Top 8 In-Home Lift Chairs, Reviewed!

Are you are disabled, have injuries, experience back pains or at your old age and probably have difficulties when standing up? Well, it's because you are not getting enough support from your chair. Investing in a lift chair can help you stand up from your sitting position effortlessly. But one thing you should understand about recliner chairs, is that they are not the same. The type of recliner chair you choose should be recommended for the intended purpose. To simplify the process for you, we have selected the best lift chairs from reputable manufacturers, reviewed and graded them to allow you make wise decisions.

Best Pick

Best Home ProLounger Lya Modern Brown Renu Leather Power Recline and Lift Wall Hugger Chair
Best Home ProLounger Lya Modern Brown Renu Leather Power Recline and Lift Wall Hugger Chair is sturdy, generously padded, and features three different positions making it our best pick.

Budget Pick

Coaster Casual Brown Sugar Padded Velvet Upholstered Power Lift Recliner
Coaster Casual Brown Sugar Padded Velvet Upholstered Power Lift Recliner is affordable has emergency battery backup with extra padded back and headrest making it our best budget pick.

Quick Comparison Between The Best ​Lift Chairs

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1. ​Best Home ProLounger Lya Modern Brown Renu Leather Power Recline and Lift Wall Hugger Chair

Best Home ProLounger Lya Modern Brown Renu Leather Power Recline and Lift Wall Hugger Chair

Highlighted Features

  • ​Built to last
  • ​Comfy
  • ​Easy to setup
  • ​Has a highly breathable Renu upholstery
  • ​Has a side pocket for storing your remote
  • ​Can be easily adjusted into three different positions
  • ​Comes with an electronic wired remote
This Best Home ProLounger lift chair is designed using high-quality materials which can withstand up to 300 pounds. The cushions are well padded for optimal comfort. The recliner chair boats of three interchangeable positions. You can choose to either recline, sit or lift it. The recliner is made of high-quality steel to ensure you get maximum support. Its frame is made of hardwood material which is also durable. The upholstery features a highly breathable brown Renu leather which adds elegance to your home. It also comes with a handy electric wired controller. Operating the chair has also been simplified. With just a push of a button, you can adjust your sitting position as required. On the side chair is a side pocket which allows you to store your phone, charger or remote. ​Assembling the chair is also easy. Thanks to its innovative design. With less than 10 minutes, you can assemble your chair and start enjoying all the benefits.

2. Coaster Casual Brown Sugar Padded Velvet Upholstered Power Lift Recliner

Coaster Casual Brown Sugar Padded Velvet Upholstered Power Lift Recliner

Highlighted Features

  • ​Well-padded head and backrest
  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Recommended for individuals with knee problems
  • ​Lift and recline functions
  • ​Accommodates up to 375lbs
  • ​Comes in different colors
  • ​Has a side pocket for storing your remote
Looking for the best lift chair for the money? Then this recliner chair from Coaster may be a perfect fit for you. The chair boasts of a brown sugar upholstery with head and backrest padding. Its pillows arms are thick and lavishly padded to offer you extra comfort. The chair touts of a lift function which enables you to wake up from your seat without putting much strain on the knees and back. This makes Coaster Home model an ideal choice for people who have knee complications. The chair comes with a remote control which helps to trigger the energy power required for it to recline. It also has a dedicated side pocket for storing your remote. If you are looking to bring a contemporary look to your home, you can choose your preferred color. The chair comes in 6 different colors which include the charcoal lavish textured chenille, brick red lavished textured upholstery, taupe plush textured upholstery, dark chocolate cushioned velvet, brown sugar textured upholstery and chocolate opulent textured upholstery.

