The 10 Best Tricycles Made For Adults

You could be an adult person looking for a more fun alternative to jogging as a form of exercise, but growing up you did not quite have the chance to learn how to ride a bicycle. Moreover, now that you have a 5 to 9 job, and a house to maintain on your own, you don’t have the time to take bicycle lessons. Or you could be someone who is looking for a safe way to get around beautiful countryside and make trips from the grocery store to your house. You might consider a bicycle, but it does not give you enough space to carry your week's supply of groceries and it is not very relaxed as you would have to focus on keeping your balance. You might consider a car, but that is not eco-friendly and would cost you a fortune. These are some of the examples of a situation where the perfect solution is a tricycle. Some people might be hesitant to use a tricycle thinking they are primarily for children, but that is not entirely true. In fact, in the old times, tricycles represented an elite social status. Today, there are many designs, types, and models of tricycles that have been made to suit different users. These tricycles can be used for shopping, exercise, recreation, transporting of goods, etc. Since there are so many different purposes for using a tricycle, you can guess that there are countless different tricycles on the market as well. And it can be a time-consuming task to choose a tricycle that fits you the best. That is why we have hand-picked some of the best tricycles that exist on the market today and have discussed their strengths and weaknesses in this article so that you can be equipped with sufficient knowledge about buying your own tricycle by simply reading this article.

​Best Pick

Schwinn Meridian Full-Size Adult Tricycle Comfort and style achieve a new height in this adult tricycle from Schwinn, a renowned tricycle maker. It has features like swept-back handlebars, cruiser style saddle, and a high capacity for carrying loads that make it the best pick tricycle on our list.

Budget Pick

Goplus Adult Tricycle Trike Cruise Bike This adult tricycle offers you many useful features such as rare and front baskets, fenders on all three wheels, and a sturdy iron frame. These are features that many other tricycles do not offer even at a higher price, and that is why this tricycle is the budget pick tricycle of our list.

Quick Comparison Between The Best Adult Tricycles

Every person is different and so is their choice of tricycles that is why we have several other adult tricycles apart from our best and budget picks so that you can have a variety of options to choose from. In the next section of our article, we will walk you through the adult tricycles that we have carefully selected from hundreds of others, and give you an in-depth idea of their features, design, and construction. [table id=127 /]

1. ​Schwinn Meridian Full-Size Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian Full-Size Adult Tricycle Schwinn is a company that has been making cycles since 1895 and looking at their cycles, you would know that they know their products and the users very well. If your first priority is the comfort when it comes to a tricycle, then this cycle should not be skipped. The full frame body of the cycle for adults has a low step-through design, which means the pedals are positioned low, and this makes the cycle more stable, well-balanced and comfortable to ride. This design also makes it safer and easier to get onto and to get off, regardless of whether you have limited agility or are wearing skirts. The handles of the tricycle have a swept back design which makes it comfortable to hold on to, without having to bend your back too much to the front. The height of the handlebars can be adjusted from 37 to 40 inches, making it a suitable bike for anyone who is less than 5’10’’ tall. Once you are on the tricycle, you will be supported by a large spring cruiser style saddle, which will provide you with the cushioning and secure seating throughout your ride. The height of the saddle can be adjusted to your convenience. At the back of the tricycle, there is a large collapsible wire basket which provides you with ample space for hauling in your picnic items, school bag, grocery shopping, etc. It uses full-wrap fenders, and it not only enhances the appearance of the tricycles but also helps the cycle to stay dry and keeps debris and dirt away from the cycle’s chains. The tricycle features a single-speed gear, which means you would not need to worry about changing the speed of the tricycle, and it is a great feature to help you truly enjoy riding the tricycle for recreational purposes. It is also equipped with both rear and pull brakes so you can ride it with safety. The frame of the tricycle has been made with aluminum, which makes it sturdy, but at the same time does not make it too heavy. Reflectors have been placed on the tricycle to ensure a safe ride in dark areas and at night.


