The 10 Best High Velocity Fans For Cooling Off Quickly

It’s a hot summer day and you are working in your garage, and you feel like it is more about being able to breathe some fresh air than being able to focus on your work. You are sweaty, grimy, and your hands are so slippery that you cannot even hold any tool properly. Or imagine you are a floor manager of an office and all the staffs are complaining that the air conditioning is not strong enough to keep the temperatures down and even the people in the meeting room are complaining that it’s too hot to talk about important issues with a cool head. But you know that the electricity bills are high and you would not be able to lower the temperature setting on the air conditioner any higher. Another example could be that it's the humid, moldy, monsoon season, and it has been raining for several days. As your children are young, they have so many clothing changes that need to be dried, and even their uniform for tomorrow's class has not even dried. There is no way that so many clothing items will be dried if you hang them up inside the house. All these situations and many other issues related to cooling and drying can be easily taken care of by using a high-velocity fan. As you can guess from the name, high-velocity fans are fans that have a powerful motor and large blades that will move air at a faster speed compared to the other small general-purpose fans. They usually have a tougher construction so they can be used in places like the workshop, job sites, etc. where there might be chips and debris flying around in the air. Not only are they used for cooling and drying, but they can also be used for keeping your rooms well-aerated. Internal air circulation is very important to keep microbes, dust, allergens, and mold away from your home or work environment. Another less obvious use of high-velocity fans is providing white noise. As the fans have large blades and a strong motor, they will not operate quietly and give out some level of noise. But this noise can be an advantage in many situations. For example, in places like a café or a restaurant where many people are chatting at the same time, you would want a buffer noise that would make the individual talking less audible. Another example can be in your bedroom where you have a large clock that makes an unsettling ticking sounds, which can be taken care of by the sound of a high-velocity fan. With so many versatile uses, a high-velocity fan is an essential part of maintaining a comfortable and healthy home or work environment. If you go out to the market to look for a high-velocity fan, your head can be spinning at a high velocity with confusion as there are so many different types of fans to choose from. To make things simple for you, we have selected the best high-velocity fans from the market and this article will give you a thorough look at their different features in a way that is easy to understand for anyone who is planning to buy a high-velocity fan.

​Best Pick

Patton PUF1810C-BM 18-Inch High-Velocity Fan This powerfully built high-velocity fan from Patton maximizes the efficiency by combining large blades with a high rotation speed, which means you can cool down, dry, and circulate the air in your room or your workshop in an energy-efficient manner. Due to its high quality, durable design, and efficiency at cooling the air, this fan has earned the best pick position on our list.

Budget Pick

Holmes Mini High-Velocity Personal Fan For people looking for a compact yet high-velocity fan that would keep their personal space whether in their bedroom or office cubicle cool and well-aerated, a deal better than this fan from Holmes would be hard to find. This budget pick fan on our list is not only energy-efficient but also is highly cost-effective.

Quick Comparison Between The Best High-Velocity Fans

If you have found our best and budget picks to be great high-velocity fans, you might be intrigued to know about the others on our list and that is exactly what the next section of our article is for- it will give you a comprehensive view of the different high-velocity fans that we have hand-picked to be some of the best from the market, their features, what makes them great and what does not. [table id=131 /]

1. ​Patton PUF1810C-BM 18-Inch High-Velocity Fan

Patton PUF1810C-BM 18-Inch High-Velocity Fan If you are looking for a heavy-duty high-velocity fan for your garage, workshop, or construction site, then this powerful fan from Patton can be one of the best options for you. It is made with a sturdy frame to make the fan long-lasting even when it is used in a place where there is a lot of dust, dirt, and debris. The frame is made of metallic grill both at the rear and the front, which has been powder-coated to make it corrosion and abrasion resistant. As the frame has a dark color, the fan will blend in easily with any kind of interior décor and cool your room or workplace in style. On the frame, there is a handle using which you can carry the fan to anywhere you want it to be. The head of the fan can be tilted to different angles to direct the airflow to where you want it to blow. Although it is a floor fan, you can attach it to the upper corners of your room, patio, balcony, etc. and enjoy the flow of cool breeze and fresh air. The fan has been made to be highly efficient by combining a powerful motor and three large 18-inch blades. You can choose your desired force of breeze from three different speed settings, and this allows you to enjoy greater flexibility in controlling the air circulation and cooling effect on your surroundings.


