Top 10 Best Travel Irons

What is any house without any iron? An iron is an electrical appliance that we use and require on a daily basis to flatten out the unsightly and hideous creases and fold off our clothes before heading out for an important meeting or visit. A travel iron, unlike a full sized regular iron, gives you the added advantages of being lightweight, and compact. The travel iron is designed to be packed into your luggage while you travel or take up minimal shelf space if you’re a single resident and have little space to spare.

Best Pick

Rowenta 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron, Brown, DW5080 The Rowenta 1700 –Watt travel iron is our best pick because it is one of the most powerful iron, with a functional design, superior steam distribution and advanced cleaning, and refill mechanism.

​Budget Pick

Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot 800-Watt Travel Iron, GCSBTR-100-000 The Sunbeam travel iron is our budget pick because it is great value for money- it provides superior heating and comes in a compact, lightweight design, and budget-friendly price tag.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Travel Irons

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1. Rowenta 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron, Brown, DW5080 

Rowenta 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron, Brown, DW5080

Highlighted Features

  • The auto shut-down feature will turn off iron when not in use
  • Anti-calcium system- use tap water directly; an auto-cleaning system for longevity
  • Precision nose, non-stick, stainless steel soleplate
  • 400 steam hole for superior steam distribution; steam-burst features
This brown and white travel steam iron from Rowenta packs in a stylish design, powerful features, and quality German build- all in one product. Its smooth soleplate and precision tip can acces tough corner and flatten out creases. The soleplate is made of stainless steel and features 4000 holes to spray about 35g/min of water- a number that will result in effective ironing of evening the toughest creases or folds. The unit delivers an output of 1700 Watts. The self- cleaning feature is pure joy- any distractions or accidental burns can be cleaned easily. The iron has a 10-ounce capacity water storage area and you can easily view when a refill is needed. The anti-calcium system of this iron means you can directly input water from the tap. The storage area also prevents leak or drip of water. There are various steam levels and you can select your desired one by turning the large dial. The unit also has safety turn-off feature in three modes- the iron will automatically shut down if it is kept vertically for 8 minutes, or face-on or side-on for 30 seconds.


  • Excellent value for money- loaded with features and worth the money
  • Durable, strong cord of optimal length; does not get entangled due to swivel motion
  • Convenient location of the water-spray button
  • Great build, heavy but not bulky- presses down on clothes to remove wrinkles
  • Time-saving- it’s a power-horse, works fast and effectively


  • Some people may have difficulty filling in the reservoir tank; others noticed leak sometimes and a few more users said the iron stopped steam-ironing if the reservoir was anything but full
  • The iron seems to be temperamental – users point out that it steams for some time and quits steaming quite suddenly
  • A large number of users notices rusty water leaking through the vents or even the steam holes at the bottom after several months of use, leaving rust stains on clothes
  • The auto-shut-down mechanism works too quickly and will shut down the unit if you don’t use it for a while

2. Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot 800-Watt Travel Iron,  GCSBTR-100-000

Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot 800-Watt Travel Iron, GCSBTR-100-000

Highlighted Features

  • Indicator light to notify when hot
  • Compact design, comfortable grip, heats up like a full-sized iron
  • Dual voltages- 240V and 120V; 800-Watts of power
  • The dial for controlling the heat features numerous settings (including a minimum and a maximum)

This steam iron from Sunbeam features a compact and functional design. It has multiple purchase option, all in the color light blue- 2-pack, 3-pack, 4-pack, and 5-pack. The indicator light at the top notifies you when the iron is hot enough to use. The water reservoir is at the top of the unit and is easy to access and fill. The Shot of Steam features allows great distribution of steam for efficient ironing and removal of wrinkles.

