10 Awesome Outdoor Chaise Lounges

Do you love taking a dip in the pool or napping in your backyard? Do you enjoy lazing under the sun and reading a book? Do you own a property where you have to set up an outdoor dining area or an area for unwinding after a hectic day? Then you must invest in some patio or poolside furniture. Ideal for summer days, a chaise lounge will enable you to snooze off post swimming or enjoy the sun while laying on your back. It will truly relax your senses and help you enjoy the outdoors to the utmost. You can watch the bird, the sunset and sky and find inner peace- all in the comfort of laying on your chaise lounge.

Best Pick

Keter Pacific 2-Pack Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounge The Keter Pacific Chaise Lounge is our best pick because it is an attractive-looking piece of furniture that is sturdy, durable and comes at a great value pack of two.

Budget Pick

Ostrich Lounge Chaise The Ostrich Lounge chaise lounge is our budget pick because it is a durable, attractive beach chair that offers comfort, durability, and great design at a cheap price tag.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Outdoor Chaise Lounge

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1. Keter Pacific 2-Pack Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounge 

Keter Pacific 2-Pack Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounge

Highlighted Features

  • Textured, weaved rattan chaise lounge made of durable resin
  • Four adjustable positions for reclining; Comes in packs of two for a great pairing
  • Comes pre-assembled and stackable for compact storage
This beautiful curved outdoor chaise lounge from Keter Pacific is made up of durable polypropylene resin (rattan) on the exterior and an aluminum framework on the inside. This comes in three color variants - white, grey and brown. This attractive looking chaise lounge is durable. It does not rust as it has no exposed metal part; it will hold up well when exposed in the sunlight for a long period of time. The lounge has four adjustable positions. It does not come with cushion but you may get a solid colored one for comfort. This attractive looking chair can even be used without a cushion. Moreover, it comes assembled when shipped, in two separate boxes- so they are ready to use when delivered. They are quite heavy so you can be assured of them not being blown away and they can also be used for tanning ledges. Even though they look okay, they are not sturdy enough- customers have reported cracking or breaking near the top where you can adjust the reclining and the breaking of the legs. Several users also received broken parts or lounge with missing pieces.


  • Sturdy, durable, heavy, strong, rust-free, weather-proof. Attractive design, great color, curved design; looks great for patios, gardens or poolside even without cushions
  • Very affordable


  • Shaped differently from the standard dimension: a little difficult to find cushions that fit
  • The legs are not sturdy: they break if someone sits nearer the edge and have a snapping mechanism; not for heavier users

2. Ostrich Lounge Chaise

Ostrich Lounge Chaise

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in four color variants: Tough fabric; easy to clean; comfortable
  • Comes with a pillow, face and arm cavities, and shoulder straps
This outdoor chaise lounge from is a very well-designed unit, giving a lot of attention to details. Also available in color variants of blue, yellow, pink and red, this is a lightweight and portable chair. It is more like a beach chair than for your backyard. The best part of this chaise lounge is the face holes, and armholes on either side then lets you lift up the pillow completely, and lay flat on your stomach. The arm and face cavities mean you can also enjoy reading a book while sunbathing comfortably. The chair has three reclining positions. However, some people have complained of not being able to completely open the legs: all you have to do is fold out the legs before the upper portion. Also, you have to get off each time you change the reclining position. The material of construction is steel for the frame and polyester fabric. The fabric shred or tears within a year if used frequently. Some users also complain of the frame joints cracking. The unit comes pre-assembled and is one of the most affordable chaise lounges in the market.


  • Good value for money
  • Packed with features and well-designed


  • The height of the chair is very low- 13 inches only
  • Difficult to adjust the recline
  • Flimsy- deteriorates quickly; sometimes cracks and tears and splits at the seams

3. Christopher Knight Home 294919 Lakeport Chaise Lounge

Christopher Knight Home 294919 Lakeport Chaise Lounge

Highlighted Features

  • Wicker lounge chair with steel framework: can be purchased singly, double, or in sets of four
  • Comes with cushions in different color variants: cushions are thick and comfortable
This chaise lounge is made of dark brown wicker with a steel frame. It is available as single, double or in a pack of four. They have cushions with them in great colors like red, jungle green, charcoal, blue, etc. This is a well-designed attractive unit that looks sturdy and beautiful. It is also wide and curved: even heavy-set people will have sufficient room. The product comes assembled so you just take it out and it is ready to use. Also, the unit is easy to stack for compact storage. The problem with this is that the weaves retain some rainwater, which causes it to rust and results in staining of the patio floor. The exposed metal parts also rust a lot. The unit may also fade considerably if it under the harsh sunlight all the time. The unit is firm and comfortable but it is not durable. You will be lucky if it lasts you more than a few seasons!