  • The aluminum frame makes the tricycle sturdy yet lightweight
  • The low step-through design makes it easy to get on and off from the bike, making it a great choice for elderly people
  • The swept-back handlebars provide you with a comfortable and upright posture while you ride the tricycle and prevents injuries to the back
  • It has a large foldable basket which can help you to carry your belongings on your commute or different items for an outdoor event
  • The seat has a spring cruiser style, which gives you a wide space to support your weight and cushioning to make your ride comfortable
  • The full wrap fenders protect the tricycle when riding through mud or wet terrains


  • If you are planning on using the tricycle for traveling over long distances, then the single-speed gear can be a restricting factor
  • It is not foldable so it might take up a large space when it is stored

2. ​Goplus Adult Tricycle Trike Cruise Bike

Goplus Adult Tricycle Trike Cruise Bike If you are looking for a tricycle to help you run errands like going to the shopping and coming back with a large amount of grocery and several shopping bags, then this could be the tricycle you have been looking for. The Goplus adult tricycle has not just one but two baskets, one at the front and one at the back. The rear basket also comes with the advantage of being foldable. To support the weight of the rider and the cargo, the cycle has been made with a strong iron frame. The manufacturers also know that grocery shopping does not stop even on rainy days that is why they have equipped all three wheels of the tricycle with full-wrap fenders to keep your cycle dry and clean as much as possible when you have to cycle through mud puddles and rain. To provide your back a comfortable support, the seat of the tricycle is made with cushioning pads and has a wide seating space. The spring below the saddle helps to absorb the pressure and make your ride comfortable even on uneven roads. The handle is made with ergonomic rubber covering so you will have a secure grip on the handle without making your palms ache. Stable, durable, and comfortable, this tricycle will be a great companion to all your shopping trips or a relaxing ride around the neighborhood.


  • It has a sturdy frame made of iron which makes it a highly durable tricycle
  • It has a front basket and a rear basket which gives you a generous amount of space for carrying your cargo and makes it a great tricycle for shopping trips
  • All three wheels of the cycle have full-wrap fenders which protect the cycle and your clothes from mud and dirt
  • It has a bell at the handle which acts as a safety measure
  • The saddle provides you with cushioning and a wide seat which allows you to cycle tirelessly


  • It has a single-speed gear so the gear cannot be changed which can be a limiting factor when you want to ride a long distance
  • It cannot be folded

3. ​Schwinn 24" Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn 24 Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle This adult tricycle is similar to the first tricycle on our list, which was also from Schwinn. However, there is one significant difference, and that is the size of the wheel. The wheel of the first tricycle had 26 inches diameter wheels, whereas this one has 24 inches diameter wheels. Hence this tricycle is for people who love the Schwinn quality and the excellent features that their tricycles have, but are shorter, or for young teenagers who are not tall enough to ride the 26 inches model. Apart from the lower height 24 inches wheels, it features a super low stand, which means that even elderly people can get on and off the tricycle very easily, without having to exert pressure on their legs. The cruiser style seating maximizes comfort as it provides your body with a cushioned support all the way through your ride. The handlebars are swept backward so that you can ride the tricycle in an upright position. The height of the handlebars and the saddle can be adjusted to suit your body size. The wheels are guarded against mud splatters by full-wrap fenders that are also geared with reflectors to ensure safety at night. At the rear of the tricycle, there is a foldable basket with generous space for carrying your bags and other items. Since the tricycle uses a single-speed gear, you would not have to concentrate on shifting the gears, which is why you can ride the tricycle with a relaxed body and mind. The tricycle also comes in a sleek slate blue color, allowing you to ride with comfort and in style.  


