10 Best Bluetooth Beanies For Wireless Enjoyment!

What if you could keep your head warm and listen to music at the same time? With zero dangling wires no less! Let us introduce a most innovative piece of clothing that doubles as headsets! We are talking about Beanie hats with built-in speakers and microphones. The Bluetooth Beanie hats have been created to help to cozy up in those cold, cold days while listening to music or speaking on the phone. There are Bluetooth caps galore on the internet so the struggle is real to find a good one. This is a comprehensive guide to find the best Bluetooth Beanie according to your personal taste.

Best Pick

Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie Hat With a great quality-made Speakers and more colors and designs than any other brand - this one has made our best pick. This beanie is well made, it’s 100% acrylic fabric making it soft as a kitten and it has the most versatile styles. That is, there is something for everyone here.

​Budget Pick

Soundbot SB210 Wireless Smart Beanie This one stole our hearts with its sensible design and great sound quality. Despite being affordable, it offers loud, clear music and calling experience. It is substantially thick, soft and covers the ears. Extra points to this for keeping the sound inside, no one will hear what you’re listening to through the beanie.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Bluetooth Beanies

We have selected some of the quality made Bluetooth Beanies with great features. They are listed below. You can see why we think they are good picks along with some of their highlighted features. For your convenience, each product review will have a pro and con section. Let's jump straight into the Beanies, hats, and caps with Bluetooth! [table id=113 /]

1. Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie Hat 

Rotibox Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Highlighted Features

  • 100% acrylic fabric
  • Bluetooth V4.1 technology
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • wireless range up to 33 feet
  • Built-in stereo speaker and microphone
  • 6 hours talking or playing time
  • 60 hours of standby time
  • USB charging cables are included
  • Comes with user manual
  • Fully washable
  • Speakers and microphone are easy to pop in and out
This Bluetooth beanie is a blend of fashion and tech that can play up to 6 hours of music while keeping the wearer warm and comfortable. It does both without the hassle of any earbuds or tangles of wires. It has two Bluetooth speakers secured over the ears which essentially play the music. The sound quality of the speakers is loud and crisp. It also has a microphone that can be used to answer calls. One sneaky advantage here is the hands-free operating option. It allows you to answer calls without taking out your phones. You don’t have to worry about the calls’ quality here since both the wearer and the person on the other side can hear each other loud and clear. But first things first, before using it needs to be charged using the USB cable that’s included. To pair it with your device, press the on/off button in the control panel. Important note, this control panel will go over your left ear when the hat is on. Then turn on Bluetooth on your device and select the name of the beanie. If a password is needed, use 0000. The control panel has options to skip back and forth on your playlist. We love the Bluetooth beanie for this because our short attention spans can’t handle listening to a whole song sometimes! Since this is a clothing item along with Bluetooth speaker, we have to talk about the beanie’s quality as well.  It is made of very soft acrylic fabric. It is fully washable but please remember to take out the electronics before washing the hat, those are not waterproof. All in all, Rotibox offers you a nicely made beanie with built-in Bluetooth speakers and a microphone. Each piece features great quality. That is why we think it is one of the best Bluetooth Beanies you can find.


  • Genuinely warm
  • Battery life is good – runs more than 6 hours in reality
  • Sound quality is excellent
  • Great fit
  • Good customer care


  • Might take a few tries to connect at first
  • Can not be folded from the bottom because of the speakers
  • Does not have noise cancellation