  • Attractive design, curved ergonomics for greater comfort, dark brown color
  • Lightweight, easy to move around, wide enough to fit taller/ heavier people


  • Weaves are difficult to clean, traps in rainwater
  • The exposed metal parts rust and accumulated rust water stains the patio floor

4. Kozyard Chaise Lounge Chair

Kozyard Chaise Lounge Chair

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum frame, steel nuts and bolts, foldable, stackable; comfortable, low armrest
  • Can be purchased singly or in double packs and with/without cushions in lime, red and blue
  • Padded seat; ergonomic design; backrest and leg rest are foldable into different positions
This lightweight chaise lounge from Kozyard is one of the most lightweight and comfortable chairs available in the market. Available in a gray color, the entire unit folds up well for compact storage. Made of aluminum, the frame is designed in such a way that the leg rest, as well as the backrest, have adjustable reclining positions. This product has a lot of buying options for the customers: it can be purchased singly, in a pack of two or with or without the cushion variant.


  • Extremely portable: can be folded into a compact unit and carried to the beach easily
  • No assembly required; compact storage; lightweight; durable; sturdy; sleek design and attractive modern looking


  • The backrest may be a little low for extremely tall people
  • There is no flat lay position

5. Kozyard Chaise Lounge with headrest

Kozyard Chaise Lounge with headrest

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts, rust-free aluminum frame and polyester seat
  • Multiple color variants: great for the poolside
This chaise lounge from Kozyard is perfect for the poolside. It has an attractive design and looks modern and chic. This lounge is also available in color variants of blue, gray, lime, taupe, blue with table, and taupe textilence with an aluminum table. The headrest included with the unit is adjustable with straps behind them. The assembly of the unit is extremely strenuous and difficult- it requires a lot of strength, especially because the seat is taut. The curved design is shaped according to the body’s relaxed position. This two-pack chaise lounge set comes in a pack of two and the colors of these are lovely. But the unit also discolors and frays very quickly especially if they are to be placed in direct sunlight all the time.


  • Fairly lightweight; be cautious they are not blown away by the harshest of storms
  • Great colors, attractive design; modern look: great for the poolside
  • Durable, sturdy, firm and comfortable


  • The legs are relatively low in height: difficult for heavier people to get on and off it
  • The seat colors fade a lot especially when exposed all the time to the weather
  • Difficult to assemble: the bolts must be cleared well before using and the all the screws must be in place before tightening any of them

6. Best Choice Products Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

Best Choice Products Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

Highlighted Features

  • Steel, rust-proof sleek frame with two cushions (backrest and lounge seat)
  • Five reclining position settings including one that is completely flat
  • Polyester cushions; superior quality; removable for washing
This easy-to-assemble outdoor lounge chair from Best Choice comes in two color variants- beige and rustic red. It comes well packaged and the cushions are firm and comfortable. The metal frame has armrest and five reclining positions, including one that goes all the way down. The lounge chair comes with two cushions, one for backrest and one for sitting, and vinyl straps for securing them firmly. The cushions are made of superior quality materials and are very comfortable. The chaise lounge assembly employs an assortment of screws, bolts, and parts- if you receive the wrong ones or missing ones, then you’re in for trouble. Try to invest in a waterproof covering to make the unit last longer.