  • It has a sturdy build that makes it suitable for heavy-duty purposes such as being used in a garage, workshop, worksite, etc.
  • It offers three-speed settings to choose from
  • The head can be tilted in different directions to direct the flow of air in any direction you want
  • It provides strong air to for a large area due to its powerful motor and 18-inch blades
  • It comes with a handle for easy portability


  • Since it is quite loud, it might not be suitable for being used in places like the children’s room, quiet personal space, or the TV room

2. ​Holmes Mini High-Velocity Personal Fan

Holmes Mini High-Velocity Personal Fan In places where space is limited, such as in an office cubicle, a small kitchen, or your nightstand, bathroom, etc.,  this compact fan from Holmes will act as a superb personal fan, taking up as less as possible, but keeping you aerated and cooled down efficiently. This high-velocity fan has four 4-inch metal blades that blows air without creating much noise. The blades surrounded by metal grills which keep the fan protected from damage. It is also very easy to use as it has only one speed and a head that can be tilted to direct the airflow. It comes fully assembled and so is ready to be used right out of the box. As it weighs only around 15 ounces, you can easily carry it to anywhere you want and keep your surroundings cool and comfortable.


  • It has a compact size which is perfect for small personal space
  • It is not too loud so it finds its use in places like the nightstand where you would not want too much noise
  • The fan has four blades with a diameter of 4-inches each, and the blades work efficiently to cool down and aerate your surroundings
  • It is lightweight and hence can be easily carried around
  • The metal grills at the front and the rear makes the fan durable 


  • Only one speed is offered
  • It is designed for cooling down small spaces and would not be strong enough to cool down large areas on its own

3. ​Lasko 3300 20″Wind Machine Fan

Lasko 3300 20″Wind Machine Fan This high-velocity fan offer is packed with great features that make it one of the best options for home environments, such as the kitchen, bedroom, home office, etc. When it comes to cooling or drying a home where your family lives, you would be looking for a fan that has a powerful motor and highly efficient blades to deliver a large amount of breeze. The fan from Lasko does so in an energy-efficient manner so your electricity bill would not be soaring high at the end of the month. The fan has five blades, so it can move a large amount of air at a time. To give you flexibility in its use, this fan offers three different operational speeds, 3160 CFM for the low setting, 3320 CFM at medium, and 3460 CFM at high. The fan has a very stable design which prevents it from being toppled by toddlers or pets in your house, and so is a safe choice if you have a family where children and pets are always moving around the house. On top of the housing, there is a carry handle using which you can easily move the fan from one room to the other.  


  • The stable design of the fan prevents it from being toppled by children and pets
  • It has three high-performance speeds to choose from
  • The fan has five blades and a powerful motor which allows the fan to operate in an energy-efficient manner
  • The carry handle at the top of the housing allows you to move the fan using only one hand
  • The head can be pivoted at different angles to direct the airflow to your desired place


  • The housing is not metallic so it might not be the best choice for rugged environments such as a construction site

4. ​B-Air Firtana-20X Multipurpose High-Velocity Fan

​B-Air Firtana-20X Multipurpose High-Velocity Fan If you are looking for a durable and versatile high-velocity fan, this is a fan that you should not miss out on. This B-Air Firtana high-velocity fan can be used as a floor fan, but it can also be used mounted on the wall, which means it has multiple applications in the home or commercial settings. For example, if you want a fan for your kitchen, you would not want it to be occupying space on your kitchen counter where you have to do your meal preparation work. In that case, you can mount it to the wall and enjoy cool breeze without having to sacrifice floor or table space. But if you want a fan for your garage workshop, you might want the fan to be securely sitting on the floor to deliver cool air to you even when you are lying down beneath your car to fix it. This fan has metallic grills at the front and the rear which keeps the blades and the motor well-protected from damage. The powerful motor of this gives this fan a CFM of 4650, and allows you to choose from three different speed settings – high which has an RPM of 1507, a medium mode with RPM of 1360, and low mode with 1253 RPM. The head of the fan can be tilted 360 degrees which means you can direct the flow of air in any direction you want.