  • The tricycle has24 inch diameter wheels which make it a great tricycle for short or elderly people
  • The super low stand makes it very easy to get on and off the tricycle
  • The seat of the tricycle has a spring cruiser style which cushions your body and gives you a comfortable riding experience
  • There is a large foldable basket at the rear end of the tricycle where you can pack your things and carry them with you
  • The backswept handlebars allow you to ride the tricycle with an upright posture


  • It has a single-speed gear so it might be difficult to pedal uphill and for traveling a long distance

4. ​Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle If you want to spend a recreational time that is active yet relaxing, then a recumbent cycle like Mobo Triton tricycle can be a great option for you. A recumbent tricycle is a special kind of tricycle that has three wheels, just like a regular tricycle, but with a recumbent layout. This means that the rider sits on the tricycle in a reclined position and pedals at the front by stretching out the leg. This does not exert stress on your back, shoulder, elbows, or the knees like other types of cycles do, and so is an excellent option if you want to use your cycle for long-distance traveling on a relatively smooth road. As you sit in a relaxed position with a firm support at your back, you can also have a clear view at the front, and hence is great if you want to cycle near a scenic place and enjoy the view as you ride, for example at a beach. Compare to a traditional tricycle, the recumbent tricycle has a low center of gravity which maximizes the stability, which means there is very little chance of the tricycle tipping over, and hence is a safe choice for people who are not confident with their cycle riding skills. The maneuvering of the tricycle can be done simply by steering the two joysticks that are on both sides of the tricycle and hence you steer the tricycle using your hands on the joystick, it gives you a stress-free riding experience. The length between the front wheel and the rear part of the tricycle can be easily adjusted to fit any rider between the heights of 4’2” to 6’3”. The frame of the Mobo Triton tricycle is constructed from high-tensile steel, which is a steel that is commonly used to make cycles as it can withstand deformation or bending under high pressure. At the back of the tricycle, there is a safety flag which helps you to be visible on the road.


  • It is a recumbent style tricycle so the rider can sit in a reclining position which allows you to cycle for a long time without exerting stress on your shoulders, knees, elbows, back, etc
  • As the center of gravity is low in the recumbent tricycle, it provides maximum stability and allows you to ride safely and with confidence
  • The length between the front and the rear parts of the tricycle can be adjusted to fit the height of the rider
  • There are two joysticks that can be steered using the hands to maneuver the tricycle
  • The frame of the cycle is made of high-tensile steel which prevents bending and deformation
  • The tricycle has a chain-free design so there is no risk of a chain slipping or being jammed
  • It is a great tricycle for rehabilitation purposes and for people with medical conditions of the bones and the muscles


  • The tricycle has a single-speed gear and is not very good for riding upwards on a steep road
  • It does not have space for carrying loads

5. ​Razor DXT Drift Trike

Razor DXT Drift Trike Some of us might be looking for tricycles as a relaxed recreational ride, but there are also many of us who are looking for a thrilling and action-packed ride. If you have watched cars and motorbikes drifting whether it be at a Red Bull show, in Fast and Furious, or at a drifting course, you will be amazed to know that you can also drift using a tricycle. However, the tricycle drifting or ‘trike drifting’ has several advantages over motor drifting, as it does not require a license, is not as costly as buying a drifting vehicle, is safer, and is eco-friendly as it does not consume any fuel.  Drift triking has its origins in New Zealand, but its popularity has been on the rise since the 2000s, spreading across the globe. If you want to try this exciting recreational sports on your own or with your friends, or even with your children who are 14 years and above, then Razor DXT Drift trike is a great drift tricycle to start with. The shape and size of a drift kart resemble a Mario Kart but since drift tricycles are cycles, they have three wheels, one at the front, and two at the back. However, unlike traditional tricycles, the rear wheels of the drift trikes are designed to have a low traction, which is an important feature to have for the cycle to drift. The rear wheels of this drift trike are super slider POM wheels, which allows the rider to achieve drifting techniques such as sliding through corners, throwing a fishtail, or do a 180. The pedals are attached to the front wheel of the tricycle, and the frame has a super sturdy steel construction. The handlebars are made in a Moto-style, with soft rubber grips to give you a secure hold on the handles. The seating of the tricycle is a bucket design, to keep your body secured within the tricycle even when you are doing wild stunts using the tricycle. Although drift trikes are used for drifting, many parents use it to ride alongside their children’s Big Wheels, to revive nostalgic memories from the past and have quality fun time with their family.