  • Comfortable, durable, sturdy, firm, modern design, attractive-looking


  • Difficult to assemble for some: packaging contains an assortment of small parts and caution must be employed not to lose them

7. Christopher Knight Home 295628 Estrella Chaise Lounge Chair 

Christopher Knight Home 295628 Estrella Chaise Lounge Chair

Highlighted Features

  • Dark brown wicker material on the exterior and steel frame on the interior; ivory colored cushion: removable cushion covers are easy to wash
  • Foldable into different reclining position and it is possible to make it lay flat
  • Comes in a pack of two
This is a great looking chaise lounge made of wicker. The dark brown color complements any other existing poolside or patio furniture well. It can be folded for reclining positions or even made completely flat. It comes with ivory colored cushion but they are of an inferior quality which means they are flimsy, not comfortable enough, and may need to be replaced by standard ones soon. It is sturdy and very comfortable: it may hurt a little if you lay on your stomach. The problem with the unit is that is rusts a lot especially when exposed to the rains. The rust stains may damage patio frame.


  • Easy to assemble: it is only the legs that need to be screwed
  • Attractive design, sturdy, heavy, durable for the great price


  • The legs are not sturdy: they fall apart over after some period of use. The padding is not great either and tends to fall apart
  • A few customers have reported of missing hardware and screws for setting it up

8. Abba Patio Outdoor Portable Double Chaise Lounge Hammock Bed

Abba Patio Outdoor Portable Double Chaise Lounge Hammock Bed

Highlighted Features

  • Canopy made of sturdy polyester; sturdy steel frame, two wheels without locks; two attached pillows
  • Available in single and double variants: light brown color
This king sized double chaise lounge hammock is perfect for the entire family to enjoy the sun at your backyard or by the pool. If your pets are the only family you have, get it with them- why should they miss out on sunbathing? This hammock is made out of strong, not-so-stretchy weather-resistant Texteline and the framework is made out of steel. It has an umbrella or canopy and you can adjust its position or choose not to put it up as you desire. It also has two wheels for moving it around and two pillows for you to lay down comfortably. The fabric is comfortable and very sturdy but frays a lot. When exposed to direct sunlight all the time, it takes about six months to fade considerably and about a year to fade beyond use. Also if you are on the heavier side or a lot of people use it, it may gradually sag in the future. It may need additional protection for very windy areas. The unit is a bit difficult to assemble for some people but it is totally worth the effort. The one disappointing aspect is that it is no hammock as it does not rock. Nevertheless, it is a pretty hammock that scores high on comfort. The instruction manual is not clear enough.


  • The canopy is easy to remove if a storm event is approaching
  • Excellent value for money


  • The height is relatively low for some people
  • Difficult to assemble for some people: the last pole needs considerable effort setting up

9. Best Choice Products Chaise Lounge

Best Choice Products Chaise Lounge

Highlighted Features

  • Made using wicker and a steel frame underneath; brown color
  • Curved, sleek design; four reclining positions
  • Foldable legs; Stackable for compact storage
It is a great value for money. It is made of wicker material woven together and underneath this, it has a steel frame. The unit is brown in color. The legs can be folded easily and the units can be stacked on top of each other for storage. The curved body looks attractive and the unit can be folded to four reclining positions. The unit may work better indoors or in some place where it is protected from the rainfall. The major problem is that the unit rusts a lot when exposed to rainwater and the water it holds causes staining of the poolside or backyard floor. The weave also unravels and since the material used for construction is of inferior quality, so they start to crack and come apart almost within a few months of use.


  • Great design; attractive looking unit
  • An affordable piece of furniture, cheaper than a lot of high-end brands


  • The bar in the middle is very uncomfortable so you will need to place cushions or mat on top of it
  • Rusts and stains the floor with rust water
  • Not durable; flimsy materials

10. KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge

KidKraft Double Chaise Lounge

Highlighted Features

  • Double chaise lounge with canopy and cushion included: extra pieces included
  • One size and one color option; honey, navy, white colored
These adorable double chaise lounge chairs are perfect kids aged 2 to 6 years, depending on how heavy they are. It is made out of weatherproof wood and the canopy is made out sturdy, weather-proof cotton fabric. The unit is navy, white and honey color and come is one color and size variant. It is an excellent piece of furniture and the price is wallet-friendly. It comes well packaged, and there are extra pieces too in case you lose any. The only downside is that you have to assemble the entire unit from scratch and a little assembly experience would come in handy otherwise it may take a toll on your patience. A few customers have reported on having some screws and little pieces missing. But you will, nevertheless, be able to put it together. The canopy is sturdy and it, along with the wood, does not face with exposure to the sunlight and harsh weather.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Adorable unit for children: safe, sturdy, attractive design


