The 8 Best Driveway Alarms Providing Extra Security

All of us want to stay safe and secure and for that, we might take a self-defense course or hire body-guards. But what about your home, or office where you want to maintain a level of security so that you and your family or your employees can to feel safe and secure and be notified every time an unexpected visitor or an intruder enters through your driveway. Driveway alarms are one of the easiest to install and most reliable devices that can do that job and act as an essential component of a home security system, with which you can sleep peacefully at night or leave your family at home knowing that your house is well guarded against unwanted trespassing or invasion. Today on the market, there are many types of driveway alarms and each of them has special features and functions which might put you in confusion regarding which one will be the best for you. That is why we have compiled the best driveway alarms, comparing their features and functions, and also stated what we love about them and what we don't. ​When it comes to driveway alarms, there are two key components, a sensor, and a receiver, and they can be connected through cables or by wireless transmission. In this article, we have focused primarily on the wireless kind because they are more efficient and convenient to use and to install.

​ Best Pick

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm ​This alarm has made it to our best pick position due to its reliability, durability and its ability to be expanded using multiple receivers or sensors. This product has also undergone multiple quality testing to prove its efficiency, in different conditions.

​Budget Pick

Chamberlain CWA2000 Weatherproof Outdoor/Driveway Wireless Motion Alarm and Alert System ​If you are looking for an affordable driveway alarm system that will keep your property safe from unexpected intrusion, while being within your budget, then this is the best product that you can find on the market.

Quick Comparison Between The Best ​Driveway Alarms

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1. ​Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm This driveway alarm’s highlight is its reliability. The manufacturers have tested it through different weather conditions such as wind, storm, and objects between the sensor and the receiver such as trees to make sure that the security around your property is foolproof. The long wireless range between the sensor and the receiver which is 500 feet, and you can add up to 16 sensors and an unlimited number of receivers to expand the security system if you wish to. If you are worried about false alarms, you can control the width of the sensor’s detection range and also adjust the detection angle to minimize false alarms. Since the sensor component of the alarm is usually installed outdoors, it has to be durable and be able to withstand even harsh weather conditions. Keeping that in mind, the external surface of the sensor has been made of industry level plastic, with rubberized sealing that gives it protection against weather and shading against strong sun rays. These durable sensors with a built-in battery power indicator can run on 4 AA batteries for up to a year! ​Apart from the sensor, this alarm's receiver component has impressive features of its own. First of all, the receiver has a stylish and a compact design that you can either place anywhere inside your home or simply carry around in your pocket while you are at home. The receiver has more than 30 ringtones that you can choose from, to ring as the alarm and adjustable volume controls which allows you to choose how loud you want the alarm to be.


  • ​The sensor is durable and tested to be efficient even in bad weather conditions
  • ​The system is expandable using up to 16 sensors and an unlimited number of receivers
  • ​Mechanisms to avoid false alarm has been built into the sensor
  • ​The wireless reception range between the receiver and the sensor is 500 feet long
  • The receiver has a stylish and a compact design
  • The receiver offers more than 30 ringtones to be set for the alarm and its loudness can also be controlled
  • The sensor can be run on 4 AA batteries up to a year and has built-in battery power indicator for your convenience


  • ​Hills, metal constructions and thick walls might diminish the reception between the sensor and the receiver

2. ChamberlainCWA2000 Weatherproof Outdoor/Driveway Wireless Motion Alarm and Alert System

Chamberlain CWA2000 Weatherproof Outdoor/Driveway Wireless Motion Alarm and Alert System If you are looking for a driveway alarm for a security system that would effectively function even for a large property with a long distance between the sensor and the receiver then this would be an ideal alarm for you since this alarm has an impressive sensor-receiver range of ½ miles under optimum conditions. Not only that, the sensor of this alarm is also powerful in detecting motion around it with its PIR sensor that equips it with the ability to detect movement within 30 feet and 120-degree angles. If you want to lower the sensitivity or lower the detection angle range, you can do so easily by adjusting the controls, so that small animal can pass through without causing a false alarm. These sensors are not only powerful in detection but durable due to its weatherproof construction and will last as long as two years on 4 AA batteries. You can expand the system by adding up to three more sensors if you want a wider coverage for your home or worksite. ​The receiver of this alarm also works efficiently by pairing up light and sound indicators which will alert you of motion detected by the sensors. If you are using multiple sensors that you can set different sound and light patterns to indicate which sensors have been activated, which allows you to make a security system that gives full coverage of your property. You can easily control the volume of the alarm by using the quickly accessible switches on the receiver.