  • The tricycle is made for drifting, which is a recreational sport filled with thrill and excitement
  • The rear wheels are super slider POM wheels which helps you to achieve drifting techniques
  • The bucket style seat keeps you secured even when doing crazy stunts
  • The Moto-style handlebar has soft rubber coverings which give you a secure and comfortable grip
  • It can be used by parents to ride alongside their children’s Big Wheels as the height of both cycles are similar


  • It is not designed for relaxation and is more suitable for active sport purposes
  • The rear wheels are designed to have low traction so it is not safe to be used by children who are below 14 years old

6. ​Komodo Cycling 24", 6-speed Adult Tricycle

​Komodo Cycling 24, 6-speed Adult Tricycle Although many people prefer single-speed cycles because of their simplicity, if you are planning to use your tricycle for long rides, or in areas where there are ups and downs, then it is essential to have a tricycle with gear shifting feature. This adult tricycle from Komodo Cycling has a 6-speed gear, and it means that you can change the gear to maintain a more or less constant pedaling speed so that you do not become exhausted quickly. The tricycle is very easy to get on and off from, as it has wheels with diameters of 24 inches, and also ultra-low step through design. To make the tricycle a reliable and durable tricycle, top-notch quality derailleur and shifter has been used, which are both from the renowned cycle components maker – Shimano. We are also in love with the saddle of the tricycle, which is a comfort saddle, which has been contoured with cushioning pads, and a spring-loaded support at the back of the seat. It also has a wire basket at the back for carrying your belongings with you effortlessly.


  • It has a 6-speed gear so you can change the gears while riding the cycle and maintain a steady pedaling speed which helps you to ride without exhaustion for a long time and on upward slopes
  • The components of the gear such as the shifter and the derailleur are from Shimano which is the top cycle components manufacturer
  • The saddle of the tricycle is a comfort saddle which is cushioned with paddings and has a support at the back which is connected with a spring
  • The ultra-low step-through design of the tricycle makes it easy to get on and off from the cycle
  • There is a wire basket at the back which can help you to easily carry things with you


  • If you are not used to riding cycles with multiple gears then you would need to learn it before you can use the feature to the full potential
  • It will take up space when it is parked as it is not foldable

7. ​Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle A tricycle takes up a lot of space when at its full length, and this can be a problem especially when you are trying to carry it at the back of your car, or if you live in a shared house and there is a small space to store your tricycle. If you are facing similar problems, then you might want to consider a tricycle that can be folded, just like this one from Mantis. This adult tricycle can be folded into half its length, and since the handlebars can be folded down as well, it can be stored in a very compact form, taking up as less space as possible. It has a stylish blue body made with steel, and wheels with aluminum rims, which make the tricycle highly durable. The saddle has a cruiser style and has wide sides to help you ride the tricycle comfortably. The rear end of the tricycle has a large wire basket to help you carry your things along with you. As the gear is a single-speed gear, even a beginner can enjoy riding this tricycle without having to master the gear shifting skills. We love the fact that the chain has a chain guard, which prevents dirt from getting in between the chains, allowing you to ride smoothly without any chain related issues. As the front wheel is equipped with a fender, you can ride without splattering mud or dirt on your cycle or your dress.


