Best Radar Detector Under 200

Best Radar Detector Under 200 Reviews in 2019

This article is not only for buying a guide to radar detectors but it will also introduce you the best radar detectors under 200 bucks. A radar detector has a great importance especially to the people who doesn't like to drive slow. Since there is a speed limit on every road, unfortunately, none wants be the Paul Walker of real life. So you will need a radar detector in your car to tell you if you have crossed the speed limit and being observed by the duty officers.

Apart from the topic of its importance, the difficult thing is to decide which one to buy with the best detectability. This article will help you to know, understand and decide which will serve you the best.

Let's have a look at best radar detector under 200.

Quick Comparison Between the 7 Best Radar Detector Under 200

1. Cobra Electronics SPX 7700 Maximum Performance Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra Electronics SPX 7700 Maximum Performance Radar/Laser Detector

The Cobra SPX 7700 is the best performing radar detector. These type of radar detector were only used in defense. But now it is available for the speed enthusiasts. The circuit board inside it is constructed with gold plated circuit board so that there isn't any circuit loss.

The design and size of the radar detector are small enough to fit on your car and it is smaller than those large radar detectors. Its sensitivity is super fast, the detection capability is good and the range goes to some specter meters. Display of this radar detector is praiseworthy, having an OLED screen it gives the sharpest of readings. The signs are also clear enough to understand.

It has the funky feature of voice or tone alert, which means you can either set the alerts to the sound of voice or tone. VG-2/Specter radars can not detect this radar because of its protection against the radars used by police. It also has filtering mood which is able to filter the unnecessary.

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra compact design
  • POP mode
  • Instant on radar gun detection
  • OLED display
  • IntelliShield false signal rejection
  • Voice alert
  • Customizable display color themes
  • Laser eye
  • Ku band detection
  • Digital signal strength meter
  • Auto mute
  • IntelliMute and IntelliMute Pro


  • Low noise
  • Long lasting circuit
  • High quality built materials
  • Powerful CPU


  • Still might give false alerts

2. Cobra XRS 9745 Voice Alert 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra XRS 9745 Voice Alert 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector

The Cobra XRS 9745 is a 15 band radar detector which includes 6 lasers, the safety signals and detects 7 radar. It has the easiest readable display with many other features which helps it to detect from a far range. It will also make itself undetectable from VG-2 and Specter I/IV for further safety. Since the police cars remain hidden under shades which are often undetectable by the radars. That is why the Cobra XRS 9745 has been equipped with laser signals. It allows the unnecessary to detect around 360 degrees.

IntelliMute Pro shuts the radar down in case the car has been out of use for some time or if there is no radar for a long time. This radar detector is nothing but on performing radar. The radar detector can also be turned into the super fast instant mode by which it will be able to detect even faster.

In addition, it also has voice alert and strobe alert. The voice alert simply alerts in a voice tone rather than a signal. But the strobe alert gives an exceptional advantage by detecting traffic light and warning you of any vehicle moving towards your car.

It gives warning to a higher speed, the digi view makes the display easily readable. The device also has 8 points electronic compass, it also takes part in the sensitive detection of the compass. The super fast lock on detection detects the police vehicles and soon alerts the driver.

Not only it makes the detection easy but also its programming is also easy, you won't have to hassle to manage the radar detector and the dim mode of the radar detector is to display the screen in low lights, as for night vision.​

Highlighted Features

  • Portable design
  • Laser eye
  • 15 band detection
  • Immunity to VG-2 and alerts for Specter I/IV
  • Auto mute alert
  • Strobe alert
  • Voice alert
  • Safety alert
  • IntelliMute alert
  • IntelliShield false signal rejection
  • Digital signal strength meter
  • Smart power
  • City/highway modes
  • Dim mode


  • Easy to set programming
  • Accurate electronic direction heading
  • Electronic compass
  • 360-degree detection


  • No GPS

3. Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra has always been giving away quality electronic products with great efficiency for 30 years. This one is yet another quality product of the brand with the same efficiency and maintaining its standard. The performance installing program both are praiseworthy and worth mentioning.

Its circuitry is the fastest among all in the list and thus gives much more range to its detection. This one also alerts fast and precisely. It has VG-2 and Specter undetectability feature that is it can dodge the police radars to detect the radar you will be using.

Since it is a 14 band radar specter it has several lasers and detectors to give the precise alerts. The ultra-compact design of the radar gives you enough room to fit the radar in the car and along with that the digital signal strength meter ensure the closeness of the target or the vehicle. It is more useful around the cities.

