7 Simple Automatic Pill Dispensers 2020

For the elderly or people with health conditions, an automatic pill dispenser can be of utmost importance. An automatic pill dispenser provides the exact dosage of a medicine at the correct time, which helps people take medications at the prescribed times. These devices have alarms that act as reminders and can also send alerts to caregivers if the medication is not taken from the dispenser. Given how necessary this device can be, choosing the best automatic pill dispenser is of utmost importance. The dispenser needs to be easy to set up, work efficiently and smoothly and be durable. Below, we have compiled a list of automatic pill dispensers that we hope meet all the criteria you have for one.

Our Best Pick

e-pill MedSmart Automatic Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser The E-pill MedSmart Automatic Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser is our best pick. With a locking mechanism, large compartments and 6 alarms a day, this pill dispenser acts as the perfect reminder for those taking medications, allowing them to be independent and not worry about missing a dose. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Our Budget Pick

GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser is our best budget pick. This durable, battery-powered automatic pill dispenser works wonderfully. It has large compartments that fit numerous pills, a loud alarm and a flashing LED light to serve as an adequate reminder for doses. The lock keeps the pills secure and the transparent lid makes it easy to tell when a refill is needed. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers

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1. ​e-pill MedSmart Automatic Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser

e-pill MedSmart Automatic Locked Automatic Pill DispenserCheck Latest Price on Amazon This automatic pill dispenser provides every function you might want from an automatic pill dispenser. There are 28 compartments to place pills in, and each compartment is large enough to fit in 20, aspirin sized tablets. Two trays are provided to place medication in. The top of the pill dispenser has a display screen to provide necessary information. It can show how many doses are left to be taken in the day. The time for the next alarm and how many compartments have medication in them can also be monitored from the display screen. This makes it easier for patients and caregivers to be informed of medication doses. The pill dispenser can be locked for safety, and the secure lid ensures that medicines will not fall if the dispenser is accidentally dropped. The design of the pill dispenser also includes sides lined with rubber, which allows it to be held easily without fear of slipping. The alarm is loud and rings for a long time and coupled with the blinking lights, serves adequately. The alarm can be set to ring 6 times a day, and the times can easily be customized following the instructions. The pill dispenser runs on an AC circuit, and a charging wire and batteries are provided with the dispenser, making it hassle-free. When connected to power, the alarm will ring indefinitely until the pills are removed, which means that people will be reminded to take the medicine at the correct time. People will not miss a dose because the alarm stop ringing too quickly. Because it can run on batteries, this dispenser is also portable.


  • The rubber grips are very helpful for preventing slippage
  • The pill dispenser can be locked
  • Two sets of keys provide a backup should one get lost
  • Large and numerous compartments mean that the dispenser does not constantly have to be refilled
  • Provides 6 doses a day
  • The alarm does not stop ringing until pills are removed, ensuring that the medications are taken


  • Does not send an alert if medications are not removed from the dispenser
  • Opaque lid means it is not easy to see how many of the 28 compartments are filled
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2. ​GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill Dispenser

GMS Med-e-lert 28 Day Automatic Pill DispenserCheck Latest Price on Amazon The GMS Med-e-lert pill dispenser is an easy to use automatic pill dispensers perfect for use at home. It has 28 large compartments to store medicines and can dispense 6 doses a day. Several dosage rings are provided and these can be used to set the prescribed dosing times. The pill dispenser can be locked with an easy to use locking system. This ensures that the medications stay safely inside the box and cannot be tampered with. The lock cannot be opened without the key and this prevents extra medications from being dispensed from the next compartment. The dispenser is portable and so people can carry it with them even when they will not be home all day and will not have to worry about remembering dosing times. The portability also means that they will not have to carry many bottles of medicines with them at all times. The dispenser runs on 4 AA batteries and so it is important to remember to carry extra batteries just in case. The alarms that can be set to ring 6 times a day are loud and attract attention. They continue to ring until the pills are dispensed up to a maximum time of 30 minutes. Generally, this is long enough to remind one to take their dose. This pill dispenser also has a clear lid that allows you to see inside. This helps people to easily tell if the pill dispenser needs to be refilled and prevents any missed doses.


