all this.

3. ToughBuilt - Handyman Tool Belt Set

ToughBuilt - Handyman Tool Belt Set

Highlighted Features

  • Stands on tables or floor to allow you to pack your tools faster
  • Gives easy access to your tools when needed
  • Boasts of its ten pockets and loops
  • Designed with sturdy 6 layered construction and reinforced rivets
  • Has tape measure clips
  • Two heavy duty hammer loops
  • Recommended for users with waist range of between 32 to 48 inches
  • Handy
Have access to your tools whenever you need them with this professionally designed tool belt set from ToughBuilt. As the name suggests, this ClipTech bag is tough and designed to withstand even the toughest projects. The set comprises of two high-quality bags and a heavy padded belt with sturdy buckle for user convenience.  Its 27 pockets and loops keep your tools intact and within reach. Integrated into this toolset is a kickstand which allows your bag to stand steady on the table or floor giving you ample time to pack your necessary tools without much hassle. Aside from its design, this pouch has been tested to ensure a stress-free working experience even for the most time demanding projects. Included on the package is a well-padded belt. Farmer pouch, ClipTech Hub, and modular hammer loops for easy storage of your tools. In addition, on and off belt ClipTech clips and a tape measure clip for convenience.  The tool belt is stylish and is recommended for use by electricians, carpenters, plumbers or any professional contractor with waist range of between 32 to 48 inches.

4. DEWALT DG5641 Tool Belt

DEWALT DG5641 Tool Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Well-padded belt for added comfort
  • Has fully adjustable suspenders for even weight distribution
  • 20 easy to access gusset styled  pockets
  • Fits users with waist range of between 29  and 46 inches
  • Minimizes back and hip pain
One of the significant features that a tool belt should offer you is even weight distribution. And this DEWALT DG5641 delivers excellent support for your tools while distributing weight evenly to minimize hip and back pain. The bag touts of its 20 well-designed pockets which hold your tools from nails, hammers, pencils, parts or any other tool in place without falling. Its pockets offer generous space and are gusset-styled to ensure your tools are within reach anytime you need them. The belt has extra padding with a strong buckle which ensures you enjoy using the tool belt through-out the day. Its suspenders are well padded and offer complete adjustability to suit your body size and ensure even weight distribution. It is designed to fit users with waist range of 29 to 46 inches. Generally, DEWALT DG5641 is built to offer unmatched user experience while offering extra comfort even on the toughest working conditions.

5. McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Electrician’s Pouch

McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Electrician’s Pouch

Highlighted Features

  • Built to last
  • Designed from oil tanned leather
  • Offers vertical storage
  • Main pockets have dividers which separate the pockets perfectly well-making arrangement of your tolls easy
  • Brown in color
  • Have reinforced rivets
  • Has special holders for holding extra tools like tape measures among others
This McGuire Nicholas 526-CC model offers you vertical storage while keeping your tools within your reach. The pouch boasts of its multiple loops and pocket which offer generous space for storing your tools. The main pockets have pocket dividers which help keep your tools in place. An oil-tanned leather material is used to ensure you enjoy using your tool bag for years to come. A T-chain clip is integrated into the bag for a firm grip and for keeping the pouch in place even when moving up the ladder or working. Special holders have also been designed to help you store your tape measure, keys, and flashlight. Aside from its ability to offer generous storage for your tools, the pouch also blends well with most colors giving you professional looks even when you are working.

6. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's Tool Belt

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's Tool Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Well-padded suspenders
  • Has inbuilt cordless  drill pocket
  • Reduces hip and back pain
  • Has 28 pocket dedicated to helping you organize different tools of varied sizes
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Recommended for individuals with waist sizes within 29 to 46 range
  • Made from polyester material
  • Pockets are spill proof
Organize all your tools faster and easier with this Custom Leathercraft 1608 tool belt. The bag features 28 pockets with a 3-inch well-padded single roller buckle belt for extra solace. Its four-point padded suspenders ensures even distribution of your load reducing any chances of suffering hip or back pain from extended use. The pouch is spill proof, a feature that helps keep your tool in place even when you climb up the ladder. It handles are professionally designed to help you carry your tool around with ease and offer you a better storage option when not in use. Storing large tools has never been easy but thanks to its inbuilt cordless drill pocket which offers you generous space for accommodating big sized tools. This amazing tool belt is easy to use and professionally designed to help you organize your parts, tools, and connectors with ease. Ideal for use by contractors with waist size range of between 29 to 46 inches.

7. ​TradeGear Heavy Duty Electricians Tool Belt 

TradeGear Heavy Duty Electricians Tool Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy duty medium sized tool belt
  • Built to last
  • Has highly breathable foam padding for added user comfort
  • Well-designed handle for easy load management and storage
  • Designed from a high quality 1250 Dura Tek
  • 27 pockets featuring different sizes
  • Comfy
Enjoy unmatched strength and durability regardless of the working conditions with this amazing tool belt from TradeGear. With this pouch, you can never run out of space for your tools. The bag boasts of its two heavy-duty pouches which offer you with 27 varied sized pockets for holding different tools. Quality is one of the great features a tool belt should offer and this TradeGear is designed to withstand the test of time. To ensure you enjoy quality at its best, the tool storage set is made using a superior quality 1250 Dura Tek Nylon which can defy tough conditions. TradeGear understands well how quite heavy your bags can be when fully loaded. They have made carrying your tools around easier by designing an easy to carry handle which distributes your load evenly and provides better storage option.User comfort is another great feature that has not been left out when designing this tool belt. A highly breathable foam padding with air ventilation with a well contoured back support has been integrated to ensure great support and comfort anytime when working. Its tough design and reinforced rivets allow you to enjoy using your tool belt for generations to come. Overall, TradeGear tool belt is dedicated to offering you comfort while providing enough space needed to organize your tools and keep them within your reach allowing you to manage even the most time demanding jobs.

8. Gatorback B240 Electrician's Tool Belt

Gatorback B240 Electrician's Tool Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Fits users within the 36 to 49 waist range
  • Built to withstand tough working environments
  • Made using lightweight material minimizing weight load
  • Stays in shape even after regular use
  • Well-padded and highly breathable belt
  • Offers generous space for organizing your tools
  • Has 27 pockets, 18 on the right and 9 on the left
If you are looking for great support, comfort, and better experience when working, then you should give this Gatorback tool belt a try. The belt is made of a highly breathable material which offers you maximum comfort even when used for long hours.  All the stress points on the belt and on the bag are well riveted and bar tacked to withstand heavy loads for long. The material used to design the pouches is lightweight, a great feature which enables you to work for extended hours without getting overwhelmed by your tools weight. While some of the models tend to lose their original shape after repeated use, this bag won’t. Thanks to its plastic interior lining which helps keep the entire pocket in shape without sagging. With this Gatorback bag, you can say goodbye to poked bottoms. Thanks to its well -designed pockets that are rough and can withstand your tool loads.On the right side of this tool belt are 18 easy to access pockets and a tape chain which gives you different sized small bags for organizing your tools. On the left side, is a 9 easy to access pocket fastener bag with a different width which allows you to keep your tools within reach. The pockets stay open to enable you to have quick access to any tool whenever you need it, increasing your productivity level. Generally, Gatorback is designed to offer maximum comfort needed to get the job done while keeping your needed tools within reach making it one of the best tool belt for electricians.