The 360-degree laser eye hunts all over the angles and alerts the user and safety alerts allows the user to know about any hazardous roads or emergency issues on roads.​

Highlighted Features

  • VG-2 and Specter alert
  • City or highway mood
  • KU band detection mode
  • Compact design
  • Super-fast sweep
  • 14 band radar detector
  • Laser detection
  • Safety alert
  • Ultra bright data display


  • Alerts timely with precision
  • Efficient
  • Good performance in traffic
  • Sensitive


  • Programming can be difficult

4. Cobra XRS9670 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra XRS9670 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector

The Cobra radar detector is an advanced one with protection towards itself and also for the user. It has the unique feature of smart power which allows it to shut off without pushing any button with the ignition. The 8 point electronic compass lets it cover and display a large area. You won't have to worry about your speed if you have this radar detector in your car. It is also easy to fit in the car.

The great performance of the radar detector is remarkable with POP mode and city mode which will allow you to drive without any tension in city areas. In busy streets, it won't gives wrong signals or alerts. The circuitry used in it has slightly fast enough to give any function advance warning that would help the driver.

The magnetic compass that it has helped a lot to keep detecting nearby places for any alerts and the IntelliMute pro helps to stop any type of wrong warnings. In addition, it has safety alerts for any emergency alerts, strobe alerts for alerting about the traffic lights. dim modes for the night or low light readable display, which turns out to be a vital feature to have.​

Highlighted Features

  • Sweep circuitry
  • Extra detection range
  • Advance warning system
  • Digi view text display
  • Magnetic compass
  • Tone alert
  • Signal strength meter
  • Laser eye
  • IntelliMute and pro
  • Ensure VG-2 and specter's undetectability
  • Manual mute
  • Dim mode
  • City/highway mode


  • Faster detection
  • Long range for detection
  • Precise
  • Great display text


  • City mode might still give extra alerts

5. Whistler CR90 High Performance Laser Radar Detector

Whistler CR90 High Performance Laser Radar Detector

The Whistlers CR radar detector is the one for the drivers who just loves to fly instead of driving. The radar detector has been made sensitive to even little detections. This is one of the best radar detectors on the list and anywhere you will look for a radar detector. Though it is a 4 band radar detector it is of a high standard with proper management of speed of the car and also 360-degree angle is covered to get any signals which can be helpful for the user.

The 3 city modes manage not to give the user fake alert of normal traffics and to the users help it also has a mute mode. The safety mood of the device keeps you aware of the roads, any emergency cases on the roads and many other things. The most important thing that this radar detector can do is that it ensures that your radar detector can't is detected by the VG-2 and Specter radars of police.

This one is literally a high functioning radar detector with zero occurrences of error, the radar detector that you can blindly rely on. The built-in GPS of the radar detector analyses the database for giving the driver essential warnings about the traffic, police vehicles and cameras.​

Highlighted Features

  • 360 degree coverage
  • 4 band protection
  • Alert priority
  • Reduces false alert
  • Built-in GPS
  • Ka sensitivity
  • External audio jack
  • Low emission design
  • Battery saver


  • Precise Alerts
  • Database analysis
  • All round protection
  • Efficient


  • Ka sensitivity sometimes don't help much

6. Whistler CR85 High Performance Laser Radar Detector

Whistler CR85 High Performance Laser Radar Detector

There are only 4 bands which are used for speed calculation and guess what this very radar detector can detect them all. Also, it can enable the VG-2 and Specter to not to detect itself. Which is to me an awesome feature to have.

Whistler CR85 is one of the best high-performance radar detectors on the market with the best detecting capabilities. It has 4 bands for calculating the speed. Since it covers a 360 degree of coverage it doesn't miss any details and any alerts whatsoever. The design and features are so precise that it won't give wrong alerts by assuming the traffic to be the police vehicle or anything to alert about which actually is not.

The real voice technology is not something you will get with every radar detector, that this radar detector has already. This one is very interesting and fun, thus it articulates the detections of the radar loudly and clearly to the understanding level.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 band protection
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Low signal emission
  • Advanced warning with extra range
  • Don't allow the VG-2 and Specter to identify this very radar detector
  • Alert priority can be set
  • Reduces voice alerts
  • Filters mode
  • 3 city/highway modes


  • Excellent coverage range
  • Clarity in voice alerts
  • Modes are perfect
  • Advance technology


  • Mute mode unavailable

7. Cobra XRS9570 Voice Alert 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector

Cobra XRS9570 Voice Alert 14 Band Radar/Laser Detector

The Cobra brand has always been a popular name in the market of radar detectors. A very good percentage of drivers trust in Cobra radar detectors for its efficiency and precision. The Cobra XRS9570 is yet another advanced and ultra compact radar detector, which will not only fit in your car perfectly but also perform the best among the radar detectors. It can do everything that a radar detector is designed of, starting from it fast circuitry for catching the extra miles of range along with its excellent display, city/highway modes, and other alerts.