  • It can be used as a floor fan as well as a wall-mounted fan
  • The metallic frame keeps the blades and the motor well protected
  • It has three different speed settings so you can use the fan in an energy-efficient manner
  • The head can be tilted 360 degrees


  • It weighs 11 pounds and has a thin carry handle which might make it a little difficult to be carried by one hand

5. ​Vornado 293 Heavy-Duty Shop Air Circulator Fan

Vornado 293 Heavy-Duty Shop Air Circulator Fan Most high velocity will only keep you cool and dry as long as you are near the fan and at the right position where the air is being directed to. However, this type of cooling effect might not be satisfactory when you are working in a large workshop where you have to move around from one corner to the other, or there is a room occupied by people in different positions. If you are looking for a high-velocity fan that will give coverage for the whole room and allow the air to circulate throughout the room then you would not have to look any further since this high-velocity fan from Vornado is here to keep your room dry and cool. Vornado uses a technology called Vortex technology in which the air is forced in the form of a constant vortex that spirals outwards and uses the surfaces such as ceilings and walls to spread throughout the room. This unique action enables the Vornado fan to keep the whole room well-aerated and cool instead of just one spot at a time. This powerful airflow can move air up to 100 feet which means you can feel the breeze even when you are not sitting right in front of the fan. Apart from the unique technology that it uses, we are also in love with the distinctive design of the fan which features grey and yellow accents and a sturdy construction. With one look at the fan, you will know that it is not made of flimsy material and the thick stand of the fan can keep the fan secured onto any surface where you place it. The steel base has multiple rubber grip feet which will further stabilize the fan and allow you to keep the fan on delicate surfaces without scratching it. This rugged construction makes the fan suitable to be used in a rough environment such as in a workshop, garage, construction site, etc. where there are lots of dust, debris, and dust in the air. Not only is the external framing of the fan extremely durable, but so is its internal motor, which has been designed in a dust-resistant style so that it would not require oiling and would keep working smoothly over the years. There is a dial at the back of the fan which allows you to precisely control the airflow and choose from three different speed settings of 950, 1200, and 1550 RPM. To give you versatility in how you want to use the fan, it comes with two built-in wall brackets, using which you can mount the fan to places other than the floor.


  • It has a unique design which makes it perfect for heavy-duty usage in workshops, garages, and job sites
  • It features Vortex technology which makes the air circulate around the whole room which keeps the whole room dry, well-aerated, and cool
  • It has three different speed settings
  • It comes with two wall brackets so you can choose to place it on the ground or mount it on the wall
  • The rugged build of the frame and the stand enables the fan to endure harsh environments
  • The fan has a carry handle at the top which makes it highly portable
  • The motor of the fan is dust-resistant so it can work smoothly without frequent oiling


  • It is designed to be used for a heavy-duty purpose so if you are looking for a fan for small personal space this might not be the best option

6. ​MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS

​MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS This high-velocity fan belongs to a distinct type of fans called the drum fan, which is a design that has been made to perform well in industrial applications. As you can guess, an industrial and commercial environment is not as gentle as home environments and require a durable body with a powerfully built motor. This high-velocity fan has a drum-shaped frame which keeps the motor and the blades well protected from heavy objects, bumps, and debris in the air. The grills of the fan are made with rust-resistant materials and the four blades of the fan are also made with heavy-duty material so the body of the fan is able to stand up to the worksite environments. The motor that has been used in this fan is a thermally protected PSC motor, which means it will not become overheated even after being used for a prolonged period. The stand of the fan has an innovative design with rollers so you can easily roll the fan around to bring it to the place where you want it to be. Although the fan is equipped with rollers, it also has a carry handle on the side so you can choose to carry it by hand instead of using the rollers. These features of the fan make it a highly portable fan that you take with you to anywhere you want. As the fan has four blades, it rotates quietly, minimizing the noise that you will hear when the fan is being used. The fan has a switch instead of a dial which makes it very easy to choose the speed at which you want to turn the fan. The high-speed setting operates at 4000 CFM whereas the low-speed setting operates at 2800 CFM. The power cord of the fan is 8-feet long so you can move the fan at a convenient distance from the power supply. The head of the fan can be tilted 180 degrees to precisely direct the flow of air toward the direction you want to. Powerful, durable, and quiet, this fan is a great choice for being used in places like garages, basement, workshop, etc.