  • Unit too small for older or heavier children
  • Some customer reported the canopy not snapping in the place where it is designed to fit: but you can still snap it in place or use the chair without it
  • Does not come preassembled: assembly takes a bit of patience and hard work

Things to consider before buying an Outdoor Chaise Lounge


An outdoor chaise lounge can be made up of various materials. The framework is usually made of metal: usually, it is aluminum and stainless or powdered steel. It can also be made from different kind of woods. Hardwood is expensive but more durable than softwood. Both need to be regularly maintained or varnished to keep up the appearance. Wicker loungers are also pretty popular: they are cheap but a little difficult to clean as dust collects within the weaves and the weaves are also prone to unraveling.


A chaise lounge us typically 70 to 80 inches long and 35 or more in height. The greater the height, the more comfortable it is for heavier or taller people to use. A lounge chair should also not be too low above the ground – a height of 14 inches or more would be perfect while one foot might be uncomfortably low.

If your patio or backyard is 10 sq. ft. or more, up to four lounge chairs would look great: with each other symmetrically placed. Also, you might want to buy them in a pair for greater matching.


Comfort should be your top priority when electing a chaise lounge. You will be using this piece of furniture for relaxing after a dip in the pool or to enjoy the sunset in your backyard.

You may also often want to lay on your stomach so the material should not itch your bare skin or be too hard. Some chairs even have bars in the middle which may cause pain against your body.


A chaise lounge must have four to five reclining position including one that is straight upright for reading and one that is flat all the way down for a nap or snooze. The positions should also be easy to change even when you are sitting.

Accessories and Hardware

Lounge chairs cost anywhere between $100 to $300 and more. There are also cheap ones for about $50- these are ideal for taking to the beach with you rather than making them a part of your outdoor furniture.

Typically, loungers come with one or more cushion. Make sure the cushions are three or more inches thick otherwise the rungs of the chair will hurt your back. It is preferable for the cushions to have removable covers so you can wash them easily. The cushions will also be out most of the time- weather-proof materials and colors are preferable to avoid fraying. Cushions in colors like ivory, rust, beige, blue, taupe, etc. complement existing patio furniture.

Some lounges also come with canopy or sunshades. Some of them can also be adjusted to various degrees of cover according to your needs. The canopy material should also be thick, UV resistant and weather-proof. Canopies should also be easy to put up or remove in case of storm events.

Some lounge chairs have arms rests for greater comfort and to help you get on it.

Lounges may come pre-assembled or require setting up from scratch. If assembly is required, make sure the tools, bolts, and screws are provided and you know where which one goes: take help if needed. Small parts may also be lost if caution is not employed.


Your patio furniture will be outside 24/7, exposed to direct sunlight, rainwater, storms, high winds and the harshest of weather conditions- depending on the region where you live. It is vital to consider this factor before deciding what chaise lounge you buy.

It should not collect rainwater; it should not rust and stain the patio floor. It should not fray or fade in sunlight over the years. While all materials will eventually fade, a little care on your part will improve the longevity of your unit. Cover it with protective covers, similar to grill cover, in case of storm events.

Invest in foldable and stackable furniture so you can store it in a compact manner. This also makes the loungers portable. It should be lightweight- moving the furniture shouldn’t require a hard day’s work!

You pay a lot of money to own a chaise lounge. It should last several seasons to several years at least, without legs breaking, or screws coming out.


A lot of lounge chairs require assembly from scratch. Make sure the instruction manual are informative and try to get help if you cannot do it on your own. Typically chairs that require assembly can take up between 30 minutes to 2 hours to set up.


We have compiled a list of the best outdoor chaise lounges available in the market. We have considered factors like affordability, durability, the material of construction, design, safety, assembly, appearance, style, etc. to compile this review.

Our in-depth review will help you narrow down your choice and pick an outdoor chaise lounge that compliments your backyard or poolside and offers you the best at the least price.