  • Has 28 large compartments
  • Each compartment can store 18 aspirin sized tablets
  • The alarm rings 6 times a day
  • Dose times can easily be set using the provided rings
  • Transparent lid gives an easy look at the medicines inside
  • Portable


  • An alert is not sent if the pills are not removed
  • checkthe alarm stops ringing after 30 minutes which may be too short a duration and lead to missed doses.
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3. e-pill MD2 PLUS MedSmart

e-pill MD2 PLUS MedSmartCheck Latest Price on Amazon A monitoredautomatic pill dispenser, this has 29 compartments for medicines. The main feature of this pill dispenser is sending notifications to caregivers if the dose is missed. The device works in such a way that at the time of dosage, the pills are dispensed and the alarm rings. The alarm stops ringing once the device is turned upside down and the pills are removed from the dispenser. After an hour of ringing, a notification is sent to the caregiver. This ensures that the medications are taken within the prescribed time frame, and others know to check up on the patient if they don’t take the medicines. The dispenser works connected to power and on battery. The battery life is long and the alarm rings for 1.5 hours when running on battery. A large number of compartments means that the dispenser will have to be refilled every four days at most. The dispenser can be locked, with two keys provided, and cannot be tampered with, ensuring that no overdosing or removal of pills occurs. The alarm itself is long and there is also a blinking light. Keeping in mind that patients may have trouble gripping the plastic dispenser, there are rubber grips on the side. This prevents the dispenser from slipping and helps people grip the dispenser properly to turn it around. Overall, this dispenser addresses all the needs of dispensing medication correctly and is one of the best automatic pill dispensers on this list.


  • The alarm can be set to ring up to 6 times a day
  • Has 29 compartments large enough to fit 20 aspiring sized tablets
  • Sends notification to caregivers if pills are not removed
  • The alarm rings non-stop when connected to power, acting as a constant reminder
  • Has good battery life, making it portable
  • Locking mechanism ensures no tampering or overdosing occurs
  • The alarm is loud and long, with a blinking 1


  • Setting up the dispenser may be difficult
  • The notification feature only works in USA and Canada
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4. e-pill Medication Reminders Vitamin Pillbox Dispenser

e-pill Medication Reminders Vitamin Pillbox DispenserCheck Latest Price on Amazon This pill dispenser makes storing and keeping track of daily medications easier. The top of the dispenser labels pill compartments with the days of the week and times of the day. This allows people to take all the medicines prescribed at a certain time easily and solves the hassle of having several medicine bottles. Each of the 21 compartmentscan store 25 aspirin sized tablets. The dispenser only needs to be refilled weekly. Dispensing the pills is made very easy with a lever at the front. The time the last dose was taken is also displayed, which allows people to keep track of when they last took the medication. This prevents any accidental dosages. However, this dispenser does not come with an alarm or monitor and so it is recommended that an accompanying alarm is used.


  • Easy to use
  • Holds a week’s worth of medicines
  • Displays the last time a dose was taken
  • The compartments are large and hold up to 25 aspirin sized pills


  • Does not have an alarm so does not actively remind people of dosage times
  • Cannot be locked, so not very secure
  • Only 3 doses a day can be placed in the dispenser. Some people may have routines that require them to take medication more than thrice a day
  • Does not send an alert to caregivers if a dose is missed
  • Does not have a system to prevent overdosing
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5. LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

LiveFine Automatic Pill DispenserCheck Latest Price on Amazon This battery activated automatic pill dispenser ensures that patients get the correct medication dosage at the correct time. The lights and audible alarm notifies people of the time to take the medicine. The time for the dosage can be pre-set and set up to 6 dosage times per day. This makes it appropriate for use by a large number of people and allows them to live independently without needing a caregiver to remember and administer medications. The 28 compartments can store up to 18 aspirin sized pills. These compartments rotate allowing the particular dose for the time to be dispensed. The alarm on this pill dispenser can be readily customized. While the bulb always lights, one can choose between a loud vibration setting, 4 different tones, or no sound at all, as desired. The alarm rings for 30 minutes maximum, giving ample time for people to hear and take the medications. The pill dispenser can be locked, and the latch ensures that the medications cannot be easily reached without the key ahead of dosing times. The cover on the dispenser can be chosen based on needs. An opaque cover hides the medications inside from being seen, while the transparent cover allows them to be easily seen. They can also be interchangedinterchanged based on needs at a particular time. The top of the dispenser has an interactive interface. This can be used to easily set dosage times and adjust a variety of dispenser settings, such as the volume of the alarm. With this highly customizable pill dispenser, we recommend you always have batteries on hand.