3. Portfolio ProLounger Lya Cream Renu Leather Power Recline and Lift Wall Hugger Chair

Portfolio ProLounger Lya Cream Renu Leather Power Recline and Lift Wall Hugger Chair

Highlighted Features

  • ​Well-padded with high-density foam
  • ​Requires 4” wall clearance
  • ​Features three different positions
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Built to last
  • ​Quiet lift mechanism
  • ​Supports up to 300 pounds
This ProLounger lift chair from Portfolio allows you to relax and stand up without any challenges. It is constructed using superior quality materials to ensure you not only enjoy maximum stability today but also for years to come. The chair features a space-saving technology. You will only require  4" clearance from the wall during installation. With this chair, you can lift, recline or even sit in your preferred position anytime. The fact that the seat does not have a specific locking point enables you to adjust it to suit your preferred position. A handy UL approved wired remote is also included to help you operate your chair. A dedicated side pocket has been sewed for convenient storage of your remote. For added solace, the cushions are padded with high-density foam. Its upholstery is made of durable Renu leather. The frame and reclining mechanism are made using hardwood and quality steel to give your body maximum support. Changing sitting positions is swift. The lift mechanism allows you to lift your chair without making any noise. Not forgetting its innovative design which will enable you to assemble your chair in as little as ten minutes.

4. Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner LC-200

Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner LC-200

Highlighted Features

  • ​Has a chocolate brown upholstery
  • ​Lift weight of up to 329lbs
  • ​Reclines in three different positions
  • ​Integrated battery backup
  • ​Adjustable steel leg leveler
  • ​Convenient cushion adjustments
Mega Motion has designed an amazing recliner chair which features three lift positions. The chair boasts of steel leg levelers which can be easily adjusted for optimal stability. Its lift and scissors mechanism are constructed using high-quality hardwood material for durability. Adjusting and replacing your cushions have been simplified. Thanks to the cushion design which allows you to unzip them to either adjust or replace them when needed. In case of power loss, you don’t have to panic. The chair has an inbuilt battery backup which allows you to relax in style.

5. Madison Home Classic Plush Bonded Leather Power Lift Recliner

Madison Home Classic Plush Bonded Leather Power Lift Recliner

Highlighted Features

  • ​Faux leather​
  • ​Quiet motor
  • ​Designed to fully incline
  • ​Requires assembly
  • ​Operated with a remote
Wake up effortlessly with this Madison recliner chair. The chair is equipped with great features to ensure you relax and recline your body to a more comfy position. Madison lift chair is powered by a silent motor which creates a serene environment for you to relax. The recliner is designed to fully recline giving you the freedom to enjoying unrivaled comfort. Its cover is made of an ultra-soft and comfy bonded leather to bring that beautiful look right in your living room. Operating the chair is easy with the remote control which comes together with your recliner.

6. BONZY Lift Recliner Classic Power Lift Chair

BONZY Lift Recliner Classic Power Lift Chair

Highlighted Features

  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​Durable
  • ​Quiet motor
  • ​Comfy with extra cushioning
  • ​Environmentally safe
  • ​Controlled by remote
  • ​Can hold up to 300lbs
BONZY lift recliner is a superior quality chair which is safe for family and home use. It is designed using LVL which is an excellent architectural grade material stronger than steel.  BONZY is a reputable manufacturer and aims at developing new products which are safe, comfy and environmentally friendly. Moreover, this recliner is not an exception. The chair has been designed not only to help you relax but also stand up effortlessly. With the help of remote control, you can quickly activate recline and lift function swimmingly. The chair also has a side pocket for storing your remote. Its upholstery is durable, easy to clean with extra padding which are great features that are not common in an ordinary chair.

7. Divano Roma Furniture - Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner

Divano Roma Furniture - Classic Plush Power Lift Recliner

Highlighted Features

  • ​Comfy
  • ​Generously padded
  • ​Remote operated
  • ​Reclines smoothly and gently
  • ​Has a side pocket for storing your remote
Divano living room recliner is designed with an extremely soft and comfy velvet textured fabric. The chair is operated by a remote and fully reclines to offer maximum support required. Reclining mechanism boasts of quiet operation. With this recliner, you can effortlessly stand up from your sitting position without straining your back or knees.

8. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Heated Vibrating Electric Massage Recliner Chair

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Heated Vibrating Electric Massage Recliner Chair

Highlighted Features

  • ​Four storage pockets
  • ​Comes with two remote controls
  • ​Reclines at 130 degrees
  • ​Adjustable backrest
  • ​Has four massage focal areas
  • ​Has time for tracking massage sessions
  • ​Has five pre-set massage features
  • ​Two varied speeds
  • ​Requires minimal tools for installation
  • ​Easy to use
In case you may be looking for the best lift chair for back pains then MAGIC UNION will help you relax, and stand up effortlessly. The lift chair has four massage focus areas with five different modes. Just sit and relax as this Magic recliner massages your back, tight, lumbar and legs in a press, pulse, normal or automatic modes. The electrically operated lift chair comes with two remote controls to help you lift and recline it to suit your sitting position. You can enjoy your favorite drink as your recliner massages your body. The chair boats of two cup holders on every armrest. That's not all; the recliner also has four pockets which can be used to store your remotes and other small things. Its design has not been overlooked. The recliner features a PU leather with beautiful finishing. Its convenient timer is also another notable feature which allows you to customize your massage sessions. The chair can recline at 130 degrees and can hold up to 300lbs.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Lift Chair

Eases the burden

If you have a family member who is old or is suffering from injury, back or knee pain, you will have to be around to ensure you support them when standing up. This can consume much of your time. But with the help of recliner chair, you can concentrate on your chores and leave the lift chair to do its work.


Recliner chairs can be easily turned to a bed. The chairs are flexible enough and easy to adjust and reposition. For people who have difficulties sleeping or suffer backaches, resting on a lift chair can help ease the suffering.


Standing up strains the back and knees and may trigger more pain if excess pressure is applied on these areas. What lift chairs do is to relax your body and allow you to stand up without straining.

Boosts blood circulation

Sitting down for long can lead to blood circulation complications.  Lift chairs are ergonomically designed to help you relax, and position your body in a comfy angle. The chairs have super soft and generously padded back and head rest, providing your body with maximum support. When the body is relaxed, your body metabolism and blood circulation are boosted.

What To Look For When Purchasing a Lift Chair

Lift chairs are known to offer great benefits to both elderly and people with injuries. However, before investing on one, you need to consider different factors. Among them include:


Lift chairs can be used for varied reasons. Some people use them as a way to support and relax their bodies when they grow old. Others use them as a way to recover from injury or back pain. Pregnant mothers can also take advantage of these chairs to ease fatigue and improve blood circulation. Most of the lift chairs have helpful features to help you stand up effortlessly.  Besides, some of these chairs have more features to help you manage your condition. For instance, if you need a recliner to help improve your knees and back pains, you should consider buying one with heat massage option.  These features help boost blood circulation in your body easing the suffering and improving the body metabolism.

Body Weight

Different lift chairs are designed to hold specified weight capacity which should not be exceeded at any given time. Weighing your body can help you determine your preferred chair. In case you are purchasing for a family member, ensure you have weighed their weight prior. As a rule, choose a recliner which can hold more weight than your weight. This will reduce excess pressure which may damage your chair.

Size of the chair

Lift chairs require a clearance wall space to allow you to change positions with ease. Selecting your chair without considering its size can overwhelm your living room. Just to be sure that your preferred recliner can fit properly, consider measuring the available installation space. Once you have gotten the correct measurements, ensure you have enough wall clearance.


While maintenance will help keep your recliner in good condition, its durability will be determined by the materials used.

Number of reclining position

Not every lift chair is designed to recline fully. Some limit you to certain angles and will limit your flexibility. For better relaxation, consider choosing a chair with three lift positions.

Body size

People are of different sizes and so does lift chairs. Investing in a chair that cannot support your back fully can cause severe back pain. Worse still, you realize that your legs cannot touch the floor when seated. This can be a pain in the buck. Always ensure you have the correct body size and height before determining the perfect recliner for your needs. For maximum comfort, ensure you have selected a chair that is not of the exact size as your body size. To avoid any frustrations, try to choose one which is slightly bigger.


