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The 11 Best Parking Sensors To Help You Park Straighter!

Parking sensors are a great investment and play a significant role in preventing parking lot vehicle crashes. The devices are integrated with smart technology which detects and alerts you each time your vehicle is near anything that may back into it. Whether in a crowded lot or dark area, the sensor will send signals effectively and alert you on anything that's on your way before parking your car.

However, every sensor functions differently regarding on how fast it can detect these obstacles. A poor-quality parking detector can give you headaches or even mislead you. To ensure you get the right parking lot detector for your car model, we have carefully reviewed some of the best parking sensors on the market. Just have a look!

Our Best Pick

TVIRD Car Parking Sensor Kit

TVIRD Car Parking Sensor Kit features high-quality sensors with an ultrasonic frequency of 40KHz which send unmatched signal alerts each time an obstacle has been detected making it Our Best Pick.

Our Budget Pick

Zone Tech Car Reverse Backup Radar System

Zone Tech Car Reverse Backup Radar System is affordable, weather-proof, durable with unmatched detection levels making it Our Budget Pick.

1. TVIRD Car Parking Sensor Kit

The TVIRD sensor features four ultrasonic sensors which are mountable on the rear or front bumpers. Once installed, all you need is to listen to any audio warning. The device uses the buzzer and silent sound modes for notifications.

The 12v sensor can detect objects which are low to the ground and alerting you early enough before bumping into them. With an ultrasonic frequency of 40KHz, the device can detect obstacles with a distance range of 0 to 2.5m away. Through the digital display, you can view how far the object is from the monitor once detected.

What we love most about this detector is its ability to measure how far the obstacle is from your vehicle directly around the rear bumper. The fact that you can also view the object allows you to park your car safely without any challenges.


  • A digital display for viewing the object distance
  • Can detect obstacles low on the ground
  • Has an alarm indicator
  • Front and rear monitoring


  • We did not find any

2. Zone Tech Car Reverse Backup Radar System

The Zone Tech system has been integrated with adaptive environment technology which protects the system from freezing or any water impact.  The system has been designed using superior quality materials that withstand the test of time.

To ensure that you enjoy an unmatched performance Zone Tech system has been constructed using high-quality components and protective circuits which preventing overloading and overheating.

The system also comes with four ultrasonic detectors which are installed on your vehicle rear bumper, advanced chipset, and double CPU to boost the system coverage and detection. Equipped with the system is a colored LED digital display which displays green, yellow and red colors as well as showing the distance between your vehicle and the obstacle.

The 13 -ounce system can detect small kids as well as low ground obstacles hence minimizing any costly collisions behind the wheel.


  • Resistant to water
  • Durable
  • Has protective circuits for preventing overheating and overloading
  • Has colored LED display for showing obstacle distance
  • Can detect obstacles on low ground


  • Painting the system can impair its performance
  • does not have volume control

3. Hopkins 60100VA nVISION Back Up Sensor System

The 1.2 Hopkins sensing system can be easily installed behind the number plate. The system package comes with an audible alarm, two sensors with mounting bracket, and installation cables. With object detection power of up to 5.5 feet away, Hopkins 60100VA can help you prevent any accidental collisions that may cause serious accidents or even damage your vehicle.

Unlike other sensing systems which can only be fitted on cars only, the Hopkins sensing system is ideal for use in SUV, cars and even trucks. The system provides users with a wide variety of driving solutions with visibility, detection, and warning.


  • Easy to install
  • Can be fitted on SUVs, cars, and trucks
  • Can detect obstacles as far as 5.5 feet long


  • Speaker cables are short for trucks and will require extension

4. ELEGIANT Parking 4 Sensors Car Reverse Backup Rear Buzzer Radar System Kit

The ELEGIANT obstacle detector boasts of a buzzer sounds which produce varied sound alerts according to frequency and distance. The 316 gm system is highly sensitive and can detect objects from 0 to 2.5m range. The sensor uses four cameras to detect any obstacle.

Aside from the cameras, the package also includes advanced chipset and double CPU for boosting the coverage and detection.  As you approach near the obstacle, the sound alert gets louder and faster which notifies you early enough before bumping on to the obstacles.

What we love most about this sensor is its compatibility with all vehicles or car models. This gives you the freedom to enjoy safe driving and parking even in crowded areas without limitation.


  • High obstacle detection
  • Compatible with all vehicle models
  • Detect small kids and low walls
  • Has four cameras for increased coverage


  • Buzzer beeps loud

5. Auto safety Car Reverse Backup Radar System parking sensor kit

Integrated into this Auto safety system is an adaptive environment technology which protects the system from freezing and any harsh weather conditions. The system comes along with all must have installation requirements.

Through the LED display, you can view how far your vehicle is from the obstacle. The Auto safety system also has a dual CPU which helps enhance coverage. With a detection power range of 0 to 2.5 m, the Auto safety parking sensor can help prevent any costly collision or accidents by improving the safety of pedestrians, family members, and other motorists.