  • It has 28 compartments, which are large enough to hold 18 aspirin sized pills
  • Keep record even when battery fails
  • Alarm sound and tone can be adjusted
  • Can change between opaque and transparent covers
  • Has a locking mechanism
  • An interactive interface on top makes adjusting setting easy


  • Lid not completely secure and can be pried off with some effort, which means pills could be tampered with
  • checkneeds batteries to work
  • checkdoes not send a notification to caregivers if pills are not removed
  • checkalarm stops ringing after only 30 minutes
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6. Active Forever MedELert Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser

Active Forever ​​MedELert Locking Automatic Pill DispenserCheck Latest Price on Amazon If you are looking for a secure automatic pill dispenser, we recommend this. The interchangeable lids allow you to choose a white, opaque lid for added privacy, ensuring that no one can see what pills are kept inside. The dispenser locks very securely, preventing any form of overdosing or early removal of medicines. The dispenser holds several days’ worth of doses, with 28 separate compartments and 6 dosage time. The large compartment makes it easy to organize medications, even for people with complicated medication schedules. The dispensing system ensures that medications are removed, with an alarm that rings until the medicines are removed from the dispenser. To do this, the dispenser must be tilted to the side. The alarm itself is loud and is accompanied by a blinking light. You can choose between 3 alert tones. The light and sound alert ensures that everyone will be able to tell when it is time for dosage. Setting up the dosage times is easy to do in this automatic pill dispenser. The three buttons on the device are easy to use and uncomplicated, and the provided dosage rings can be used to set up the dosage time for each day. The display on top shows the time and also alerts when the device’s battery is running low. This allows caregivers to replace the batteries and prevents any accidentally missed doses.


  • The dispenser has 28 medicine compartments, each holding 18 aspirin sized pills
  • Has 3 loud alarm tones
  • The alarm also includes a blinking red LED light
  • Low battery alert
  • Interchangeable clear and opaque lids
  • The secure locking mechanism that cannot be tampered with
  • 6 dosage times can be set for each day


  • Does not notify caregivers if pills are not removed
  • alarm stops after only 30 minutes of ringing
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7. MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser

MedReady 1700 Medication DispenserCheck Latest Price on Amazon This automatic pill dispenser has 28 compartments to store medication in. Each of these compartments holds up to 9 pills each. The dispenser can be both plugged into a power outlet and used with batteries, making it optimal for both home use and for carrying along. The alarm on this dispenser is loud so that it can be easily heard, and the light ensures that the alert can also be seen. The glowing LED display is large and also displays the time. This makes sure that a dose is not accidentally missed. The rotating tray also prevents any missed or future doses from being accessed. The dispenser lid can be locked to keep the medicines secure inside and prevent them from being tampered with. This dispenser dispenses up to 4 doses a day, and the alarm can be set as per prescribed. The alarm only stops once the lid is opened, making sure that the medications are taken on time. The duration the alarm rings for can be set to a maximum of over 4 hours, which is ample time. The loudness of the alarm can also be chosen from 3 pre-set volumes.


  • Has 28 compartments to store and organize medicines in
  • The volume and type of alarm (sound, light, or both) can be customized
  • Locking mechanism prevents tampering with pills
  • The alarm rings for a long time until the lid is opened


  • This pill dispenser does not have a system of sending notifications to caregivers if a dose is not taken
  • the compartments are relatively smaller and may not fit all medications.
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Things to keep in mind

When buying an automatic pill dispenser, you should search for ones that have certain features, and then choose the best automatic pill dispenser for your needs. The features you should look for are: The Alarm: The alarm of the dispenser is what will notify the caregiver or the person taking the medicine that it is time for a dose. The dispensers on our list have alarms that can be set 6 times a day. You should ensure that the dispenser's alarm can be set to the dose prescribed by the physician. The alarm should be loud so that it can be heard no matter where in the house it is placed. An alarm with several tones is preferable so that it can be customized to not clash with any other sounds at home. It is also important that there be a light that blinks with the alarm. The duration of the alarm should be long and it should not stop ringing if the pills are not removed. Locking Mechanism: The pill dispenser you buy should have a secure latch and a lock. This prevents any medicine from being tampered with, or extra doses being taken. The consequences of incorrect dosing may be severe and it is important to ensure that people are not overdosing. Size of the compartment: The size of each compartment determines how many pills can be dispensed at each dosage time. For people with a large number of medications and complicated medication routines, it is recommended that the dispenser have large compartment sizes. This will allow all the medicines to fit. Notification system: Many automatic pill dispensers have the ability to send an alert to a pre-set caregiver if the pills are not removed from the dispenser. This allows the caregiver to manually administer the medication, preventing any missed doses, and thus, prevents any adverse effects of missing the dose. Ease of use: The design of the dispenser should be appropriate for use by everyone. This involves an easy system of dispensing the pills, a way to grip the dispenser easily and method of setting up dosage times and alert settings. A complicated dispenser may end up being too difficult to set up or get pills out of.

Final Verdict

An automatic pill dispenser makes medication routines easier for caregivers and patients and makes it easier to live independently. With its ability to remind one to take medication, vitamins and/or supplements, an automatic pill dispenser might be invaluable to the lives of many. We hope this list and guide will help you in choosing the best automatic pill dispenser.