9. Occidental Leather 9855 Electrician Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 9855 Electrician Tool Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts of its rugged nylon bags which offer maximum support to your tools
  • Handmade to offer you optimal comfort
  • Keeps your tools intact without losing its shape
  • Has reinforced leather material on its corners and bottom
  • Fat lipped bag
  • Comfy belt
This Occidental Leather 9855 model is designed with great features to enable you to enjoy using your tools without weight overload or poked bottoms. The bag set boasts of its 10-inch rugged nylon bags with well-reinforced leather on the corners and bottom to defy your tool weight. Occidental has designed different sized pouches to accommodate numerous tools allowing you to easily organize different sized tools. The pouch also gives you access to multiple tool holders and a 5020 two in one hammer and tool holders on the back which offers you more additional space. Its belt is comfy and keeps the pouches in place while giving maximum support for your tools.

10. Gatorback B145 Tool Belt

Gatorback B145 Tool Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Comfy
  • Does not lose its shape even after continued use
  • Lightweight
  • Has an ultra-breathable material on the belt for added solace and for keeping temperatures optimal
  • Offers generous storage space for organizing your tools
  • Ideal for users within the 36 to 40 waist range
Gatorback is one of the market leaders in the production of high-quality products that meet the industry standard and this tool belt is among them. The belt touts of its heavy 1250 Dura Tek nylon which is durable and rugged to withstand tough working conditions without weighing you down. Its belt has a high breathable channel which provides a sweat-free experience even when used for an extended period. On the back side of the belt is an ultra-breathable material which keeps your belt comfy and cool. On the left side of this tool belt are 7 easy to access pocket fastener pouch while on the center, is an 8-inch pouch for organizing longer and bigger tools. Contractor’s tool bag is positioned on the right side with a loop for user convenience. Overall, this Gatorback tool belt is designed to withstand tough working conditions while providing a favorable environment and support for your tools without weighing you down.

11. Occidental Leather 5590 M Tool Belt

Occidental Leather 5590 M Tool Belt

Highlighted Features

  • Fits users within the 33 to 35-inches waist
  • Offers optimal comfort
  • Durable
  • Offers generous space and tool holder system without spills
  • Handy
This Occidental Leathercraft is a medium sized tool belt which is dedicated to offering you maximum support for your tools without spillage. The bag has been handcrafted to spice up your day at work by giving you access to the tools needed to get the job done. Aside from the main pockets, the bag has tool holders which allow you to hold other tools like hammers or tape measures. The commercial electrician set is recommended for use by contractors with a waist range of between 33 to 35 inches. Overall this Leathercraft 5590 is built to withstand the test of time while giving you quick access to your tools without overwhelming your back or hips.

Benefits of using a tool belt

Saves time

Tool belts are dedicated to help you keep your tools within reach whenever you need them. This reduces any need of having to come down the ladder to change your working tools, saving your time while improving your productivity.


Holding your tools with hands increases the risk of dropping them or damaging them. Tool belts offer you a reliable and safe way of keeping your tools intact minimizing any risk of dropping them on your colleagues and injuring them.


Tool belts feature different sized pockets which allow you to organize your tools faster. They distribute weight evenly minimizing any chances of suffering from hip or back pains. Aside from helping you organize your tools, they also serve as storage options.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Tool Belt

Tool belts may look simple but there is more than the appearance and before spending on any model, you should consider the following factors.


Tool belts come in varied sizes and you should be careful about the size you choose. For convenience, manufacturers design them to fit users within a specified range. Measure your waist size and choose one that is within your range. Using a loose fitting belt will tend to move the tool bag and you will spend more time while trying to chase your tools along the waist. Always consider choosing one that will fit you properly while leaving a room just in case you cut or add weight. Thicker belts are comfier and are highly recommended.


The most commonly used material in designing tool belts are Nylon, polyester, and leather. The material you choose plays a role in the durability of your tool belt. Though Nylon material will be cheaper compared to polyester and leather, it will not serve you for long. The material is not resistant to water but will not get damaged by water the way leather material will, a great reason for using it even during the cold or rainy season. If you opt for nylon tool belt, make sure it is padded with a highly breathable padding for added comfort. Polyester is water resistant and lightweight. However, the material is the least durable and can be challenging to repair especially if the compartments get torn. Unlike leather, the fabric tends to absorb heat faster. In case you opt to invest in a polyester model, ensure it has an ultra-breathable padding and air channel for keeping temperatures well optimized. Leather material, on the other hand, is highly durable as compared to other materials. Quality goes hand in hand with price, that’s why you will be forced to pay more for leather models. Aside from its durability, leather material is highly breathable which gives you no reason to worry during hot days.