The unit has dual voltages- 240V and 120V and delivers an output of 800-Watt for superior performance. The tip and design help you iron hard-to-access places of the clothes. The non-stick sole plate is built to last. The small sized iron works like a wonder and is comfortable to hold and use, and is comparable to full-sized model in terms of quick heating, effective pressing, and steam distribution


  • The light indicator notifies you when the iron is hot for use-but no indication or alert system to notify you that the iron is on
  • The minimum heat setting actually makes the iron cool to touch without plugging off
  • Excellent and rapid heating; takes one to two minutes to heat up


  • A few users reported f internal rusting and rust stains left behind on clothes
  • Users complained of leaks and water oozing out from the back
  • The steam shot button doesn’t work very well-it is a good iron, minus the steam feature

3. BLACK+DECKER IR03V Easy Steam Compact Iron

BLACK+DECKER IR03V Easy Steam Compact Iron

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-drip technology; Smooth glide surface which has holes for superior steam distribution
  • Two buttons for different steam outputs- a gentle mist of fine steam and a burst of steam
  • Vertical spout for spraying steam onto hanging clothes and drapes

This blue, grey and white iron from Black+Decker comes in three models- Anti Drip with Smart Steam, Anti-Drip with smart Steam and Auto Shut-off, and Compact Iron with Variable Steam. The stylish design and compact shape make it comfortable to hold and efficient to use.

The unit features a True Glide manufactured non-stick sole plate that glides smoothly across all fabric types, providing efficient heating. The unit features an automatic steam output depending on the temperature level selected. The dial is conveniently located, for ease of control and features six different levels of heat.

You can produce a burst of high steam or gentle steam, depending on the requirements of your fabric. An additional steam vent provides vertical steaming for curtains, clothes in hangers, etc. There is no button to turn off or adjust the steam levels.

This is one of the cheapest available iron in the market and is especially favored by people on budgets or students. This iron doesn’t have variable steam settings and the vent for refilling the reservoir with water was found to be small for some users.

No off-button is provided, except for the auto shut off feature on some models where it shuts down after keeping vertically still for 8 minutes or 30 seconds when over a fabric. Some people find it risky; they’d rather plug it off. Some people had issues with the indicator light on-off mechanism: the light went off quite suddenly and took a long time to switch back on.


  • The dials are located inconveniently because holding the handle displaces the dial and makes it difficult to read
  • Drips a lot- leaving wet stains on clothes
  • The reservoir does not have any over- water spills out whatever way you position the iron. Also, the odd angle of the spout makes it increasingly difficult to refill without spilling
  • Poorly designed


  • This is lightweight and compact
  • Heats up well and fast and irons creases at hard-to-access places

4. Reliable Ovo 150GT Portable Steam Iron

Reliable Ovo 150GT Portable Steam Iron

Highlighted Features

  • A single voltage of 120V
  • Safety sleep mode on; power light indicator
  • A water reservoir is placed conveniently at the back

This travel iron from Reliable is white and blue in color and features innovation in design. The iron is lightweight and compact. The indicator light alerts you when the iron is hot enough and ready for use. Unlike a lot of irons, however, this unit runs on a single voltage of 120V only. The small size, however, comes with a slight disadvantage of the iron tipping over. If you’re not careful, the iron may drop and the plastic parts are prone to cracking.

One of the major design flaws of the unit would be the lack of a separate handle for grip: you must hold the body of iron to press on the clothes and this may be difficult if it the body gets hot. The unit produces continuous steam spray for efficient ironing.

The reservoir is located at the back of the unit so the user doesn’t accidentally open it or remove its cover. The unit has a tiny stand that can be folded in when not in use and can be folded out to make the iron stand vertically.


  • Produces sufficient heat for use as an additional iron, a travel iron or a quilting iron
  • The unit is ease to stand, and store and carry


  • Insufficient heat generated for large sized clothes
  • Does spit or leak quite a lot

5. Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage

Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage

Highlighted Features

  • Delivers 420-Watts of power; a dual voltage- 120V and 240V
  • 7.5ft power cord provides ample length for power supply
  • Three temperature settings and one-touch steam control button
  • Comes with a measuring cup of water refill and travel bag

Perfect for quilting and travelling, this compact mini travel iron steals the show- this attractively designed iron runs on dual voltage – 120V and 240V. It has a comfortable which features easy to access buttons and temperature control settings.

