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6 Best Fan Controllers You Should Buy in 2019

If your fan breaks or has faults, the CPU temperatures will rise. When these temperatures are too high, the computer may slow down the CPU or even shut down to prevent any damage. If your computer safeguard does not offset fast enough, the temperatures inside the CPU can go to extreme causing your CPU to blow out.

As a result, the CPU may ignite, damaging it beyond repair. When your exhausted CPU goes, it can put down the motherboard and other connected components. We understand well how a faulty fan can impact your computer. We have done this review to help you choose the best fan controller for your computer.

NZXT Sentry 3 5.4-Inch Touch Screen Fan Controller Cooling (AC-SEN-3-B1)

Our Overall Best Pick ended up being the NZXT Sentry 3 5.4-Inch Touch Screen Fan Controller Cooling (AC-SEN-3-B1). This powerful, sleek NZXT sentry 3 fans controller is integrated with short protection, undervolt, and overvolt features making it our best pick.

Kingwin Four Channel Turn Knob Multi-Fan Cooling Controller

Our Budget Pick would have to be the Kingwin Four Channel Turn Knob Multi-Fan Cooling Controller FPX-001. Kingwin multi-fan controller is affordable and allows you to easily control your fan speed and temperatures making it our best budget pick.

1. NZXT Sentry 3 5.4-Inch Touch Screen Fan Controller Cooling (AC-SEN-3-B1)

Sentry 3 gives users complete control over the rigs cooling by blending 15 watts power for each channel with an extraordinary non-rational UI. The channel linking allows users to connect to any of the 5 channels while controlling the link group at the same time.

To keep you and your PC safe Sentry 3 is integrated with short protection, undervolt, and overvolt features.

Through the newly acquainted PowerSlide bar, you can get ultimate control over your fan channels by adjusting the speed on the fly.

This sleek, powerful Sentry 3 allows you to connect and control any 4PWM or 3 pins fan in the market. With a 5.4-inch color touchscreen, the device is known to give users voltage control keeping you and your computer safe. The size, performance, and design of the device make it stand out from other controllers in the market today.


  • Integrates overvolt, short protection and undervolt keeping you and your PC safe
  • PowerSlide bar for easy speed adjustments
  • Compatible with three pin and 4PWM fans in the market
  • Designed to withstand the test of time


  • Temperature sensor designed for external use

2. Kingwin Four Channel Turn Knob Multi-Fan Cooling Controller FPX-001

Are you looking for a budget fan controller that effectively controls your fan speed and noise?

Then this Kingwin fan can be a good choice for you. The device allows you to control up to 4 fans with utmost speed adjustments.

With the LED indicator, you can easily know when your fan is on or off.

 This Kingwin fan is easy to install and fits well into one 3.5” standard PC case front bay slot making it stand out from other fan controllers.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Gives users control of up to 4 fans
  • Fits easily in the standard 3.5" PC front bay casing slot making it portable
  • Controls fan speed and noise effectively


  • Only allows for three pin fan connections

3. Corsair Fan Controller Commander Pro (CL-9011110-WW)

The Corsair commander pro is an all in one device which through the CORSAIR LINK software allows you to control and manage all your connected devices.

The controller is fully compatible with CORSAIR LINK devices.

That’s not all; the device can support up to six fan connectors, 2 RGB channels, multiple USB devices via two internal 2.0 USB headers, and four temperature inputs granting you accurate and superior hardware control.

With four thermistor inputs, you can easily monitor your device temperatures at different locations throughout the system. Through your CORSAIR LINK software, you can accurately keep track of how your system reacts when you push it to limits without pressing any switch or knob.

The slim form factor allows you to do your installations nearly anywhere your case with ease.  From a complete stop to maximum speed, you can easily control 3 and four fan pins. This fan controller is compatible with windows 7; windows 8 and windows 10 operating systems giving you the freedom control all the connected devices with ease.

When you purchase the device you will get your Corsair commander pro fan controller, x4 thermal sensors, x2 mounting tape, x2 LED RGB hub cables, x4 extension fan cables, and one installation guide.

 You will be required to have a CORSAIR LINK software version 4.7 and above and a motherboard with internal USB header of 2.0 to effectively monitor your temperature levels.


  • Four thermistor inputs for effective monitoring of temperatures in different locations throughout the system
  • Accurate and superior hardware control
  • Connects with CORSAIR LINK devices with only one 2.0 USB headers on your motherboard
  • Runs smoothly with Windows 7,8 and 10 OS
  • Controls three and four pin fans from a complete stop to maximum speed
  • Slim form factor allowing you to do installations anywhere in your case


  • RGB LED strips sold separately

4. NZXT SENTRY LX Aluminum Dual Bay Fan Controller

Are you a gamer or a computer enthusiast looking for a reliable fan controller that allows you to control and manage temperatures throughout your computer? Then Sentry LX controller can be a perfect choice for you.

With auto or manual modes you can easily customize your fan speed to suit your preferences. Its ergonomic interface allows users to easily, customize the airflow via the fly.

What makes the device to stand out from other fan controllers is the temperature alarm that notifies you when temperatures go to extreme levels.