  • The fan has a highly durable construction with a drum frame, rust-resistant grille, and heavy-duty stand which makes it a fan that is suitable for being used in worksite environments
  • The fan uses a thermally protected motor which means it can run for a long time without becoming overheated
  • The fan uses four metallic blades which allows the fan to operate without creating much noise
  • You can choose from two different speed settings easily by using a switch
  • The head can be tilted at 180 degrees to direct the airflow
  • The stand comes with rubber feet which stabilizes the fan to the floor surface
  • There are two rollers which can be snapped onto the stand to make the fan portable


  • It is quite large and might not be the best option for small personal space
  • It has two different settings instead of more

7. ​Deco Breeze High-Velocity Floor Fan

Deco Breeze High-Velocity Floor Fan This high-velocity fan can be used for versatile purposes as this can be used as a floor fan, as well as be mounted on the wall. The fan has a heavy-duty body made with stainless steel blades and a stainless steel frame with a chrome finish. The sturdy body can stand up to the challenges from the harsh environment in places like garages, industrial work sites, and commercial areas. The stand of the fan is made with a tubular steel design which not only stabilizes it in its position but also makes it firm and durable. The stand has rubber pads at the bottom which gives it a good grip on the floor and prevents the steel stand from damaging the surfaced on which the fan is placed. At the back of the frame, there is a built-in carry handle which will allow you to easily move the fan from one place to the other by using only one hand. At the rear side of the frame, there is a simple dial control which allows you to choose from three different speed settings so that you can adjust the speed of the airflow to match your needs. For example, if you need to dry your clothes indoors, then you can set it to maximum speeds, but if you need a more gentle breeze during a cool season, you can turn the dial to the lowest speed setting. To make sure that the fan can be placed at a convenient distance from the power supply, a 6-feet long power cable with durable protective covering has been provided with the fan. At the back of the fan, there is a storage area where you can neatly store the cable so that it is not dangling out when the fan is not in use. To direct the airflow at any angle you want, the head of the fan can be tilted 120 degrees so you can sit at any angle from the fan and enjoy refreshing cool breeze.


  • It can be used at versatile setting as it can be used a floor fan as well as be used mounted on the wall
  • The frame of the fan is made of stainless steel with a chrome finish which makes it look stylish as well as highly durable
  • The blades of the fan are made of stainless steel which resists corrosion from the indoor moisture
  • The fan comes with a 6-foot long power cable so you can move the fan around even when it is connected to the power supply
  • It has three different speed settings
  • There is a cord storage at the back of the frame so you can safely store the power cable when the fan is not being used
  • The steel stand of the fan has rubber pads at the base which keeps the fan stabilized in its position when it is used as a floor fan
  • The head of the fan can be tilted to direct the airflow to different directions
  • It operates with less sound so it can be used indoors where you do not want too much noise


  • It weighs 13.2 pounds and is quite heavy

8. Air King 9314 14-Inch Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi Mount Fan

Air King 9314 14-Inch Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi Mount Fan This high-velocity fan from Air King is compatible with versatile settings and can be mounted on different places such as on beams, the walls, ceilings, etc. This is a great feature to have if you are looking for a fan that can be used in commercial settings such as manufacturing plant, hospital, schools, restaurants, etc. where the floor or table space to keep a fan is not available. To fulfill the demands of commercial and industrial areas, the fan has been designed with a powerful motor and three wide blades that can move a lot of air, efficiently drying or cooling down the surroundings.   You would expect an industrial grade fan to have a highly durable construction so that it can stand up to the ever-present risk of damages in industrial area, and so this fan has been made with powder-coated steel blades and a metallic housing which powerfully resists corrosion and make it a long-lasting fan that will not wear out easily even when it is used in rough environments. Depending on how strong the cooling or drying effect to be, you can set the fan at three different settings, high, low, and medium, which operates at different CFM, to suit your requirements.