The iron has a white body, grey soleplate with a green temperature dial. The dial has three temperature settings, which work on different types of fabrics and a one-touch button for steam control. The reservoir is easy to fill and can contain 1.4 oz. water. The iron comes with a measuring cup for easy refill and a travel bag for easy of carrying. The product is equipped with a 2-year warranty.

Despite the small size, this iron produces lots of heat, comparable to a full-sized iron. It is great for quilting, sewing and pressing patchworks due to its rapid heating. It delivers steady steam, without dripping or spitting or leaking. It will not replace your regular iron but will be especially helpful for pressing on quilts and block works.


  • Well-designed; easy-to-access buttons
  • Lightweight; compact; handy; functional
  • Heats up readily; superior steam distribution and quality; superior heating


  • It doesn’t steam vertically
  • Its lightweight might mean it doesn’t press on the wrinkles as efficiently at times
  • A few users complained of leaks or insufficient steam or heat output

6. Ivation Travel Mini Iron

Ivation Travel Mini Iron

Highlighted Features

  • 7.5ft. cord, foldable and can be clipped for storage
  • 420-Watts of power delivered; Dual voltage
  • Three heat settings; two steam outputs

This mini travel iron, in white and grey, features innovation in design and technology. With a 7.5 ft. long cord, the cord can be wrapped and clipped around the handle for ease of carrying and storage. The mini iron features three temperature level for getting the desired heat level depending on fabric type. There are two steam modes- a high burst of steam and a gentle mist of steam.

This iron is ideal for crafts and quilting needs. The Anti-Drip technology prevents leaks, spills and resulting water stains. The soleplate is made of non-stick ceramic. It heats up readily, in 15-30 seconds. The unit has dual voltage and a one-touch control for steam output.


  • Heats up rapidly and quickly; superior heating and steam distribution
  • Lightweight; compact; small size; functional


  • No vertical steam output; no adjustable steam levels
  • Some users complained of inadequate steam
  • A few users reported of the iron breaking down after several months of usage only

7. ​PurSteam  420-WattTravel Steamer Iron Mini 

PurSteam 420-WattTravel Steamer Iron Mini

Highlighted Features

  • Dual voltage; power output of 420-Watts
  • One-touch button for steam control; variable temperature settings for different fabric types

This well-designed, lightweight, compact iron from PurSteam is ideal for road trips or craft requirements. The unit runs on dual voltage and delivers 420-Watts of power. The cord has an ample length of 6.5 ft. This mini iron features three temperature level for getting the desired heat level depending on fabric type. There are two steam modes- high burst of steam and gentle mist of steam. The cord can be clipped to the unit for ease of storage.


  • Lightweight; compact; small size, fits backpacks and sits atop your palm


  • Some users complained of broken parts or broken voltage switches
  • Doesn’t steam vertically; produces very little steam for decent ironing

8. Utopia Home Steam Iron, 1200-Watt

Utopia Home Steam Iron, 1200-Watt

Highlighted Features

  • Variable steam and heat settings depending on fabric requirements
  • 2m cord length
  • Non-stick sole plate with holes for steam output
  • 1200-Watts of power output

This blue and white steam iron from Utopia Home delivers 1200-Watts of power. It is a piece of functional and well-designed equipment. It features a dial with variable heat levels for various types of fabrics like cotton, nylon, linen, and silk.

Vertical steam can be obtained and additionally, there are adjustable steam output levels depending on whether you need a light or heavy steam.  The 2m cord length has an easy swivel for comfort while ironing and to prevent the formation of tangles.

The sole plate is non-stick and has patterned holes for superior steam distribution. It glides smoothly over fabric surface and provides even heating. The reservoir can contain up to 200ml of water which eliminates the need for frequent refills.


  • Light weight; perfect for travelling; compact
  • Functional and well-designed


  • Leaks water at times as noted by some users
  • The cord is not adequately long
  • The steam function is of poor quality- doesn’t steam evenly or steam to a great intensity
  • Some users reported problems in the auto shut-off operation- takes too long to shut down

9. SMAGREHO Mini Travel Steam Iron

SMAGREHO Mini Travel Steam Iron

Highlighted Features

  • Plastic measuring cup and travel bag included with the unit
  • 1-year warranty and great customer service
  • 1.4-ounce reservoir tank to refill when needed

This mini travel iron from SMAGREHO features a unique, red color body and a compact, lightweight design. It runs of dual voltages of 100V and 240V. The iron delivers 420-Watts of power. It heats up readily. The handle has a unique design, comfortable grip, and easy access to all the function buttons.