Buckle size

The buckle size plays a role in your productivity levels. Large buckles can ruin your working experience or poke your stomach especially when you are handling tasks that require you to bend. For a better experience, you should consider buying a model with small sized buckles.

Comfort levels

When using a tool belt, more weight load is applied around the back and hips which can cause pain around these parts if the bag is not well designed. A good tool belt should provide even weight distribution of your load. Models with well-padded suspenders also help keep your belt in place and promote even weight distribution.Tooltips may poke you when climbing the ladder or when working. Consider investing in models that have padded pockets.

Number of pockets

Different tool belts will feature a varied number of pockets. The number of pockets you will choose should be dictated by the number of tools you plan to use. For convenience, consider buying a tool belt with extra pockets just in case you need more tools. Pouches with different sized pockets will allow you to organize your tools easily according to their sizes.


Tools put more weight on your bag and a quality tool belt should be strong enough to withstand the weight without losing its shape. Though it can be hard to determine how strong the bag is especially if you have never used it before, reading customers reviews can help you determine how strong your tool belt is.

Ease of storage

After work, you need to store your tool belt properly without much hassle. Models with sturdy and a handle design are easy to store. In case you choose one that does not have a handle, ensure it has a kickstand and can stand on a table or floor on its own.


Despite the fact that a tool belt matches your needs you should ensure you are covered by the manufacturer. To be on the safe side, choose brands that come with a longer warranty.

What is the best electrical tool belt?

Choosing a quality tool belt is not a walk in the park especially if you have never used one before. This becomes challenging for new contractors who are looking forward to easing their jobs. In case you have found yourself stuck in between models, we will help you identify your preferred model for the job. Before spending on your tool belt, you should consider your Working conditions. If you are working in a cold environment, consider choosing a tool belt which won’t trap moisture like leather. In case you can’t afford leather, nylon can be a great pick for such conditions. Consider also your working hours. If your projects are time demanding, invest on a model with padded suspenders for added comfort. Padded pockets and belt also give you a peace of mind even on the most demanding projects. Note that not every user will be pleased with every model. Everybody has their tastes. And since you cannot find a model which does not have some weaknesses, it is highly recommended to look for what works best for you. When chosen right, all the above models are good for your nest electrical projects. Know what you want in a tool belt and use that to identify the right brand for you.

How to wear a tool belt properly

The way you put on your tool belt will determine your working experience and comfort levels. So you should ensure you put on it right. And here is how to go about it.

Remove all the pockets

If you had stored your bag with tools, before putting it on the following day, ensure you have emptied all the pockets. Putting on your belt together with the tools will be challenging for you especially when fastening the buckles.

Organize your tools

Once you have put on your belt and you are certain that it is well fitted; now start organizing your tools with the most used tools or what you will use often on that day on your dominant hand. This can either be right or left hand depending on your dominant side. Organize the less needed tools on the other side.

Put on the suspenders

If your tool belt comes with suspenders, put them on and adjust to fit your body size. Not too tight nor too lose.

Confirm if you can keep with the weight

Loading your bags with too many tools may weigh you down. Before you climb the ladder or start working, ensure your tool belt feels comfortable walking around with.


Being a professional contractor takes more than just the skills. As a professional electrician, you should know all it takes to get the job done and a tool belt is for sure one of the items you should never miss. As simple as they may look, these accessories offer massive benefits and are worthwhile. For you to get all these benefits, you should choose a quality brand that will help you complete your project with ease. Different people have varied preferences and what someone else will consider as the best electrician tool belt may not work for you. Consider your tastes and how different brand features will help you add fun to your job.