  • It can be mounted on different places such as walls, beams, ceilings, etc., making it suitable for places with less or no floor or table space
  • It has a highly durable construction made with metallic housing and steel blades
  • It offers you three CFM settings to choose from so you can control how much air gets moved according to your requirements
  • It has an industrial-grade performance and builds so it can be used at commercial settings


  • It might not be the best option if you are looking for a fan that can sit on your table or on the floor

9. Air King 9219

Air King 9219 Although we have introduced you to several wall-mountable and floor fans, you might be looking for a fan that can provide you with a breeze when you are working in a standing position or when you are sitting at a height. If you are, then you would be excited to know about this high-velocity fan that comes with a stand that is around 4 feet tall. The stand is made of industrial grade powder coated steel and is highly durable. The sturdy stand supports the weight of the fan and keeps it secure without wobbling even when it is being used at a high speed. When you have a fan like this you would want to move it around with you so that you can feel the cool air no matter which corner of your home you are and so the fan’s stand has been equipped with rollers at the base which makes it very easy to move the fan from one place to another. As the head of the fan can be tilted at different angles, you can enjoy the breeze sitting at different angles from the fan. As is expected from a reliable high-velocity fan, this fan is equipped with a motor that is powerful and durable. The motor has a 1/6 horsepower and is able to run the fan at CFM of 3190, 2970 and 2660, at high, medium, and low settings. Not only that, the motor is fully enclosed, which means it will be protected from weather and impact damage. The motor is also permanently lubricated so you would not have to oil the motor from time to time. As the motor uses a split-capacitor, the operation of the fan is not noisy, and hence can be used in places like hospitals and offices where noises are not welcome


  • Since it comes on a tall stand, t provides breeze at a height
  • The stand is made of high-quality powder coated steel which keeps the fan securely lifted up
  • The fan uses a powerful motor that is fully enclosed so it is highly durable
  • The motor is permanently lubricated so it does not require oiling
  • The stand comes with handles and rollers so you can move it around easily


  • It would not be the best option for you if you are looking for a floor fan

10. MaxxAir BF42BD High Velocity 2-Speed Belt Drive Drum Fan

MaxxAir BF42BD High Velocity 2-Speed Belt Drive Drum Fan When you want to move large amounts of air and remove odors and stale air out of the room from a place like a barn, you would need a powerful motor and a large fan. This high-velocity fan with a large size of 42 inches has been made exactly for a heavy-duty purpose like that. It can also be used to cool down a large space such as an industrial warehouse and has a large space for moving air in and out due to its drum frame design. The grilles of the fan at the front and the rear are made of rust-resistant powder coated material to keep the blades protected from harsh environments. The rim of the fan is made of 22-gauge thick steel with a powder coated finish to keep corrosion away. The four metal blades and the 1/2 horsepower PSC motor work together to create a CFM of 10,200 at the high setting and 7,300 at the low setting. As the motor is belt driven, it allows the motor to function very quietly, which means you can work in a stress-free, and noise-free environment. At the base of the drum, there are two rollers which allow the fan to move from one place to another very easily.


  • It has a size of 42 inches which allows it to move a large volume of air at a high speed
  • The frame is made of steel with a powder-coated finish which makes it durable
  • The PSC motor is thermally protected and has a ½ horsepower
  • It has two speed settings to choose from both of which have a very high CFM
  • The motor is belt-driven, which allows the fan to operate quietly
  • The base of the fan has rollers which makes it easy to move around from one place to another


  • Since it is very large and powerful it may not be safe for home environments where children are present
A high-velocity fan is easy to use as it requires you to only plug it into a power outlet, turn the switch on, choose your desired setting, and there you will have it – a powerful breeze and fresh air to make you feel comfortable, even on the hottest day of summer! However, it is not as easy to choose the right high-velocity fan that will fit your purpose of buying a fan and to find the right one, it is important that you understand the key factors that determine if a high-velocity fan will be the right one for you or not. IN the next section, we will be discussing those factors so that you can go to the market fully equipped with the knowledge of buying a high-velocity fan.