  • It can be folded to half its size which allows it to be stored and carried in a compact form
  • The wide cruiser style saddle supports your weight and allows you to ride comfortably
  • The front fender guards you and your tricycle from dirt and mud
  • The spacious rear basket can be used to carry things easily
  • The chain is equipped with a chain guard to protect it from dirt and damage


  • The rear wheels do not have fenders
  • It has a single speed gear which might not be the best option for long rides, or for roads with slopes

8. Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike With advanced features and an edgy design, this recumbent tricycle is a great adult tricycle for tricycle enthusiasts. The first feature of this tricycle that we want to talk about comes as a welcome surprise not only in the world of tricycles but for cycles in general. It has a reverse gear function, which means you can smoothly move backward if you wish to, and this is a rare feature to come by in any cycle. The frame of the tricycle is made of high tensile steel, which prevents bending and makes it a tricycle that will last for a long time.   The length of the frame can be easily adjusted to suit any rider within the height range of 4 feet to 6 feet 3 inches. Another feature of this tricycle that we are absolutely in love with is the adjustable seat. As this is a recumbent tricycle, you would want to sit at an inclined position when riding it. Most recumbent tricycles come with a back support so that you are stabilized and relaxed when riding it, but this tricycle brings a whole new level of adaptability to the back support. The back support is made of cushioned rollers and hence is superb at absorbing pressure which means your back would not get stiff or tired even after riding the tricycle for a long time. The angle of the reclining position can be adjusted with 6 different settings to choose from. These settings can come very handy as one day you might want to ride the cycle with the seat upright but another day you might want to ride the cycle to your favorite spot near a lake, recline the seat as far as possible and just relax and read a book. This tricycle not only helps to exercise your legs but also is a fun way to exercise your hand. There is one joystick on each side of the tricycle near the rear wheel which you can use to steer your tricycle in any direction you want. As you are moving both your legs and your arms, it acts as a workout for both your leg and arm muscles. As the tricycle has a chassis free of any chain, it does not require frequent maintenance and it is suitable for people who do not want the hassles that come with a cycle chain. At the rear end of the tricycle, there is a 3-feet tall flag that makes the surrounding traffic aware of your presence and acts as a safety flag.


  • As this is a recumbent tricycle the center of gravity is low and hence you can ride it without learning to maintain the balance and it is a very safe form of the cycle to ride
  • The pedals at the front and the dual steering joystick acts as a fun way to exercise both your leg and arm muscles
  • The length of the cycle can be easily adjusted to fit any rider within the height range of 4 feet to 6 feet 3 inches
  • It has a chain-free design so you would not have to worry about maintenance work
  • The seat has a very comfortable design and has a back support with 6 adjustable angles
  • The flag at the back makes you visible to the traffic around you
  • It has a reverse gear function using which you can move back without having to turn the tricycle around


  • It does not have gear shifting option so you would have to rely on your pedaling ability to maintain the speed
  • There is no space for carrying things

9. Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike

Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike If you are planning to use your tricycle for the daily commute to work or to school, you would want it to have a design that matches your style and have an appearance that makes you feel confident riding it in the public. This tricycle from Raleigh Bikes has an elegant design that is hard to compete against. It has a beautiful blue steel frame and a rear basket with black wires. This color tone can match any attire whether it be formal or casual and is a great option for adults who want to ride in style. The front fender helps to keep mud and dirt away from your clothing and the rear basket allows you to carry your things such as grocery bags. The front wheel has a 24-inch diameter and the rear wheels have a 20-inch diameter each, which gives the cycle a very stable design that anyone can ride without the fear of losing balance. The tricycle also features a 3-speed gear which means you can control the gear to maintain a steady pedaling speed, and prevent yourself from getting exhausted by excessive pedaling. To provide you with a comfortable seat, the tricycle has a Raleigh Comfort Tractor Saddle, which maximizes the cushioning while you are riding it. The wire basket of the tricycle can carry up to 45 lbs. of things, allowing you to easily carry your bags and groceries. At the front of the tricycle, there is a V-brake which makes the parking a lot safer and easier, which means it is safe to be used even by a beginner.