  • Resistance to harsh weather conditions
  • Comes with all the installation requirements
  • Comes with a LED display for viewing how far the obstacle is from the vehicle
  • Easy to install


  • Wire is short and may require lengthening
  • alarm sound is slightly loud

6. YOKKAO LED Display Auto Rear Reverse Alert System Car Parking Sensor

YAKKAO parking sensor system is fitted with four sensors (installable on the rear bumper), dual CPU and enhanced chipsets for better detection and coverage. The system has been designed using superior quality materials to ensure longevity.

With rainproof and anti-freezing features, the system has also been designed using high-quality components and protective circuits to prevent any temperature or power impact that may lead to overloading or overheating.

To prevent any signal impairment of your car the sensor system comes with anti-interference wire, a feature which is not common with other competitor products. Equipped with the system is a colored LED display which gives you a clear view of the obstacle and how far it is from your vehicle.

YOKKAO sensing system features a 22mm curved design which helps prevent any misdeclaration when an obstacle has been detected. What we love about this parking sensor is its design and its low consumption power. The 12V DV system is also easy to install and operate which saves you time and hassles when driving.


  • Easy to install
  • Central AV controller box
  • Durable
  • Rainproof and anti-freezing performance
  • Prevents misdeclaration
  • Low power consumption
  • Has anti-interference wire for preventing system signal impairment


  • May not distinguish obstacles that are 30cm long or detect an obstacle shorter than 15cm

7. LESHP Auto Car LED Parking Sensor

Leshp system is quakeproof, anti-freeze and waterproof. With dual CPU, eight sensors, a digital display and an alert alarm, the system help minimize your parking hassles by receiving alerts when your vehicle is near an obstacle.

The easy to install system not only prevent collisions but also rubbing. The fact that the parking detecting cameras can detect low ground obstacles and small children gives users a peace of mind. The 813 gm system is handy, reliable and accurate.

With the help of the double CPU, the system can detect obstacles up to 6m long and notify you early enough. As you draw near the obstacle, the alarm sound becomes louder and faster. The ability of the system to work efficiently without any impairment from weather condition is another plus for the product.


  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to install
  • High obstacle detection power
  • Prevent rubbing and collision
  • Reliable and easy to operate


  • The front and back sensors cannot work at the same time

8. EKYLIN Car Auto Vehicle Reverse Backup Radar System

EKYLIN sensing system features four ultra-sonic sensors which are installed at the rear bumper of the car. With an ultrasonic frequency of 40KHz and a detecting range of between 0.3 to 2.0m, the system can automatically detect any obstacle and notifies you early enough to prevent any accidents or costly collisions.

Through the system LED display, you can easily view how far your vehicle is from the obstacle each time an object has been detected. To avoid any costly collisions the alarm beeps louder and faster as you approach nearer to the obstacle. For hassle-free connection, the EKYLIN system comes with a central AV controller box.

All the four weather conditions are weatherproof which helps enhances the system longevity and minimize any weather impacts. For quick and easy installation of your system, the sensor comes with a full detailed English manual.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Sensors have weatherproof features
  • Comes with detailed manual for easy installation


  • Alarm is noisy

9. Peak PKC0RE Wireless Backup Parking Sensor System

This parking sensor from Peak boasts of dual sensors which can be used to detect any obstacles during the day and night. The system can detect objects that are within the 5 feet long and is installable on the rear license plate.

What we love about this parking sensor is the fact that it comes along with all hardware and its receiver can be easily mounted to the vehicle dashboard. To minimize any chances of signal impairments the sensors are weatherproof, ensuring you receive clear images and alerts each time you are driving.


  • Ideal for use during the day and night
  • comes with all hardware
  • Sensors are weatherproof


  • one of the sensors constantly beeps especially when it’s raining

10. Tadibrothers Wireless Parking Backup Sensor System (TB-S058W)

Tadibrothers parking sensor is a wireless system which allows you to easily identify an ample parking area where you can maneuver easily without any challenges. One welcoming feature about this system is its ability to not only detect obstacles on your way but also determine whether the available parking lot can accommodate your vehicle through its rear back sensors.

When parking your vehicle, the system through its ultrasonic sensors can detect any obstacles that may be out of your field of view. Once you are 8 feet from the obstacle, the alarm will automatically alert you through the audio and increase the sound intensity as you drive closer to the obstacle. This helps minimize any chances of bumping on to the obstacles.

With this system, you do not need to use wires. The system is wireless allowing you to install it and get started. When you buy this product, you will get a display and four sensors


  • Notifies you when the parking area is not enough
  • ability to detect obstacles which are out of your point of view
  • Easy to install
  • Weatherproof
  • Illuminated display to help you pull in


  • Loud beeping

11. Sunvalleytek XD-066 LED Display Car Reverse Backup Radar

Are you looking for a quality parking sensor that can detect obstacles which are out of your view and low on the ground? Then this product from Sunvalleytek may be an ideal choice for you. The system has been constructed using superior quality materials that are durable.