Fabric is another critical aspect to be on the look-out. For elderly individuals with health complications like incontinence, a fiber chair may not be a perfect fit. However, if you stay in hot areas leather may not be a good choice. Leather tends to sweat when temperatures go high. A highly breathable material will work better in hot environments.

Home decor

If you would like to add elegance to your living room, you should aim at buying a chair that blends well with your décor.

Ease of cleaning

If you plan to use your chair when taking your drinks or eating, there is always a risk of spillage. If not properly cleaned, these stains can deteriorate the value of your chair. An easy to clean chair will allow you to clean up the mess faster without runing the looks.


Read and understand your warranty and get to know what is covered and for how long. Though the warranty period may differ from each brand, it is always a good idea to go for products that are covered for a more extended period.    


The cost of your lift chair is determined by several factors which include materials, features and probably the technology used. Leather chairs will cost much higher compared to fiber or other fabrics. Though these materials may vary in regards to cost and benefits, it is advocated to choose one that fits your budget.

Who Makes the Best Lift Chairs?

The question about the best manufacturer of lift chairs has puzzled many people, and in case you are wondering which brand is perfect, then you shouldn’t worry anymore. All the brands we have reviewed above are a perfect match for your needs if only you use them for the intended purpose. You know what you want in a lift chair and what you would like it to function. Relate its features and benefits you will enjoy when using it. Also, do not forget to consider all the mentioned factors in the above guide.

Common Lift Chair Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

Lift chair making a creaking sound

Squeaking noises can be caused by several factors which include a loose wood frame, lift frame may be scratching the wood frame, loose or too tight bolts. Inspect your chair for any of these signs. Once you have ascertained the problem you can try to fix it. However, for loose wood frame or friction between the lift and wood frame, you may consider hiring a professional to get it fix. In case your warranty has not expired, you can communicate with the manufacturer for assistance.

Dropping lift chair

Your chair may drop as a result of several issues. The lift frame may be bent, side bracket pin may be broken, scissors may be twisted or broken, recline or lift bracket may be broken. Inspect your chair for any of these signs and replace any broken parts.  

One side of your lift chair touches the ground

Placing your recliner on an uneven ground may force your chair to touch the floor. Confirm if your floor is even.  Other reasons which may contribute to this problem include loose bolts, broken or bend scissors, twisted wood frame, stooped lift frame, and incorrect adjustments on the leveling leg. Inspect for any signs to determine the cause of the problem. In case you may have issues, you can seek professional advice.

Lift chair not lifting fully

When your chairside brackets or lift frame are damaged, the lifting mechanism may not function properly.  If there are no signs of damage, then it could be something to do with the motor. If your chair has two motors, they may be out of timings. In case your chair has only one motor, you should inform your manufacturer for further advice.

Lift not working

Electric lift chairs require enough power to operate. Though some of them have inbuilt back up batteries, they may not have enough power to last you for long. Also, when your power cord gets damaged, your chair will not be adequately supplied with enough power. If your chair is supplied with power, then your cord may be faulty. Inspect for any signs of damage on your cable. Damaged power cords can be risky and should be replaced immediately.

Lift Chairs Safety Precautions

Knowing how to use your recliner chair will help you take caution and avoid unnecessary mishaps. And below is what you should avoid.
  • Avoid placing any sharp objects on your chair. Sharp objects can damage your upholstery and ruin the looks.
  • Maintain the recommended weight capacity. Lift chairs are designed to be used by only one person.
  • Always ensure electric cords are disconnected when cleaning your chair to prevent the risk of electric shock
  • Follow your user manual when installing your chair and when operating it. Improper installation can cause injury, and your manufacturer will not be responsible for any careless mishandling of the product.

Final Verdict

Whether you are suffering from back pain, have a knee injury, or old, you will require a lift chair to help you wake up from your sitting position. However, you will only enjoy all these benefits by choosing a perfect chair for your needs. Our list of best lift chairs have different recliners to satiate your needs. In case you have not found one for yourself, you can read our detailed guide and compared different brand features. A good lift chair should be comfy, durable, sturdy, easy to maintain, reliable and convenient.