  • This tricycle has an elegant design which makes it a great tricycle for the daily commute to work or school
  • The rare basket can hold up to 45 lbs., which makes it safe for you to carry large amounts of shopping or groceries
  • The saddle is a special comfort saddle made by the same company and ensures a comfortable ride
  • The front fender and the chain guard protects your clothing from mud splatters
  • It has a 3-speed gear which prevents you from becoming tired while riding it for a long period of time or up a slope
  • To allow you to park safely, it has a V-brake at the front which supports the coaster brake at the back


  • The rear wheels do not have fenders

10. 26" Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle

26 Kent Alameda Adult Tricycle This adult tricycle from Kent Alameda is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a simple, low-maintenance, reliable, and safe tricycle. It can be used by anyone for getting around the neighborhood, daily exercise, recreation or for trips to the grocery store. A feature of this tricycle that is not present in many others is fenders for all three of its wheels. The fender or mudguard is the covering that you see on the wheels of your cycle and it helps to prevent mud, dust, or dirt to ruin your clothes and the cycle's body. However, most tricycle comes with fender for either the front or rear wheels and you would have to separately install fenders for the remaining wheels if you want to. But since this tricycle comes with fenders covering all three wheels of the tricycle, you do not have to worry about the extra work and take your tricycle out even on a rainy day. The basket at the back of the tricycle is useful for hauling in any weighty things that you have and carry it effortlessly. The saddle of the cycle is a cruise style saddle and gives you a wide space to rest your body on, and a good support for your back. As the handlebars are swept backward, you can sit in an upright position on the tricycle and ride it without damaging your posture.


  • It has an aluminum frame which makes it durable and lightweight at the same time
  • The tricycle has fenders on all three of its wheels which helps to keep mud and dirt away from you and the cycle
  • The chain guard protects the chains from damage
  • It has a rare basket for carrying things
  • The comfortable wide saddle allows you to ride your tricycle without hurting your back
  • The backward swept handlebars help you to ride with an upright posture


  • It has a single-speed gear so it might not be the best choice if you want to go on long rides or if you have to ride on upward slopes
Although you might have already found one or more tricycles on the list that caught your eyes, it is important to be fully aware of some important things regarding tricycles so that you can buy a tricycle that will fulfill your purpose and fit your personal taste. That is why the next section of our article will guide you through some of the most important things that you need to know about buying your own tricycle.

Things to Consider Before Buying an  Adult Tricycle 


Different types of adult tricycle  

  It is useful to know some of the most popular types of adult tricycles and what they are used for so that you can find a tricycle that matches the purpose for which you want to buy the tricycle for.


The recumbent tricycle has one wheel at the front and two wheels at the back just like any tricycle but it has a low-profile and a recumbent layout in which the rider sits in a chair-like seat that is in a reclined position. The low profile of the tricycle gives it a low center of gravity, and this makes it highly stable and if you are not confident about riding a tricycle due to the fear of falling over, and then this type of tricycle would be a great match for you. As the seat is in a reclined position, this can be a great tool for rehabilitation exercises for people with back problems. Hence the main use of recumbent tricycles is for exercise and recreational purposes. However, since this type is driven by pedaling and does not have a gear shifting mechanism, it is not feasible for being used in traveling a long distance quickly, or for carrying loads from one place to another.

Drift trikes

For the sporty and thrill-seeking tricycle enthusiasts, nothing can be better than a downhill drifting ride on a drift trike. These are tricycles that have been equipped with low-traction rear wheels so that they let the tricycle slide and enable the riders to drift. Although these are not a good choice for commuting, they can be a great choice for spending a fun time with your friends and family.

Parts or features to pay special attention to

When you try to look for a tricycle, there are certain parts of a tricycle that you should be aware of so that you do not end up buying a tricycle that does not meet your requirements.