To prevent overheating and overloading of the system, the sensors have also been equipped with high-quality components and protective circuits. The system comes with four sensors that are installed at the rear bumper, advanced chipsets, and a dual CPU which together improves the coverage and detection levels.

The system sensors have shock and weatherproof features for maximum performance during harsh weather conditions. Through the LED digital display, you can have a view of how far you are from the obstacle once you receive the alarm. This critical feature allows you to prevent causing an accident or damaging the vehicle.


  • Durable 
  • weatherproof
  • Has central AV controller box
  • Prevents system overloading and overheating
  • Easy to install


  • Sensors are not marked
  • check
    alarm beeps loud

Reasons why you should invest in parking sensors 

  • Parking sensors prevent parking lot crushes
  • Smart technology has been integrated into these systems to help determine whether the available parking space is enough to fit your vehicle
  • For people with poor eyesight, parking sensors are a great investment for safe parking
  • Parking sensors minimize property damage
  • Modern parking sensors have weatherproof performance which gives the system an extended lifespan

Things to consider when buying a parking sensor

Parking sensors have been relied upon for years by drivers to reduce parking anxieties and costly collisions. However, these devices come in varied types. Taking your time to choose a quality proximity sensor that matches not only your needs but also your vehicle model can save you a lot of headaches when parking your vehicle.

In case you are looking forward to buying a quality parking sensor here are critical factors to be on the look-out.

Vehicle model

Parking sensor systems are designed to work with particular vehicle models. While other vehicles come pre-fitted with a wired system for attaching parking sensors, others do not have these features. Before choosing your sensor kits, read the manufacturers description carefully to determine if its compatible with your car model.

Size of your vehicle

Proximity detectors are of two types, the wireless and wired type. Compared to the wireless sensors, wired systems require more time to install and ensure the wiring has been correctly done. Regarding car size, wireless sensing systems are recommended for bigger vehicles like tow trucks.

Number of sensors

Each proximity sensors kit comes in varied numbers ranging from two, four, six or eight. The more the number of sensors the higher the coverage.


While some parking sensor kits comprise of front and back sensors, others only come with sensors installable on car rear bumper. Compared to front sensors, rear detecting systems are popular due to the hassles and challenges when reversing especially on tight areas. However, front obstacle detectors are also critical especially for people with bad eyesight.

Coverage area

Depending on the detection power, every sensor kit will have a specific coverage area that it can detect obstacles. Before investing in any system, ensure that it can detect obstacles within your range. Selecting a system with sensors that have higher coverage area than your preferred limit is always recommended.


A quality parking sensor should detect obstacles with accuracy and notify you early enough to minimize any chances of bumping on to them. Having a look at the customer's reviews can give you a clue of how the system works.

Type of feedback

Different proximity detecting systems use different methods to notify users of any nearby object. This may be either in an audio or visual method. Since people have different tastes, the type of feedback should depend on one’s preferences.


Harsh weather can interfere with the performance of your system. The quality of your system will depend on the materials used to design it and the ability of these materials to defy these challenges. Before choosing your preferred system, always ensure that it's of high quality and have weatherproof performance.


Different parking sensors catch different prices depending on the quality, material, number of sensors, performance, brand, and features. Typically, high-quality systems will cost higher compared to their counterparts. Be ready to spend more on quality sensors if quality is what you are looking for in a proximity sensor.

Common problems with parking sensors and how to fix them

Proximity sensors may become faulty all over sudden which may be a cause of panic to many. Using a faulty sensor will not only mislead you but also put your safety at risk. Before thinking of contacting your manufacturer, here are some of the common problems and how to resolve them.

Sensor constantly beeps even when there is no obstacle

In case you experience constant beeps especially with the rear sensors immediately after installing the system chances are the sensor may not be well positioned or may be mounted near components with high electrical voltage.

Check if the sensors are positioned according to the manufacturers prescription and connected to the right voltage. Installing anything near the detection area may also cause the sensors to beep constantly and should be avoided.

No sound is produced when the reverse gear is engaged

There are three possible reasons why that may cause your rear gear to behave this way. When your speaker is off, your reverse gear will not produce any sound. Double check if this could be the cause.

Another possible cause may be loose power cable connections. Check if there may be any loose connections.

When the reverse light is on, you may also experience the same problem. If any of these possible causes do not apply, then contacting your manufacturer can help identify the problem.

Weak signal

Some sensors may have a weak signal, especially when painted. Read your manufacturers manual carefully and get to know if your system can be painted.

What makes a good parking sensor

  • A good parking sensor should detect obstacles with accuracy
  • A good parking sensor should be easy to install, operate and maintain
  • A great parking sensor should notify you early enough when an obstacle is detected

Final Verdict

Technological advancements have seen a significant improvement in the production of parking sensors. More and more advanced features have been integrated into these devices and have made parking easy and safer like never before.

However, these advancements have led to the introduction of more brands in the market which makes it a challenge to choose a quality system. Though these systems may differ, the best parking sensors should be easy to operate, durable, able to detect obstacles with accuracy, compatible with your car model and able to send feedback on time.

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