  • ​The wireless range between the receiver and the sensor is ½ mile which is impressively long
  • ​Compact and smart design of both the sensor and the receiver
  • ​Durable, weatherproof sensor with adjustable sensitivity and detection ranges to avoid false alarms
  • ​The volume can be controlled on the receiver
  • ​The receiver alerts you with both light and sound
  • Can be expanded up to four sensors for one receiver


  • ​You can only expand up to four sensors

3. ​Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Break Beam Alert Kit

Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Break Beam Alert Kit When it comes to security systems, we all want to use a product that is reliable and will work without failures and hence we are introducing this product from Dakota Alert, a company that has been making dependable security products for 25 years. This driveway alarm is unique in the sense that the sensors used in this alarm are long, bar-shaped sensors, instead of box-shaped ones, giving you a wider field of detection. Also, instead of a single sensor, this system uses double sensors, and every time the beam between them is broken by an object, for example, a human or a car driving through, then a signal is sent to the receiver which alerts you through a sound. Another unique feature of these weatherproof sensors is that they run on rechargeable lithium batteries that can recharge itself through the built-in solar panels on the sensors, which eliminates the need for replacing the batteries from time to time. The two bar sensors can be placed up to 300 feet apart which is enough for covering any width of a driveway or an entrance gate. The receiver allows you to choose from four different alarm tones to have versatility in its use and also allows you to control the volume of the alarm sound.


  • ​Reliable beam sensors that can work within a wireless sensor-receiver distance of ½ miles.
  • ​The sensors are self-powered with rechargeable lithium batteries and built-in solar panels on the sensor
  • ​Four different alarm tones to choose from and the volume can be controlled
  • ​The sensors are weatherproof and durable


  • ​Since the sensors are long, a strong post is required to mount the sensors
  • Two sensors are required for the beam system so if one is damaged, the system will not work

4. ​1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm

1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm Are you tired of the times when your alarm chime interrupted your baby’s sleep? Or do you have elderlies with poor listening abilities who rely more on visual signals when it comes to alerts? If you are having above-mentioned alarm issues or are simply looking for a reliable driveway alarm that gives you superb flexibility on how you want to be notified of any unexpected intrusion into your property, then this is a great alarm that you can take a look into. ​This driveway alarm consists of a powerful detector geared with PIR sensor that will detect any heat from a moving object within a 16-26 feet range and transmits a signal to the receiver. The easily mountable sensor has a weather resistance of IP44 which means it is splash proof and will be able to withstand rain or other weather conditions. The system can be easily expanded by connecting up to five sensors to one receiver and one receiver can be paired with multiple receivers which allows you to cover a wider range of areas within your property. ​What we especially love about this driveway alarm is its user-friendly receiver component. You can choose from three different settings, one which uses only sound to alert you, a second mode which allows you to choose only blue LED flashes to alert you and the third one which allows you to combine both sound and visual alarms to notify you of any motion detected by the sensor. The receiver, which is designed like a doorbell can be powered by an AC supply and can be mounted near your door and it offers you more than 36 unique ringtones to be set as the alarm and three different alarm volume settings: high, low and medium.


  • ​Three alert modes that you can choose from including only LED flashes, only sound or both, which makes it a highly user-friendly device.
  • ​36 different sounds to be set for the alarm and three different volume levels
  • ​The receiver can be paired with up to 5 sensors and one sensor can be paired with multiple receivers to expand the alarm system
  • ​The sensor has a weather resistance grade of IP44 which means it is splash and dust proof


  • ​Prone to give false alarms if certain mounting measures are not taken
  • The receiver is doorbell design so it might not be suitable if you want a smaller more portable receiver
  • The wireless range between receiver and sensor is 328 ft which is lower compared to many counterparts

5. ​Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm (FM231)

Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm (FM231) This driveway alarm takes the security system one step further by using a technology that is highly sophisticated compared to more robust counterparts that are based on infrared detection technology. Although infrared based technologies can efficiently detect body heat and other heat-emitting objects, they can result in false alarms frequently due to detecting movements of small children or animals and triggering an alarm. If you do not want these kinds of unnecessary disturbances, you can go for this alarm that uses a technology that is based on detecting heavy metallic bodiessuch as a vehicle entering within the range of detection of the alarm. This system involves a sensor that comes in the shape of a wand that is buried underground and when this wand senses any vehicle, it sends off a signal to a transmitter which is placed close to the wand, which in turn sends a signal to the receiver which you can place indoors so that it can ring an alarm and notify you of the intrusion. Both the transmitter and the receiver has an indicator which will tell you if the battery is running low and they have a wireless transmission range of up to 400 feet. If you live in a neighborhood that involves a frequent movement of vehicles near your driveway, you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor wand and lower it so that it will further eliminate the chances of a false alarm. ​The receiver can be mounted on a wallor on a table and both the receiver and the visible transmitter have a sleek modern design to suit the aesthetics of your home and your driveway.