2. Soundbot SB210 Wireless Smart Beanie

Soundbot SB210 Wireless Smart Beanie

Highlighted Features

  • Secure-fit mobility
  • Bluetooth v4.1
  • Supports Bluetooth Headset and Hands-free
  • Rechargeable 100 mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • Supports micro USB charging
  • Only 1 hour to charge
  • Talking time - up to 8 hours and music Playing time - 5 hours
  • Bluetooth Module will have a warranty for one year
  • 30 days warranty for Beanie
  • Material – 50% acrylic, 50% polyester
Soundbot is a well-known name in the world of high quality, affordable Bluetooth speakers and headphones. This Bluetooth beanie of theirs is no exception. It has high-performance stereo loudspeakers that provide you with loud HD music. This is an essential perk for the music lovers who appreciate every tiny detail in songs. The speakers feature advanced digital sound that maintains balanced deep bass along with dynamic mid-range and crystal-clear high notes. Only if you crank up the volume to the maximum level, others around you might hear the sound faintly. That is if your surrounding is very quiet. We are happy to report that its connectivity is great. It connects quickly to any device that supports Bluetooth with no trouble at all. Bluetooth version 4 has been used in this beanie. The control panel is intuitive and easy to use with only three buttons. The panel goes over one ear and looks discreet enough so that people will not understand what they are looking at. If you want to stealthily listen to a podcast or music then you might want to check this one out. We were also impressed by its battery life. Its 100 mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery can go on for about 7 hours of talking and plays music for 5 hours straight. It takes about two hours to charge with included Micro USB cable. The beanie itself is super warm because it is made with a blend of acrylic and polyester fabric. The electronics are quickly removable because they are secured with zipper and Velcro tape. Another thing worth mentioning is that the beanies are ribbed and fit snug and tight.


  • Adjustable headset placement with Velcro tape
  • Loud music without others being able to hear


  • Might be too tight for those with bigger heads
  • Not many designs or colors available
  • No noise cancellation

3. Qshell Mens Womens Outdoor Bluetooth Music Beanie Hat

Qshell Mens Womens Outdoor Bluetooth Music Beanie Hat

Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth version 4
  • The fabric used - Lycra
  • The frequency of Bluetooth is from 2.402GHz to 2.480Ghz
  • Rechargeable Li-polymer battery
  • Runtime is up to six hours
  • Standby time can be up to sixty hours
  • Takes two and a half hours to charge
Qshell Bluetooth Beanie provides you with great quality music with its built-in stereo speakers. It is perfect for wearing while working out or on outdoor games like skiing, camping or even dog walking. The volume can be turned up to a certain limit on the speaker unit of the beanie. If that does not seem to be enough, you can increase the volume of your phone. The Bluetooth has a range of 33 feet which makes sure that the sound will not cut off if you want to move around the house wearing the hat. This Beanie has a long-lasting battery life. It can play 6 hours of uninterrupted music. So, if you’re commuting you will be all set with Qshell’s beanie once you have fully charged it. The beanie comes with a Micro USB charger and the charging time is about two and a half hours. Before using it, you will need to charge the device first. To pair it with your device, press the ON/OFF button. You will notice a blue-red light. It will then automatically enter pairing mode. Please make sure your device is visible to all nearby Bluetooth connections. The connection is stable and consistent once you connect it with a device. On to the actual beanie, it is made of Lycra fabric, which is excellent for retaining shape in wool. This cap sports one of the most versatile designs. There are tiny visors or woolen braids coming down from both sides in some designs. We highly appreciate Qshell for thinking of fashion along with the quality of the speakers.


  • Thin enough to fit under skiing helmet or motorcycle helmet
  • Stable connection with up to 50 feet range
  • Great for using while commuting
  • Easily works for around a year


  • Not for people with larger heads
  • Not very suitable for men
  • No noise cancellation

4. Zibaar Bluetooth Beanie

Zibaar Bluetooth Beanie

Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth version 4.1 is used
  • Blend of Acrylic and polyester fabric
  • 30 mm speaker unit
  • Great frequency response
  • Rechargeable Li-polymer battery
  • Works up to five hours continuously
  • Takes only an hour to charge
  • Calls can be answered hands-free
Zibaar Bluetooth beanie is great for listening to music or receive calls hands-free without needing any earbuds. Which saves the wearer from the trouble of losing those and aching ears. The electronics inside are very reliable. It works fine even in extremely cold weather where batteries tend to suffer. You can charge it using the charging cable the manufacturer provides with the beanie. Once it is fully charged, you can use it for four to five hours. It charges fairly quickly. It takes only an hour to charge which is excellent compared to its competitors. It is also designed to be protected from over-current, overcharge and overheated circuit. The built-in speakers are stereo speakers. There is one per ear. Their performance is great considering the price point. You can hear the high notes and lower sounds distinctly. You need to take the speakers out before washing the beanie. Keep in mind that they take considerably long time to dry after a wash. But more on the headset, it comes with a microphone that you can use for answering calls hands-free. We could not talk about this one without mentioning the designs. The beanie looks and feels nice-quality. Their design is great for both men and women. We especially love the color of BB22 Mix Blue since it would virtually go with any skin tone or hair color. Overall, despite being lower-end, Zibaar Bluetooth hats are quality made and has all the essential features we could ask for.