The iron is equipped with 1-touch control for steam and three heat settings for different types of applications. There is an indicator light to alert the user when it is hot. The soleplate is non-stick and designed to flatten out creases from hard to access locations. The unit heats up very fast and delivers high or low steam levels, as desired.


  • The on/off setting means you don’t have to unplug it each time
  • Great little iron for craft and quilting projects
  • Lightweight, small, compact; fits in backpacks; easy to stock by clipping the cord to the unit


  • The temperature dial is a little difficult to turn because the unit itself is pretty small
  • Several users complained of insufficient heat or steam generation and leaks
  • The indicator light may not work properly after a few uses

10. VASTORE Travel Mini Steam Iron

VASTORE Travel Mini Steam Iron

Highlighted Features

  • 6.5ft. cord, foldable and can be clipped for storage
  • 420-Watts of power; Dual voltage

This travel iron from VASTORE is available in an attractive design in the color polar white. It features dual voltages. It has a 6.5ft cord of ample length for ease of movement. The cord can be folded around the handled and clipped to the unit for storage. The iron has a non-stick soleplate which smoothens out creases at hard-to-access locations.

The iron is ideal for the travelers or craft enthusiasts who required a handy iron nearby to press on the seams. There are multiple heat output levels and two steam output controls- the burst mode for heavy steam on difficult creases and the light spray of steam. The design is such that it allows you to comfortably grip the handle and access the function button. The iron can comfortably sit on the palm due to its size.


  • Heats up very fast and great as an additional iron, not a replacement for your full sized one
  • Compact: perfect for travelling
  • Doesn’t leak or spill as much as most irons in the market


  • Doesn’t get sufficiently hot or produces inadequate amounts of steam
  • Some users said that it wasn’t durable enough
  • Cannot steam in the vertical direction but produces steady steam horizontally

Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel Iron

Variable Heat Settings

A variable heat setting means that the travel iron you have purchased is equipped with different heat level, which you can easily adjust depending on the type of fabric you are ironing.

Cotton and linen clothes usually require a very high level of heat while silk clothes need lower levels of heat. A variable setting will allow you to change it readily, without burning or damaging clothes.

Size and Shape

A travel iron should be small in order to fit into luggage easily. The typical iron also fits backpacks. The shape of the iron should give priority to ergonomics.

The handle of the iron should be comfortable to grip. The iron should smoothly glide over the creases and folds, applying just enough force on them.

Steam Function

Most irons have a vertical steam spray to press on hanging drapes, clothes on hangers, etc. The irons may also have variable steam options- this will help you choose whether you need a high burst of stream or a light gentle mist of fine steam would be preferable.

The perforations on the soleplate of an iron helps to distribute steam and you must make sure to pick one with sufficient holes.

Dual Voltage

Most electrical appliance in the US work on 100V or 120V but the voltage requirements may be higher in other countries that you travel- an iron with a dual voltage will make your work easier.

With just an adapter, you can you the iron on the go!

Water Reservoir

An iron can usually store about 1.5 ounces of water; some iron will store less or more than this.

The reservoir should have a securely-fitting lid or cover to prevent water leaking or coming out. The reservoir needs to hold sufficient water so you don’t need to refill frequently.


A few irons in the market come with a heat-resistant bag or travel packet to store your iron when you’re travelling. This will prevent your iron from getting damaged. In turn, it will protect other valuable items, clothes, etc.

Some other irons may come equipped with a plastic measuring cup, to make it easier to fill the reservoir with water.


A travel iron is a vital household appliance to invest in due to it convenience and efficiency. Looking at the needs of most of the users, we have compiled a list of the best travel iron available in the market. We have looked at factors like affordability, heating, weight, size, design, steam functions, shut off and safety features for making up our list. We have selected the most functional iron for your convenience.