The body of the tricycle can be made from steel or aluminum, but the main thing to make sure is whether it is sturdy and durable. As the frame is one of the heaviest parts of the tricycle, you should make sure that the tricycle is not so heavy that you cannot lift it up from the ground if it falls. Another thing about the frame is the step-through design, which can be low or high. The lower the pedals are, the easier it is to get on and off from the tricycle. The framework of the tricycle should also allow you to adjust the distance between the rear and the front end of the tricycle so that it can fit your height and allow you to ride with the right posture.


Some tricycles come with a folding feature, which allows it to be carried or stored in a compact form. If space is an issue for you, then you should look for a tricycle that can be folded down to reduce its size.

Rare basket

The rare basket is a feature that is present in traditional tricycles but not in recumbent or drift trikes. If you are planning to use the tricycle for trips to the groceries or to the park for a picnic, then a spacious rare basket is a must-have feature for your tricycle. Also, it can be useful to know about the load limit of the basket which will help you to understand how much weight you can carry using the rare basket.


The gear of a tricycle can be single-speed gear, which is a great choice for riders who are not familiar with the gear shifting process. The single-speed gear is suitable if you are going to use your tricycle for leisurely rides over a short distance on a relatively plain terrain. However, a single-speed gear can be exhausting if you want to use your tricycle for daily commute over a long distance or if the road on which you want to ride your cycle on has slopes. There is something called ‘cadence’ or pedaling speed, which is the rate at which you turn the pedals, and if you want to ride for a long time without feeling exhausted, you have to keep this pedaling speed more or less constant. This is where a multiple speed gear becomes essential as it helps you to adjust the gear to fit your cycling speed and the type of road you are cycling on.


The saddle or the seat of a tricycle is an important feature as it plays a huge role in determining your posture and comfort while riding the tricycle. There are different types of saddle or seat, but if you are going for a traditional style tricycle, make sure it has a wide cruise style or comfort saddle which will give you a cushioned seating and hence prevent fatigue of the lower parts of your body and your body. If you have a back problem, then there are saddles that come with a back support which might be your best option.


The fender of a tricycle is the part that keeps splashes and splatters away from you and the cycle’s body. This is the part that you see on top of your tricycle’s wheels. If you want to ride your tricycles on rainy days, fenders are essential.

Chains and chain guard 

The chain of the tricycle needs attention as many of the maintenance work related to the tricycle involves the chains. The chains of the chassis should be rust resistant and made with a chain guard to protect it from dirt getting into the chains. If you want to eliminate the troubles related to the chains completely, then you can go for recumbent tricycles which do not have any chains.


As with any other cycle, the brakes are an important part of the tricycle to ensure a safe ride. Make sure that the tricycle you are going to buy is equipped with fully-functioning reliable brakes.  

Safety while riding a tricycle

  Tricycles are one of the safest vehicles that you can ride as there are three wheels to stabilize the cycle and preventing it to lose balance. That being said, it is important to note down some special safety measures that you need to know for riding a tricycle. For example, the drift trike style tricycle has a low traction mechanism which makes it fast on downhill areas. Which is why a helmet is absolutely necessary, and if you are going to ride it down a very steep slope, it is best to use knee and elbow guards. When it comes to recumbent tricycles, they have a very low profile and they cannot be easily seen by the surrounding traffic. That is why you should always have a safety flag that is around 3 feet tall behind your recumbent tricycle so that the others on the road can see you. Any tricycle that you plan to use at night should have reflectors and light at the front so that you can be seen by other vehicles and so that you can light your way and see what is ahead. If you plan to ride the tricycle on the streets, another essential component is the bell, which will allow you to make the surrounding vehicle and walkers know of your presence.


Once you have taken a mental note of the things you prefer in and require from a tricycle, you can make an informed decision on which adult tricycle would be the most suitable for you. Then you can go through our list of best adult tricycles and have an in-depth idea of the tricycles that intrigue you the most. There is no better feeling than to cruise on a tricycle and feeling the breeze while you hum your favorite music, and now it can come true for you once you have chosen your adult tricycle and set it up to be ready for riding.