  • Affordable compared to other Bluetooth beanies
  • Great fit: fits both average and larger heads
  • Good connectivity – connects well with any device
  • Good quality
  • Charges quickly


  • The electronics might move around a bit
  • Runtime is comparatively lower
  • Only usable in very cold weather
  • No noise cancellation
  • Longevity is questionable

5. Mydeal Winter Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Mydeal Winter Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Highlighted Features

  • 4.1 Bluetooth Version
  • Made of acrylic fabric
  • Ten meters transmission distance
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Works six hours on one charge
  • Holds charge for sixty hours on standby mode
  • Two and a half hours to charge
  • Completely washable after taking out the electronics
Mydeal has designed their Bluetooth hats to be worn with comfort. The hats have built-in Bluetooth stereo speakers. This allows you to keep your head from growing cold and listen to music at the same time. The headset also features a microphone that you can use for hands-free calling. This would be the perfect gift for your boss or a relative who loves to groove to music while jogging or working. Mydeal has a selection of stylish Bluetooth hats. Their hats are simultaneously lightweight and warm. The dimension of this hat ensures that they fit most head sizes. Some of their caps are very masculine and some feminine. The speakers can be manipulated by the control module. It is a two-inch square. It might look like a patch to someone who’s not paying close attention. It has a button for turning it on and off plus answering calls and two to change songs. This takes two and a half hours to charge and works continuously for six hours. It retains the charge for sixty hours on standby. The manufacturer includes instructions for pairing it with devices. It is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. Please remember that the Bluetooth range is 33 feet-uninterrupted. That is, basically if there is something between you and your phone, the sound can cut off a little. The beanie is well-made with acrylic fabric. The inside is not fleece lined but still sufficiently warm.


  • Dual layer Soft Acrylic
  • The sellers are very co-operative
  • Has soft low voice announcements when Bluetooth is connected
  • Easy to take out the speakers for washing purpose
  • Fantastic range


  • The padding between ears and the speakers is very thin
  • Sometimes you can get a faulty one but the company offers a refund
  • No noise cancellation

6. Qshell Bluetooth Beanie Hat Washable Music Cap

Qshell Bluetooth Beanie Hat Washable Music Cap

Highlighted Features

  • 4.1 Bluetooth version is used
  • Fits almost everyone
  • Beanie is made of soft acrylic fabric
  • Can transmit sound within 10 meters
  • Plays music continuously for six hours
  • Keeps charge for sixty hours if kept on stand-by
  • Takes two and a half hours to charge
  • A manual is included in the package
Qshell has yet another Stylish and efficient Bluetooth beanie hat to offer. It is perfect to wear out in cold weather. You can listen to podcasts or music with the built-in Bluetooth speakers while wearing the hat. The speakers are secured underneath the lining. They are easily removable if you want to give the hat a wash. The module also specializes in hands-free calls. You can just press the on/off button and answer calls. The calls can be heard loud and clear. Although, it might seem like you are talking to yourself. Other than that, it is a great feature to make use of. Especially if you don’t want to get your hands cold. The sound of Qshell Bluetooth beanies is really good. It is loud enough to hear in outside noise but the sound gets absorbed in the hat so it’s not audible from outside. As the brand advertises, the battery life is good. You can charge the device with the USB charging cable that’s included with the beanie. It will run for about six hours after that. This hat pairs very quickly with iPhones. It is compatible with any other device that supports Bluetooth as well. The manufacturer included an instruction manual with the beanie. You can use that if you are having trouble pairing it with your phone or manipulating the controls. The beanies are sure to appeal to your inner indie side. The designs are very earthly, with muted and blended colors. They also have a black-yellow stripped style for the bumblebee lovers out there. The hat is lined with polar fleece on the inside so you will not any problem wearing it in severe cold days.