Things to Consider Before Buying a High-Velocity Fan


  The size of a high-velocity fan is usually around 24 inches but depending on where and for what purpose you are going to use it for, you can opt for a larger or a smaller fan. For example, if you want a high-velocity fan to keep you cool while you work on your computer desk, you would need a size that would fit on your table and so it is best to go for the mini high-velocity fans, like the one from Holmes on our list, which is only around 6 inches tall. On the other hand, if you want to cool a large area such as a barn, you can go for a larger model, such as the MaxxAir BF42BD, which has a size of 42 inches. One thing to note is that the cooling capability of a fan is not only determined by its size and there are other factors at play that need to be considered as well.

CFM and RPM 

When you are going to buy a high-velocity fan, you do so because you want a fan that can move a large amount of air at a high speed, which means it will give you a stronger force of breeze and a better cooling or drying effect compared to other less powerful fans. But how would you know the speed at which the fan moves or how much air it is moving at a time? Enter CFM and RPM, these two measurements are the key to understanding the performance of your high-velocity fan. RPM stands for Revolutions per Minute, and this is a measure of how many times the fan turns in one minute. The higher the RPM value, the faster the fan moves. Although a fan’s RPM can give you an idea of how fast the blades are moving, it does not tell you how much air is being moved. This is given by CFM, which means Cubic feet per minute, which is the measure of air that is being moved per minute. A higher CFM means that more air is being moved, hence a greater airflow is being created. Hence, if you are looking for a fan that can give you a greater force of air, then you should look for a fan with a higher CFM and a higher RPM. However, a higher CFM also means that a higher wattage is being used, which affects your electricity bill. That is why, if you want an energy-efficient fan, then you should also find out the airflow efficiency of the fan, which is CFM divided by the amount of energy that is being used to run the fan at its highest speed.


The motor of the fan is the most important factor of a high-velocity fan as this is the powerhouse of the fan. No matter how well-built the blades and the frame are, if your motor does not work properly then the fan is nothing more than useless scraps of metal. A good motor should be fully enclosed so that it protected from weather and impact damage. It should also be well-lubricated so that you do not need to oil it from time to time. The motor should be energy-efficient and should be thermally protected so that it does not become overheated when it has been running for a long time. If you want your high-velocity fan to make as less noise as possible, then it is best to go for belt driven motors or motors with a split capacitor, because these features make a motor operate quietly.

Floor or wall mounted 

  A high-velocity fan mostly comes as a floor fan but sometimes you would want the fan to be placed at a position where it would not take up floor or table space. Especially in commercial settings for example, at a restaurant, a hospital, school, etc. you would not want the fan to be in people's way. Hence, it, in that case, it is important to choose a fan that comes with wall brackets so that you can install it on the wall, a beam, or the ceiling. Also, if you want the fan to be working at a height, you can go for high-velocity fans that come with a tall stand, such as this one from Air King that is set on a stand that is around 4 feet tall. If you are going for a floor fan, remember to choose a fan with a stand that is sturdy and not wobbly, and also note that the stand should have rubber pads which will keep the fan stabilized at its position on the floor.    


  As high-velocity fans are commonly used in rugged environments such as an industrial warehouse, basement workshops, garages, and job sites, they should not have a flimsy plastic construction. The blades should be made of metal so that it does not break in case a debris or a hard material gets through the grille and hits the blades. It should also have a durable metallic framing so that the blades and the motor are well-protected. As fans can also be used in humid areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom, the frame should have a rust-resistant finish.

Speed settings 

  Depending on the season and time of the day the speed at which you want the fan to run would vary. Adjusting the fan speed to your requirements not only makes the performance of the fan more satisfactory, but it will also help you to save electricity. That is why it is a good idea to choose a high-velocity fan that has different speed settings.    


High-velocity fans have metallic blades that are moving at a very fast blade, and these blades should in no way come in contact with human skin. That is why it is important that the grille of the fan does not allow the children to poke their fingers into the fan. The fans should have a safe way to store the power cable so that it is not dangerously dangling on the floor. As the fan is an electrical appliance it should not be in contact with wet objects or with water on the floor.


If you have finished making your checklist for what your high velocity should be able to do, and have found the high velocity that checks all the points and fits your preferences, then it is time to buy the best high velocity fan and make it your own machine for bringing fresh air and comfort to your surroundings whether it be at home or at work.