It has a unique POP mode which can easily collect the latest radar gun POP alert. Since it is a 14 band radar detector it can show 7 radar signals with 6 laser signals and there is also 1 safety signal. The 6 laser signals come with 360-degree detection, for which the radar detector never misses any alert. This never missing alert also becomes a pain, when driving in the city area. Because in city streets there are so much traffic that it can give fake signals. For that the radar city or highway mode, which is able to analyze police vehicles and normal traffic cars.

Maximum police vehicles have VG-2 and Specter alerts to detect which cars are using radars, but the good thing is they can't detect this cobra radar detector. The voice alert along with other alerts, warns the driver if any police vehicles are following them or near them. In every category, this radar detector is one of the best one in the market. It as an excellent display, good alerting capability, and 360-degree detection capability.​

Highlighted Features

  • Voice alert function
  • Fast sweep circuitry
  • POP mode
  • Undetectable by VG-2 and Specter
  • City/highway modes
  • 14 band radar detector
  • Digi view display
  • Improved range
  • Digital signal strength meter
  • Auto mute
  • Dim mode
  • Laser eye
  • KU band detection
  • Safety alert


  • Compact design
  • High performance
  • Memory function
  • Efficient
  • Good performance
  • Correct


  • KU-band protection not always helpful

How Radar Detector works?

The radars very much work as the radio works, that is, by the dint of microwaves. It can receive a different range of wavelengths. As the cheaper radios function almost the same as the expensive ones, cheap radar detectors also work the same with a slightly different performance quality, but negligible.

Features to Consider before buying Best Radar Detector Under 200

Here we are going to discuss the features that you have to think about on the basis of your need with a relation to higher or lower price.


This feature is the most valuable one for radar detectors. Try to buy higher sensitivity radar detectors for the car. Because often the duty officers or the police hides behind many things, thus making a barrier against the radar detectors. The higher sensitivity radar detectors will detect even the hidden objects of consideration.


The second feature that you would definitely want to have on your radar detector with a long variety is the range. The more the range the more the radar detector will be able to detect the patrol cars.

Usage of Mode

Radar detectors have different types of mode usage. This usage of mode helps to achieve the fullest from a radar detector. It helps to detect the corresponding in, unlike surroundings.


The screen of the radar detector has to be precise because the reading is everything you will need, all the other things are virtually helpful. You should always check the screen if it is clearly visible in both at day and night.


The size of the radar detector is crucial. The smaller sized radar detectors are more useful because they can easily fit in your car and the reading is also easy with the small ones.

Spectre 1 and VG-2 Undetectable

This is one of the detailed features you would definitely like to have on your radar detector. This particular option makes your undetectable to the duty officers. That is the specter 1 and vg-2 of police can't detect your radar detector.

14 Band Detection

It is a combination of 14 functions done by the radar detector, which includes 1 safety signal, 7 radars, and 6 lasers. These 14 function together is named as 14 band detection and try to get this feature on your radar detector.

Voice Alert

Many of the radar detectors come with voice alert feature, by using which you will be able to either set the voice or tone to alert you the news.


The radar detectors often provide unnecessary alerts which are of no use. To neglect those alerts you will find the auto mute and intelligent mute option in many radar detectors as so you can volume down those alerts or mute it.

Battery Saver

With the battery saver option, you can use one radar detector for a longer time. Because the battery saver mood turns the radar off after a certain period of time. In many radar detectors, you can choose the time and in many, there is a specific time.

Safety Alerts

This functioning alert will turn out to be an important one even if it doesn't seem like one here. It will alert about the hazardous roads, danger, blocked roads or some sort of delay can't etc.

Dimmed Display

This feature allows the display to dim itself when there is sufficient light and will increase the light when needed. Thus makes the radar detector more sensitive.

Final Verdict

You will find the most expensive radar detectors doing almost the same work as the radar under 200 bucks. Then why would you bother to buy an expensive one? You can easily change the radar detector after 1 year or 2 years of use if you doesn't like the one. Since it is a necessary equipment to have in your car, go for the affordable ones. The above mentioned explained features will help you to consider the best radar detector under 200 for yourself. You can drive fast without being given speed ticket.

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