  • Simple to charge
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Very warm
  • Bluetooth connects immediately
  • Sound quality is great
  • Quality of beanie is very well made
  • Great customer care service


  • Can be too big or small Depending on the size of the head
  • Positions of speakers are not adjustable
  • Only usable in very cold weather
  • No noise cancellation

7. ​Moretek Wireless Bluetooth Beanie 

​Moretek Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Highlighted Features

  • The latest version of Bluetooth
  • The range is up to ten meters
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Plays music for six hours
  • Holds charge for sixty hours is not being used
  • Takes two and a half hours to charge
  • Connects to all Bluetooth supported device
  • Lightweight
Moretek Bluetooth caps feature an ergonomic design. They provide you with a cap with Bluetooth speakers which go over your ears when you put the cap on. There is no need to wear any additional headphones since the sound comes out of little cuts on the fabric that covers the speakers. The sound quality is good. It’s sufficiently loud to listen to music when you’re working out, dog walking or have to work outside in general. Although the company advertises it as washable, there is no way to naturally get the speakers out from the hat. You can probably take them out by cutting it but then you will have to attach zippers to keep them in. So, we would say it’s better not to wash them. The Bluetooth connection is alright but not excellent. It might crackle occasionally if you are a little out of range. The battery life is great. It holds battery for about six hours just like its better peers. The main advantage of this hat is that it is great value for money. It includes a complete charging unit, not just a USB cable, with the package. You can charge it directly from a socket without having to turn your computer on. We were pleasantly surprised by the pair of touch gloves that come with the hat. You can use your phones while wearing the gloves. They are comfy and work really well with any touchscreen.


  • Good fit for almost anyone
  • Sound quality is great
  • Very affordable compared to other brands
  • Easy to charge since they give you the whole charging unit
  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity


  • Only one design
  • The beanie is not great quality
  • Does not cover your ears completely
  • Occasional static sounds
  • No noise cancellation

8. GUGER Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

GUGER Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Highlighted Features

  • Advanced Bluetooth version 4.2
  • The range is up to 10 meters uninterrupted
  • Microphone’s range is 1 meter
  • Li-ion battery is used
  • Two hours to charge
  • Can be charged more than a thousand times
  • Holds charge for about thirty hours
  • Works about four hours once fully charged
Gauger Bluetooth beanie offers a big knitted hat with stereo speakers and microphone. The hat is large enough to perfectly fit over big messy buns. It is floppy on top if you don’t do buns. It keeps you toasty and comfortable. Back to the speakers, the sound quality of this beanie is fantastic. We appreciate it more for being affordable yet coming through with crisp and loud music. The earphones are installed in the little bag sewed inside the beanie. There is one speaker for each ear. The electronics might seem too bulky to some. We can’t really complain here since it’s so affordable. It takes about two hours to charge. It has a rechargeable battery. The battery life is four hours. Note that there is no need to change batteries frequently since you can recharge is for a long time. It is very easy to sync with phones. Bluetooth range is also good. The good thing about the mic is that it’s compact. There will be no visible mic on your face. The calls are crystal clear. One noteworthy thing is that the control panel is not discrete. It is bright blue and clearly has ‘music hat’ written on it. We wouldn’t wear this to jobs where listening to music is not allowed.