The device slides perfectly well on any dual 5.25" driveway granting you an easy installation. NZXT controller saves you time by storing all your fan and calendar settings even when the system is off. With NZXT, you can support 4 watts per channel giving you the freedom of managing and controlling temperatures throughout your PC.


  • Temperature alarm which notifies you instantly when temperatures rise beyond the designated levels
  • Easy to install and manipulate
  • Auto/manual modes for easy customization of your fan speed
  • Able to store all your fan and calendar settings even when the system is off
  • Easy to read and understand NZXT designed interface


  • Works with only three pin connectors

Being one of the Thermaltake first ever touch screen fan controller, this device grants users easy temperature control. 

With its expansive 5.5" touchscreen, interactions through the manual, auto, and silent operating modes are easy giving you comprehensively control of fan cooling performance. This makes the device to stand out from other fan controllers.

Thermaltake commander works well with both three and four pin connectors. 

For best performance, the device can connect up to 5 channels with 10 watts per channel. For easy connection, the fan comes with all necessary cables giving you the freedom to connect up to 5 fans.

If you are looking forward to gaining control over your system cooling demands and giving your chassis that professional look, then Commander FT from Thermaltake can be a better choice for you.


  • expansive 5.5" touchscreen for easy interaction on either auto, manual and silent modes
  • monitors fan speeds and temperatures of up to 5 individual three or four pin fans at the same time
  • silent modes and performance for best cooling operation


  • Does not connect with PWM

6. NZXT GRID+ V2 Digital Fan Controller

This NZXT fan controller allows users to control fans speed and temperatures easily. The device has two splitters that enable you to control up to eight fans by use of a single GRID+.

What makes this device stand out from other fan controllers is its custom fan naming feature which allows you to take control of individual fans with the help of CAM software effortlessly. For easy control, the device comes with preset fan profiles.

With NZT custom profiles, you can easily produce your fan curve and get GRID+V2 lower/raise fan speeds depending on temperatures.

For simple, uninstructive digital fan control, the device combines both non-rational and varying installation options giving users full control of the system.


  • custom fan naming for easy control of individual fan via a cam software
  • two splitters which allow users to control up to eight fans with the help of a single grid+
  • preset fan profiles for easy control
  • combines both non-rational and variable installation options for a simple, un-instructive fan control
  • supports both three and four pin fans


  • You will be required to invest in CAM software

Benefits of using fan controllers

  • Improve your system performance
  • Easy thermal monitoring of your PC components
  • Controlling fan speeds and temperatures generated by the CPU
  • Keeping your computer safe from any thermal impact
  • Increasing your PC efficiency and speed

Why and when you may need a fan controller

A faulty or a noisy fan is a good indicator of a problem. Do not wait till your system starts overheating or underperforming for you to fix the problem.  A noisy fan may be as a result of excessive accumulation of dust. Try and get your fans cleaned and if the problem persists, get a fan controller.

Fans’ running at high speeds is another good indicator of a problem within your cooling system. The faster the fans speed, the higher the rate of wear and tear. Investing on a modern fan controller is the only solution to keep your fan speeds and temps well regulated.

 Overheating is another indicator of a faulty cooling fan. While fans help cool our PCs temperatures, with time they may not efficiently deliver to our expectations. Extreme temperatures can reduce your system performance or even destroy the CPU beyond repair. A modern fan controller can help improve your system performance and regulate these temps.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Fan Controllers

Speed control options

The speed at which your cooling fan operates dictates your PC lifespan. The higher the speed, the higher the wear and tear levels. Always invest on cooling fans which gives you full control of your fan speeds.


A suitable fan controller should work smoothly with different operating systems and allow for multiple pin fans in the market today. Always check out this critical feature before investing on your device.


Different fan controllers can perform well with accuracy. While a fan controller is designated to help keep your PC temperatures favorable, investing on a fan which is noisy can cause un-conducive working environment.

Operation mode

Most fan controllers in the market have the automatic or manual modes. While these features give you control over your system by customizing your fan speeds and temperatures, auto mode fans tend to save you lots of stress and hassles of having to operate your device using switches or knobs.


While fan controllers are tailored to help the user control high CPU temperature, not all of them will support your PC. This is why some devices will restrict you from using specific fan pins. Consider investing in a device that allows for several pin connections.

Temperature analysis

Invest on devices that have the capability of analyzing your temperatures. A good fan controller should automatically alert you when the temperatures go to extreme levels.

User interface

Your device UI should be friendly to allow you to take full control of the system.

What Makes A Good Fan Controller

  • ​Efficient speed and temperature control
  • Ability to work smoothly keeping the system temps at optimal through thermal sensors
  • Great display and ergonomic user interface
  • Easy to use and install
  • Easy to customize
  • Compatibility with other fans and operating systems

Final Verdict

Investing on fan controllers is the best way to keep your PC temperatures favorable. An excellent fan controller should not limit you but rather give you the freedom to maintain your fan speeds and temps at optimal levels.

A great fan controller is a perfect way to increase your productivity levels. Do not let your CPU extreme temperatures affect your PC performance. Improve your experience by choosing the best fan controller that meets your needs. 

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