  • ​Avoids false alarms due to wind, animals or children and detects only moving vehicles within 12 feet radius of the sensor
  • ​Multiple receivers can be used with one sensor
  • ​The receiver and the transmitter has a wireless transmission range of up to 400 feet
  • ​The receiver can be mounted on a table or a wall
  • ​Based on a sophisticated electromagnetic sensor instead of an infrared sensor


  • ​It cannot detect motion due to a human intrusion
  • The overall installation might seem more cumbersome since the sensor has to be buried underground and an outdoor transmitter also has to be installed

6. Skylink HA-434RTL Home Garage Driveway Business Office Motion Alert and Alarm

HA-434RTL Home Garage Driveway Business Office Motion Alert and Alarm ​A unique feature of this driveway alarm that we especially love is its ability to ring 95 decibels loud siren that will ward off any intruders that are detected by the sensor. The system is not only limited to the siren system but also offers you two other systems, one in which a beeping alarm is given off by the receiver when the sensor detects a motion and another one in which there will be no auditory signals but you will be notified by visual LED lights on the receiver. These three different modes that you can choose from, allow you high flexibility in using the alarm as a part of your home security systems. ​The sensor will also notify you when the power of your battery goes low ensuring a high security at all times. The wireless reception range between the receiver and the sensors is 800 feet, and the system can be expanded up to 16 sensors to cover a large area. Another great advantage of this product is that the receiver can be paired with three other distinct sensors, so if you are planning to construct a well-rounded home alert system with different sensors from this manufacturer, then this is a great alarm to invest in since you do not need extra receivers.


  • ​This alarm can operate at three different modes, one of which can ring a 95 decibels loud alarm to scare away any intruders
  • ​Low battery power indicator
  • ​The receiver is compatible with other sensors made by the same manufacturer
  • ​Wireless reception range is 800 feet
  • ​Can be expanded up to 16 sensors


  • ​Since it is a motion sensor, it might give false alarm due to small animals or children

7. 4VWINWireless Home Security Driveway Alarm

4VWIN Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm This is another durable and efficient driveway alarm with different alert settings to suit your particular situations. If you have guests coming over but want to be privately be notified about the arrival of your guests, you can do so by setting the alarm so that it will notify you through only LED lights without any sound. But if you are worried about unexpected guest entering your property, you can set the alarm so that it will make a loud or low alarm sound when the sensor detects any motion through its PIR technology. ​The outdoor sensor of this alarm is made to be durable and also weather resistant so that it will last through a rainy and the sunny days and provide you security services regardless of the season.


  • ​The outdoor sensor is durable and weatherproof
  • ​The sensor uses PIR technology and can detect any motion with its 25 feet radius


  • ​The wireless reception range is only 350 feet

8. ​WJLING Motion Sensor Alarm, Wireless Driveway Alert

WJLING Motion Sensor Alarm, Wireless Driveway Alert ​This is a simple yet efficient driveway alarm with different options on the receiver, that you can consider buying if you are looking for a simple alarm. We especially love the attractive design of the LED light on the receiver that can light up to notify you when the sensor detects any motion near it. The receiver also offers you 38 alarm sounds that you can choose from, according to your preferences and it can be easily mounted on the wall.


  • ​Simple yet effective and is easy to install
  • ​The receiver offers 38 different ringtones and volume controls
  • ​The receiver has blue LED light rims that will light up when the alarm rings to give you a visual notification of an intrusion


  • ​The alarm is not waterproof so it cannot be installed outdoors or has to be protected from rain or splashes if it is installed outdoors
Now that you are familiar with the top driveway alarms that are available on the market today, you might found one or more products that caught your eyes. But before you make your final decision, there are a few factors that are essential to know in order to assess which alarm will be the one that is most suited to your needs when it comes to security around your property, which we will discuss in the next section.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Driveway Alarm

Detection technology

Every driveway alarm has a sensor component which detects the entry of a car, animal or human within its detection range. The sensor is able to detect it because of an inbuilt mechanism that helps it to detect the intrusion. Most driveway alarms use PIR (Passive Infrared) technology, which senses any kind of heat around it and hence is able to detect motion and are called motion sensors. They are great if you want to be notified about unexpected human intrusion but they can also give out false alarms as they can detect small animals, children or even movement of shade and direct sunlight. If you want to avoid these and be alerted only when a heavy metal object such as a vehicle enters through your driveway you can opt for driveway alarms based on an electromagnetic detection. Although they will not be able to detect human motion, they will cut down greatly on the chances of false alarms.


Although the receiver component will most likely stay indoors within your property, the sensor component of your driveway alarm will have to stay outdoors so it has to be durable and weatherproof so that it can withstand rain and dust damage.

Alarm functions

The receiver component of the alarm serves the purpose of notifying you when the sensor detects the motion or a car around your property and you might prefer to be alerted by a buzzer, your favorite chime or solely by visual signals. Hence, many driveway alarms offer you the choice to select from different ringtones, LED light or combination of sound and visual notification, while few may also have a function where they can ring a sound loud enough to scare away the intruder.

Expandable or not

Driveway alarms mostly come with one sensor and one receiver but many of them allow you the option to buy additional sensors and receivers and expand your security system if you have a large area that you want to secure using these alarms.

Reception range and detection range

Depending on how big your property is or how long your driveway is, you have to carefully choose the reception range of your alarm. This is the range within which the sensor can wirelessly transmit the signals to the receiver. There is another factor, which is the detection range of the sensor that you have to keep in mind since it will only detect motion within this radius.  


Now that you have an in-depth idea of how to choose the best driveway alarm and also have a detailed picture of eight great alarms on the market, you are all set to put a firm security around your property and keep yourself and your family well alerted against any kind of unexpected intrusion.