  • Washable and designed for re-use
  • One or two folds in the brim do not affect sound quality
  • Great value for the price point
  • Sound comes through all the around hat, not just the control
  • Great sound quality
  • Connects quickly


  • The icons on the control panel might not align perfectly with the options. You might need to tweak it a little bit manually.
  • Only three designs
  • No noise cancellation options

9. Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Highlighted Features

  • Latest Bluetooth version
  • Transmits music on a ten-meter range
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Plays music for up to six hours
  • Holds charge for about sixty hours if it’s not laying music
  • Takes two and a half hours to charge
  • Made up of acrylic and polyester fabric
The Tenergy Bluetooth beanie has the most advanced Bluetooth technology. It pairs with smartphones very easily and fast. The connection is stable and reliable to wear during skiing, snowboarding, running, working out or holiday travel. It has a built-in microphone that can be used for answering calls hands-free. The calls can be clearly heard through the fabric of the beanie. The music is also surprisingly great. The bass is really good for the size of this speaker. The battery is rechargeable and long-lasting. There are bright indicator lights that turn on when your battery is charging. We really like this since there is no confusion if the device is charging or not. We think this one is geared towards teens. They come in fun and bright colors and knitted in braided cable style. Of course, it is also suitable for anyone else. The hat is washable after taking out the speakers and mic, which is easy to do. The controls are also very responsive. It is fleece lined so there is no need to worry about warmth.


  • The buttons can be used changing the volume
  • The inner lining is fleeced (must have for winters)
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Makes a great gift for teens
  • Can be charged using the standard android charger
  • There are lights to indicate the hat is charging


  • You might have to speak a little loud during calls
  • Connection range might not be very good
  • No noise cancellation

10. TOPPLE Bluetooth Beanie Hat

TOPPLE Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Highlighted Features

  • CD-like HD stereo music
  • CSR V4.0 Bluetooth
  • built-in microphone
  • 7-8 hours extra-long run time
  • The material will not shrink after wash
  • 100% risk-free 18 months warranty
TOPPLE’s Bluetooth beanies are double knitted with integrated portable Bluetooth headphones. They keep you warm and lets you enjoy music in the cold without any wires. The dynamic stereo headphones provide HD clear sound. The sound quality of music is CD like. Moreover, you can hear phone calls unobstructed thanks to it’s CVC noise cancellation technology. This is our favorite feature since it can get really tricky to hear calls in noisy places. Its super long runtime is also a great perk. It plays music for up to 8 hours continuously. The charging time is only one and a half hours, which is a lot less than some of its competitors. The speakers are nicely secured with zippered pouches. They are easy to remove and stay put when inside. The control module can be used to turn the volume up and down, answer calls and to change songs. It responds quickly and is easy to reach. The material of the beanie does not shrink after washing. There is an eighteen-month warranty period so you can contact the seller if anything goes wrong. This beanie has all the best features we want in a Bluetooth beanie and then some. Needless to say, it is one of our most favorite picks.


  • CVC noise cancellation technology for clear phone calls
  • Crisp and clear audio
  • Zippered pouch for electronics – easy to remove
  • Connecting to devices is quick and easy
  • Battery lasts longer compared to other beanies


  • The speakers might not sit right for bigger or smaller head shapes
  • Noise cancellation does not work for music
  • No notifications for low battery

Things to Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Beanies

Bluetooth Beanies are an amazing fusion of clothing and technology. They keep your head warm and simultaneously provide you with music – without needing any earbuds. You can listen to music and answer calls with the Bluetooth beanies. Moreover, you can ignore the outside world in a public transport or give your steps a new spring with music while working out. One of the best features of these beanies is that they are completely wireless. Another great thing is that your headphones would not dig into your ears from the pressure of your beanie since they just have little holes that work as speakers. Do not worry about someone else hearing in on your business - the sound of your music does not get out! We have listed everything you need to consider before investing in a good Bluetooth beanie below:

1. Audio Quality

First and foremost, you need to consider how good the sound quality of your Bluetooth beanie is. If you are used to listening to high-quality audio then your choice of Bluetooth-beanie should have that advantage. Why sacrifice your user-experience for comfort? Some Bluetooth components offer more high-definition stereo speakers than others. For example – The sound quality of GUGER Beanie’s speakers are excellent.

2. Connectivity

The beanies come with Bluetooth versions V4.1+EDR, V4.2 and CSR V4.0&EDR. Be sure to check which one of those versions is most compatible with your devices. Some of the beanies have been found having trouble connecting to certain devices. To avoid such instances, try to make sure you are buying the one which will work best for you.

3. Controlling options

All of the Bluetooth beanies have the control panel over one ear. Most of them have the common command prompts – skip back and forth of your playlist and answering calls and ending calls. Most of the beanies have hands-free call option so you won’t need to get your phones out to answer or hang up calls. Zibaar Bluetooth Beanie gives you the most options in this arena. You can turn up or down the volume, play or Pause music and activate or deactivate SIRI on iOS devices along with the usual control prompts.

4. Battery 

One of the crucial features of these beanies is the battery life. Our selected Bluetooth beanies have 3.7V/120mA li-polymer, 100 mAh Li-polymer, 3.7V 100mAh Li-polymer Battery, 3.7V/180mA li-polymer, 3.7V/200mA, LiPO 3.7 V 130 mAh. The batteries drain differently for listening to music or talking. On average they can be used for 4 to 8 hours on one charge. The hats will drain charge very slowly if they are kept on standby. This particular time varies from thirty hours to about one hundred hours on different hats.  

5. charging options

  Most of the Bluetooth beanies come with USB cables to charge them. You can charge them on your computer or use an adapter to connect the cable and charge them on regular sockets.   Moretek includes an adapter along with the USB cable. SO, it is the easiest one to charge. You can just plug it on a regular socket. Charging the Bluetooth beanies can take from sixty minutes to up to two and a half hours.  

6. Design/Style

The design is also a very important thing to consider. You might not want to splurge on a hat to find that it doesn't go with your wardrobe at all! Luckily, The Bluetooth beanies come in a multitude of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Rotibox Bluetooth hat alone comes in more than 40 colors and patterns. My personal favorite is the green and blue blended Qshell beanie with a little bobble on top. That one definitely speaks to my inner artist. Not only colors, the materials matter too. Some hats are specifically made to wear in extreme cold and some are for less cold areas. You can find some hats with the top of the heads open. There is one made in the style of a sleeping mask. There is a lot to choose from.

7. Warranty

Before buying your hat one thing you must consider is the warranty. It there is any problem with your hat you need to have the seller fix it for you. There are some brands that offer great customer care service. Some sellers would exchange your beanie with a new one should any problem arise. Be very sure to check the warranty and/or exchange policy the company is offering. If it is not directly mentioned in the product information, contact the seller or manufacturer before buying the hat.

8. Washing options

Almost all the brands expressly say that their beanies are washable. Please keep in mind that the built-in machinery is not waterproof. You have to take them out before washing the hat. Good news is that the speakers are very easy to remove and re-install. Some of them are secured with zippers or a kept in a pouch for easy removal. Also, be sure to check that the material will not shrink after washing.

9. Longevity

Most Bluetooth hats come with at least a one year warranty and there are some with two-year warranties. So, you can expect at least one year’s use out of them. Ultimately, they should go a long time after that. Again, high-end beanies might be longer lasting than cheaper ones.

10. Comfort

Last but not the least, your comfort should be a priority while selecting your hat. The hats are made of acrylic, lycra or a mix of acrylic and polyester fabrics. Some brands do not specify what material is used to make the beanies, if that is the case, you can ask the manufacturer. You should also keep in mind that the sizes are called "One size fits most”. It is natural to have a bigger or smaller head than average. You should check the dimensions of the beanies in that case.

Final Verdict

Most important things to check before buying a Bluetooth beanie are the audio performance, quality of the material and the design. After that, you should consider how long they might last you and if you will get what you will be paying for. If you are still not sure which would be best for you - we suggest taking notes from the previous section. Maybe create a little list of features that are important to you. The beanie with most ticks would be the perfect match. We chose all the beanies for their high quality and overall performance.  They all have the essential features that are must-haves for a good beanie. Now that all the features and terms have been clearly discussed, you should be able to find the best Bluetooth Beanie for yourself.